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Hougang by-election suit thrown out by High Court judge

Posted by temasektimes on August 2, 2012

As expected, the by-election law suit has been thrown out by the Singapore High Court. The suit was filed by Hougang resident Madam Vellama Marie Muthu on whether the Prime Minister has “unfettered discretion” as to when to hold a by-election in the constituency.

Though a by-election was held in Hougang in May, the case continued under the insistence of its lawyer M Ravi.

In a media release, the Attorney-General’s Chambers said High Court Judge Philip Pillai struck out the application on Wednesday, saying in his 53-page judgement that the Constitution does not require the Prime Minister to call elections to fill elected Member vacancies.

While Mr Ravi has received many brickbats for pursuing the matter, the Workers Party MPs have remained astonishingly ‘silent’ so far though the case concerns them and Singaporeans, leading an increasing number of netizens to question if they are really an ‘opposition’, or merely the PAP’s ‘B’ team.



14 Responses to “Hougang by-election suit thrown out by High Court judge”

  1. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    The Honorable Judge Philip Pillai is absolutely right in striking this one out. Period!

    • SkinFT said

      Please write a 54 pages to justify your opinion that he is ABSOLUTELY right. Else 40% will still think that his verdict is baised.

    • Meme said

      As in every court case related or pertaining to matters that are opposition-related, the verdict is expected. I wouldnt even dare to lay a 5cents bet on it

  2. Realist said

    Just another dipolar disorder case.
    Judge Pillai could see through it.

  3. SkinFT said

    53 pages. amazing. no wonder common pple has no chance to sue PAP. PAP wins hand down. Singaporeans suck thumb 😀

  4. Mike Zeng said

    The judgment proves beyond any doubt that Singapore is not a western democracy but an Asian guided democracy. Absolute power still lies with the incumbent ruling regime. But watch out PAP rulers….see what has happened to the dictators of North Africa. Ben Ali, Gadaffi, Mubarak,Assad etc, one by one they fell like 9 pins. People power is on the march….soon it will arrive in the gates of Burma, MY and Singapore. Akan Datang….

    • SkinFT said

      When that time comes, we will get to see the “Reality” that FT Will show. LOL. Can’t wait for that day to come….Hayaku!!!

  5. 6 SIR said

    This case is meaningless. By election has already been called. Is simply wasting the court timewhereby they can do more important things.

  6. Merlion said

    Singapore is Rule BY law and not Rule of law. If there is nothing written under the law, then the unwritten is in the discretion of the judge who will 100% favor the PAP. Well, no judge would want to screw up their life with PAP.
    Such judges is a disgrace, they are biased!!!

  7. Ron said

    The case was not meaningless. It tested an important question of law. And now we have the judgment. It will set the precedent for all future by-elections and also vindicated the previous decisions on by-elections.

    One may speculate that as a result of the court action, the by-election was called earlier too.

  8. S'pore no hope said

    This is the darkest day for S’pore…

  9. WP Supporter said

    Nonsense, this is great news for Spore.
    When LTK becomes PM in 2016, this will serves him well.

  10. Pussy Rules said

    Yeah meaning like the GRC, when 1 GRC comes down than whole 5 or 4 units comes down. Definitely the rule will backstab back if PAP comes down but to wait for PAP to come down is like waiting for for the moon to be in your hands. In other words you can wait Nong-Nong……..

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