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Outcry over Feng Tianwei throwing flowers at cheering PRC fans after her win at London Olympics

Posted by temasektimes on August 2, 2012

A massive outcry has erupted in cyberspace over China-born Feng Tianwei throwing flowers at PRC fans cheering for her after her victory over Japan’s Kasumi Ishikawa

Feng Tianwei won the game  4-0 in the women’s singles table tennis match to clinch the bronze on Wednesday.

Throughout the match, PRC fans waving the China flag could be seen on screen screaming their support for her. The Heilongjiang native only ‘became’ a Singaporean ‘citizen’ in 2007.

Though she is now a ‘Singaporean’, it is pretty obvious that Feng is still a PRC at heart, judging from her reaction which left the Singaporean fans stunned

Some responses from Hardwarezone forumers:

“Did i see wrongly?? Feng tian wei followed ding ning and li xiao xia throwing flowers to the CHINA audiences??” – Mystic321

“China just plus one additional bronze medal.” – haoren

“China is where the heart belong to!!” – crazyliao

“It is sad that sports, supposedly to unite a country has divided Singapore so much.” – Carnage

Despite the propaganda spewed forth daily by the state media to ‘celebrate’ Feng’s medal, it appears that only PAP leaders and their faithful servants are rejoicing over her victory, a misplaced ‘joy’ which is hardly shared by the rest of the nation.


192 Responses to “Outcry over Feng Tianwei throwing flowers at cheering PRC fans after her win at London Olympics”

  1. Jack said

    get real lah, who are we kidding, you can Buy Fame But Not the heart

  2. somethingwrongsomewhere said

    This is all so WRONG! sigh

  3. SkinFT said

    Kasumi Ishikawa (石川 佳純 Ishikawa Kasumi?) (born February 23, 1993 in Yamaguchi) is a female Japanese table tennis player.[2] Since 2007, she has won the All Japan Table Tennis Championships – female junior division four years in a row.[4] In 2011, she won the national singles title at the age of 17.[5] She is ranked 7th in the ITTF women’s world ranking as of December 2011.[1]

    She competed at the 2009 World Table Tennis Championships, reaching the quarter final of the singles competition.

    Just 19 years of age. No. 4 in Olympics and she is JAPANESE representing JAPAN.

    Bite it Singapore.

    • Cute said

      Although Kasumi lost the game, I still respect her as she is playing for her own country. She should be proud of herself.

      • Wei said

        @cute: u mean she plays for China, right? Actions speak louder than words so there is no need to defend her since it is obvious where her allegiance is.

    • Wei said

      @cute: sorry for the earlier reply, I misread the message. Yes you are right, Kasumi play for her country. She fought hard and well.

  4. SkinFT said

    Congrats to Ishikawa-san, you make your country proud. No.4 is ok just practise hard and one day you will reach the very top. Even if you don’t the learning experience is good enough. NOT LIKE FENG. BETRAYING YOUR OWN COUNTRY. TRAITOR!!!

  5. NSW said

    She was throwing it to the spore fan beside the PRC which was not shown in the clip, why need to stir hatred from a fake report?

    • NaBey said

      prove it.

      • icedwater said

        I don’t think NSW can prove it, I doubt any Singaporeans in London – and we have quite the few – could even get off their complaining rear ends to go down and support her, much less bring the flag along. Until I am proven wrong, I will give her the benefit of the doubt. Just chill, if you want to complain take it to the sports bodies that felt it was easier to import all these people than to train our own talent.

        People who cannot find a house they can afford in Singapore go to Malaysia and travel back and forth every day to work. Do you blame them for abandoning our land? No, they are making use of what they have to survive and they are showing commitment and dedication to our country. I don’t see the sports situation as very much different.

      • CY said

        Look carefully. Feng is throwing the bouquet to the LEFT, AWAY from the PRC fans.

    • Cute said

      It is not really because of the throwing flower matter. Is because we really don’t feel proud of Feng winning. The Japanese should win the game as she is playing for her own country.

    • Jo said

      It not the Singapore flag they are holding at the side of the audience at which the flower is thrown. Can’t recongise our country flag?

    • Grabbit said

      If you see the whole clip from the BBC website, you will know that that whole block is all Chinese fans. Don’t try to bullshit people.

      • CY said

        If you see the whole clip, it is not true that the whole block is all Chinese fans. Not all are waving the Chinese flag or are PRCs. I remember two people waving the British flag.

      • Flag said

        so you trying to say that she threw it to those waving British flag instead huh

    • True Singaporean said

      Send this cheena back to cheena. She is a disgrace to Singapore and LHL should strip her – oops – strip her of her citizenship.

      • Stop this nonsense said

        Cheena is a derogatory term. Just like you don’t an ang moh a kwai lo. Stop using it.

      • Henry said

        @ true Singaporean, and these cheena are becoming so smart and richeR, they will be so rich and powerful that they can pay to for sex with your girlfriend 🙂 siong Bo?

    • Thomas Tan said

      Those who watched the medals presentation would have seen the following: 1) Tianwei did not stand to attention nor was seen or shown to put her right hand over her heart or sung the Chinese National Anthem when the Chinese National Anthem was played and sung by the gold medalist 2) The gold and silver medalists threw their flowers first and directly to the chinese fans in front of them whereas Tianwei took time to “aim” and threw her bunch of flowers to the Singapore fans who were to the right of the Chinese fans and outside the photo. Please people, even if you don’t support her, don’t be evil or malicious with uncalled for and misplaced comments and false accusations against her because of your own frustrations and anger with the government. Some of you are so evil and should be ashamed of yourselves. I, a true blue Singaporean, am ashamed of some of the comments by Singaporeans here.

      Congratulations Tianwei! Well Done! We are proud of you.

      • Alvin Choo said

        Well said. I am also a true Singaporean and now getting sick of my fellow citizens pouring scorn over people from PRC over every single moves that they make. For these people please wake up and face the reality. Feng Tianwei is a Singaporean and she gives her guts out to win our 2nd Olympics medal. Which other Singaporean has done that. She is one of us now so why still harbour doubts. Look at the number of PRC born players in the other foreign teams but more importantly look at how they were treated by their home country. Feng Tianwei can easily get citizenship in many other ang-moh country if she feels unwanted here.

        Look at our national football team. There are many foreign born players from Europe, Middle East and Australia that we took in and became Singaporeans. Did they bring any medals honour to Singapore. Why aren’t people like you say something ? Why only target at PRC born ?

        Singaporeans, be gracious and accept the fact that Feng Tianwei is rooting for us and not her birth place. You and our grandparents or great grandparents all come from China and they develop and grew here.

        So stop venting your personal frustrations. Wake up Singaporeans.


    • Scope said

      If you want to throw flowers at Singaporeans, the obvious step is to go very much closer to them since it is a flower. The way she threw obviously had a chance of landing in the China crowd; But we can all see how happy those in China were… for her. LOL~ That’s ‘national pride’.

  6. hahahadumbGovt said

    Well hello! Tian wei’s actions speak all. To DPM, what do u think?

  7. Angry Citizen said

    Don’t worry, these are D(daft) rate censor, not for our PAP minister viewing, for daft citizens only.

  8. An International Shame For SG said

    She just snub SG & with a tight slap too, yet our PM & those idiotic supporters are so happy to bath in her glory. It will go down in history that SG, after 52 years had won a “Bronze” medal in the 2012 Olympic with a borrowed Talent from PRC !!! The whole episode is like borrowing other people backside to put on our face & feel great, is a damn stupid pride that our PM & its supporter have.

  9. Citizen said

    To: PM Lee:

    who is not integrating now?

  10. Looking Glass said

    I don’t actually blame the girl Feng.
    I would have done exactly what she did if I were in her shoes.

    It is our highly educated & overpaid mandarins in government that facilitated this fiasco!!

  11. Nabey said

    Stunner! Absolutely stunner!
    Dear president tan, u were there. Can u comment such behaviour?

  12. NaBey said

    I know why she throw at PRC fans! She dare not throw at the Spore fans because our president and MPs are there. In Spore, anyhow throw things must go CWO or JAIL one! She scared she kena caught !! In China you can throw anything and spit anywhere also.

  13. mahbok tan said

    Daft n pathetic for all those who are supporting FTw….u all deserve it….haaaa haaaa haaaa…..This is a PARASITE in action…..the best action that can describe…..!!!!

  14. get with the programme said

    Gold, Silver, Bronze. Congrats, China!

  15. Daft Peasant said

    Ha ha ha ha ha……..the pappies have under-estimate the PRCs…. they tout money can buy their hearts…….
    ( or they know, but still insisted to use other people’s ka-chng puay to become their bin-puay )

    And by the way, we the daft peasants are S$250000 poorer……

    • Pissed off with temasektimes said

      $250000 is from Singapore Pools and not from the Govt….

      • Uniquely Singapore said

        And Singapore Pools is owned by?>?????

      • SG Talent said

        Altho from Singapore Pools, “donated” by Singaporeans!

      • mahbok tan said

        and the money from the SGpool are the daft peasnat every week invest to earn BIG MONEY BIG MONEY….in the end daft peasant of SGpore are sponsoring the FTw’s….LOL….

      • roflcakes said

        money from sg pools from singaporeans who wish to GAMBLE and BID FAREWELL to their money away

      • Me too said

        Why they gamble and choose to try their luck at sg pools? Becos here cost of living too high, no min wages, no workers/employees unions to protect them, salaries depress by FTs?

    • joe said

      Look like ourconsolation prize will go down from $65 to $60 soon

  16. Uniquely Singapore said

    Only shameless people will support FTW lah.

  17. Innocent said

    We are donating $250,000 to her effort so that she can retire in China happily and laugh at our innocence.

  18. Uniquely Singapore said

    Ishikawa Kasumi will avenge it in Rio2016 and more MIW will be voted out in GE2016.

  19. Meme said

    SG can buy Tianwei but not her heart and soul. This appllies equally to all the FTs and new citizens, just as Tianwei is.

  20. b20 said

    If only she shouted ‘ huat ah’ after winning each game point. Things might turn out good for her then. 🙂

  21. jrberkeley said

    We have to be honest here. The fact is, she is a Chinese from China, until 5 years ago. Do you think just 5 years of Singaporean citizenship could change her heart into a Singaporean one entirely?
    Also, the Chinese crowd cheered for her, and it’s only gracious for her to show her appreciation for them.
    That we have laid claim to her citizenship does not mean that we are entitled to laying claim to her heart as well. She is also not a “property” of Singapore.
    We Singaporeans should show that we are big hearted and not petty, and we might eventually win her heart.

    • Mikey said

      Win her heart for fuck?

    • Ng said

      Totally agree with u. Many are just too petty. We should feel proud that she chose sg over china as her place of residence and that it’s china’s loss. Too many sillyporeans. No wonder we don’t have our own talents. They only know how to whine.

      • +60 said

        Ng, you talk cock, china don’t want her lah, you moron.

      • Ng is naive, ignorant or daft said

        She may be 2nd or 3rd class quality in china. Those who are 1st class quality will not leave or cannot leave china.
        Sg is just one of their dumping grounds, dun feel sad, ok?

    • guts said

      Joker ng, she come sg because of 250k, give me that amount I will also fly to any country… stupid!

      • Henry said

        The main issue is that u clowns are too weak to claim this 250k, so no choice ftw got the job, all u folks can do is cum in your pants with these posting.

  22. LOL said

    Maybe she’ll also throw the 250k at us…….

  23. jrberkeley said

    I am sure we are better than all the government-bashing. i.e: Grow up.
    The government did the best it could to gain us an olympic medal. The other alternative is having NO medal at all. Instead of bashing the government, pick up a paddle and start training so you could win a medal for Singapore as a true blue singaporean, the way you want it to be.

    • Ng said


    • Terry said

      True blue Singkies are the Sea Dayaks discovered by Stamford Raffles.

    • simonJr said

      does one miserable bronze medal justify the import of 1 Million++ PRCs into Spore ?
      think about it lah, it is merely PAP propaganda.

      there is no necessity to chase after medals when spore has world champions.
      name me any woman on the planet who can match HoJinx in creating negative returns by the Billions ?
      is’nt it true our PM and his current team are world champions in terms of $$$$ ?
      is’nt it true our PM and his current team are world champions in winning elections ? 60% votes can become 98% seats.
      even the olympic games cannot invent such an outcome…lol

  24. Invictus said

    Incidents like this further exercebate the divide between True Blue Singaporeans and new Singaporeans.. One question their loyalty ! Only here when the good times are rolling and they’ll run like lemmings on first sight of trouble.
    Should I be proud of this Olympic medal ?

  25. jrberkeley said

    And honestly, I do not feel particularly proud even though the medal is won under the name of Singapore. But neither do I blame the government for that.
    My sentiments is “I wish FTW is Singapore born and raised, but still, thank you.”

  26. SuSu said

    There must be a sex scandal in this episode too

  27. Ron said

    Amazed at the way Singaporeans are not welcoming this achievement. Clearly Singaporeans are of narrow mind. If anyone is that capable then rise up and represent Singapore. This is the Olympics, the epitome of sports and if she can win a medal, why be so nasty towards her?

    She grew in China and it does not matter whether she threw the flowers to whichever group. The Chinese team had an affection for her and there is nothing wrong. I am proud to be a Chinese, proud of the long history of China even though I did not grow up there. My ancestors did and I have Chinese genes. I am proud of Feng and her achievement.

    It is time for Singaporeans to grow up. Just being bitter will not make Singapore a better place.

    • Vic said

      For Singaporeans not applauding Feng Tianwei, you say “If anyone is that capable then rise up and represent Singapore.” This is silly. I suppose we commoners are not supposed to disagree with or criticise the govt’s policies too; unless we are capable to rise up and take over the govt.

      Actually elsewhere, I also read something similar like “If you don’t like our govt, why don’t you renounce your citizenship and move out of this country?” This is really childish babble. It is like saying if you disagree with your parents, why don’t you disown them?

      Next, like you Ron, I am proud to be chinese. But, I am not china-man (zhong guo ren). I am a Singaporean first and ethnic chinese second. Recent surveys show similarly that majority of Hong Kongers and Taiwanese identify themselves as chinese race but distinguish themselves from china-people (zhong-guo ren).

      • Terry said

        What survey? Who conducted it? What’s the methodology? What’s the sample size?

      • Iai said

        Commi China has less than 70 years of history. It’s citizens and society are playing catching up in social graces in view of its economic acceleration. See the ruthlessness of their people in their own country and in other countries. 5,000 years of history wiped out by commi ideology. Beware mutton passing off as sheep. Money talk isn’t it?

      • Henry said

        @ Vic, u r really stupid! Ministers are once commoner too. Yes if u don’t like sg why don’t u fo? Seriously fo. You can really choose to disown your parents if u want to, who stopping u? Don’t forget your parents are always right, they can slap your face for posting such crap.

    • Ng said

      Totally agree. I’m born in Sg and I’m extremely proud of sg’s achievement whether she’s born in sg or not. Those who whine non-stop, start sending ur kids for harsh training in sports fr young! What is holding u back?

      • +60 said

        must have a china wife, speak so much about for what, go to china leh

      • tcss said

        Nothing is holding us back but worth it or not? This is sg not prc.
        Can sports be a lifelong career in sg? If yes, why dun you send your kids to sports school from young?
        Just like FTs or PRs keep saying sg is good, then why dun they convert to sg citizens?
        Talk is cheap.

    • hangTenlah said

      Capable?of course singaporeans are.we “have risen” over Feng with our taxes paid for her training and a chance to play in the Olympics.she’s a reject from china.Without capable singaporeans taxes,She’s still a sparring partner for Guo yue.We should Sack her and the whole syndicate for underperforming with the bronze!If we are paying,why not buy Ding ning or xiao xia ?after their medal in beijing is Table Tennis a popular sport in singapore?For the bronze medal she won,It will create an opening for at least 200 china’s student using Table tennis to DSA into the Top School yearly.60.1%’s children will end sucker and losers!ping ponged!

  28. Pulstay said

    If we can pay to get someone to win medals for us, we should be able to pay someone to take exams for us. If the latter is wrong, what makes the former acceptable, and even celebrated? There is absolutely no pride in this, just senseless vanity…

    • kaypoh said

      No need lah, just buy the prof expensive presents & open leg can oredi…. after all just b4 GE gahmen oso very generous wat?

      • mahbok tan said

        wakakakaka….but mahbok tan arh male not female lei so how to open leg wide wide…..kaypoh u damn good arh can make mahbol man LOL…..!!!

      • semi retired prof said

        you can always arrange to have a female to service prof in return for B+ and of course to get ‘A’ grade means a hotter female…airflown from Dongguang or Chiangmai.

      • Henry said

        @ kapok, what must I buy you so that I can have sex with your wife?( Your mother also can if she is still horny)

    • Henry said

      Pulsate, u are wrong, yes u can.

      Your parent can adopt a super smart Prc son to replace his stupid son ( e.g pulsate) to take the same exam that you failed to do so. your parent will celebrate it when their Prc son scored As ( p.s. U will be invited to the celebration too)

      Wake up, u are a loser 🙂

  29. migueltan said

    We cannot see the other side of this video. So let us not judge people anyhow.

    • Cute said

      Can’t she walk nearer or in front of the Singapore audiences????

      • Jack said

        it is where her heart belong, how can you force her to walk towards the Singaporeans side. We must give her more moeny to Buy her heart over.

  30. Pissed off with temasektimes said

    Please look carefully… It was away from the PRC fans… She was throwing towards the side next to the PRC fans… For goodness sake, dun frame others… Our country needs to be united… Continue this attitude, we’ll get nowhere!!!

    • lima said

      Can’t even see the other side where she was throwing the flowers at – why make so many pre-judgements? Need to see the full picture.

  31. jin said

    you guys provide my daily humour. where are you and your grand parents from? natives of Singapore? give the athletes some credit. go take part in the Olympics if you’re that good… let’s give her props for the fact that she won a medal in Singapore colours

    • hangTenlah said

      you very funny,we have taken part in the Olympics via our tax money.Singaporeans Good right ?

    • You give us more humour said

      Our ancestors and forefathers came to sg without promised good pay good allowance good benefits jobs and without invitation to be a sg citizen.
      They came when sg is still a poor developing country.
      Your argument is similar to – if you dun like sg, you can always leave sg and migrate elsewhere, nobody force you to stay.

      • Henry said

        Taxpayer $ ?? Wonder how much this idiot hangtenlah contributed, likely u dont even have a stable job 🙂 so pls don’t talk too big.

        Where got promise good pay? If ftw cannot make it she will be terminated. What’s wrong with paying for talent? Singaporean cannot cut it, they will be out so that is the fact.

        Also what’s wrong with the argument? If don’t like u have an option to walk away, very fair and logical.

        U fools 🙂

  32. wayang said

    A massive outcry is an exaggeration. It is just TT making a mountain out of a few disgruntles. It is simply that the win was nothing so honorable as we had won through the use of a foreign talent, not our own born and bred citizen. Having said that, we must admit we have no real talents in sports. This is also because as parents, we also don’t emphasise much on this non-academic aspect of our children’s education. Sports is never so important. So is arts. Most parents only want their children to excel academically. Until the day when we can change our attitude towards sports and when we can focus our full attention towards this, it is hard to produce our own Olympian.

  33. Seow said

    Temasek Times and those who are so narrow and shallow-minded…why stood so low to maligned FTW? It was so apparent that she did not throw it at the PRC spectators, but to the Singapore fans beside them. Why make selective angles and then try to make a issue out of it? Common, stop being a born-loser!

  34. moby111 said

    somethin like the shoe throwing incident with that Bush guy.. anyone can guess who this shoe was aimed at??

  35. moby111 said

    similar to the shoe throwing incident with that Bush guy. guess who got hit by this shoe? hahaha!

  36. SmellyDeal said

    How many petals did the bouquet of flowers thrown to her darling Ah Tiong friends contain? Someone check with the IOC, then tell the Sports Council to deduct SGD20,000 for each petal for every single cent she has collected from our blinded & insane gahment who have performed daylight robbery on our native Spore citizens by throwing good money to traitors.

  37. Maybe there is no Singaporean Fans cheering for her at the venue… get real, if there are Singaporean waving Singaporean flag there, she would have thrown the flowers to there side.

  38. stevenadosan said

    Must say thank you Chinagirl. While most singaporean have been tellingour GARHMENT that it is not correct to spent so much taxpayer $$$ to import,they just ignored us. The Chinagirl action tell everything.Tony was there,he should feel super proud that the flowers were not thrown towards him.Pay them double so that next time she will throw at singapaore audiences.Singapore pools or Gahment pools, $$$ should go to singaporean.That ‘s is something to be proud of!

    • Henry said

      Then singapore taxpayer $$$ pay to idoit like u?? Cannot study ,’do sports or find a good job? Pls la, u better wake up to the real world

  39. kaypoh said

    Aiyah, kick the stupid Papaya out, make her our new MCYS MP, very soon she’ll have Li Xiaoxia & Ding Ning come over, then Spore will have monopoly of TT Olympics medals lor 🙂

  40. spotlessleopard said

    who is PAP trying to kid?

  41. Chinaman ha ha ha said

    Whose idea is to recruit all this Chinese player must take the blame and not the player to be blame.

    • mel said

      true, she’s been given the opportunity by our ‘FT friendly’ govt to make big bucks in every why not?

  42. George said

    Er…..There would be nothing wrong for her to throw flowers at anybody. Even if her loyalty still lies with China, what would you prefer? For her to be politically correct? I prefer simple honesty. We all understand the unspoken contract. She plays under Singapore flag, we pay her. Where her loyalty lies are not things we can measure, prevent or control. So why be upset with her? It is not her we should be upset with.

  43. Mohd Yusuf Mak said

    Come on Singaporean! Time to stop the crap. Stop trashing and bully her! She has nothing to do what the PAP did. She did beg or asked to come. if you zwant…blame it on the government. She’s already a citizen. Lets respect that!

    • Joelle said

      Totally agree! Can’t believe how shallow some Singaporeans are. forever complaining.

    • Terry said

      Aiya ,, why stress so much on what citizenship the piece of paper says you are? Today I am Chinese, tomorrow Singkie, tomorrow Taiwanese, next week Danes, next month Hungarian, next year German, Highest bidders get me.

  44. Alan said

    What Feng Tian Wei has done is liken to giving LKY’s PM son a tight slap on his face! The S$250,000 reward awaiting her is so meaningless now.

    And the best part of the joke is it only reflects back how plain stupid and vain our PAP leaders will look for celebrating empty glory!

    • Henry said

      Logically speaking, i will pay 250k to someone who can win then someone like Alan who can’t do anything but talk 🙂 get real Alan, u r a loser.

  45. Native said

    WTF, TFW, we taxpayers paid you 250 grand to get such a reception from you?

    BTW, you read Engrish?

    • Henry said

      Ftw earns more than u, she can hire your father and ask him work like a dog. So pls native, get real, u and your family are loser.

  46. LocalAlwaysRight said

    Oh my, didn’t realize Singaporean can be so shallow until i read this post.

    Shame on you for making such a big fuss over this sort of thing. If you don’t like her so much just make a petition to deport her.

  47. 龍的传人 said


  48. Lean Tian Lee said

    Just curious – If a foreign Indian or Vietnamese Singaporean won.. still support? Or only support China Singaporean only?

  49. Mikey said

    This Olympic many screwups huh.. first put the wrong korean flag,
    then the korean mei mei fencer kena extra bonus time fiasco..

    Then now China clean sweep the taber penis game..
    they also accidentally put the Sing jia poor flag up there..

    sibeh messi la..

    • ComplainingIsAllYouDo said

      Oh man, empty vessels make the most noise. No medal, complain govt place too much emphasis on studies such that no parent will ever aspire their child to be sports-driven. Got medal, blame govt again for giving prize money. Since it came from singapore pools, why dun u guys refrain from 4d/TOTO? Can set boycot movement and set good example for yr children too. WITHOUT getting the govt involved. Sometimes, when u point a finger, remember the other four points back at you.

    • Iai said

      Where is Li Jia Wei? Made her pot of $$$ here, married her china man and left Singapore to start her family. $$$$ down the drain. Beats any logic of sports FT. Our real hope is Joseph Schooling.

      • Penguin said

        She’s in the Team Event. Shows that you are just blindly complaining without actually knowing what’s going on.

  50. John said

    Retarded bigots making a fool out of themselves on a fascistic website. Hilarious.

  51. Wlfpdn said

    Really people! If any Singaporean can play better, then go and represent Singapore! No matter where she’s born in or who she throws the flowers at, She IS a Singaporean now. Our flag is flown high because of her. The Europeans and those who don’t know, will see that Singapore has won the bronze! Because of her, we finally get a medal in the Olympics after 52 years!!! Those who r so petty, do u really love your country? Do you feel any pride when yr country win and shame if it doesn’t? Our own ancestors come from China and other places. How many can say we are 100% pure natives? When you go abroad you blame the locals for being racists towards you, but you are doing the same to those who are trying to build their home here! So what if she still love China? Do we have to persecute those who still love their natural parents even though they were brought up by their adopted parents (not like they have deserted the later)? Please have a heart. If you only have bitterness and jealousy inside the critical you, kindly just keep quiet. At least for the rest of Singapore who couldn’t even make it to the Olympics, we are grateful towards her.

  52. Jeremy said

    Are you blind? Stop trying to make a big fuss out of everything. She is trying flower ACROSS the seats to some of the Singaporean audience (if you actually realized!) Shouldn’t you (as singaporeans) be PROUD that you guys actually got a medal? Without Feng Tianwei (and the other foreign talents like li jiawei), Singapore would still be DAYDREAMING about getting an Olympic medal. Just look at the native Singaporean athletes in this olympic, HAHAHA did they even qualify into a proper finals? I am a Singaporean as well, and all these things and dumb reports that you all came up with just make me feel so embarrassed and sad. I actually feel happy for china now, since gold silver bronze medalists are all from china 🙂 GET A LIFE PLZ TEMASEK TIMES!

    Mod’s note:

    And please show us the Singaporeans in the audience. Thank you.

  53. nono said

    She’s throwing to the left side of the PRC contingent. It’s hard to say who was there, maybe PRC maybe Singaporean group. So it’s illogical to jump to conclusions.

  54. Joelle said

    Barking up the wrong tree people. If SG was so capable of producing a world class ping pong player, we won’t be having this discussion. Furthermore how many of YOU loudmouths would devote 24/7 for the past 10-20 years of yr life doing nothing but ping pong.

    Win also kena, don’t win also kena. Bunch of whiny people!

  55. Penguin said

    One of Japanese archer is Korean. For your info.

  56. Thomas Tan said

    Those who watched the medals presentation would have seen the following: 1) Tianwei did not stand to attention nor was seen or shown to put her right hand over her heart or sung the Chinese National Anthem when the Chinese National Anthem was played and sung by the gold medalist 2) The gold and silver medalists threw their flowers first and directly to the chinese fans in front of them whereas Tianwei took time to “aim” and threw her bunch of flowers to the Singapore fans who were to the right of the Chinese fans and outside the photo. Please people, even if you don’t support her, don’t be evil or malicious with uncalled for and misplaced comments and false accusations against her because of your own frustrations and anger with the government. Some of you are so evil and should be ashamed of yourselves. I, a true blue Singaporean, am ashamed of some of the comments by Singaporeans here.

    Congratulations Tianwei! Well Done! We are proud of you.

  57. noeyesee said


  58. shazza said

    To all haters, don’t be such an a**. She’s worked hard and played extremely well, so kudos to her. I’m an equal opportunity supporter…. Happy for anyone who has rightfully earned s d their medal, regardless of where they’re from..sporting triumphs always bring a tear to my eye. she was just getting into the celebratory mood with the others so why care who she threw her flowers to? Did u expect her to abandon protocol and run to where the majority of Singapore supporters were? To be honest, those flowers were awful, I would’ve chucked them too!

  59. kiteflier said

    I don’t think it is fair to say Feng Tianwei is here to get the prize money. As someone who was actually there as part of Team Singapore and watching and cheering the athletes on at the Olympic Games, we can say that Feng has only acknowledged the supporters waving the Singapore flag and she didn’t even know how much the prize money was when asked about it. The athletes spend alot of time and effort training and it is not even guaranteed that they will win. Also, if you look at the gif carefully, the flowers went to the seats diagonally left to the Chinese supporters, not to the Chinese supporters.

    I’d also like to point out that these table tennis athletes do know and understand Singlish – they actually use phrases like “walao” when speaking with fellow Singaporeans. They are also taking regular English lessons and have been trying their best to learn and sing our National Anthem which is in Malay – learning a language entirely foreign to you is something very difficult to do, and they are trying.

    Furthermore, they also spend money to buy their own flats in Singpore – as we learnt from National Education, buying a property makes you feel more Singaporean, and you are less likely to move to other places.

    Please also do try to understand that it is never easy for anyone to sacrifice their friends, family and all that they have to go to another country to work, where there is no guarantee of anything – even winning is never assured because there are so many talented athletes all around the world.

  60. Eh bros relax lah. Don’t be so angry for what. After watching the Olympics on TV, seems like there are 4352365345 Chinese (or maybe they just look like chinese, how to tell difference?) supporters all over the place. I bet people anyhow throw also kena some PRC supporters hahahaha

  61. xxx said

    all those supporting ftw.. u think the medal is for sg to keep?? wtf! the day ftw leaves sg to retire in china, she is going to bring that medal with her. all her supporters are in delusion seriously! SG IS SPENDING MILLIONS TO FULFILL HER AMBITION ONLY! GET IT??

    that said, i have no hostile feelings towards prc sportspple like jing junhong.

    • Henry said

      She works hard so she gets to win, if she wants to bring medal back to Prc is also not your f bussiness. You better go find a job and stop talking crap here. Then again u are such a loser I don’t think you can even get employed. ESP Prc guys are now much smarter than u. Wake up plz 🙂

  62. Ah kow said

    Please lah, just enjoy the game and stop kpkb..
    Our population is so small, our system don’t encourage failure in school. As long as they carry the pink IC and red passport,we r Singaporean. US has the best brain becos they welcome talent.. Those who has children who kpkb here, why don’t you ask your child to gO learn soccer? Go learn swimming.. study not important.. I am a Singaporean, I also know where is our limit and being practical in life is why we are still a nation until now. Be practical.

    • Highpriest said


      We have almost he same population as NZ, did they use money to buy foreigners to win medals for them? Are you sure everyone in Singapore can excel in studies, so much so that they can become lawyers and doctors?

      The government need to have a systematic way of spotting talents. Everybody playing soccer, but you need 11 good players in order to achieve results. But sports like table tennis is different. Hardwork does pay off. We can see in the early stage of a child development she he or she is good in studies, if not, we can see if he/she is interested in any sport.

      Having small population and been meritocracy is really not an excuse of not able to have good sport women/men.

      We are born Singaporean, so take pride in it instead of feeling so proud of a player who was being brought over. I feel proud for Derek Wong even if he didn’t win any medals.

      There’s a generally similarity between all PAP supporters – the end results is all it matters.


  63. WLTan said

    All the money wasted and going to wasted for this kind of glory.

  64. Thomas Tan said

    Dear Moderator, my comments S/N 50 awaiting moderation appears to be missing. Will it be released for publication or do I have to publish it elsewhere and refer back to this your untruthful and malicious report?

  65. lisa said

    Ladies and gentleman, I am extremely amused at how ignorant you all sound here by leaving such such comments on this nationality issues. please do not forget Singapore is a nation consists of more than 80% of Chinese; secondly Singapore has been only getting independant of Malaysia because Malaysia wanted to get rid of this island where the most CHINESE are gathering. So, do you think SINGAPORE has ever representing a nation that has nothing to do with Chinese, and further down to China???? If that is the case, what is wrong with having a talented Chinese athelet from China representing this Singapore? Do you even think Singapore could ever make a big shake to this world just by itself? Singapore is a small boat following whatever the big ship is, say it is US or China, this island country is only benefitting and surviving by taking the advantages of palying the intermediate role in between the west and China, thus this nation can never have solid unshakable stand by itself. It must be FLEXIBLE! SO your people are so demanding on this poor government?!!!

    Mod’s note:

    Will winning an Olympic medal improve the lives of Singaporeans? Why not spent the money to help the poor and needy instead?

  66. chillax said

    I was there at the Games. It seemed more like she trying to follow the two players in front of her, throwing the flowers to the crowd, with deliberate effort to throw it beyond those holding the china flag… the Singaporeans there then were all at the other end of the hall.

    BTW, her prize money does’t come from the govt.

  67. Julie Ong said

    Hi, Wayang. I like your frankness about the non-emphasis of sports and the arts from Singaporean parents. Academic excellence only. Pretty narrow. In my opinion we should be striving towards being an all rounder, something akin to having brain and brawn. The other point is we also do not have the commitment from the top, i.e. the government. They want sporting glory but do not want to put in the hard yards plus the resources including substantive sums of moolahs. As is typical of the PAP it is expediency and the apparent attitude of ‘as long as we win’.
    If we ever want to have a Singapore born and bred sporting champion we must invest heavily and also actively campaign and give generous incentives for our citizens to induce them to change their mindset and say unequivocally to them that a great future awaits them if they become champions in their chosen sports. How about the establishment of an Singapore Institute of Sports? Talented or promising citizens supported by the nation to enable them to reach their best sporting potential. Too much trouble I guess. It ‘s easier and possibly cheaper to import. Anyway, this is only my view.

    Others may know better.

    • 2407 said

      Why condemn and discriminate someone who fought so hard for Singapore?? Since you guys are true blue Singaporeans and have so much unhappiness and so much to complain,THEN WHY NOT YOU YOURSELF GO GET AN OLYMPIC MEDAL YOURSELF??

  68. Hoe Lye Soon said

    Come on. Let’s don’t be so prickly. Every move, every word scrutinize. Now if you look into the context and situation, Feng Tian Wei did not throw the bouquets specifically to the Chinese fans. She is just doing what the other two competitors did. Please don’t be small.

  69. skw said

    Not home grown athletes, but paid medals……. Nothing to be proud of. In chinese “打肿脸皮充胖子”。

  70. Zam said

    Even the minority Singaporeans (born and bred here) dont feel they belong here. One minority Singaporean taxi driver told me this country belongs to chinese only.

    Who cares about singapore? Just make money and enjoy the wealth in other countries which you love them most.

  71. Penn said

    Fake report lar. Show the portion of the crowd where the flowers landed

  72. complete_nutrition said

    I believe it wasn’t Intentional for her to throw it to the Mainlanders.

    She was caught up in the euphoria that she simply follow the 2 Chinese girls. Just a Quick reflex action.

    Why need to make an ”issue” of her action?

  73. NoodleBoy said

    Lighten up, people. Chinese fans would cheer ANYONE who’s playing against the Japanese.

  74. banwashere said

    You all are wrong, she was throwing it towards Singaporean supporter, seated next to the group of Chinese supporter. Watch the god damn ceremony before accusing her.

  75. jessalina said

    Pls la u guys. the camera didn’t even capture where the flower landed! I saw that part on TV. She was throwing to sgreans! Just that the camera framing was a bit off! So looks as though she threw to prc!

  76. Don’t make mountain out of mole hill. Yes we’ve every right to be upset but let face it, she was born a Chinese and only a 5 years old Singaporean. Give her time. The more thing is that Singapore flag is flying high at the Olympics

  77. Wakeup said

    Once upon a time, there was this Hong Kong Feng Shui Master who was asked the question: “What fate will befall the 3 little dragons in this world?”

    Feng Shui Old Man master answered: “Ahh, grasshopper I am very glad you asked, for this is what I can forsee”.

    1. The first little dragon will be “shou hui lai” by the big dragon.

    2. The second little dragon will be “chiang hui lai” by the big dragon.

    3. And the third?? Well the third little dragon will be
    “pian hui lai” by the big dragon.
    No effort at all. This third dragon will willingly come into the embrace of the big dragon without even a bullet fired and without even the latter realising that it has been “pian” by the Big One.
    (Thank the single-minded obession of the MIW in wanting to increase our population at all cost).

    Pardon the incorrectly spelled hanyu pinyin.

    • Tang said

      What s feng shui got to do here. It takes calibre,hardworking sweat and blood to
      Achieve victory.

      • Wakeup said

        You keep calling others who disagree with you “low intellect”, “low mentality”, etc. Let me ask you in return. If you cannot understand that llittle moral of a story, don’t you deserve your own grand title. Or titles, to think of your generous use of titles.

        It is so telling for all Singaporeans that the REAL attitudes of MIW kind is that all other Singaporeans who disagree with them are of “low intellect”, “low mentality”, “f them” and goodness knows what else???? Now we know the true colours!

        So are the other 60% Singaporeans still oblivious to this?

        (You are probably also masquerading as “Henry” in this forum. Otherwise “Henry” and you fall into the same category!!!)

    • Henry said

      Wakeup, u think people will find your bloody story witty? U are a big joke should juz shut the f up, no one cares about your story 🙂

      • Wakeup said

        You are one vulgar and uncouth Singaporean. Don’t know if you can be called a Singaporean. You use the f word when you lose an argument. You are a disgrace, not to mention your limited vocabulary……

        How can you succeed in life if all you know is to swear when you lose an argument???

  78. Joshire said

    She is not a disgrace. She fought sweat tears and blood for this country. If you can’t agree on that, then you are the disgrace to the most common decency of appreciation.

  79. Grow up Singaporeans said

    “The Temasek Times is an online news portal which aims to provide quick updates on Singapore’s socio-political affairs from an unique and interesting perspective.” – seriously, just delete this whole useless website already. I have never seen a “news” reporting website so bias. Seriously, you guys are just purposely sowing discord over nothing.
    FengTianwei won and got the money, so what? As if any of you are capable enough to even SMELL the medals of the Olympics. Thats the way man, Singapore. Keep whining. Keep complaining. Keep making mountains out of molehills. We are just showing the world what a narrow-minded lot we all are. =D

    If you are unhappy with this country, then leave my country la! Dun stay in Singapore. I rather have hardworking and results-producing foreigners than sulky losers as fellow Singaporeans.

    Any btw, Feng Tianwei all the way! Dun bother about these jealous losers!

    • Wakeup said

      So easy to say meh, MIW kind? “If you are unhappy with this country, then leave my country la!”? That is always the line you guys take when you cannot take criticisms and the heat from the REAL citizens(not fake ones hah!).

      You guys messed up this country and try to dilute the votes for the alternative representation by bringing in so-called FT. You are the guys who ought to be ashamed of your own self-interests and leave this country. But we all know that precisely because you are not so capable of making a living outside of drawing your handsome salaries from the People’s money, that is why you cannot leave this country! Because you would not then be able to survive if you leave!

    • Wakeup said

      And also you are the one who should “Grow up”. Arrogant talk! Very typical of such talks from MIW. Asking your fellow Singaporeans to leave the country!! Do you realise that you never hear of an Amercian asking another fellow American to leave the country just because one disagrees with the other? That kind of political, cultural and moral maturities do not exist in certain segments of the Singapore population, especially the MIW kind. How immature and shallow can one be!

      • Henry said

        Wake up, please Stfu. U are indeed low intellect.

      • Wakeup said

        Henry, you are another vulgar and uncouth so-called Singaporean. When you lose an argument you resort to f word. You are a disgrace to all civilised Singaporeans!!!

      • Wakeup said

        And it takes one of low intellect to call another one! Have you not heard of that wise saying? I am truly sorry for your disgraceful attitude and behaviour.

        What you did was only to prove me very right in that there exist in our midst immature people of whom you are one of them. Out there in front.

        Need I say more????

    • Recruiter said

      “your” country?!!!!…

    • Tang said

      Right ,they are all jealous losers and
      Of low intellect.
      What’s wrong with throwing flowers to the supporting crowd.
      Pls revise your national pledge,regardless of race , …..

  80. Penguin said

    Singapore athelete along with German and Korean atheletes fought hard in the finals and won medals.
    Crowd cheered and appreciated them for giving them such great performance.
    Victory ceremony over.
    Crowded cheered again and asked atheletes to throw them the flowers. German and Korean atheletes graciously did so.
    Singaporean hesitated and decided not to do so.
    Later the press asked “why did you not throw the flowers to the crowd?”
    Singaporean athelete said “erm….I think I am not supposed to throw to the crowd that is not Singaporean…….”
    Press: “…………….. ||-.-“

  81. Omar said

    FT obtaining PR/ Singapore Citizenship can always return it or throw it back to the Government because it came easy with the Govt. cheap policy for them. No heart feeling, my dear Singaporeans.

    • masenchym said

      Omar is one fine example of the many who are trying too hard to sound witty in this discussion, but failing miserably of course. These people are screaming for attention on the keyboard: “Look at how smart my comment sounds!”
      It is obvious that they are not saying anything of the littlest intellect, but just trying to show off their abilities to draw silly parallels.

  82. Teo HC said

    Question is… if there are any Singaporeans left to throw flowers to in the Arena during the Awards Ceremony which happened around 1.5 hours after her own game ended.

    I bet most Citizen Fans leave after her game ended.

  83. anonymouse said

    2:17:45 – #1 raises hand to anthem. FTW did not.
    2:19:31 is when they start throwing flowers. 2:19:25 – 2:19:27 a Singapore flag is present to the left of the screen. The singapore contingent is tiny. The China contingent is gigantic. nonetheless you can see the flag. And if you watch on you can see she threw the flowers offscreen towards the Singapore contingent.
    This video is freely available on the internet. All it takes is a few seconds to google it, and verify the truth.
    I know most of you will ignore this, because you just want to hate. You have lost your reason. This is written for the few who have a sense of right and wrong, and understand an injustice when you see it.

    • Tang said

      Yes, have senses of right and wrong.
      If you can’t play ….don’t just fucking talk..
      Feng had stood up for Singapore.
      Who don’t play for fame and money.
      Don’t tell me you don’t work for money?

    • CYM said

      I do not see any Singapore flags. There are *perhaps* a few ang mohs in the general area where Feng Tianwei tossed the flowers, so that one can, at a stretch, argue that she was merely tossing flowers to the spectators as a whole, rather than specifically to her PRC fans. One must admit though that where she tossed the flowers was overwhelmingly filled with Chinese-looking individuals waving flags that look like the PRC flag.

      Please take a look at

      And show me where exactly the Singapore flag is, by taking a screenshot, and circling the flag. Because I am unable to see it.

  84. Tang said

    Don’t be divided you singaporeans. Feng is
    Overwhelmed with joy she has done us proud.
    We should all share her
    Victory. We are all fellow human beings.
    everyone needs support and cheers .what’s wrong with you all .

    • Tim said

      One FengTW with a bronze medal does not justify PAP policy of importing 1 Million PRCs into Spore.
      Be mindful spore is only a tiny island.
      Spore ought to use NZ and Jamaica as inspiration.

  85. My thoughts on this are on my blog:

    Titled: “Everyone, shut the fuck up about Feng Tianwei”


  86. Adil said

    Chinese table-tennis and Chinese badminton players are representing not just Singapore. These China sports mercenaries are becoming China’s GDP donning the colors of many countries of the world. Thank goodness the latter sports will never achieve the kind of recognition like Tennis, Soccer and Golf. China’s dominance in both sports have been turned them into a Farce with all China finalists etc.

  87. xier said

    don’t talk any more, go and earn money.
    see your eyes , going to bleed……

  88. xier said

    $250000 only !
    how hard does she work!
    can we children instead ?

  89. William soh said

    My great grandpa also came frm china. 3 generation down the road, I still long to go back china n retire lah.

    Singapore is a good country for ones career, but not a good place to trap ppl heart.

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