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PM Lee asks Singaporeans to fly national flag with ‘pride’

Posted by temasektimes on August 2, 2012

With National Day around the corner, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has called on Singaporeans to fly their national flag as the obvious dearth of public display of flags in the HDB heartland is causing much embarrassment to the government.

In a comment posted on his Facebook this morning, PM Lee wrote:

“National Day is around the corner. Always glad to see Singaporeans flying our flag with pride – outside their flats, from their cars, even on their Facebook profile pics. Have just changed my cover and profile photos. Hope you will add an e-flag to your profile photo too!”


Unfortunately, not many Singaporeans appear to share his enthusiasm.

Sugu Maran replied almost immediately:

“I don’t see many flags outside flats unless they are put up by RC or grassroots people.”

Wong Teng concurred:

“Most of the flats hung outside the flats are mostly donne by your RC members. I dun see anyone puting a Singapore flag into the car yet and from what I had seen now in this comment page, only 2 of them had put the Singapore flags in their facebook profile picture.Stop deceiving yourself and said only the “good” things.”

Bruce Wee does not mince his words:

“Please go around neighborhood and see for yourself. The number of flags displayed is pathetically low. You failed big time as a leader in this aspect when most are not proud to be a Singaporean.”

The number of national flags hung by Singaporeans during National Day has obviously decreased with each passing day as the relentless influx of immigrants continue to dilute Singapore’s nascent national identity to beyond any recognition.



32 Responses to “PM Lee asks Singaporeans to fly national flag with ‘pride’”

  1. I would luv to see Pinky fly down Duxton Heights with pride.

  2. Daft Peasant said

    don worry Mr LHL, by 08 August 2359hrs, the flags will be all aroung the island……ALL HUNG BY YOUR RC AND GRASSROOT PEOPLE…..

  3. jay said

    PM Lee : you seem to in your own lala land or being pretentious by brushing away the unhappiness of local born citizens. Stop patching up the leaks, its eventually going to collapse. Listen to your local citizens and make changes , don’t let your ego step in your way. Your policies are terribly flawed , with some greedy ones Helping themselves to a larger share of pie .. SO stop telling people to put up flag, when you restore your people’s happiness flags will fly by itself.

  4. kaypoh said

    Dun worry Pinky, Miss Feng is already flying it for all of us 🙂

  5. Bao Ching Tian said

    I doesn’t help when PRC flags are hung up in some blocks.

  6. Sad Old Man said

    I have given up on national day. My country no love me. PAP Regime have placed $$$$ before citizen interest.

    I can ‘t find food money in SIN, have to move to other country where employer respect quality staff than quantity staff.


  7. yong choon kiat said

    True blue Singaporean onli 60%. How many flags can we hang. Use ur fucking brain.

  8. GT said

    Only you can afford a car, Pinky. Don’t ask us to fly from cars.

  9. hangTenlah said

    This is so funny,Flag PM also must get involved.TSK.TSK,TSK !.PM will get to know the true meaning of “people’s madate.”The RC will come knocking on your door tomorrow and ask you to hang THEIR flag.Heard the going rate is 4 packets of chicken rice per day,better quality than the rally one !

  10. Fox said

    Your Excellency,
    almost 40% of us are FT, and favoured by your policy. Have you tried ask them instead?
    Since your policy has benefitted them so much, I think it’s only polite if they return the gesture.

    Oops, did your Excellency forgot to put graciousness and politeness as part of the prerequisites to be an FT?

    Well, in that case, good luck then, sir.

  11. Lim said

    Dear Mr LEE

    Please don’t waste your time. U think your new citizen will display our spore flag.

    Look at Feng. She can’t even sing our national song. I suppose our pledge she also have problems understanding it.

    True blood local born sporeans. Please stand up and get yourselves heard n seen by MR LEE.

    Either we vote MR LEE out of government in 2016 or we migrate and work at other counties.

    Think about this picture – we r already treated worse than 2nd class citizen in spore. Apply BTO but not given fair n equal chances as those new citizens. Serve 2.5 years of NS but when finding job, the pay difference between NS n non- NS new citizen is only 100 bucks.

    Primary school registation. New citizen and PRs child has the same equal voting chance as your child

    Use our income tax and pay a china born new citizen 250k for her medal

    Is this the spore we want to live and u want your children to live

  12. I will raise my L J high high.

  13. LkySi said

    We should all fly PRC flag for our National Day to show Singapore is now the capital of PRC, thanks to the PAP govt’s avowed policy of bringing in dumb, illiterate. asinine Chinese from China.

    • Mikey said

      Preese la.. China capital?

      China kar chng mor they also dun wan us la..
      Their player give us one bronze medal our leader so proud liao..

      Damn no face man..

  14. 龍的传人 said


  15. Born&BredInSingapore said

    Some one has already hung 3 Sg flags along our hdb corridor. Don’t worry about it, pm.

  16. Merlion said

    Those flag outside our flat aren’t put up by us. I feel like taking it down. Can the RC Suka suka put up for us without our permission?

  17. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Not only are Singaporeans not flying the national flag, even the bangala workers are no willing to put up the flags on the HDB balcony. The CCs and grassroot leaders are also not bothered put up those flags. Resentment and anger also amongst the grassroots organizations regarding the governmen”t policies

  18. sniper said

    the shame of my life is when forced into doing slavery for 2 years while FT come in freely and compete and kill my brothers
    when they ROD.

    • SkinFT said

      Hi no more ROD liao…its ORD leh. Dun ask me the term I just dun understand them. lol.
      Aiyah suck thumb lah. NS is nothing in the eyes of PAP. no priority de.
      And you are very right, it is slavery.
      Try asking any Israelites on how much benefit the guys enjoy.
      Even their women serve NS and enjoy state benefits.
      Singaporeans? SUCK THUMB. LOL.

  19. Realist said

    Frankly, I salute Bruce Wee for his frank comments in PM’s facebook.

  20. Naivety said

    Hey Pinky, We native Singaporeans are too busy competing for jobs with international applicants & foreigners from all over the world in our own backyard as good jobs are hard to come by in Sinkapore nowadays, where got time to fly national flags when livelihood of native Singaporeans are at stake here???!!!

    Btw, how come your own job & those of your Deputies & Ministers are not opened up to international applicants & foreigners from all over the world as we need to have fair practice here???!!!

  21. Cute said

    In the 80s and 90s, I love Singapore very much. Every year, I will brought myself a new and colorful dress to wear on National Day. Too bad, I don’t have such a feeling anymore. I think something to do with our policy about foreigners. When I knew that 40% of the population in Singapore are foreigners, I get more disappointed and sad.

  22. Playfair said

    He is in dreamland. Maybe from office to home, and told by his right hand man alot of flags flying.Why dont you go around and see for yourself if there are lots og flags flying. Come to the East.That is where you will lose big in 2016.

  23. MY WORD said

    I will fly it only when opposition comes to power.

  24. CPT said

    I don’t think LHL facebook administrator is himself. It just another civil servant running it.
    At the end of the day, LHL is still laughing daily.

  25. kaypoh said

    Plant the flag, stick it in the farker’s asshole… teach granpa to suck eggs!

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