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PM Lee congratulates China-born Feng Tianwei for winning bronze medal

Posted by temasektimes on August 2, 2012

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has sent his congratulations to China-born Feng Tianwei for her victory over Japan’s Kasumi Ishikawa in the women’s singles table tennis match at the London Olympics Games.

In a comment posted on Facebook, PM Lee wrote:

“Congrats to Tianwei for a resounding 4-0 win over Ishikawa of Japan…We are all proud of you.”

He also congratulated other members of the Singapore Team:

“And well done Team Singapore! If I can just mention a few of our athletes – Lim Heem Wei (our first gymnast to gain direct entry into the Games), Helena Wong (our first woman Olympic weightlifter), Tao Li (who set a new national record for the 100m backstroke). Keep flying the Singapore flag high. To those who are still competing, we are behind you all the way.”

A native of China’s Heilongjiang province in the northeast, Feng ‘became’ a Singaporean almost instantaneously in 2007 after which she was drafted immediately to represent the Republic in the 2008 Olympic Games.



65 Responses to “PM Lee congratulates China-born Feng Tianwei for winning bronze medal”

  1. LkySi said

    PM Lee congratulates China on Singapore win

  2. kaypoh said

    And “Congrats to Grace F-U! for a resounding win over Spore citizens…We are proud to pay you the equivalent of an Olympic Gold medal prize money!”

  3. Misiamaihum said

    Bronze medal only ass Loong very proud. Seems like ass loong loves his ah tiong deep deep.

    • Naivety said

      Yup, with the amount of money that has been invested in her, we would expect minimum a Gold medal instead of only Bronze!

  4. Petrus said

    No doubt she’s from China,but this girl had put in her best efforts and win the medal for Singapore…she had made positive contributions to Singapore with her sheer commitment and dedication. She can proudly call herself a Singaporean and one that had made Singaporeans proud!

    Compare that with the many whiners, sour-grapers and born-losers here (including TT), who could only hide behind their computers to do name-calling and keep making personal attacks against her…shame shame!

    • oldguard said

      F U show me your face, you another ah tiong, look at her face and at once you can see a China woman

      • Petrus said

        Really, so look at your own face and did you realized you look like a bulldog…now you know who your father is? F U too you pea-brained! I’m a Singaporean, but not a born-loser moron like U!

      • roflcakes said

        she played hard and well for singapore as a singaporean. although she is not a native, she still fought hard. which is a way bigger achievement than any of the bigots here can achieve in their life

    • I beleive you are foreigner so you said so for your benefit? said

      I beleive you are foreigner so you said so for your benefit?

  5. Realist said

    Other countries are also buying talents so Spore is no different.
    Feng did well to beat Ishikawa resoundingly, it was a pushover.
    Not bad earning 250k smackers for just an hour of work.

  6. To Be Fair said

    Tan Howe Liang, our Olympic silver medalist 52 years ago, remains my hero. I somewhat do not feel proud as a Singaporean for “borrowed” glory. In fact, the Straits Times front page could have read, “S’pore win individual Olympic medal- thanks to China”.

  7. richiekid said

    you all are a joke to the world! period! and with your PM congratulating other nations people playing and/or behalf of Singapore and to those who loses, many a thing to blame, this is the ONLY way such govt of your country is spending monies on idiots imported but not for you singapore people.

  8. somethingwrongsomewhere said

    meh. no joy.

  9. stevenadosan said

    Dear Prime Minister, Please make this the very last time.Nuture our very own singapore born and bred sportsmen/women. We will still fill proud of them as long as they try their very best.Imported stuff, nothing to be proud of!.Spectators were shouting “Zhong Guo, jia u” Very Shameful lah.Spent millions of taxpayers $$$$,get bronze so happy? If a one piece of gold, whole country will celebrate…make it National Holiday if possible!!!…People’s backside, why put on your face?

  10. Jaded said

    import an Ah Tiong to win a medal for us. Why so troublesome? Just place an order with Ah Tiong factories for medals, any colour also have!

  11. WeeCS said

    Good Job Feng TianWei.

    • SkinFT said

      For what? For winning a bronze after we have wasted so much money on her? SHE MUST GET A GOLD AT LEAST.

      Good JOB wat wat good job? SHE IS JUST AN EMPLOYEE who must do and achieve what she is employed for. GOOD JOB? FUCK YOU.

      • sibei tulan said

        thumbs Up !!!!

      • roflcakes said

        get a gold at least? do you not know how competitive table tennis is? spending more money does not equate to having better results. likewise, money need not be spent for great achievements. singapore has such a small talent pool, of course we do not have any local talents!

  12. LAMination said

    Why never mention Joseph Schooling?

    • NaBey said

      Because he is 1/2 Ang Mor.

      • LAMination said

        Joseph Schooling is born and bred in Singapore. He is in America now only to further his training and is very much a Singaporean. Please remember that Singapore has 4 races, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. Joseph Schooling is one of these 4. Last I checked, PRC isn’t an official race in Singapore.

  13. SkinFT said

    Sorry sir. I am not one of them. So dun use the phrase “we all” In fact 40% of Singaporeans are EMBARRASSED at this. So STOP USING WE ALL. Singapore is 60% vs 40%. Maybe your 60% cock suckers belongs to the “WE ALL”.


  14. JjJ said

    PM Lee, as Singaporeans we don’t really feel proud when these foreigners win medals for Singapore(or more correctly, shall we say, ‘for China’).

    We will feel proud if u will give more scholarship to Singaporeans than to foreigners. Nurture Singaporeans first, rather than foreigners. U have no obligation to nurture other countries’ citizens at the expense of Singaporeans; Just look at the Sun Xu incident and can you still proclaim you are proud of these foreigners?

    • Daft Peasant said

      aiyah… them, singaporeans are daft, lazy and whining……

      Sun Xu? yes wat…..we are dogs wat…..correct mah…… we are so dogged that we need to hire prc to get a BRONZE medal for us…..

  15. joun lee said

    The way we Singaporean criticize Feng Tian Wei, I am ashamed! She is wearing Singapore colours and the bronze goes to Singapore NOT China. She is a Foreign Talent NOT Foreign Trash which there are many of the latter in Singapore. Give credit where credit is due. If anyone of you criticizing her can do better, please stand up and be counted and make Singapore proud. Otherwise shut the XXXX UP! Just a bunch of losers.

    • i say what i think only... said

      so u should worship anyone who become a citizen and win medals (we pay good $, if not where is the love for this indon-flag lookalike place).

      if we do not pay such amt and they come to fight for us, that’s is something i cheer and thankful for. if not, we pay for it, she deliver the goods. congratulate for what? i would prefer putting 250k cash inside trophy cabinet with a sign “see what we saved in exchange for the bronze medal”.

    • Singaporean said

      Only a loser will pay for foreigner and ask them to convert and win the competition for them. Get it?

    • Meme said

      The bronze medal should rightly belong to China. It is on T-loan to Singapore till the day Tianwei decide to pack and leave for good.

    • sibei tulan said

      Have u been in the national team of any sport in Singapore? If not shut up yourselves ! U got no right to call ppl to shut up till you yourselves had been in the national team before. U can ask any ex or national team member if they feel proud of these non local getting medal on behalf of our beloved Country.
      you dun even know what is happening within the NSA and how ‘s it like to shunned when we are trying our best and after our peak how they treated us.
      Let’s make it straight ,we are not unhappy about Feng Tian wei but on the garment spending taxpayer on them and not on our own and not doing enough to groom our own or even cultivate a sport culture for us. Sport shool is not even close enough….they need u to have good grades before they enlist u so what is the point of a sport school.

      What have we produce since the sport school was established?

      Bureaucracy at work is death to a culture!

    • compatriot said

      Will the father save or give more credence to an adopted son or daughter who has no bloodline rather than to his own flesh and blood?

    • oldguard said

      you are just another ass hole to be fuck by papigs.
      foreign trash.

    • S'porean & Aust PR said

      I will stand up and make S’pore proud by being a FT in Aust.
      So who should STFU?

      • sibei tulan said

        U didn’t ans my question! so STFUY ! why dun u ask first why u are in Oz land working? I said again I am not against Ms Feng just dun ustd Y garment action!

      • S'porean & Aust PR said

        I am a PR in Aust, a skilled migrant.
        I didn’t ask you to STFU, why you so sensitive? BTW in the first place I had no intention to answer to your earlier question.

    • Daft Peasant said

      Ah……………………. one of the 60% voiced out liao…….LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. NaBey said

    The last statement ” we are behind you all the way.”
    Should be “You are all the way behind”!

  17. imagine said

    Fang had taken the pledge and accepted to be the citizen. She submits herself to the country and is accepted by the country and given a citizenship. She is now a Singapore citizen legally, whether you like it or not.

    Who are we to doubt anyone’s loyalty? After all, we are just a small part of the bigger idea; which we call country (if you think bigger then can be world or even universe), and in a limited time and space. The experience we have, the emotions and feeling we have, very often we think they are isolated and distinctly ours, which is an illusion. (Einstein called it optical illusion)

    Since she is a citizen (whether new or old), unless it is proven that she has acted in manner that compromises the interest of the country, should she be treated equally as any other citizen? Should she be treated politely?

    If the new citizen (ie those join in the last 15 years) or PR, has acted in a way that creates conflict or divisions among not just with the natives but among them self (says Malaysian, China, Phinoy, Indonesian, Burma, Vietnamese, AZ, others like eastern Euro etc ) due to competition, envy, jealously or intolerance of others with difference origin, then should they be treated respectfully?

    Should PR that acted in a way that create conflict or divisions among not just with the natives but among them self (says Malaysian, China, Phinoy, Indonesian, Burma, Vietnamese, AZ, others like eastern Euro etc ) due to competition, envy, jealously or intolerance of others with difference origin, be revoked immediately and never grant them citizenship?

    Not sure how many readers or those who comment are natives? PR? PR from all other nationalities except china? new citizen? new citizen from all other nationalities except China? or foreigner? Made a guess, am I a natives? PR? PR from all other nationalities except china? new citizen? new citizen from all other nationalities except China? or foreigner?

  18. unhappy Singaporean said

    China versus China!nothing to watch!!!!

  19. nope said

    obviously that poor Japanese stand no chance winning against her, she previously lose to a china player, and then shes up against another china player in singapore

    where got morale to win at all.

  20. i say what i think only... said

    define We. just say “me and my pap brothers”. there is only u and me. no WE here.

  21. Kelvin Tay said

    IF she give birth and her son/daughter is singaporean and her son/daughter win i will acknowledge..for now her winning..i dun acknowledge at all

  22. Ron said

    Feng, congratulations. I am proud of you too. It has been hard work and dedication and you have brought honor to Singapore.

  23. Cute said

    Why the 3 in the picture has the same hair style?

  24. Julie Ong said

    I salute Mr Tan Howe Liang. Against incredibly difficult odds he persisted and did Singapore proud and justifiably so when he won the Olympic Silver Medal for weightlifting. That was way back in 1960.
    Ms Feng Tianwei is now a Singaporean. She has decided to put her lot with Singapore and we should not doubt her sincerity. Sure, the circumstances of her becoming a citizen is controversial, but please let’s not live in the past. I hope that you will not be unhappy with my view (you have every right to an opposite opinion), but basically I’m appealing to the magnanimous spirit in our nature and thereby not begrudge Ms Feng for whatever she has attained and obtained. So, congrats Tianwei! And thanks for fighting so hard for the ‘Bronze’.
    Now, to the heart of the matter. I want to see a Singapore where each and every individual Singaporean is appreciated and respected. Money or economic well being is crucial, but it is NOT everything! Even in the sporting field we can nurture our own although there must be the will to do it. It is a long and arduous task to groom top sportsmen/women not to mention the money involved. Also, the government should not only look at the ‘economic numbers’ but also look at the number of Singaporeans who ‘didn’t quite make it’ and those who’ll need a helping hand. Talking about talents, can’t we have a government good in money management and foreign relations and at the same time knows how to look after the essential needs of the citizens? Multiple talents or only single talent viz. only knowing how to make money even at the expense of the pain inflicted on the ‘peasants’? No doubt here. We need multi-talented leaders.
    We should encourage our own very capable young men and women to join the political leadership. Never mind which party really.
    The main point: we should elect a government that we are confident will lead us to a better future. For us, our children and our children’s children.
    Sadly, I don’t think the current PAP leadership measures up. And yes, ‘Regime Change’ if that is what is needed to enable us to forge ahead.

  25. Be Fair said

    Do check out the ITTF World Rankings page:

    Feng was ranked world no.104 in Sept 2004 as a Chinese player, disappeared from the rankings table till June 2007 ( while she was playing in the Japanese league as a foreigner ) and then reappeared at the 73rd position in July 2007 when she represented Singapore.

    The ascent from No.73 to her current position is fully attributable to her training in Singapore.

    For those who are so hung up on country of birth, do note that Tan Howe Liang was born in China too. ( )

    One of the objectives of the Olympics is precisely to eliminate such narrow-mindedness.

    • roflcakes said

      nice one!

    • Sure or not said

      With big carrots dangling in front of her everyday, not surprised she has improved her world ranking.
      We should salute Tan H L for his achievement even without any carrots, some more his medal is silver not bronze.
      If Feng is getting 250k now, what about Tan? 500k?

      • Julie Ong said

        Sure Or Not, thanks for your opinion.
        Mr Tan Howe Liang is exceptional. A truly inspirational sportsman. It may be a long time if ever that we find another sportsperson like him.
        Ms Feng Tianwei is a Singaporean. Please remember that she has chosen to be one of us the implication being that she’ll be better of here than in her birthplace China. Welcome, Tianwei. Any others who qualify and love Singapore and wish to stay I’d say, ‘vungerk, vungerk’ (Tamil for welcome, welcome). People, let’s be a little more generous. Just like anyone else we are free to choose. We can to a certain extent determine our own destiny.
        We can also emigrate. Don’t like it then return back home to Singapore. Or whatever you decide you want to do with your life.
        Please give Tianwei a chance. It’s really up to her to fit in with us and commit herself to her own betterment and also be a good Singaporean.
        Congratulations again Tianwei! Enjoy!
        Nothing is fair. Get used to it. Certainly, if I have my way I’d ensure that everyone has a fair chance as much as I can, but there’s not such a thing as ‘fair and square’ in everything we say or do. So for Tianwei to earn $250K for her Bronze medal I’m overjoyed for her. She’s earned it!
        My thinking is that Singaporeans should be looked after first, then others. My quarrel is with the PAP policies and not against an individual or group.
        Reason: the government made the rules and implement them. So blame the offender not the victim!
        Do remember that the majority chose this government. I do not wish to be confrontational, but ‘you’ve made your bed, now sleep on it’! Sorry, hor, if I’m too harsh.
        Our chance will come again. Be patient.
        General Election 2016 is not that far away.
        You will vote wisely then, won’t you?

      • compatriot said

        As a born Singaporean,I feel that with such amount of our taxpayers monies spent on a transitory immigrant is not a good judgement of the PAP government that have led with no sense of real and true identity and belonging.Nevertheless,your posted material was fine but don’t have that ‘Oomph’ for well and good read perhaps it be far more better if you would also demand that the ruling government of the day instead,spent our taxpayers monies on our able nurture citizens whom then in deserved aura we can be as proud as we all can be

      • Naivety said

        That is why we have to start planning in advance & ahead for our future now & come GE 2016, we compulsorily & die-die must vote out the Pro-Alien Party, there are no 2 ways about it!!!

        All native Singaporeans must unite & vote them out once & for all if we want to survive!!!

        Let your actions speak louder than words as it is no use whining & talking so much here!!!

  26. Terry said

    they all go to the same barber?

  27. 龍的传人 said


  28. Tan Yan Ren said

    The PM is right in congratulating and giving praise to the atheletes.However my point is this …that lets not be naive that this is the way to go …in importing atheletes from overseas and give them the opportunity to represent Singapore immediately to win medals and thus “collect the huge money prize”. There must be a safeguard against such abuse and mockery of the intentions of the “CARROT” to gain glory the fast tracked way like this…NO PRIDE , NO JOY , and STUPID SINGAPORE policy.EVERYONE will be tempted to be business man by talent hunting these atheletes overseas , keep a low profile and bring them here to “WIN their PRIZE$$$$$$$$…lets not pretend this cannot happen and is not happening and our leaders seems happy to take credit ..when it happens as a “SINGAPOREAN PRODUCT”……Anyway congratulations ….Feng Tian Wei…this is not your fault anyway…..I EXPECT to see a Singapore Genuine product ,WIN or LOSE,we will be proud if they qualify for the olympics…not this way …!!!!!!!!

  29. To Be Fair said

    I believe, in order for Singaporean to feel proud, a medalist should either be born or bred in Singapore. Although Tan Howe Liang was born in Swatow, he came here at the age of 3. He was raised & groomed as a sports talent in Singapore from then. That answers why we Singaporeans feel strongly he is part of us. But for those who were picked from China during their teenage days when they had already displayed proficiency through the China sports environment, the sense of Singapore contributing to the success is simply not there.

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