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Team Singapore’s Chef de Mission Jessie Phua: I only want to bring home Tianwei’s medal

Posted by temasektimes on August 2, 2012

Are local-born athletes being discriminated against by Singapore sports associations which seem to favor foreigners?

This appears to be so judging from the public remarks made by Team Singapore’s Chef de Mission Jessie Phua.

Speaking to the state media after China-born Feng Tianwei won a bronze medal at the London Olympics, Phua said:

“If there was only one medal I wanted to bring home, it was by Tianwei. She is everything you want of a sporting ambassador. She’s everything you ask of an athlete.”

She added the result vindicated the SNOC’s decision to hand Feng the honour of being Singapore’s flag bearer at last Friday’s opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium which drew widespread criticisms from irate Singaporeans.

Besides Phua, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean and President Tony Tan Keng Yam, were present to offer her congratulatory handshakes




28 Responses to “Team Singapore’s Chef de Mission Jessie Phua: I only want to bring home Tianwei’s medal”

  1. tulan said

    can’t BBBBBBBBBBBBBelieve it! really KNS

  2. Mai zee xiao said

    Yeah, President, PM and DPM should just bow down in her awesome presence! That Malaysian MP what’sit should lick Tianwei’s shoes while they’re at it.

  3. KWC said

    Try reporting honestly and then the supposed controversy goes away. Feng Tianwei is not a foreigner, silly! Stop manufacturing controversy ! Stop the hyperventilating!

  4. mahbok tan said

    But why throw the flower to the PRC spectator instead of the SGpore supporters….!!!

    So thats why U must Tink not asking the student to TINK……!!!! TCH the wad du U tink miss-de-stir…!!!

  5. Nabey said

    Hello jessie, beside medal don’t forget to bring back the hotel soap, comb, tea bags and also ur smelly panties.

  6. me said

    The least miss jessie phua could do was to be diplomatic, any medals won at the olympics for red dot is good… why single out one sport and put herself in such a predicament? really brainless.. trying too much to align herself and please upper levels of their cash-for-talent scheme. My choice of a flag-bearer would be a male who has served his NS liability, holds a national record of any sport and has reservist to look forward to till he is 40 yo.

  7. unluckid said

    what about jasmine ser?

  8. grammar police said

    It’s just poor spoken English on her part. Surely you’ve met tons of CEOs or even some of our own Ministers who can’t string a sentence properly.

    What she meant to say was ““If there was only one medal I COULD (not want to) bring home, it was by Tianwei.”

    Perfect demonstration of how the misuse of a verb can make such a big difference. Which makes it unforgivable for people who helm top organisations, let alone those who lead our country.

  9. Wolfglare said

    Fuck these China FT trash go home we don’t want your medal

  10. Ro77a said

    Can’t believe one can interpret the remark as preference for foreign born vs local. She just said that she is a true ambassodor of sport and wanted her to win. Truth be told, she is the highest ranking player in any sport that we have.

    So theoretically, if it is not her who else? No one complain when the Singapore lion has czech, Korean, Australian and what we called the soccer team then the dream team which helped us in the old Malaysia cup. We treated them like one of ours. A couple of them got success up their head and went astray but there was no controversy.

    Temasek review needs to stop witch hunting every little fault. It is easier to find fault then to be constructive. Don’t forget majority of Singaporean are Chinese and thus share the same root, whether we like it or not.

    In the mean time, the world has changed. The world of sport has also changed. Zidane looks less French than Feng looking like one of us.

    An Olympics medal will hopefully encourage more Singaporean to take up the sport and hopefully create more interest in the game. I only wish to look at the positive.

    • Ah Kong said

      Soccer a Team game. Though these players are foreigners, they could integrate with the rest of the local soccer boys. And they can speak English!

    • me said

      For goodness sake, during the M-League when Singapore was successful, those foreign players were playing for a club named “Singapore Lions” in the league. They DID NOT represent Singapore in any international matches like FIFA WC qualies etc. They were simply playing for a club which was named Singapore Lions, just like Manchester United playing in the premier league can play Park Ji Sung, but Park is not necessarily a UK citizen. Jang Jung, Abbass Saad,Alistair Edwards did not earn caps from Singapore Men’s national football team. Please get your facts right before commenting, thank you. There was no controversy then as there was no need to, while FTW et al were poached specifically for medal chances. Name one other country whose flag-bearer was in such similar scheme in this Olympics. Even Phelps, arguably the most decorated Olympian was never a flag bearer. Hence there is no correlation between one being a flag-bearer vs medal chances. Zidane was born, raised in France, see my reply below. Your argument has no substance, purely based on your “feelings” of things. Try harder…

      “The Singapore Lions was the name given to a representative team of footballers representing the Football Association of Singapore in domestic competitions run by the Football Association of Malaysia. This is separate from the Singapore national team, as it permits overseas players to play – in essence it is a club side”

  11. GE said

    This is the danger of following ideals blindly. The official has meet KPI. Measurable KPI implement so long an this is result. When you say KPI is Olympic medal. Then the officer will find best and faster way to get the KPI.

  12. Mikey said

    Should add her medal to China’s tally la..

    But then again.. China won’t give a rat’s ass about a bronze only.

    • kaypoh said

      Epic FAIL! Should replace said damn useless minister with FTW, then very soon Gold & Silver will come calling… since with our FT minister our sincerity will be apparent to all FT athletes 🙂

  13. IronMan said

    Congratulation, SG. We got a Communist Infected medal to be returned here. Many more will come. Pls wear protection. Singaporeans are no longer needed in sports due to new “Chinaporeans” available.

  14. Marie said

    Walau!! Singaporean should be happy to her Bronze. .Hey, guy be proud!!!!!!!

  15. Give me a break said

    Last time got boot licking, now got medal licking.

  16. Ron said

    The disgraceful Singaporeans in this forum behaves like they are from a backward country. So narrow-minded. Feng carries a Singapore passport and this is now recorded as a medal under Spore. Even if she decides to return to China or migrate to another country, that does not matter and Singaporeans are speculating only.

    In many sports, foreigners are signed on. For the Olympics they just want citizenship and it does have to be local born. Such narrow-minded Singaporeans. Be an Olympian yourself if you feel so strongly about this.

    • Ron said

      typo error: and it does NOT have to be local born.


    • Naivety said

      Where got time for native Singaporeans to be trained up as an Olympian as we are already too busy competing for jobs with international applicants & foreigners from all over the world in our Own Backyard as this ultimately affects our livelihood & survival with the relentless influx of more than 2 million FTs & foreigners which continue unabated as we speak!!!

      Why not you & ur MIWs open up your jobs to international applicants & foreigners from all over the world to compete as well & you will know what we are going through daily as nowadays good jobs are very hard to come by in Sinkapore?

  17. zenman said

    Can you explain this extreme xenophobia?
    Is the senseless vitriol against FTW because she is a easier target than the SSC or the MIW’s immigration policy?
    Millions was lavished on FAS but now there is nothing to show.
    The soccer team had so many foreigners but they were the darlings of fans in SG. So what gives?

  18. Hungry said

    We are not looking for an athlete. We are looking for a Singaporean.

    Jessie, please understand the difference.

  19. joun lee said

    When golfers throw a golf ball to spectators after a win, should he first ask for their nationality? if Phil Mickelson gives a high five to a foreign spectator, is he less American. It is just being nice to the spectators and it is just unfortunate that there were many Chinese spectators at the closing ceremony. Even if Feng Tianwei wants to throw it to a Singaporean spectators, they are sitting away from the exit of the winners. Come on people, I think this is getting petty and getting ridiculous. It seems Singaporeans are getting an inferiority complex. We have to be more than that!!

  20. me said

    @ Ro77a.

    Zidane: Born in France, raised in france, citizen of france since birth
    FTW: Born in China, became citizen in 2007.

    I fail to see a single ounce of relevance in your citing of Zidane as an example. Please choose another so that we can understand what you are trying to say better.

    Zidane is of Algerian Kabyle Berber descent. His parents, Smaïl and Malika, emigrated to Paris from the village of Aguemoune in the Berber-speaking region of Kabylie in northern Algeria in 1953 before the start of the Algerian War. The family, which had settled in the city’s tough northern districts of Barbès and Saint-Denis, found little work in the region, and in the mid-1960s moved to the northern Marseille suburb of La Castellane. On 23 June 1972, Zidane was born there as the youngest of five siblings.

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