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Town Council replies to netizen’s complaint on increased S&C charges

Posted by temasektimes on August 2, 2012

We refer to your email of 30 Jul 12.

CCKTC is continuously investing in maintaining and improving the standards of our estate to meet the rising expectations of our residents.

Over the last 8 years, we did not have any S&CC increase, but as inflation goes up, all of us are affected. CCKTC therefore needs to make this fee adjustment to mitigate the rising costs of operations and maintenance and to continue to innovate and deliver even better value to our residents and businesses in the coming months.

The bulk of the expenditure goes into the rising cost of the utilities bills and lift maintenance. over the last 8 years, utility tariff has gone up by 70% from 15.44 cents per kWh in January 2004 and 28.78 cents per kWH in April 2012. Cleaning fees have also increased.

You mentioned about a float which we assume you are referring to the sinking fund. It is compulsory for all the town councils to transfer 30%-35% of the service and conservancy charges each quarter into the sinking fund. The sinking funds are used for cyclical maintenance and upgrading projects. These works include repainting, re-roofing, overhaul of lifts and replacement of pumps and co-payment for Lift Upgrading Programme etc. The Town Council has planned about $309 million worth of cyclical works in the next 10 years.

Finally, we wish to clarify that like other towns, we put up national day banners and decorations for our town but we do not co-share advertisements for the NDP event.

We wish to thank you for the chance to clarify and to share with you on the town council’s operations. Please feel free to contact our Finance Department at 6569 0388 if you require further assistance on this matter.

Thank you.


Ong Shu Qi
Public Relations Executive
Chua Chu Kang Town Council


32 Responses to “Town Council replies to netizen’s complaint on increased S&C charges”

  1. LOL said

    Any photo of Ong Shu Qi ?
    Her name is erotic.

  2. mahbok tan said

    Aramak….no need to exprain so cim la…I do not understand lei…wat sinking pun…??? Or ponding…????

    U got eye see or not…got ear cannot hear arh….why town council some up some no up…????

  3. kaypoh said

    We also need to buy Brompton bikes for our staff

  4. Crap... said

    My question is this: Why did you “invest” our money in the infamous Lehman bonds??

    • i say what i think only... said

      that’s not CCK but bukit panjang, who is also increasing fees. electricity go up, we do not benefit from it, why we bear the cost? if u can sustain 10yrs of electricity increase, it simply means u got surplus after paying for the increase. it also mean u feel u are putting lesser into your sinking fund hence u need to up the cost.

      it used to be 10m net profit (after all expenses) now is 5m. earn too little, hence must increase to make it to 12m (adjusted for further electricity hikes in future). the town council is not making a loss, is making lesser than before.

      same ideology for resale hdb, rise slower is considered cooling measures working but is still rising, never drop. details manipulation

  5. Angry Citizen said

    When inflation goes up, town council (employee) want us (employer) to pay for it.

    Can we ask our employer to increase our pay when inflation goes up?
    What bullshit is this?

    • Hopeful said

      Precisely. Also, all companies use inflation as an excuse to increase this and that but what can we do??! Everything goes up but intake remains stagnant. This is getting crazy!

  6. seow said

    Very good leh … all these 7 town council raising fees, then the town council can have profit, and then they pay corporate tax to the nation pool what …….

    Then the tax revenue can contribute to fund the social programs for he poor, for the low incomes etc

    If a town council that manage it in such a way just to break even and contribute not tax to the country, then also not good leh….and if all other constituencies pay tax revenue to contribute to the funding of the operations of country, does that means those stay in the constituency that did not contribute to the tax, have given a “free” ride, or share a lesser burden?

    Any guys have any compilation of all the town council audited account for the last 10 to 20 years, and see which town council has paid the highest tax to the nation? Which constituency is the top “contributor” or “Gong Kia” (if you like it) ?

  7. N3 said

    Is there any regulation on increasing the S&C Charges?? The money collected by the TC is like a pool. Can the TC produces the monthly bills to satisfy the people paying it? Can the TC show how much they collected every month from the people? By showing all this proofs to the people will justify the increase.

  8. SkinFT said

    Fire Ms.Shu. And no need to increase tariff liao. Simple. Still need to argue for fuck?

  9. Henry said

    Suggest that the TC open their books for the residents to understand teh costs items … how much profits are they making? Company management layer vs the working staff.

  10. Angry Bird said

    dun need to explain so much, give excuses here & there. open up the account books and let residents scrutinize and justify. you money faced scums.

  11. Jimmy Lim said

    Should be increasing the conservancy charges for the businesses instead of the residents. I do not see any improvements in CCK where I stay. $12.50 for maisonette is just too steep.(16%) I do not even get 16% salary increase myself.

  12. Patrick said

    The question not about whether you have increased the charges over the years, it’s a question of whether if there it is justifiable to increase. The citizens also face the problem of rising cost and this definately adds on to their problem. Are we looking at the problem from the citizen point of view or from the town council point of view.

  13. CCK resident said

    My EC is in CCK GRC but for past 10yrs, my maintenance fee has been the same at $255 monthly, somemore including “free” parking, 24hrs security, swimming pool, gym, tennis court, basketball court, etc…
    I had to pay $155 monthly for season parking and town council fee only for my previous 5-room HDB flat at Semb GRC.
    So who is shortchanging who now?

  14. Mikey said

    Can you dun put up those eyesore banners then?

    Can save us a lot of money.

    Or hang in china la..

  15. Song Song said

    Another way is to shift to those TC that will not raise fee and enjoy the lower fee loh…

    Maybe if you need more money for other stuff or do other things, and you are lucky to be in a TC that has lower fee and also can 讲义气, if you cannot pay, can drag for 1 year or two years, “song” man. Or better still waive it, then “ho say” liao, …. huat liao lah… hope can be this lucky….. must find lucky tan ….

  16. stevenadosan said

    What load of rubbish!!! YOU can loose so much $$$ in funds! Have the cheek to raise fees! Trying to accumulate your “sinking fund” to show that you can? National Day poster,super big size.for what?Cut down on your wastage instead of increasing fees.Knowing that times are bad,you are imposing extra burden on us!

  17. 龍的传人 said


  18. HK said

    Oh! now I know the lift upgrading is also using the sinking fund, that means the whole lift upgrading is using ALL our money, the PAP still dare to use it for their election campaign

  19. IronMan said

    Any of the opposition ward raising the S&C charges?

    Mod’s note:

    The Wayang Party will only follow suit after its PAP master does so.

  20. noeyesee said


  21. Alv said

    This letter of explanation is disappointing and only use general explanation of increasing inflation and cleaning costs…does CCKTC residents demand really that higher standards till the extent to increase the SCC charges? Why other TC SCC costs did not increase? Some correlation i believe most ppl know NTUC has been giving huge rebates back to Singaporeans  in terms of savings and discounts. This help singaporeans to ease the increasing inflation woes affecting the food prices. F&B import export costs is costly as well too. If maintenance costs are costly, change to cheaper vendor for new tender bid not pass the costs bk to singaporeans. 

  22. Ben said

    Talking rock , previously manually will see cleaner , after centralize the dustbin system , less worker but we pay more !!! And my corridor I nd to wash myself , we deserve to pay more but not the service !!!!!!

  23. More transparency said

    Why cant they just publish their full sets of accounts?

  24. Pussy Rules said

    The Temasek Times mod, weather WP is a Wayang Party or not, PAP still Rules! and you are full of craps!…

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