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Concern about dubious tender handled by Aljunied-Hougang Town Council under WP

Posted by temasektimes on August 3, 2012


I would like to bring your attention to an issue regarding the Worker’s Party. This is probably old news but slightly more then a year ago, WP appointed a company to manage Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) without tender.

The entire deal was dubious and had too many holes in it yet no one seem to be questioning them

WP claimed that they had to skip the tender process due to shortage of time.

1st, WP were given the deadline of handing over of old Town Council to new Town Council, not one of changing of management agent

2nd, if they were so press for time, wouldn’t it make more sense to continue using the existing agent

3rd, instead of having the sense of extending the contract of the existing agent until such a time that they are able to change them via a proper tender, they decided to terminate them early

4th, if they timeline is so tight, why is there a pressing need to upgrade the computers and accounting system. Can’t they wait until AFTER the handover to change them?

Last but not least, despite claiming that the new agent FM Solutions and Services Pte Ltd had absolutely no relations to WP, one of FM Solutions shareholder How Weng Fan, was a secretary of the former Hougang Town Council

Putting that aside, the article clearly stated that the contract is for 1 year. Since it started on 15th July 2011, their 1 year is up. I have not seen AHTC requesting any tender for changing/renewal of management agent.

Is this why WP have been so quiet about the NPark Bike tender? Because WP themselves owe everyone in Aljunied and Hougang a tender as well?


Chan Tee Ho, a concerned Aljunied resident


60 Responses to “Concern about dubious tender handled by Aljunied-Hougang Town Council under WP”

  1. Jack said

    A good try!

  2. If Chan Tee Ho is so sure something is remiss, why not simply lodge a complaint to the CPIB? It’s as simple as that unless Chan TH himself is making wild allegations against the WP that can’t be substantiated.

  3. Jack said

    If you have found something concrete, I would suggest you report to CPIB, I am sure they will love to take on this task anytime than the $2.2k bikes.

  4. Paul said

    WP was already under fire when FM soultion was appointed an they give an explanation. IF it is so dubious and “with too many holes”, you think that PAP would have keep quiet??? PAP was ever ready to gun down the opposite and our dear PM is constantly thinking how to fix the opposite, would they have let such an oppurtunity to slip by. During the by-election, why was this issue not raise up by PAP, instead they have to resort to character smearing tactics.
    To be in the opposite and gain a footfold in Singapore, you got to be whiter than white, otherwise , lawyers letter will starting flying around. Well, I got no proof to back up what I say but it is a common knowledge among singaporeans.

    Mod’s note:

    Err…actually the PAP is closing one eye because WP is its subsidiary party. All belong to the same happy ‘family’. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Wake up and see the truth now, folks!

    • Jaded said

      TT on WP smear campaign again, FAIL! LOL

    • Naivety said

      @Moderator, anyway WP is still better than ur stupid SDP who can’t even win a single seat at all in Parliament & ur Dr. Chee Soon Juan who is not even allowed & qualified to stand for election even, right??? What do you think???

      Mod’s note:

      That’s because the real opposition which poses a real threat to the PAP is being fixed while the fake opposition party is being promoted to offer voters like you a Hobson’s choice. This is what is happening in Russia where a few ‘opposition’ parties being funded by the Kremlin are aligned to the ruling United Russia Party. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Before the PAP can be voted out, the biggest stumbling block – its ‘B’ team – the ‘Wayang Party’ must be completely demolished and destroyed first.

      • Observer said

        if a vote for WP is a vote for PAP, why then PAP whack WP so hard during BY Election?

        Mod’s note:

        Where got whack? Just putting up a ‘wayang kulit’ only. Whack is like what happened to Tang Liang Hong and JBJ. Heard the WP and PAP grassroots are working so ‘intimately’ in Hougang together that it is impossible to differentiate who is who. It’s one big happy ‘family’! Wake up, stop supporting the PAP’s ‘B’ team!

      • Paul said

        … well done… less than half of the singaporeans vote for oppositions and yet it is further split into various even smaller %. I wonder how come PAP always win and gain total control of singapore until now…
        when SDP make a historic capturing of 3 seats in the parliament, some were optismist and hope for a more democracy singapore. Some people believe SDP could become a force to challenge PAP… but what happen…
        who’s right, who’s wrong doesn’t matter anymore. The result is the next election, 4 opposition (3 SDP, 1 WP) back to 2 (1 SPP, 1 WP). Have singapore move forward 1 step and taken a step backwards?
        Now WP has made a historic capture of a GRC which has never happen before, can we really expect the oppositions to gain more seats or will Singapore find themselves back 1 or 2 oppostions again or even worse?
        I do notice the conflicts between WP supporters and other opposition supporters. 2016 will be the year to see if history repeat or will there be a brand new chapter in Singapore’s history.
        You are entitled to your own views, I cannot determine what is right and what is wrong for you If I am talking rubbish then fine, flame me, curse me. If you find some little logic and senses, then please ponder over it

        Mod’s note:

        WP is not the ‘opposition’. It is the PAP’s ‘B’ team. In 2016, it will be PAP and WP versus the rest.

    • CY said

      Moderator, please show concrete evidence that WP is a subsidary of PAP, otherwise you are just a mouthpiece of SDP.

      • haha said

        Yes, mod please show us some concrete evidence, instead of blabbering and insisting stuff that is totally of your own opinion. You say that they’re the B team and for political reasons for the benefits of SDP, it is totally reasonable. So who will believe you? Please take a more neutral position before you want to prove something to us. This is exactly why SDP is not popularly supported. Please feedback.

        Mod’s note:

        WP’s pathetic performance in the last one year where they contribute nothing to parliamentary debates is proof of its utter incompetence and ineptitude. Even the PAP backbenchers are more vocal than the useless, shameless, spineless, worthless and balless WP MPs. Why do we need such ‘wayang’ in parliament? It’s as good as having no opposition at all! An opposition which does not oppose is the single biggest threat to democracy as it misleads voters into thinking they have an alternative when they have none! A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please spread the message of truth!

    • Annoymous said


      • Naivety said

        No wonder they said Singapore will never progress as a nation & before GE 2016 got underway, already seen groups of various opposition supporters fighting against each another…how to win the election from the Pro-Alien Party then?

        As the saying goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail” Otherwise “Half a battle is lost even before the actual war is engaged upon” by having infighting among different groups of opposition supporters & parties as incited & instigated by TT here is tentamount to the saying above that “Half a battle is lost even before the actual war is engaged upon” & which ultimately will lead to self-destruction!

        Instead of suppressing, stifling, quelling & curtailing each other creativity we should unite & form a coalition Opposition Party to fight for the common good of all native Singaporeans, right TT Mad Mod?

  5. theonion said

    Lets see the response of yea or nay

  6. Aljunied Centurion said

    Looks like this is fashionable copy-cat thing to do know especially when the PAP and its affiliations had many of their recent actions been net-investigated by innumerous citizens. I am an equally concerend Aljuined citizen, if not MORE CONCERNED Senior citizen, get it?

  7. Piratetoon said

    Hi You are lucky – WP take over no increase in S & C charges. We at Kreta Ayer-Kim seng formally under Jalan Besar GRC – get chop and merge to Tanjong Pagar our S & C increase effective september this year anfd follow by another increase one year later. kreta Ayer-Kim Seng got lots of old folks yet they had to bear this increase. Service standard never improve but charges increase. You must tank WP.

  8. SG Talent said

    As a IT professional, they had to “upgrade” the accounting systems for security reason. Can’t blame them on this right?

  9. stevenadosan said

    Report to CPIB! if you are cock sure if not just piss off!

  10. Goondu said


    Any time pressure i.e. deadline makes decision extremely difficult. The likelihood of getting worse than ideal outcome is real. Why not use the existing agent you asked. Since we are not privy to any other info, it could be that the existing agent is a PAP linked organisation and politically do not wish to continue to manage for the WP. Or because the existing agent is also managing other PAP town councils and so made a commercial decision not continue working for WP so as not to jeopardize their contract with other PAP town councils. Under such circumstances, the temporary arrangement suggested is not possible. Upgrading of accounting and computers whether it is before or after handover what is the difference?

    In any case when the existing agent do not wish to continue the correct strategy is to takeover immediately. Allowing them to continue run the risk of sabotage, knowing your trade secretes and cost structure. As an analogy, when senior executives resign, the first thing you do is put them on garden leave immediately and not let them hang around. I think WP did right in this instance.

    Your title and contents don’t match. The title is about dubious tender but your article says no tender has been called. Make up your mind.

    A Aljunied GRC voter

    • CY said

      The title could well be written by the moderators and editors here. Don’t assume it’s from the writer.

    • 60+ Singaporean said

      Chan is the existing agent for the town council which WP snub and change to a new agent. U are crying sour grapes.

  11. How Come Like that? said

    wa lau, how come like that? please post letter and questions in their facebook page for them to response. and if they choose to ignore the public questions and don’t reply or delete it, please screen capture and let the public know.

  12. I am willing to act pro-Bono - suing such people for defamation U may want to call a lawyer (91058488/81939500/62246126) said

    It’s time to curtail such scandalous allegations by such unnecessary allegations – Many of us get oppressed by the heavy machinery because of such willing tools of the system and people like him add to the oppressive weight of the machinery / CPIB is under a duty to call him up in public interest to justify his allegations – otherwise and in any event – he does not have a legitimate blog like her at – I salute her because she did right with the right scrutiny – tell him not to be a coward and with his legitimate concerns – write and blog boldly like her to the ministers and authorities – be a courageous S’poreans man

  13. Penn said

    this shows clearly one thing. Opposition is nothing better in managing big matters.

    • I am the 40% said

      PAP is worst loosing to oppostion who ‘cannot manage big matters’ . In other words PAP cannot manage or manage nothing. Come on, what do you think?

  14. fpc said

    I think there is at least one big difference. the deal aljunied got was a better deal than the past one.

  15. oldguard said

    why don’t you move out, complain king

  16. jee said

    pap refused to let them use the existing agent, and even though the community centre was supposed to be not belonging to any party, they refused to suddenly switch sides to wp too.

  17. Missy said

    So BLANANTLY obvious whose side is TT on. LAME attempt at smearing WP!

  18. SkinFT said

    Hello ccb CTH, you can sue WP if you want. SUE them like your master will do and have done in the past. You have just accused WP of being corrupted. They can sue you for defamation. Go cry to your master lah. Why they lost Aljunied to the WP. You must be dumbfuck and think that your fucking masters have not done that before.

    Look at CCK and the company does its maintenance, it belongs to Mr. Ang who was the MP for CCK. This is DIRECT conflict of interest. You say former, simi former. Former you ccb lah.

    You are just a cock sucker who does not know right and wrong. I felt sorry for your kids. They will get fucked by PAP sooner and later and blaming you for it.

    Be WP SDP or whatever opposition, any party besides PAP is only good for us. PAP just do not care about Singaporeans anymore. All they care about is money money and more money.

    Why can’t you dumbfuck just can’t see it is just amazing to us 40%. Fuck 60%. You guys are just plain shameless. Burn in hell.

    Mod’s note:

    It’s not 40%, but 24% only. WP and PAP are on the same side.

  19. Observer said

    Dear Ah Tee,
    I’m dead sure you are those hardcore PAP bootlicker.


  21. Kaopehsimisai said

    yes anything is wrong PAP fault. WP will always be the good guys even if they are stupid and wrong.

  22. Kouz said

    The fact is they have not increase any fee so far…unlike pap, going thru tender and yet increase fee.. Which is better for us…simple isnt it??!!

  23. Diam diam Lah said

    TT should just keep quiet and quietly record and keep track of all these events, and wait for the right time and forum to bring it up…… one good time is the next GE. TT can let all these “issues” under wrap, let the “ground feeling” build up from now till the correct time and then …….

    Maybe TT playing reverse role, want to flush out all these first before the next battle? Negative plus negative become positive?

    But come to think about it, do all opposition parties form “cartel”? Can never understand why good candidates don’t want to step forward to participate in the HG by-election to serve the people? Tan JS, Tan KL, Tan CB, James, Dr W. Vincent, Nicole, Hazel, Sebastian etc to name a few, and give the HG people a choice? Tan CH (garter 40 plus % of entire population l, don’t play play) is better than Png? Tan CB more experience as MP than Png? Are they in “cartel”, and divide the “area” like dividing “meats”, which is for which party? If so, then people has limited choice? Is this democracy? Or scare to loss? Or has to “kowtoa” to “leader”?

    Anyway, better “diam diam”, and ……

  24. Singaporean said

    WP should be more transparent of the if it intend to build a first World parliament systems. It is now only running a town council. What happened it wanted to run the whole Singapore?

    Mod’s note:

    No worries. WP can’t do anything without getting prior approval from the PAP HQ. It is not known as the ‘Wayang Party’ or ‘Whoring Party’ for nothing.

    • DIY said

      Singaporeans are in the dark as how a Town Council is being run. On average SG$1m is allocated for each constituency. Now Opposition wards (AHTC) have to manage about SG$5m per year worth of maintenance money to upkeep their estates.

      On the other hand the ruling party is managing the total maintenance cost for the Smart Island at a staggering SG$180b per year. This information was aired on Discovery Channel 2011.

      Percentage wise when comparing AHTC against the Smart Island, Opposition wards is only managing less than 1% (5m/180b*100 = 0.28%) of Singapore.

      For a start you must have standards. Do some research work and apply the methods to obtain the best returns. Spent the money frugally and be transparent about it.

      Moral of the story ‘Don’t promise to be a 1st World Parliament and make more Promises” during a GE.

  25. Javert said



    • Naivety said

      Yep…in your dreams perhaps!

    • alexa said

      Wait long long la…dont ever think PAP will get it back. More to come hahaha idiot.

      Mod’s note:

      It doesn’t matter if PAP get Aljunied back as WP is the PAP’s subsidiary party. PAP will only be worried when a REAL opposition party like SDP wins a seat in parliament. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Time to wake up, folks!

      • Naivety said

        @TT Moderator,

        I believe you are an idiot if I’m not mistaken & that’s precisely what you are trying to sow discord among various opposition parties & supporters!

        Sometimes, it makes us Singaporeans wonder is TT a mouthpiece of SDP or infact you are one of the machinery of the Pro-Alien Party instead trying to instigate & incite various opposition parties & members to have a go against each other before the GE 2016 even got started!!!

        Your SDP & its leader, Dr. Chee Soon Juan is a non-starter & he is not even eligible & qualified to stand for election in GE 2016…so WTF are you talking about to garner support for someone that is not even allowed by law to stand for election then???

        So what is ur actual agenda & rationality then TT Mod by flaming WP & trying to put the entire blame of ur SDP & Chee Soon Juan’s predicament onto the WP & is it due to the WP’s faults that CSJ is disqualified to stand for election???

        By smearing & flamming WP & bashing other Opposition Parties & Supporters, will SDP grows in power, number & strength???

        This is no brainer & the answer is a clear-cut “No” & will infact lead to the PAP growing in strength only instead of the opposition movement by your constant stifling, curtailing, suppressing & quelling each other creativity & progress (of both WP & other oppositions) & ultimately leads to the diminishing of the opposition movement altogether!!!

        If you’re so smart, why don’t you try to unite all the opposition parties in Singapore to form a Total United Coalition Opposition Party instead as an integrated force to challenge the Pro-Alien Party instead of trying to kill the opposition altogether by ur constant childish, smearing & flamming tactics & acts towards the WP???

        Mod’s note:

        WP does not belong to the opposition camp. It is on the SAME side as the PAP, aka it’s ‘B’ team, don’t you get it?

      • Dear Mod, the SDP’s agenda is ’bout civil liberties. They are not exactly populist.
        And Dr. Chee is not exactly universally accepted by the opposition. If you remember the GE of Oct 2001, where ’the doctor’ barked like a gangster during campaigning in Jurong GRC. Compare that to SPP’s Mr. Chiam’s ethical greeting in Potong Pasir to then-PM Goh at the same election, you will then realise what makes a real opposition party.

    • SG Talent said

      Pls go home fuck your mother la!~

  26. moonlightaffairs said


  27. ngpy said

    The most severe oppositions are in cyber space now. All the Wayang Parties as can be seen are birds of a feather that flocks together. They are singing the same song now. THE SAME IDEA IS WE CAN ALWAYS VISUALIZE IS , YOU PEOPLE DIE IS YOUR PROBLEM SO LONG WE ARE SAFE AND SURVIVING.

  28. Aljunied Resident said

    The standard of cleanliness has dropped considerably under WP. We had repented wake up idea now about the empty promise of a first World parliament. It is time that we should kick WP out from Aljunied GRC in 2016.

    • Gerry Mander said

      Rubbish. The standard of maintenance is better if not the same. Trying to pull the wool over the residents’ eyes doesn’t work when the wolf you’re crying about has been ousted by us already. Baah back at ya.

  29. questions with no answers said

    similar to the appointment of EM services in Potong Pasir?

  30. We are more concerned about dubious personalities said

    Who are trying to destroy the already suppressed opposition and people with such posting – look at how bOld some bloggers are and how they speak up against real unfair practices despite receiving death threats as alleged here:

    A cowardly moron (nick :🙂 has been posting defamatory posts about me on since the beginning of May 2012.

    He or she is probably frustrated because he or she might be one of those corrupted people especially civil servants whom I complained to CPIB. Those whom I complained to CPIB deserve whatever punishment our law hands you.

    When your cases are published in the mainstream media, I will make sure I will viral them with lots of your photos and personal info to as many people and through as many platforms as I can. Your innocent family members will be the ones most hurt, just like what you did to me. 

    Send me more death threats. I am not afraid. I will be posting whatever you sent to me …. soon.

    The best is yet to come

    updated by Jayne on 27 May 2012

    To speak up against unfair practices and injustice, EastCoastLife gets her fair share of attacks… online and off…. from those whom she’s up against. Trolls, flaming and cyber attacks are common. I even receive death threat. I accept this fate and will work harder to expose these scums. Nothing can stop me. You hear?

  31. We are more concerned about dubious personalities said

    But having visited the blog at – realize that she may be part of the same PAP or even related or too well-connected compared to this dubious Chan Tee Ho – see who’s the boss first and what she can tell you and the highest she’s received in a single transaction is $8,000/-:

    “…in China recruiting students to study in Singapore, I often receive money sandwiched within the pages of application forms. Some Chinese parents mistook that I was recruiting ASEAN scholars for the Singapore Government. The highest amount I found was US$8,000. All the money was returned. Can you imagine when the real actual people go recruiting …… Shockingly, these foreign ASEAN scholars only need to pass one subject to stay on. Not like Singaporean students, must pass English Language and another how many subjects ah?” For you – 

    Mod’s note:

    Please do not post links from lesser blogs here. Thank you.

  32. MY WORD said

    This Chan Tee Ho must be a pro-PAP man. Why should WP continue use PAP Town council when PAP never use opposition Town council in Potong Pasir??? utter rubbish!

    • DIY said

      It is all about contracts. Previously in the Aljunied GRC, the TC maintenance contracts was signed by PAP’s MP. The contract automatically expired when WP won the GRC

      What WP did was borrow the Hougang SMC contractor for an interim period. Just imagine the contractor is put in a position like David vs Golliath. Can the contractor cope the workload for 6 constituencies? And what about payment. I don’t believe that the Hougang TC contractor can sustain the Terms & Conditions on the existing contract.

      It will be interesting to see how WP will work out this mess.

  33. Dear Moderator,
    If you had forgotten, Tang Liang Hong made some comments that directly alluded to racial supremacy.
    Such an act would be roundly condemned by any other country in the world.
    There might be angry mobs if something similar was said in other countries.


    If WP spend time on tender, Aljunied GRC after winning will go without maintenance for one month or more. PAP and dogs are all waiting to call Aljunied GRC a slump

    Mod’s note:

    Aljunied is already a slum under the misrule of the useless, shameless, worthless, spineless and balless ‘Wayang Party’.

  35. CPT said

    What do you really expect WP to do in parliament?
    They wont dare to make themselves an enemy of state.
    They are worried their party wp will be dissolve by the power ruling party.

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