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Departing expat praises Singapore: It gets more things right than other countries

Posted by temasektimes on August 3, 2012

A departing expatriate David Fedo has lavished generous praises on Singapore before leaving for United States for good.

In an article published on a government-owned propaganda mouthpiece, David claimed that Singapore gets ‘more things’ right than other countries even if its citizens may disagree.

“Singapore’s impact on expatriates and other visitors, no matter how long they reside on this island, is often forever. It’s the palpable feeling that somehow Singapore gets more things right than other countries, and that day to day life here is on the whole better than in many other places,” he wrote.

David then went on to wax lyrical about Singapore’s excellent schools, universities, hospitals, high standard of living and low crime rates which would make Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels blushed in shame.

As expected, he was allowed to interfered in Singapore’s domestic politics with impunity by lashing out at native Singaporeans for not appreciating what they ‘have’.

“Singapore has its own deficiencies too and Singaporeans are only too quick to point them out….I urge Singaporeans to see, as so many expatriates see, the superiority of Singapore over so many other countries,” he added.

For some strange reasons, despite his admiration of the Singapore ‘paradise’, David Fedo chose not to become a Singaporean and left for the United States eventually after earning obscene salaries and having a good time here.

*Pic: Two Singaporean elderly walking 1km home after visiting a polyclinic. 


32 Responses to “Departing expat praises Singapore: It gets more things right than other countries”

  1. Ron said

    Temasek Times is oozing with sarcasm. Spore is not paradise but travel around and see for yourself. I am in Australia for many weeks now and each week brings news of murder, wanton bashing, some drive by shooting. The serious crime rate seems to have gone up. Of course the lesser crimes such as house breaking do not make it to the news.

    There are many things right with Australia too. I was just reading about racism in Australia and another foreigner commented that Australia is still one of the most racist of countries.

    As a visitor, I am not emotionally attached. I am here for business and can shrug my shoulders. It is Singapore that I care about and I think we need to have a balanced view of Spore. There is the Good, the Bad, the Ugly. But in the end, it is Home.

  2. It’s like judging a book by its cover: good outside to an expat, shit inside for real. Or promised Swiss std of living for expats who come and go after earning fat pay cheques, elderly locals as in pic painfully trudging home after spending their last dollar on polyclinic medical. Or monstrous ministerial pay for PAPies flashing their multi-million $ smile on the international stage, and poor locals bent twice over with GST taxes on everything to defray monstrous ministerial pay, suppressed wages on FT influx at expense of sinkies, no social or job security, ‘white horse’ discrimination in NS, etc, etc..
    No wonder this expat opportunist chooses to run home with our money whilst singing praises on PAPies’ govt as he’s, of course, very happy he’s ripped off sinkies with the PAPies’ pro-FT policies. Don’t know wat 2 say…

  3. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Thank you David Fedo for your reminders of how good we are having it here in Singapore. I am sure you too had it really good if not the best here, otherwise why would you even dwell on Singapore’s greatness in your very own article published on our government owned propaganda mouthpiece, right? I am sure I am not wrong. Anyway, why just say all this for the sake of saying something and not keeping up with the right action and making Siingapore your home? Your opinion would have made a real impact on many Singaporeans had it been said by someone who makes Singapore his home permanently, not what’s happening here. Heard you are leaving us? Why David?
    (no disrespect meant to u Sir. I just need to know from the horse’s mouth. Thanks for your time.

  4. Victor said

    I would totally agree with David. Singapore is a paradise for expats and foreigners. Try living as a citizen then comment again. You’ve not earned that right to comment on Singaporeans yet!!!

  5. Apocalypse in 2012 Financially. said

    Making unnecessary comparisons, ill-informed camparisons, one-sided comparisons manifests similarly as INCURABLE deseases.. When one compares about social issues, like crimes, racism, this person invariably FAILS to include mention about the political system and institutions – simple glaring example, are their newspapers, TV stations, telcos controlled by any a ruling political party? When such institutions are left out selectively for comparisons, it does makes the person a recognisable BIG fool. Everything in a country is interlinked, and one is related to another, and one is interdependant on the other. Accumulatively all these is the complete make-up of any country.

  6. He just came here eat and shit and FO. So good why not take up citizenship here ?

  7. TaxiUncle said

    Dear Mr Fedo,

    There is only one simple and obvious reason why a guy like myself (a born-and bred Singaporean ) is so dissatisfied with this sad country which you heap so much glorious praises on!

    I am a 50yr old exPMET, overseas grad with over 20 yrs work exp as a admin manager, hr exec, worked in finace and was even a business entrepreneur at one time. Yes, I beleive my work experience and resume is pretty impressive, yet I had been jobless for the past few years since 2008, unable even to land a clerical job or an entry position (with starting pay of some S$1,200 basic pay) in the IRs.
    In the end, after countless heartwrenching job rejections, failed interviews and job applications, I figured that the only avail jobs for us older Singaporeans like mnyself was to work as a security guard or become a taxidriver.

    I now drive taxi , working some 12-15 hr shifts on weekends , even work thru days when I am down with the flu so as to earn a livelihood. Alas, there were many passengers like yourself sitting my taxi, all living in high-end condos, dining in posh and expensive restaurants, partying at the various clubs and shopping in the ultra-modern malls lined up in our beautiful Orchard Rd. I see many “foreign talents” in my taxi, like yourself, many who are younger,probably educated with degrees too from their home countries, all having a “great time” in Singapore, enjoying our wonderful city and infrastructure!
    But oh how I envy them, bec sadly I am born here, suffering a sort of ‘reverse discrimination’ as a local, as I cannot obtain any decent job that is commesurate with my experience and qualification and perhaps too bec. of age. However, from your pic above, I fancy you too are about the same age as me . How is it that you get to taste “the good life” of an expat here when I, a local, have to work some 72hrs relentlessly every week, just to survive???

    Mr David Fedo, can you please tell me what is wrong with this picture?? Would you be happy if you were in my shoes? Wouldnt you blame the govt too if you had to suffer such indignation in the latter part of your life and work in a subservient job, facing expats and fts like yourself each day, yet knowing that you wld have killed to get a job for a quarter of their salary? Would you still say and beleive that your beloved Singapore had “got it right?”

    In my 18 months experience as a taxidriver, I can tell you that I seen more expats and foreigners who work here, having it good, yet I doubt whether many, if not all, have better work or academic qualifications as myself. So how not to feel bitter? How do I still support an “uncaring government” who forgotten me and cast me aside to fend for myself, when others like yourself, come to this country and reap the benefits , leaving us in the cold to suffer every day????

    I can tell you , I know you are not the only one singing praises abt Singapore. I had so many conversations with expats in my taxi and practically everyone heap praises abt Singapore. Yet all of them live in, at the minimum, a condo, so having enough renumeration to afford to rent one.
    Hope you understand how we “locals” feel about our heritage, our government who dosen’;t provide for us, and why we don’t feel so appreciative like yourslef to be living in this “great City” who you so-called “gets more things right”!!

    • Taxi Donwannabe said

      Taxi Uncle, I totally agreed with you! Though I am now earning a good salary with a big international company but this is going to end sometime, somehow but hopefully not any sooner than the government learns how to appreciate us, the Singaporeans! If they do! Otherwise, I guess I will get myself a taxi driving license and join you at the airport queue to fetch more FTs into town.

    • SINYoobi said

      Our government worships ‘foreign talents’ at the expense of Singaporeans. I am extremely disappointed and disgusted by their inhumane behaviour.

    • Naivety said

      Well…Singapore probably has the highest number of university graduates in the world working as Taxi-Driver all thanks to the Pro Alien Party Pro-FT Foreigner Policy for mass importing in massive number of so-called FTs to displace native Singaporeans of decent jobs!!!

    • True sinkie said

      I totally agree and sympathize with you, Taxi Uncle. In my company we have more than 30 different foreign nationalities. Majority also brought their wives, husbands, gf, bf to SIN with them. Not only that, they snag good jobs for their spouses too, lawyers, educators at private colleges, medical and drug companies etc. They eat at posh restaurants, take taxis everywhere, live in condos and in general is bringing up the cost of living in SIN. Majority of them will return to their countries after they have made their money, or a better offer comes up or the European and American economies recover. we in turn suffer as the cost of everything is driven up by these people and in turn we need to compete with them for jobs, promotions etc. All this because we in SIN are so obsessed with economic success that our citizens are the ones suffering

    • Ron said

      This is a touching revelation and my sympathies. Spore does not provide a safety net and the future can be tough as you get older.

      MNCs may elect to hire Western expats as they own the company. Have you enquire what jobs these expats do and what positions are they in? Probably in financial services or as engineers on a job assignment at the local shipyards. You can then compare whether your Admin background would have qualified.

      The other problem is the most of the firms here have a Singaporean CEO. If they do not give opportunities to Singaporeans but bring in cheaper FTs, the blame is on the Singaporeans.

      I have had many conversations with taxi uncles. Their earnings are now $2,500 to $3,500. In a very good month, they top $4,000. Some have regular Clients for daily pick ups. I often encourage them to adopt a positive attitude. Each trip is a service. The spare time can be spent listening to religious, motivational, whatever topics for meaningful use of time. Also, to have simple exercise equipment.

      Be grateful you can even work, has generally good health. Maybe you may yet have a chance to get back to regular work.

  8. iloveft said

    Is fucking cheebye Mr. David Frodo a fake? We 40% will curse leeches like you forever. Fuck you n dun ever come back!!! Fucking ang mo.

    • seorang said

      How come TRE allows such “low-class” comments to be published? For entertainment value? I will join in the fun..hope you publish my crap……

      I am a Singaporean but I will say this: Iloveft is a FUCKING LOW-CLASS FAKE. Full stop.

  9. icefire said

    superiority ???
    in term of our minister pay?
    or cost of housing ?
    or the no of sex for deal cases in govt?
    or the amount of money spend to engage more pple to cover the inapable PM?
    or the no of days n money spend to come out a useless n meaningless report when public transport service is down ?
    or the number of FT?
    or the number of jobs been given to FT on thr expenses of the locals ?

  10. notAproudSingaporean said

    I would have left too. But too bad I’m a singaporean. But that doesn’t mean i can’t leave this rip off country and its rip off govt.

  11. Naivety said

    He has made enough in Sinkapore at the expense of all native Singaporeans, thanks to the Pro Alien Party Pro-FT Foreigner Policy & now he wants to retire in comfort for the rest of his life in America…fuck Pappies!

  12. SG Talent said

    If I get obscene salary from any stupid country that treats me like king, Lin Beh will also suck the garment balls before I fuck off to go home!

  13. Javert said

    He seems to have a better view than most Singaporeans.

    It is shameful that it takes a foreigner to actually see things as they are while many Singaporeans (like those who run this site) remain delusional.

    • Jo said

      Yes from the point of view of a foreigner It better cos it benefit them but not from the view point of a Singaporean…

  14. i say what i think only... said

    why not stay if it is so good to u? compared to other countries, we may be superior but as compared to singapore in the 90s, it is heaven and hell. i miss the sand playground, era whereby the father works and mother stay at home to take care of kids, when i use transitlink cards and waste lots of 20cents to roll idol card or dragonball cards. give my future kids a childhood similar to mine

  15. TAP said

    Ask an army general in North Korea and he probably would say he is living in the best country in the world.
    Ask an IT guy working in Google in USA and he probably would say he is living in the best country in the world.
    Ask a rich guy in France and he probably would complain about the 40% income tax rate there.

    David Fedo implied that Singapore is a good place to live for expatriates like him. The more important question is, is it a good place to live for local Singaporeans? Is it a good place to live for you?

  16. pokemon said

    go back to USA for good!! just talk!! we dont need you!

  17. Nabey said

    Hello, do you know why you think that way? Because your skin is white and your hair is blonde !!
    1. You see angmo ride abrest along nicoll highway? You will say: wow angmo, we give way. If you see ah nair or PRC ride that way, we will scold and kow beh kow bu !!
    2. Angmo come here work we call expat !! Ah nair come here work we call foreign worker or labourer !!
    3. Angmo go ask macdonald for extra curry sauce, counter staff give u + a smile. Ah nair go and ask, pay 30cents or fuck off!

    You see the diff? So you think we are very good?? Go and die better

  18. Wanderer said

    Thank you. Please come again! I have to agree with many of his points.

  19. Selfish talk, why he leave Singapore? said

    Selfish FT talk ! Why he leave Singapore?

    Selfish FT talk, why he leave Singapore?

  20. A Singaporean Abroad said

    When Mr Fedo says that “the day to day life here is on the whole better than in many other places” he is referring to the day to day life of an expat earning loads of money and living in a private apartment paid for by his employers. If he is hired by one of those American MNC, his medical and dental bills would also be covered by his employer’s group medical insurance. Depending on his rank in the MNC, his relocation cost and probably his company car will also be paid for by the company. He’s obviously wearing a rose tinted glasses all the time when he lived in Singapore and he still was when he left!

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