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DPM Teo praises China-born Feng’s bronze for ‘galvanizing’ local sports

Posted by temasektimes on August 3, 2012

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean has lavished generous praises on China-born Feng Tianwei for winning a bronze medal in the women’s singles at the London Olympics.

“It’s like a tent pole….You put the tent pole high, you raise the standards for everyone, and I think this is what it has done for sports in Singapore,” DPM Teo said.

A native of China’s Heilongjiang province in its northeast, Feng only ‘became’ a ‘Singaporean in 2007.

Despite the positive propaganda churned out by the state media to ‘celebrate’ her win, the response from the ground has been lukewarm so far with many netizens criticizing Feng for throwing flowers at the PRC fans after the match.

However, DPM Teo was optimistic that Feng’s win will ‘inspire’ more Singaporeans to take up the sports.

“And you can see that, over a number of years, in different sports, their standards and aspirational levels have been brought up and people say: ‘Yeah, we can do that!’ I hope that inspires many more Singaporeans to take up sports and to do well.”


38 Responses to “DPM Teo praises China-born Feng’s bronze for ‘galvanizing’ local sports”

  1. Javert said

    Despite anti-Singaporean propaganda by the Temasek XXX outlets, I salute Feng, a fellow Singaporean, for doing our nation proud. Like Tan Howe Liang, also born in China.

    • Victor said

      Bro, you’re stupid or what? How can you compare Singapore’s Tan Howe Liang with this PRC?

    • Be long sighted said

      80% of Singaporeans polled said they are NOT proud of feng’s bronze. You are one of feng or one of the propaganda running dogs of the pap? How can you compare feng with the honourable Tan Howe Liang, the latter a full-fledged Singaporean and NOT an opportunist, such as feng and her cohorts?

    • Ruby said

      THL came to Singapore at age 4! What a stupid comparison by Javert

      • Zhang Bei Bei said

        That Javert is certainly a moron to compare FTW and THL.

        THL’s parents came to Singapore when he was 3 or 4 years old.

        There was no foreign talent scouts from Singapore who went to China to entice him to represent our country.

        He was only around 3 or 4 years old, for goodness sake.

        FTW was in the China national squad and got rejected when officials from our Foreign Talent Scheme when to seek her out and brought her back to China.

        And BS as much as they want but since they started importing China rejects to represent us in table tennis, our youngsters have quickly lost interest in the sport.

        It’s been 3 or 4 Olympics already, and still we don’t have a Singaporean in the table tennis team.

        Buying medals? How digusting can anyone be?

      • Zhang Bei Bei said

        Correction: FTW was in the China national squad and got rejected when officials from our Foreign Talent Scheme when to seek her out and brought her back to SINGAPORE..

    • 60 said

      Javert,for all our the money spent, instead of a world class champion,we have got ourselves a milkmaid.Can a milkmaid promote and galvanizing the sport?She will be busy “milking the cow”,no time for to do her real job,that is to promote the sport..So she got the young ones of her kind and give them DSA to the farm.60.1% more tution for your kids under they do crazy,

    • Stfu said

      I salute Tan, his surname is very local. May be Feng should change her surname to Fong?
      He won a silver not a bronze and without any carrots, his achievement is very remarkable.

    • oldguard said

      You must be an idiot, look at Tan Howe Liang, different era, work his ass to be where he is, not like bitches from PRC, welcome with open arm from the Papigs, want quick fix, why don’t suggest to the Papigs to bring all the best in the world to come to Singapore, We will top the Gold tally, You papigs balls carrier.

      • Edmund said

        After the olympics Singapore sports officials should go to China and invite all the gold medalists to become Singapore citizens and come 2016 olympics, sure can get plenty of gold medals and Singapore govt can tell the world we are the top sporting nation winning the most gold medals.But Singaporeans will be poorer as the govt has to spend millions to entice them here and also give them plenty of money too.Singapore wants to be the best in everything,so spend,spend,spend to get the best in order to be the best lor.

    • shove said

      Tan Howe Liang is “Born In China” but “Made In Singapore”. Feng Tianwei is “Made In China” but “Bought by Singapore”.

      We are all proud of Tan Howe Liang’s achievements. Feng Tianwei can shove the bronze medal up her ass.

      Why? Because the PAP government paid millions to buy a bronze medal for Feng Tianwei, with Singaporeans’ money but without Singaporeans’ consent.

      On the other hand, Tan Howe Liang paid out of his own pocket for all his training and expenses. He worked as a clerk and a mechanic. The PAP did not give him a single cent. And despite winning glory and honor for his country, Tan Howe Liang was left destitute in his old age. He couldn’t afford to pay for his wife’s cancer treatment and the PAP government did absolutely nothing to help him.

      Now you see why this resonates so deeply. The PAP government bends over backward for the foreigner — squandering Singaporeans’ money to buy foreign shit like Suzhou Industrial Park and Feng Tianwei that no Singaporean wanted in the first place. On the other hand, the true blue Singaporean who spent his life bringing success to his country is taken for granted, tossed aside and left in the lurch when he grows old. This is not just the sad story of Tan Howe Liang but the sad story of almost every Singaporean.

      And those PAP scumbags have the gall to ask you to celebrate the foreigner’s third-rate medal — a medal that was bought with your retirement money. They can shove it up their collectively ass.

      • IronMan said

        Well said. $250k for a bronze medal. But not a single cent for the aged, poor and needy SGs.

  2. SINYoobi said

    After winning this Olympic bronze medal, certainly hope FTW will inspire our local talents to take up sports seriously. Provide our locals with best coaches and train them well. Our government must STOP importing foreigners to represent Singapore from now on. It is sinful to reward these foreign imports with BIG monetary incentives at the expense of the tax payers.

  3. All these useless ministers just have to talk so much cock to justify their obscenely high pay.

  4. WTF said

    Does excelling in sports pay in Singapore? Apparently, only if you clinch prestigious medals for Singapore, will you be rewarded handsomely. So while you are doing daily/weekly training to compete in world sporting events, LL suck thumb.. Luckily, air is still free..

  5. Naivety said

    Erh DPM Sir, are u a moron??

    It is not that we native Singaporeans do not want to take up sports as we are simply too busy competing for jobs with international applicants & foreigners from all over the world in our own backyard here as good jobs are so hard to come by nowadays & the situation is further aggravated & compounded with the relentless influx of more than 2 million of FTs & foreigners here in Sinkapore which continue unabated still hence, where got time to indulge in sports when the livelihood & survival of native Singaporeans are at stake here???

    If u don’t believe, please open up your job / DPM post to international applicants & foreigners from all over the world to compete also to see what i mean okie??

  6. Victor said

    I guess he got to stop talking cock. If the country wants to promote any sports, treat the locals equally with these imported foreigners. Provide the same package, salary, training, exposure…. etc. I’m sure Singaporean cant be that far off the mark from these imported foreigners. The problem is, the government is stingy on Singaporeans and prefer quick fixes and not long term sustainable solutions. How can we ever progress???? Just look at the a sport close to our heart, soccer…. what had the government done for the sports?

  7. Nabey said

    Hello sir, you owe us an explanation, why she throw the bouquet to PRC?
    1. Is it sporean fans not enough?
    2. Is it she has PRC fans?
    3. Is it she scare throw at you, you hope wrongly and smash on your face?
    4. Is it she scare she kena jail because she anyhow throw rubbish?
    Everyone here is damned disturb by her behaviour!!! You think this is morally correct???

  8. andy said

    so table tennis will become our national sport……….are you kidding me, minister??!!!

    • stevenadosan said

      NO no no,,chinese wayang…all minister will be lead actors!

    • 60 said

      yes,you’l be surprised ! chikapore,people’s republic of china.After the bronze medal,it is compulsory for kindergarten to JC to field at least 30 table tennis players with 20 cheerleaders to sing “patriotic songs” to compete in all category of the Lee-Fengwei cup.The cleansing of sinkies is extended to the 60.1%.Too late !

  9. notAproudSingaporean said

    Its like a briefcase…put the people money in…and get 2-3 FT. Its like reducing the petrol price by 2 cents…only to increase it back in a few days time by 5 cents. Seriously,all u white collars,shut the fuck up! Go invite FTW to the istana, PAP & FTW can pop out the champagne. As if we care. Dumbass ass govt.

  10. notAproudSingaporean said

    Soon they will do a study with VAGUE questions. & the next thing you know,TNP will publish that majority of Singaporeans is proud of FTW when they only did survey for 100 people. How much of a difference are those hundred to the populations of singapore? Well,thats research methods for the govt. FTW = Feng Tianwei. For The Win? For The Weak?

  11. CWS said

    Spend so much $ on sport, just get ONE medal.,..what do you think?

    • Allan said

      I wonder if they are willing to reveal how many millions of dollars was spend on getting this silver medal???

      • Ng said

        Silver? So ill-informed and u dared to comment like the rest of the whiners here. Have a mind of ur own man.

  12. Andrew Chen said

    More like POLARIZING rather than galvanizing… Clown.

  13. studentinsg said

    Spending millions to buy some face-value. I don’t see how our local standards are going to be raised, when we are constantly replenishing our supply of PRCs every year.

  14. LeongLeong said

    I think all of you anti FTs speak with your bums! That’s why you are still where you are! Poor and frustrated! FTs wheather in the office or in the hotel or in sports, we in Singapore cannot do without. Are you ready to send the 2 million FTs out of the country!? That would include your maids, your HDB cleaners, the garbage collectors, the Hi Tech engineers, the office scretary, senior management of many MNCs here. There is really not enough talent in Singapore, may it be low level, mid level or high level. The operations of many companies, big or small will collapse when we send the FTs out. Singapore unemployment rates is close to or below 3%. At this rate it is really considered as full employment! Do you think if you go out to set up a new company with 500 vacancies you can fill it up with Singaporeans alone? Do you think the 3% unemployed workforce is in anyway competent to fill up this 500 vacancies? May be your idea is that, you wanted to apply for the Operations Manager in this company! So if you lock out FTs to apply, and since there is few Singaporeans applying for it, then you will be happy coz you get to switch jobs and get a new higher paying job! Right? Look at the big picture, if you resign and start to work in new company, who is going to fill the position you have just vacated?

    The 3% unemployed can be written off for many skilled and unskilled jobs. These people I’ve seen. Go see for yourself! Go to as many Meet the people sessions. They love to go and see the MP to complain no jobs! When offered jobs, they say many excuses! Pay too low! Long working hours, dirty job, what ever! The list of EXCUSES just goes on and they rather be jobless and complain. These people does not deserve help!

    Do you deserve help? If you are a professional, You get help when more companies are set up in Singapore! New companies cannot exist without additional man power supplement from overseas! If you ban FTs DBS bank with come to a stand still, NTUC will come to a stand still! They have so many FTs! There is no way to fill up all the vacancies now taken by FTs be replaced with Singaporeans.

    Back to fairness, I’m sure it is fair! If you are up to mark, I’m sure you will get the same training as FTW! But don’t expect the national coach to start training you from primary school! You will have to work hard and play with passion while you are young! And make it to the national team, and then you will be trained by the national coach. People like FTW will stay on in Singapore, they will play now and in the future, they will be new coach for the next generation, that may be Singaporeans. You guys are just too shallow, naive and lack the vision or ambition. You only criticize! Don’t just talk bad about other peoples work! Put on workable solutions to improve Sports in Singapore! Come on, spit out your solution!

  15. Win as a Singaporean or not at all said

    This tent pole is nothing but a lofty idea of the Government and it’s sharp base pierces the hearts of the true blue Singaporean for it to stand. Instead of galvanizing the people it actually polarizes the country. I don’t feel any proudness in this medal as it does Not represent Singapore. It only represents a failed sports policy amongst other failed policies of the Government.

  16. pngkueh_forever said

    Hello, what’s so great about that piece of metal ?

  17. Seb said

    This idiot like the rest of the overpaid and underworked ministers is dillusionary. Very good…be that way till 2016.

  18. Azzeidine said

    the pole was already risen by people like TAN HOWE LIANG. the government’s shortsightedness in social aspects such as forgoing sports caused the quality of athletes and sports in singapore to deteriorate in favour for economic progress. economic progress does not equate to increase in quality of life. he did not do it for the money. He did it because he loves what he is doing. he did it for singapore. the government did not do much to celebrate his victory. as a matter of fact, he lived alone in a HDB flat until he died. he did not lived in luxury. eventually, millions of dollars were spent in order to build up sports when it was already there back in 60s or much earlier. this is just pure stupidity of the singapore government. these new talents which we bought just for a medal are just wasteful when we could actually have our own homegrown talent which we could actually be proud of. use the money to build our own talent instead of using shortcuts to buy talent. i would have more pride in singapore if we actually build up talents and if it takes time.

  19. Wanderer said

    Galvanize what? The millions spend on their training and their prize money would be better spent on improving present sport facilities. Can’t wait for this shit face minister to get kicked out at next election.

  20. May said

    Take back the medal and sell in eBay . Sure make more than the 500k

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