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Law and Foreign Affairs Minister Shanmugam praises Grace Fu: She’s a ‘tremendous asset’

Posted by temasektimes on August 3, 2012

Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam has welcomed the appointment of Ms Grace Fu as the Second Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Ms Fu has also been promoted to become a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office as part of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s cabinet ‘reshuffle’.

Speaking to the state-controlled media, Mr Shanmugam described Ms Fu as a ‘tremendous asset’.

“She’s effectively bi-cultural and would be very helpful in many areas and also we’re discussing with her, I’ve started speaking with her on how we can share responsibilities,” he said.

Mr Shanmugam added that Ms Fu will help in managing Singapore’s external relations in an “increasingly fluid and challenging regional and global environment”.

Ms Fu was lampooned a few months ago by netizens after complaining about her pay cut in the aftermath of the General Election last year.


21 Responses to “Law and Foreign Affairs Minister Shanmugam praises Grace Fu: She’s a ‘tremendous asset’”

  1. ngpy said

    I am begining to doubt the anouncement of Mr DMP’s comment on Grace Fu as an asset for Singapore. She should have have proven herself already after all the years in her position, but instead she is putting Monetarary Gain before self during the payment of salary.

  2. Realist said

    What do you expect Shanmugam to say ?
    She’s a “tremendous Ass-et”…….
    The “-et ” was typo addition……

  3. stevenadosan said

    Why insist of promoting her?She is not getting an respect from the people.She is measuring her salary before serving the people.

  4. Jaded said

    tremendous asset? maybe to him. Give me a cheaperer, fasterer, and betterer FT Minister anytime!

  5. JeoJeo said

    this woman and the other new minister ‘encouraged’ the hawkers to not to increase food prices for 6 months, just months before the last GE. to score political points.
    thereafter, when she got elected, the poor hawkers have to struggle with the high food cost and could not raise the prices, and these a**hol** just disappeared.
    these kind of hypocr**** is assets?????

  6. Be long sighted said

    Translated into plain language, he meant: “By the Grace of Providence, now I can pass her the buck for joining the million-dollar club”!!! In my culture, being bi-cultural is translated as “chub cheng” – mixed bred aka “bastard”. What a compliment, mr sham!

    • seorang said

      I am an ethnic Chinese. Maybe we Chinese are wrong to think badly about being “chub cheng”. There is no such thing as a ‘pure race’ anyway. It is more fiction than truth(just trace your family tree further up along the path if you can and you might be quite surprised). Is a Hokkien marrying a Cantonese considered ‘impure’? Look, Gurmit Singh has got Japanese blood, Chinese blood, Sikh blood, and I think he is one hell of a good fella.

      Check out this video( and you will see “chub chengs” are just very normal (and good) human beings like most of us.

  7. mahbok tan said

    Got ” ass-et” mei……????

    Ass oso not an asset wat more du U expect….!!!

    poor SGporean …… our mini-ster all getting more expensive but not better or betterer…..ooppssss sorry for my poor engrish…!!!

  8. GodBlessSG said

    I praise you, you praise me. No use one, you need the people voting to praise you.

  9. Sad Singaporean said

    Another so-called talented Minister to come and dig $$ from us again!! To the PAP, we are like their ATM Machine.

  10. i say what i think only... said

    whole cabinet is asset to them mah, they are best of the best, the only ones who can be up on ivory tower. self-praise is no praise, never hear before ah…

    next time, grace fu will come out say shanmugam is big asset too. circle of praises. boliaoz…

  11. icefire said

    asset as in a f machine for all the male minister ??? so many sex for deal cases maybe PAPaya want 1 for themselves to make the headline

  12. alibaba said

    Seems more like a liability to me…

  13. kinman said

    Maybe he is implying that the other Ministers are considered ‘Liabilities’.

  14. Playfair said

    She was the one that supported the Ministers salary. Now I am sure she will be able to meet all her needs with the high pay.

  15. Unhappy said

    Is this something of ‘ you scratch my back now; I’ll scratch yours later on ‘ ?

  16. NaBey said

    Hi sir, how u know? U got try before?

  17. bb said

    The PM has to reward her as she is likely pick to voice against the reduction of Minister’s salary and in the end being critisize by the public. So must reward her

  18. Jinx said

    History has shown us not once but twice that two previous lady full minister ended up being voted out in 1991 and 2011.
    Hopefully she will not be the third one…

  19. LkySi said

    What assets is Shanmugam talking about? That Grace Fu does not have the assets of Dolly Parton.

  20. Aaron Teo said

    Firstly, Mr. Shanmugam heading 2 ministry don’t make sense on any logical level? we have so many so called able ministers drawing top notch salaries (shouldn’t we expect more from them?).
    let Grace fu or some other minister head the foreign ministry. This minister in prime minister office(wtf?) kinda make our political hierarchy look ridiculous to the world.

    our ministers go around the world, meet leaders and various counterparts from other countries. I’d imagine how “lame” an introduction “I’m a minister in my prime minister’s office” would sound.

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