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‘New’ Acting Minister Chan Chun Sing wants to examine why Singaporeans are not having babies

Posted by temasektimes on August 3, 2012

After being an Acting minister for more than a year at the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, Mr Chan Chun Sing has been appointed as Acting minister again at the new Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)

Mr Chan will helm MSF as Acting Minister when it is established on November 1.

Speaking to queries from the state-controlled media, Mr Chan said his immediate priority will be to “re-examine public policies which aim to get Singaporeans to marry and have their first child earlier.”

He added that “many young people face challenges in forming a family, while those who are married face challenges in bringing up their children.”

Mr Chan did not elaborate on the reasons behind young Singaporeans not forming a family nowadays which is partly attributed to sky-rocketing HDB flat prices.

Prices of HDB flats have more than doubled in the last seven years since the government open the flood-gates to foreigners from all over the world.




63 Responses to “‘New’ Acting Minister Chan Chun Sing wants to examine why Singaporeans are not having babies”

  1. SkinFT said

    Hi Mr. Chan, no need to examine. We just need to fire you and the rest of PAP to have singaporeans breeding again. It’s that simple. Oh, and before you go, return the millions that you have siphoned from us. TQVM. SLAVE.

  2. SgGuy said

    Going through the same wayang again?? Thought someone has done all these years back???

    I recently met an old-time friend who migrated to the US and was back sg for a visit. He has got 3 kids now. When I asked about having children, he simply puts it as “in a place where you feel happy and see a future where your kid can be happy too, you would naturally want to have children”. It does strike the nail on its head ya?

  3. WR said

    Ask that joker to have his monthly income as $2500 (Gross) or family income to be at $5000 (Gross) , and having to buy a HDB at $350k, monthly PUB bill at $150, give parents allowances ($300) , repay study loans ($10k Minimum), renovation for HDB flat ($300) , furnitures ( $10k minimum) , marriage ( $10k minimum), personal insurance ($50 minimum) etc, how to save $?

    and bear in mind, after serving that NS, a guy only start working at average 23 for poly dips, and for degree, 24-25 and the real starting pay for average singaporean is not as high as those bullshit reports which is only a small sample size.

    If saving $ is already a problem, how to have babies? Imagine having a baby, milk powder, diapers, medical check up, injections, visits to PD, medical insurance, clothings, all FOC ah?

    I am not saying it is impossible, but for average singaporeans, it can be real challenging, esp when our job are no secure and being replace by FT.

    Just my penny view on that joker

    • kaypoh said

      Well said!

    • 2nd.hamsterlord said

      Well written. Should share your comment!

    • monkey said

      totally agree

    • impresario said

      well said! But i think you typo.. Renovation for HDB flat $30k you mean?

    • Nelson said

      Well said!!!

    • Snoopy Says said

      Agree. This is wad all low and middle income Singaporeans face over decades. Yet garhem so blind or chose not to see or admit. Please loh, we are sick of those wayang wayang. Why would we bring innocent lives into such a place where future generations of local born Singaporeans stand no chance of surviving??? If those idiots are willing to open their bloody cock eyes and really help us, l will stay home and give birth like there’s no tomorrow!!!

    • yong choon kiat said

      Fantastic. I rather u b our minister. Fuck teo chee hean. He said that governing a country is tough. He should fucking RESIGN. dts wat my boss will tell me if i told him dat my job is diffcult

    • tulan said

      clap clap clap !

    • Ng said

      To be honest…

      My hdb cost me 300k, Reno 60k, wedding 40k, parents allowance $600 a mth, insurance $300 a mth, car $600 a mth, study loan 15k etc….at the age of 31, I still have 6 figure savings. I earn abt 6k gross so does my wife. Despite a combined income of 12k, we didn’t go for expensive condos. live within ur means is impt. $ is not the main reason we don’t have kids. Preferring a more independent lifestyle and being able to travel the world are our main reason.

      • IronMan said

        Living within our means, YES! How much do u think is required for just a basic living means?

        3rm HDB flat $300k+ (mininum for resale market), $1k+/mth for 25 yrs

        How many SGs afford such housing to start a family for 1st timers? Pls do not include others such as utilities, hp bills, public transport, meal allowance, dowry, a marriage ceremony, medical & hospital (child birth), education etc.

        So pls understand that it is not just living within our means. The real case here is what is the MINIMUM INCOME sustainable for SURVIVING in this HIGH standard of living HERE in SG.

    • mel said

      So simple and easy to understand and yet, they need a highly paid idiot to figure this out!

    • Wicked Brain said

      Well said.

      Besides, we can’t guarantee that we are able to produce bright children to challenge in this super competitive society.

      So, just leave it to the elites.

  4. Mr Kee-Chiu, you have to choose between being a minister or a gynecologist.

  5. angsana said

    dun act blur to bring out your cock to talk to your soul,you jolly well know how to survive in Singapore…. but not most of the true Singaporean here ok ….system reaper ,..and balls carrier

  6. alibaba said

    need to examine meh? already so many answers and feedbacks given..another jia liao lee person.

    • Sad Singaporean said

      ai yo….study so many times liao…still dont want to face the true fact!!! We dont want to give birth is because:
      1. too expensive to have kid in Singapore lah (milkpowder, draiper, medicial, insurance, enrichment fees, sch fees & etc)
      2. HDB rocket price – too exp till i need to stay and squeeze in a 4 room flat..where got $$ to upgrade with COV so high! when they grow up, ask them continue and sleep with parents meh???
      3. COE so exp!!! how to buy a family car?? ask us to squeeze in the MRT with a big bag of bb stuff and carrying a pram!!
      4. Singapore Education big big problem – so many so-called scholar and teacher end up become sex manic!! how to ensure my kid next time will be safe in the teacher’s hand??? And also the school education sys now so competitive, so result oriented!! if kid cannot perform, they become a rotten apple in the school…sigh…we already been suffering under Singapore education sys (being trained like a robot), why bring our kid to singapore and suffer leh….
      5. risk of losing job and promotion.. helo, my colleague work like a cow in coy but still end up lost chances of promotion to FT. Why? Coy Reason: not performing well as she is pregnant till maternity leave and cannot travel….

      so Mr Chan, please lah…stop bringing us round and round lah..u getting $15K per month, u cannot understand how we this poor singaporean who get $2K to 3K feel, after deduct CPF, paid power supply, transportation, monthly allowance for parent, daily gorceries, phone bill, conservative fees, insurance. u think we still got extra $$$ to feed the kids??? We are now like the abandon kids by our own parent -> gahman!!

      • Naivety said

        This CCS mother fucker’s salary is only 15K per month so low as an Acting Minister, are u sure ka?

        I thought he is getting at least 2 Million Dollars a year, not true??

  7. Maader Pharker said

    These PAP busturds I said many countless of times invariably treating citizens as fools, and with UTTER DISRESPECT, AND CONTINUE to do so EVEN MORE arrogantly. It is A 10-YEAR old OR MORE problem, AND it has been looked and looked and looked INTO – and this pharker IS STILL repeating his predecessors’ trash. Still the 60% are BLINDED by repeat broadacasts and paying STUPID money for repeated Broadcasts.

  8. Tuck You understand! said

    examine only doesnt mean he will do anything abt it. A doctor can examine and not give u medication

  9. FTSUX said

    Don’t Waste Time To Find Why Singaporean Are not Making Any Babies!! I think U should Spend More Time Chasing All The FT’s and return all of our jobs!!

  10. Victor said

    Who dares to jump in to such long term committment when even our own livelihood are so insecured? With business adopting the same mentality as the Government to make as much profit without due considerations for any other concerns, we can be replaced anytime by foreigners. What you expect Singaporeans to do? Eat air and drink water and have babies? Even water is not free.

  11. Kim said

    Hello Kee Chiu, you were handed iron rice bowl right after you graduated. Seriously, you need help to understand why birth rate decline.

  12. stevenadosan said

    Go to every newly married couple bedroom every weekend nite.You will find out! Talking Cock!

  13. icefire said

    pls examine why LKY son can be SG PM ???
    why our minister so money orientated ?
    why PAPaya member not afraid of karma ??
    why our PM need so many useless pple to cover his incapability when SG can simply change a PM ??? – cost saving n work efficiency
    why SG govt ignore the needs n wish of singaporean ? low living cost n less FT
    why aft the complain of bad public transport services but minister pretend nothing happen??
    why govt never did more to encourage employer hired more locals ??
    why govt hand out so many contract to minister relative when there is conflict of interest ???
    why our pay raise is less than inflation but some how the minister dont lead by example n continued records earning ???
    why so many needies in the society i struggling when govt keep saying they are helping ???

  14. kaypoh said

    U been farkin our backsides so long & u ask why no babies come out?
    How bout we fark the whole lot of u to hell & and then ask u why?
    Farkin overpaid hypocrite morons!

  15. oldguard said

    Why don’t you ask those who were caught having sex with the underage girl. No headache, no baby, no worries. All the fucking FT, they can well afford to make more babies, get the same benefit like us. Where they came from, they can have dozen babies with a small pay, now they earn S$, very comfortable.
    Everyday f f f.
    Can’t you see, so many teachers having problem lately, sex with student. All bcos of stress, Kee Chui, wake up, want to encorage Singaporean, get rid of the f FT.

  16. Crap... said

    This numbskull CCS is one of the dumbest MIWs. Paper General who knows nothing!! All he can do is to give really stupid analogies about carrot cakes and pizzas. Can we expect any good contribution from him?? No chance!!!

  17. JjJ said

    Besides the analogy of XO Chai Tao Gueh and asking questions from Singaporeans, what policies have been implemented by him to benefit Singaporeans so far?

  18. Naivety said

    Please abolish Women’s Charter & bigamy Laws for a start then you will see more babies!

  19. what do you think? said

    Why have children when you know they will suffer.

  20. monkey said

    This idiot will destroy our country one day with his low level of intellect, talent, and a lack of loyalty to our country. His loyalty belongs to foreigners.

  21. kaypoh said

    Ah! After Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter,
    we have Chan Count Sperm, aka Champion Cork Sarker 🙂

  22. Realist said

    Want us to have more babies ?
    1st two children under family’s responsibility.
    3rd child and more fully subsidized by govt in terms of education, medical, hospitalization, food, transport, etc

    • oldguard said

      Kee Chui, take the challenge if you dare, also allow old man like me to take up another wife, so can still make baby with the gahmen commitment to take care of them. Only make baby meh, that’s what you want, right.

  23. The Gardener said

    You deserve a answer from your query. ” YOU ARE FIRED!!!”
    You have not been seeing, hearing & observing the grounds for a Minister for more than a year.
    Nabeh. KNN. Kong jiao wei.
    Wasting a lot money to hire him to ask this same question all the other ex-minister posted years ago.

  24. Ollie said

    This shows what Singaporeans know that ex-SAF in Cabinet are a bunch of morons. What is there to “examine”?. Just talk to Prof Tommy Koh. He knows the solution. It has been proven effective in Europe.

  25. oldguard said

    Why don’t you start a factory, hire foreign girls for us to screw, their job title (baby production) You will get what you want.

  26. dannik said

    doesnt take a fool to see that it’s too expensive to raise a family in Singapore anymore. the PAP is so blinded by their salaries that they will never understand what’s it really like to start a family at this day, age, and wage scale.

  27. The main factor for me is “Disparity” and not higher HDBs prices.

    Firstly, Life in S’pore is not about “Living”. It’s all centered around “WORK.”
    How do you have a live when there is no time for it.
    We are the only so called “First World Nation” with a culture of “Overtime.”
    We are practically at the mercy of the “Employers.”

    Second. Our salaries are suppressed.
    We are the only so called “First World Nation” without a minimum wage structure.
    Guess who comes out to defend our present wage structure, our beloved labor chief, Lim Swee Say.

    I for one, don’t believe that this government don’t know where the problem lies.
    My two bit advice to Minister Chan Chun Sing is….

    If you really want to solve this problem, you need to look at what I mention above.
    If you are trying to solve this problem by playing a “Zero Sum” game.
    Meaning, trying to solve it within the present system, it’s not going to work.
    Incentives will not work. You tried it before. You know the answer for that.
    If you use incentives again, that means you don’t have a solution.
    You are just kicking the can down the road.
    You are just showing that you are doing something but actually it’s nothing.

    Let’s summarize my main pointer again…

    1. Disparity between the rich (that includes the employers) and the rest of us.
    2. A “FAIRER” wage structure where wages are paid according the time and afford rendered.
    3. “Overtime” only means two things. You are either “overworked” or you are “incapable” of doing your job.
    4. We actually have a mechanism in place that is flawed. We need to rectify it and that is….
    Our so called “Tripartite” system is flawed. How can a government minister be a head of the labor force?
    The labor chief should be elected by the Unions and not put in place by the government.
    Only than!!! Can a “Tripartite” system REALLY work.

    If you can look into this “SINCERELY” and with the “WILL” to “Want” to solve this problem,
    that is when the rest of us (99%) will have the “Time” and the “Money” to have a life and family.

  28. Desmond Lee said

    http://WWW.Being A Singaporean.COM

    A 23 yrs old reply to you .

    Considering singapore Average income $2700

    We aren’t people who earns a million a year. or even 10% of a million only 2.5-2.7% of your income after your BONUS i think we are earning
    1% of your income annually =)

    Lets see numbers.

    Firstly i must say im self employed earning a decent $45k annualy ( consider high )
    No CPF , Must Pay $250 for Self employed to CPF Annually

    for my job requires me to run around i got a car . ( Toyata Axio )< lousy enough ?

    Owning an Avarage Car
    Road Tax $ 700
    Insurance $2500
    Parking by HDB $1080 ($90 per mth )
    Monthly $9360 ( $780 per month thanks to COE )
    Petrol $2880 ( $240 per mth )
    ERP $720 ( $60 per mth )
    ( $ 17240 ) Excluding of parking during work , summons , maintenance to the car.
    Est $20k/ Year ( Gove Earn on our COE Gst on petrol road tax )

    For my case no car = no job .

    Personal Expanses
    Handphone Bills $1200 ( $100/month )
    Food $5400 ( $450 per month alone )
    Income Tax $ 1000
    Personal Insurance $1000 ( $80mth ) << IF you work so much u need to predict you will die for being a robot.

    Est $8.6k

    After Married :
    HDB $9600 ( $800/mth ) Thanks to our dear rich FT's with get protected by us doing NS buying everything above market .
    Renovation Loan $3600 ( $300/mth )
    PUB Bills/Internet $2400 ($200/mth )

    Estimate $15k

    Left with $1.4k per year Hurray !!
    $$120 per mth for another thing else

    Check out Entertainment cost in singapore before getting married you spent your $$ on dates and entertainment.
    After you get married you spent it on HDB bills & Wife.

    Total Savings : Negative

    If give birth to a baby = Baby will die of hunger

  29. ngpy said

    Mr. Minister would it be appropreiate if you can enlighten how you would like to examine our Singapore People on reasons why they are not giving birth to babies.

  30. chris said

    He again acting minister what.So good in acting.Those who agree he is good in acting “Kee Chiu”

  31. SicknPoorian said

    Re-examine ? He got no idea what’s happening ?

  32. bb said

    Are you really a scholar minster to solve this baby problem. There was a famous PM who is scholar from Cambridge University can’t sovle this problem for years and you think you solve it. He blame sg ppl not cooperative in solving this problem. Once upon a time long ago it was not a problem but the cambridge scholar’s father think it is problem and started to tell couples to take your time to say “YES” and stops at 2 with pictures of too many kids in the house to scarce ppl. The worse is sg ppl believe his phophecy and start marrying late and having less children.

    My auntie was mid wife in KK hospital during 60’s and the hospital beds was slowly and surely not occupied. In the end she lost her job but the smart scholars think they have done a good job.

    I salute you if you can solve this “Big Problem” and we will make the next PM.

  33. There is no freedom nor privacy in marriage.
    Children are expensive to raise and spawn.
    Not everybody is suitable for marriage and parenthood.

  34. Azzeidine said

    in order to do that, you need to build a machine to travel back in time to the point where our so-called great LKY came out with the one-child policy / two is enough. that would be a good start.

  35. Ron said

    The Minister need to also examine why some much sexual frustration in Spore that some are enticed to have sex with underaged prostitutes, to take sneak pictures of students, to have sex with underaged students, to have sex with vendor reps, etc. Definitely there are many more cases detected, not charged.

    Spore is stressful. The above posts already provided enough inputs. And in Spore it is You Die is Your Business. There is no safety net.

    No wonder people do not want to get married or have babies. Survival itself is a struggle.

  36. I'm Minority But I ll Fight the foreigners here. said

    Go and stop charging the 50-odd people for having paid sex with a 17 year old legal prostitute.- this will INCREASE baby population in all dragon years, every year.

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