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Singaporeans who do not celebrate Feng’s victory are ‘morons and babies’ – 98.7FM deejays

Posted by temasektimes on August 3, 2012

In spite of the fact that the majority of Singaporeans do not feel proud of a foreign import winning an Olympics medal ‘for’ Singapore, the government-controlled media continues to churn out loads of propaganda hogwash day after day to ‘celebrate’.

China-born Feng Tianwei won an Olympic bronze medal when she defeated Japan’s Kasumi Ishikawa 4-0 in the women singles. Feng only ‘became’ a Singaporean in 2007.

While PAP leaders and their propaganda mouthpieces have been trumpeting the ‘victory’ as if it is some sort of life-and-death matter for Singapore, the response from the ground has been lukewarm so far.

With the chorus of disapproval growing louder from native Singaporeans, the state media strikes back by attacking critics and detractors of Feng’s victory as ‘losers’.

98.7FM deejays Justin and Vernon not only call on the ‘whole’ nation to celebrate the win by Feng Tianwei, but lampooned those who did not celebrate the win as ‘BABIES and MORONS’.

One angry Singaporean Harry Chen was furious at what he heard:

Feng’s bronze medal does not come for free. Under the Multi-Million Dollars Award Programme, Feng is expected to pocket a cool S$200,000 after returning S$50,000 to the Singapore table-tennis association.

Though Singaporeans are ultimately the ones paying for the bronze medal, they are now being branded as ‘babies and morons’ for not celebrating the win.


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59 Responses to “Singaporeans who do not celebrate Feng’s victory are ‘morons and babies’ – 98.7FM deejays”

  1. Jake said

    Why celebrate the Chinese “B” team? Feng most likely knew she would not make the PRC team. That is why she moved to Singapore because it is the only way shge makes it compete in international competition.

    • Zhang Bei Bei said

      Well, they can insult us as much as they want but the fact is that, according to polls, 80% of Singaporeans are ashamed of this victory.

    • Wicked Brain said

      Frankly, I am quite happy (end just there) that Feng got a bronze.
      However, I will be very very happy (cheering and celebrating) if she is true blue, born and breed in Singapore athlete.
      That’s the difference. Ha.

  2. Let's Unite Instead for once - but CPIB must investigate the $8,000/- allegedly received at by Jayne said

    Let’s unite with instead – Unite with…plaint-to.html
    “I don’t think then DPM Lee Hsien Loong read my email. My emails and letters tend to stop at certain level. And I believe whatever complaints to Ministries would always be stopped at certain levels if you go through the proper channel. So, since PM Lee Hsien Loong has closed my case, should I go see his father personally? I think ….”

  3. Snoopy Says said

    Com’on…. we all know who the real morons are.

  4. NaBey said

    What is 98.7? U mean that station from RCS? I never listen. My radio now is glued to 99.9, some more got Cantonese songs.
    Btw, stupid gahment rule again. China has thousand dialects, hokkien, teochew, Cantonese are only 3. Songs are banned but other northern china dialect songs can play! What a fark,..

  5. Kelvin Tay said

    back in china i doubt they can get 250k per bronze medal..

    come singapore play once every 4 year for olympic get 250k nice…earn more then ur avg singaporean..

  6. Mikey said

    Can the 2 DJs stop their PAP dick sucking for just a second and actually use their brains to think about why the Real Singaporeans are not exactly celebrating.

  7. Let's Unite Instead for once - but CPIB must investigate the $8,000/- allegedly received at by Jayne said

    CPIB must investigate what says before NDP 2012:
    the allegations made about these scholarship are very serious:
    “When I was in China recruiting students to study in Singapore, I often receive money sandwiched within the pages of application forms. Some Chinese parents mistook that I was recruiting ASEAN scholars for the Singapore Government. The highest amount I found was US$8,000. All the money was returned. Can you imagine when the
    actual people go recruiting ……
    Shockingly, these foreign ASEAN scholars only need to pass one subject to stay on. Not like Singaporean students, must pass English Language and another how many subjects ah?”

  8. FFS said

    Time to boycott 98.7 big time

  9. 60 said

    Bloody stupid moron mutton muthu,We want value for our money.We want champion,not Milk-maid.

  10. Jamaica, NZ has home grown world champions said

    sporeans who celebrate Feng’s bronze medal ought to ask themselves this,
    “does one miserable bronze medal justify the import of 1 Million+ PRCs into Spore ?”

    isn’t this PAP policy, PAP propaganda ?

  11. Bertrand Ngien Wen Tseah said

    60.1% loves it, what can you do?

  12. V said

    We are told to remember the idea, not the man. Because a man can fail. He can be killed and forgotten. But four hundred years later an idea can still change the world. I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of ideas. I’ve seen people kill in the name of them; and die defending them. But you cannot touch an idea, cannot hold it or kiss it. An idea does not bleed, it cannot feel pain, and it does not love. And it is not an idea that I miss, it is a man. A man who made me remember the fifth of November. A man I will never forget.

  13. dontbemoron said

    The DJs are right. She’s fighting for the name of Singapore, and won a medal, so let’s appreciate what she has done and stop nitpicking. She has nothing to do with the flawed immigration policies of PAP.

  14. 龍的传人 said


  15. bb said

    I already told PM Lee since he kian FT the PM office should be staffed with FT and shows his FT staff in his PM website .

    Instead he prmote the Grace Fool-not a FT

  16. What Do You Think? said

    Feng Tian Wei is a real foreign talent. But for most foreigners who are residing in Singapore now, they are far from being a talent! We welcome real talents and not crap who flood our MRTs and cheap PMETs who compete with our Singaporeans for jobs.

  17. Joshire said

    I agree with the DJs. You guys are just blind and bored. Pity.

  18. jj said

    the 2 fake angmo that try very hard to be funny? they r public servant, boot licking to pay&pay is part of their job…

  19. SINYoobi said

    Must Singaporeans celebrate her windfall of S$250K???

  20. theminoritydude (a.k.a. Harry Chen) said

    Muttons, not mutations. My bad for not checking auto-correct’s unilateral decision to speak up (probably more accurately) on my behalf.

  21. Leslie said

    “98.7FM deejays Justin and Vernon not only call on the ‘whole’ nation to celebrate the win by Feng Tianwei, but lampooned those who did not celebrate the win as ‘BABIES and MORONS’.”

    I stopped listening to those 2 losers a long time ago. Everyone I know find those 2 characters quite pititul. Best is to stop tuning in to that station.

  22. This is unfair and offensive. What ’bout those who have no interest in the sport, or sports in general.

  23. Allgooner said

    May be the DJ’s are FT’s too, that’s why they protect their own and smear at Singaporeans…. On a serious note, it shows either the DJ’s don’t understand Singaporeans or the term “national pride”, or they have to say what is polotically right.

    DJ’s please be objective and respect the facts, stop being a bozo!!!

  24. NativeSingaporean said

    Boycott the 2 assholes

  25. enough said

    Singapore today is in the same predicament as Sabah in Malaysia

    Umno allowed uncontrolled influx of pinoy , indonesian and cambodian to upset the status quo

    give them instant citizenship so that they would vote umno at every election

    the size of the influx is similar to singapore , where pap allowed ft trash influx to dilute the local population who are

    against the regime

    the influx is so great that the locals are in the minority

    i would not be suprised that the local singaporeans too are a minority in their own country

    this regime keeps a tight hold on all statistics to hide the real numbers

    we singaporeans will never know and we will carry this secret to our graves

  26. Cecil Chua said

    I believe everyone is missing the point. Feng TianWei is a distraction from the real issue. The real issue is that Singapore has spent a lot of money on sport development under the current administration and has very little to show for it. Feng TianWei stands out because she is the ONLY MEDALLIST OFFICIALLY REPRESENTING SINGAPORE.

    Singapore likes to claim it is a world first in many areas. Right now, Singapore is world 44th. And it has no excuse for being there. Consider New Zealand, a country with about the same level of economic development, a smaller government budget, and a smaller population. New Zealand is currently 11th, with THREE GOLDS and three bronzes.

    The present administration has had at least 8 years to develop athletics. The miserable international performance of Singapore’s athletes demonstrates that the present administration has not done its job. Indeed, the present leadership has done worse than with the last Olympics. Singapore had SILVER in the last Olympics. Singapore’s performance has DROPPED.

    We should not be distracted by Feng TianWei. What we should be doing is asking the administration to be accountable for its poor showing. Why is it that after so many years and so much money, Singapore sport remains so pathetic? Where has the money gone, given that Singapore’s athletes have not been successfully nurtured into champions? What are the leadership failures that have caused this to happen? Why is there no accountability? Heads should roll.

  27. somethingwrongsomewhere said

    Feelings of national joy,pride and gloary are not automatic and cannot be pursuaded, pretended, con into. No feelings mean no feelings.

  28. CHIA said


  29. Pulstay said

    The real morons are those who can’t make it, and yet have the cheek to celebrate and claim it as their own win when that someone they paid to do it, did it.

    Olympics is no longer a friendly contest of sports events between nations. It is now a vanity show of the wealth of a nation – a matter of who can afford to import the best athletes to win for them. It’s disgusting, senseless and utterly meaningless…

  30. oldguard said

    98.7 deejay, they are hypocrite bastard.
    wait till they have children who have to compete with foreign import in job, sports, etc.

    • oldguard said

      Foreign imports sportman and sportwoman unwanted from their country, walk in to Singapore and kill our children future who was once a champion in their field of sports. WTF gahmen

  31. Wanderer said

    Who listens to local radio these days? The non stop stupid chatter, the endless endorsement of products and the stupid song selection hardly make it worth the while.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Yes Wanderer you are absolutely right! The word “Radio” has been out of mind, out of sight for me for the past eight years. Who these DJ clowns are, I am happy to say, I don’t know and I don’t give a damn! Listening to the music on my 8GB SD card in my car every day minus the uneccessary crap talk of these local DJs has restored my blood pressure to a healthy normal range. I am so happy with my new found health results! Everyone should do what I do. Period!

  32. Rishi said

    Maybe we should invest in better quality djs from overseas… keep up with the trend. Till then just listen to 97.6. Better playlists and better quality djs.

  33. jaded said

    one medal for singapore! yay!

    now lets go all the way, see who are the gold medallists from other countries, woo them here with everything we got, next Olympics we will have instant gold medals! wooooo!

  34. realty check said

    TO Justin & vernon – i can live being called ‘babies’ but moron is an insulting remark to use against people with an opinion that is not similar to yours. it reflects an intolerant behaviour from both of u, amplified all over singapore & our neighbouring countries because u are representing a radio station called 98.7 fm. can u see the extend of the damage done? i’d love to insult both of u with crude, uncouth. and demeaning words but to do so would make me no different from u2. please retract what u have said & apologise unreservedly. u can say u have been misquoted or misheard. it’s okay. this excuse has been used b4. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING GENTLEMEN.

  35. Lim said

    Apparently anybody who does not toe the official line in anything is branded xenophobic, morons, babies, daft, lazy and choosy. Those who do not take everything shaft down their throats like ever changing CPF withdrawal rules, S&C increases, lousy trains and buses are branded whiners and complainers and told to leave Singapore and live in North Korea to know how well governed and lucky Singapore is.

    • Seraphim said

      Seriously, why do the government always compare their incentives with 1st world country and compare their product with 3rd world country… Pretty double standard…

  36. LocalAlwaysRight said

    Well that’s offensive.

    To the babies and morons that is.

    I’d say anyone refuses to celebrate the victory is plain and simple jealous hypocrite.

  37. nocando said

    they can play and replay the ‘ glory’ over and over on the national tv . the one who dislikes can choose not to watch, this is how a democratic society does. you can truly express your delight or pretend to like the glory, but i am allowed to stay true with my feeling. the moron and PLP DJ please apologize. alas! it was only a bronze medal, i have seen some over elated big fans on tv and newspaper, you guy are such a super hypocrites. thinking of we have spent so much money on these FT , only get a pathetic bronze on olympic. to show a non-stop zealous only magnified sg pathetic-ness. know what, $ 250,000 you can buy 6 gold medal athletes from china. the sport association is not doing a cheaper, faster, and better jobs,

  38. Dog444 said

    SACK the dumb bloody DJ!

  39. A Singaporean Abroad said

    It is the infantile who resorts to name calling…

  40. Ken Lee said

    welcome to the land of traitors!

  41. Ah Heng said

    A reflection on xenophobia in Singapore, inspired by Feng Tianwei’s bronze medal:

  42. Lim said

    Are those 3 Japanese table tennis gals China imports? Yet they beat our Chinese imports 3-0 in semi-finals. It just goes to prove throwing money to buy Olympic medals does not work.

  43. To Be Fair said

    Life for people working for the media isn’t easy nowadays. To score points or make a difference, one may have to angkat the authorities to climb. Its ok to betray our own people once in a while to gain credit, right? Otherwise, how did Singapore end up being dominated by a ruling party despite the average Singaporeans being slapped time & again by them. We are infested by traitors, lah!

  44. I think the radio deejays have to practice a lot more discretion. Of course mediacorp is a govt vehicle but still discretion is required.
    While I may not speak for the masses, I strongly believe the issue with our govt supporting foreign athletes is not about race or simply because they are foreign imports but the betrayal of our govt. Why do our govt work on the premise that Singapore cannot produce world class athletes? The sheer action of bringing in ping pong players from China underscores the traitorious mentalilty of our leaders. If they want exmaples, I give you Fandi Ahmad. However, did our govt give Fandi the funding and the platform he needed? He had to go to Holland to develop his talent. Then he went on to other countries to further evolve his ability and to give himself that much needed exposure. If there is one Fandi, there should be more diamonds in the rough. If we can splurge so much on these China born ping pong players, why can we splurge on developing our local athletes? No wonder the opposition is calling for world class govt cos altho Singapore is considered a First World country, our govt still has a Second World mentality. If we keep importing foreign talents and nuturing them, it would firstly deter locals from going into whichever field and industry and worse, our true local talents run or get spotted by other countries. We lost many greats such as P Ramlee, Anita Sarawak, Julia Nickson, Seow Yit Kin and many more talented people all becos Singapore govt has not given them the conducive environment to even survive let alone thrive lucratively. We have sidelined our talents in the name of national growth and thus sacrificing personal growth. China is smart to marry national and personal growth and goals. Their athletes and talents are not only pursuing their passion but also doing their country proud. Why even bother to set up SOTA and the Sports Schools when our govt’s efforts to develop national talents is so half hearted. If Fandi ahmad had helped Singapore to bring home a bronze for soccer, I bet the whole nation would rock so hard that it would be louder than the bloody Kallang Roar.

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