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DPM Tharman proclaims: Any Singaporean who wants a job can find one here

Posted by temasektimes on August 4, 2012

With the income gap between the rich and poor in Singapore growing wider, Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam is calling on Singaporeans to show more ‘respect’ to blue collar workers whose income has remained more or less stagnant for the last ten years. 

Speaking at the Taman Jurong National Day Dinner on Friday, DPM Tharman laid out key strategies aimed at closing the “gaps in opportunities” among the population. 

He also painted a bleak outlook for the global economy, but said the situation is not that bad in Singapore.

“Anyone who wants a job can find one here and Singaporeans are still optimistic about the future,” he proclaimed without substantiating his statement.

DPM Teo added that society can do more to help blue-collar workers here progress to close the income gap:

“We have to pay more respect to blue collar workers, give them pride in their jobs, pay them fairly and help them progress in their careers up to the highest level their skills can take them.” 



43 Responses to “DPM Tharman proclaims: Any Singaporean who wants a job can find one here”

  1. kaypoh said

    Here, Thamby, take 20cents & a whole busload of respect!

    Yes, so many jobs…
    taxi driver… FTs need to get to a hotel with their SPGs
    a-longs….more Sporeans need loans
    Geylang freelancers…..Sporeans need coaching on babymaking
    IT consultants…..proteins are good for you!!! 🙂

  2. lyv2dy said

    Any idiot politician can mouth such motherhood statements without substantiating proof. Each time they open their mouth it serves to reinforced the perception that the pap leaders have totally lost it and completely ignorant of what the reality on the ground is or else they are choosing to ignore it deliberately. The swarm of cheap foreign labour they continue to let into this tiny island have it very tough for citizens to find even subsistence jobs. If he had any honesty, why not back his assertion with the much clammed for unemployment statistics for citizens alone. The continued refusal to do so leaves one with only one conclusion…..the truth is politically inexpedient.

  3. icefire said

    rubbish i been hunting for a job for over a month but only insurance agency call back …
    this is really like wtf !!!

    • Edmund said

      He was the minister incharge of MOM until recently and I trust he shd know where all the job openings are and tell singaporeans so. Just say plenty of job openings here but cannot say exactly where to find jobs. Just say, say only to make ppl happy lah.National Day approaching so must make ppl happy and say got plenty of jobs here.Wayang a little bit lah.

  4. eva said

    I am a singaporean in my mid twenties. With three yrs exp in my field, and a business degree with 2nd upper class hons, my pay is 2.9k. I see no future in my job, because talent are imported from ang moh ctrys while singaporeans and msians do the paperwork. I have been actively searching for a job for a few mths, to no avail.

    I have two elderly parents that are dependent on me, and the only reason i am still in Singapore. I have no wish to grow old in a ctry where the locals are increasingly insignificant. It will only get worse, and the gahmen is definitely not helping.

  5. David said

    A $10000 per month is a job, a $1000 per month job is also a job, there are definitely openings paying at $1000, and even lesser, out there. But the question remains, can the person earning that amount afford to continue to survive in this country. I doubt so and it seems the PAP is bent on creating just two tiers in our society: the poor working serfs and the rich masters. That way they control one’s livelihood and ensures continual control over the serfs.

  6. Lim said

    Telling lies again.

    Please I beg all locally born sporeans to vote out the current PAP in 2016.

  7. hmmmmm said

    i have been looking for one over the past 1 years, 11 interviews, 0 offer, NTU degree, 4 years exp

    Mod’s reply:

    What is your major?

  8. Old man called me Daft said

    Easier said than done. After ALL is said, nothing GETS done. If he meant anyjob, then this Thamby is correct. If he meant any sustainable job, that pays one a decent wage to bring up 2 school-going kids, one aged parent enough (no need to quote 2) – then I have to faark you monster (minister). Shaft your preek up your own mouth.

  9. Kick him out 1st in 2016 said

    What he said is true as long as you are willing to be underpaid & work like a slave with 2 jobs !!!

  10. mahbok tan said

    LOL….ROTFL….wadafug this $1000 can have HDB flat talking about….wei botak….u think all SGporean got no botak head like u is it….?
    Nonsense talking n nagging….just ask urself why du SGporeans behave this way lately….when the people are hungry n angry….the worst are just unimaginable….!!!!

  11. pokemon said

    what talking cock are you mr tharma? just talk? where is the minimum wage for a start??

    • Me said

      Our ministers never have to be accountable for their comments … that is why the bull shit continues .. sad state of affairs

  12. CPT said

    Yes. He is correct. He and his gang can easy find a good paying job in Singapore

  13. Wicked Brain said

    “We have to pay more respect to blue collar workers, give them pride in their jobs, pay them fairly and help them progress in their careers up to the highest level their skills can take them.” 

    Yes, right.
    But first, give them higher salary; second, remove the invisible caste system and third, stop the influx of cheap foreign labours.

  14. TAN YOUNG RE said

    this stupid and idiot guy also talk nonsense

  15. unemployed said

    Sure, every citizen can indeed get a job, but the problem is how much will he be paid. My friend was offered three jobs at $700 p.m., $720 p.m., and $760 p.m. But he rejected them all because the low pay offered is not even enough to cover his transport, clothing and lunch expenses. So, is it his fault that he did not want to take up the jobs? There being no minimum pay the prospective employer can exploit the worker and offer anything just to prove that no Singaporean wants the job and he has to pass it on to the FT.
    Once again the super hi-pay minister is living in a different planet and therefore cannot understand the problem of the job market.

  16. GiveNTakeback said

    If 2 DPMs mentioned in giving respect to blue collar jobs..that’s what Tamma expects Singaporeans to be in the future..a blue collar worker.

  17. CB said

    <> DPM Teo added that society can do more to help blue-collar workers here progress to close the income gap:??? what talking U ? BOTAK ??

  18. Blood suckers said

    Hey thumbee. I want a job that same the pay as you and scope of work is just to farking talk nonsense up in my ivory towers.

    Got or not? If not, keep your trap shut!

  19. Lim said

    Tharman is absolutely right!! – He did not specify what kind of job is available for any Sporean who needs a job -so cleaner, fast food worker, toilet warden, etc jobs which pay less than $1000 a month are all available for any Sporean who wants a job . He did not promise any director jobs in GLCs. Even then still got to compete with cheap foreign imports for such low end jobs too. If Tharman talks about paying them fairly – start with the GLCs and Fairprice first and please advise your colleague who despite being in the union is dead against minimum wages. There will be more jobs to go around if they stop wearing so many hats per elite e.g. directorship, advisory jobs, etc and share the pie around.

    • Lim said

      sarcasm intended. sure slave salary part-time contract labour jobs for sporeans but full time cushy jobs for aliens which explains why aliens are praising the govt and contemptuous of locals – they really believe that without them we will die and become extinct. Yes Tharman – jobs are available for Sporeans but what kind of jobs are we talking about? Enough to survive ever higher costs of living courtesy of profit leeches?

  20. The prob with many S'poreans said

    Is that they like to suck up to these people in power – look at them going/bidding/quing for NDP tickets Istana tomorrow – they like q-ing up to be slaughtered/curried by the govt – wake up n spend time among those who don’t pretend that all is under control for ‘more good years’ – why r grassroots leaders given special NDP tickets n goody-bags huh

  21. Singapuraboi said

    Rubbish! Utter rubbish! U said that foreigners help our economy grow and create jobs and now I say global economy is weak and Singapore is affected. The global economy did not become weak just over night. It started with the Americam sub prime situation and then the European crisis and yet u were claiming growth and how the FTs will help our economy growth. And now?!! Put ur money where it bloody mouth is and bloody hell make the bloody FTs sweat blood and make things better for us and feed us. Or else send them packing. Obviously PAP has been talking rot all this while.

  22. enough said

    this bastard is talking rubbish

    yes jobs like cleaners, and even this jobs are taken up by pinoy and prc trash

    fuck him, who is he fooling

  23. Act not talk said

    Yes, just give them min wages and a proper workers union.

  24. Unhappy said

    Yah, yah, there are vacancies aplenty for security guards, hawker centre cleaners, taxi drivers, ……. available for well-educated Singaporeans.

    And the cosy white collar jobs go to FTs. This is how you Dharmen allocate resources. I am waiting to see you step down.

  25. Snoopy Says said


    Who let the dog out again…

  26. kaypoh said

    Hey, that’s BANE! U just dun recognize him without the MASK!

  27. V said

    We are told to remember the idea, not the man. Because a man can fail. He can be killed and forgotten. But four hundred years later an idea can still change the world. I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of ideas. I’ve seen people kill in the name of them; and die defending them. But you cannot touch an idea, cannot hold it or kiss it. An idea does not bleed, it cannot feel pain, and it does not love. And it is not an idea that I miss, it is a man. A man who made me remember the fifth of November. A man I will never forget.

  28. Ah Loot said

    Show some respect to your DPM. Do behave like a chinese gangster and call him thamby. You are a china kooi.

  29. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Ah Neh talking cock. Every other month MOM publishes statics to show that hundreds of thousands of jobs have been created. These jobs were not created at all. These are jobs that are wanting and yet to be filled. Read the papers and jobs job fairs are held every other day for Singaporeans at Community Centers for these positions,.. security guards, logistics store man, drivers, cleaners, sweepers, retail assistants, clerks, laundry workers, general laborers, bus drivers, dish washers, waiters, waitresses,…and the list goes on. Ah Neh, I suggest you wake up your Fucking ideas….

  30. david said

    I think the reply is superficial. One must also see the kind of jobs one can get (which happens to be mostly blue collar jobs). If a bank manager lost his $7k job and he ended up driving taxi. No doubt, he still got a job but his standard of living is drastically affected (not mentioning the fact that he is being underemployed). Well, I guess the pro-PAPs will argue that at least he still got a job and beggars (aka losers) can’t be choosers.

  31. Ken Lee said

    1 k can buy a flat! can you?

    • mel said

      yeah, regardless of your past vast working experience, if you are 40 plus only jobs like security, cleaners or taxi drivers. Tharman is talking c**k!

  32. bb said

    DPM Tharman and MOS Tan Chuan Jin,

    If you are serious in getting jobs for Singaporeans, consider MOM to set a web site similar to Australia FIFO Bids which is endorsed by Australian Gov to ensure mining jobs go to Australian. So employers in Singaore(all companies including foreign) must first look for workers from this website.

    Unitl he is unable to get one then he is allowed to employ foreigner. From this website data collected will determine the trun unemployment rate.

  33. Richard said

    Nothing just implement minimum wages at $2,300 in singapore high cost of living and develop country.This were close the income gap.No more cheap worker (singaporean)

  34. So why should you get high pay? and make so many Singaporeans low pay? said

    So why should you get high pay? and make so many Singaporeans low pay?

  35. What are you doing for the past ten years? said

    What are you doing for the past ten years?

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