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Lawyer M Ravi commences legal proceedings against Law Society

Posted by temasektimes on August 4, 2012

Prominent Human Rights lawyer M Ravi has commenced legal proceedings against the Law Society of Singapore and Mr Wong Siew Hong for alleged defamation and damage to reputation.

Mr Ravi’s lawyers filed the suit in the High Court at 4.30pm on Friday with its Writ of Summons stating that Mr Wong, a Law Society member, appeared in the High Court last month, on three separate occasions to present a letter allegedly written by Mr Ravi’s psychiatrist Dr Calvin Fones.

Mr Ravi is asing for S$21 million from the Law Society — S$1 million from each council member — and another five million dollars from Mr Wong.

He is also planning to file a complaint to the Singapore Medical Council against Dr Fones next Wednesday for leaking his medical condition to a third party without his consent.

Though Mr Ravi’s by-election case has been thrown out by the High Court, he won widespread public sympathy for his ‘brushes’ against the the establishment.

While Mr Ravi has been fighting tooth and nail for the case to be heard, the Workers Party has remained absolutely SILENT on the issue so far, leading to an increasing number of Singaporeans calling for the fake opposition party to be dissolved to allow the real opposition parties which can make a difference to grow.


15 Responses to “Lawyer M Ravi commences legal proceedings against Law Society”

  1. Inspir3d said

    Way to go, ravi!!

  2. Bernard Deng said

    Count me in.

  3. Playfair said

    Why only the Workers Party? Why are the other opposition parties also not commenting. They are not stupid to get involved.

  4. Aminurasyid said

    Hi Ravi,

    Admired your hardwork and determination to fight all out to seek justice. Should get Subhas Ananda to assist u ravi.

  5. spotlessleopard said

    i am waiting for our Justice System to respond.

  6. NaBey said

    Hello Ravi, You go run for president! I 100% vote for you !!

  7. Jonnie said

    what happened to WP? why silent?

    Mod’s note:

    WP probably received instructions from the PAP HQ in Bedok to keep quiet. Do you want such a useless, spineless, shameless, worthless and balless ‘opposition’ in parliament? Better one JBJ than a group of ‘wayang’ clowns!

    • better than nothing said

      Look what happened to JBJ? His courage was admirable but not so useful due to one against all, using “egg to knock stone”, ended up “egg” got broken first.
      WP under LTK whom is a nantah grad and Chinese educated, uses Chinese strategies to build up his base and support.

      Mod’s note:

      Yeah, WP is indeed building support by pretending to be an ‘opposition’ in parliament when it is in fact the PAP’s most trusted ‘B’ team – its contingency plan in the event of a freak election. Don’t forget that WP MP Pritam Singh has already proclaimed that WP will form a coalition govt with the PAP.

    • Amanda Hug said

      what kinda moderator comment is this? You aren’t moderating, you’re attacking!

  8. bb said

    Can your legal practice model as Slater and Gordon of Australia where they fought for the workers and the undedogs and claim hugh amount of compensation.

    May be you sh contact them to set a branch and you as a Partner.-then the MIW will have a lot of court cases to settle.

  9. Anon! said

    I seriously do not get the editor and moderators of this site.

    The editors have constantly allow posts that only serve to strifle the emotions among fellow Singaporeans. While the moderators have constantly allow discriminating comments to pass through their filter as long as it fufill their agenda which is to strifle a feeling of discontent.

    Why only attack wp? Nsp,Rp Sda have all refused or have not comment on the issue as well simply because it does not involve them. This matter is simply between M ravi and the law society.

    The law society is a non-politically associated group. To say that they are helping the establishment is tantamount to defamation.

    As moderators of hwz, I hope the editors takes more care in posting and be more responsible in reporting.

  10. ngpy said

    As I have stated before Ravi will just have to sit and wait the compensation to roll in. Not only from the LAW Society but the Specialist unless he goes bankrupt where he cannot afford to payup. Should go sue for the Specialist first because without letter from him there is no case.

  11. Ken Lee said

    see our gov so good can always pick up any crazy lawyer, but can’t make our Singaporean to make baby’s!
    welcome to land of the traitors!

  12. I Love Kumar said

    his mannerism is starting to look a bit like kumar.

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