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An interesting observation of flag-hanging behavior of Singaporeans

Posted by temasektimes on August 5, 2012

From my MRT journey from Woodlands to Redhill, there is an interesting observation. Apparently Singaporeans staying along the MRT track with common corridor facing the track are super patriotic, all are hanging their flags at the corridors.

The adjacent blocks with their rooms facing the track hardly have any flags.

By taking a harder look it seems the flags were hung by either town councils or zealous RCs.


*The above was first posted as a comment on PM Lee’s Facebook:


19 Responses to “An interesting observation of flag-hanging behavior of Singaporeans”

  1. kaypoh said

    Self-glorifying WAYANG lah, by our ruling party, not so different from CHC’s KH, think we are brainwashed sheep?

  2. crappy said

    its the same all over singapore! Flats facing main road have alot of flags. Venture deep into the estate and those flats not facing main road have a flag each for each blk, which is,quite lucky alr since most flats dont even have a flag!

  3. The Gardener said

    Hang for what huh? The land is already sold to foreigners already.

  4. Ken Lee said

    welcome to land of traitors !

  5. Samuel said

    Flag-hanging is just another PAP con job. It is another feeble attempt by PAP to show it still has the support of Singaporeans.

  6. 60 said

    Cheap publicity at it’s very best.MSM should show the face of the creative man,It will Galvanize the nation into flag hanging.

  7. Not another brick in the wall said

    we have a narcissist gahmen

  8. crazy SGean said

    new news meh? this has been happening for ages. even more the flood of FTs.

  9. HowManyFlagsAreFlying said

    Hahaha… LHL should wake up! I counted only 7 flags flying in 3 blocks of public housing in front of Tiong Bahru Plaza… are the flags too expensive or the pride no more there? I think the people have more problems on their minds than they care to put out a flag that no longer represent the country they belong to… or maybe most of them are foreigners and PRs.

  10. GiveNTakeback said

    How to hang flag & sing ND song? Garment give $250 now take back all. Electric bill goes up. Town Council will up shortly. Yes land of traitors.

  11. Singaporean said

    You guys are idiotic. It is our nation’s birthday. Our Singaporean. It is not a partisan issue. So what it is true that the flats which are in better visibility to have all the flags displayed. Our management council lines up Singapore flags along the frontage of our development. Not because the Chairman or the council members are pro-PAP but because we want to liven up the celebratory mood of our country’s birthday. You people should be ashamed of yourselves for dissing for the sake of dissing. Shame on you.

    • seah said

      i am a sporean,life is very hard and a struggle here how to celebrate,?Celebration is for those who earn or had plenty ,when u need to struggle with 2 meal for the family you will understand .why we dont want to hang the flag.the govt,should up the wages of the blue collar jod and not to bring in so much low wages foriegner to take over our jod or cause our wages to stay stagnant for the past 15 years

    • K said

      What is there to celebrate? 47 yrs of progress and most sinkies still having trouble holding on to their jobs. Maybe u’re right, celebrations r for the elites tat tis country is built for. Ironically, we shd be flying their flags instead, China, Australia, Phillippines, USA, Vietnam etc. Why not? Sg can’t do without them. Celebrate then!

    • G said

      You totally missed the point of the above post. Who’s the idiot here?

    • hard truth said

      The line is blur now with one-party rule for past 53 yrs since 1959.
      This is just a display of pent-up frustrations over the recent years especially after 2006.
      One interesting observation to note, there should be at least 60.1% of flags flying high up now but the reality is so much different, why?

  12. Sgrean said

    Ya, fantastic… We didn’t hang any flag but three appeared mysteriouly along the corridor…..

  13. Bengy said

    it for the foreign visitors to see

  14. Native Citizen said

    Hung at people’s expense? TC bills going up. Last year they ask you to buy, this year they just do it. Is there a budget for it or TC funds ogt surplus and still increase people’s bills?

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