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Are CHC members privately raising funds to help Kong Hee fight his case?

Posted by temasektimes on August 5, 2012

According to a report by Yahoo News, several members of City Harvest Church (CHC) are privately raising funds to help pay for the legal fees of its disgraced pastor Kong Hee as well as five other leaders who were charged for misusing up to $50 million dollars of the church’s funds to further the music career of his wife Ho Yeow Sun.

The unofficial fundraising campaign was reportedly started by an executive member named Dawn Lee who mobilized individuals who wanted to offer Kong and others financial support during CHC’s AGM last Sunday.

She then suggested that interested members meet her after the meeting before distributing her contact details.

Executive pastor Aries Zulkarnain had earlier rejected four proposals from other members suggesting the use of church funds to bankroll the six charged leaders’ legal fees.

Despite his spectacular fall from grace, CHC members have mostly rallied behind Kong Hee with a group of youth leaders producing a music video lately to express their support for him.


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28 Responses to “Are CHC members privately raising funds to help Kong Hee fight his case?”

  1. 60 said

    For all the millions spent ,They can’t even get a their singer to raise funds?what a shame.

  2. Bertrand Ngien Wen Tseah said

    Looks like the members are STILL AS DUMB AS EVER.

  3. shang1988 said

    how about raising funds to help the poor? with 50 million??? there is so much i can do.. rather than helping an obviously decent “singer” to help spread the gospel with her music.. Even bon jovi and so many successful country stars have better lyrics than hers… (carrie underwood)
    Just my opinion. It was a waste of money and a bad investment.

  4. Nabey said

    When people knows the truth and still wanted to be cheated, we can’t help.

  5. shiroiluke said

    Please lah, Kong Hee have a house in Sentosa Cove worth 9.2mil, get his wife China Wine aka Sun Ho sell it off, and got more than enough money to settle the legal fees.
    Still need those followers to do such things meh?? Unless someone tell me Sun Ho run away with the $$ and vanished into thin air

  6. Ren said

    Recalcitrant blind followers…Someone has to break the spell…

  7. kong man under the sun said


  8. Brandon said

    So what if the members are raising funds for them…you sour-grape or what? It is not illegal and there’s nothing you can do about it, except to lament over the fact why they have so many rich supporters whereas you have only born-loser and whiners here!

    • ASDF said

      You are one of the CHC members huh? Dont be a bitch here Mr. Brain-washed.. LOL

      • Brandon said

        I’m not from CHC and I am certainly not a born-loser like you, having red eyes and envious of others. You pathetic whiner and moron!

      • A said

        Not brain-washed, Brain-dead 😀

      • Brandon said

        Now I understand, you were brain-dead when you mum give birth to you…no wonder you are so envious of those who are alive…poor pathetic soul!!!

    • jacque lee said

      the logical thing for CHC members is to distance themselves & CHC from the disgraced leaders & his conspirators. They are going down for their wrong & CHC should start a fresh & discard their sinful approach. It is time for CHC to follow the other more established church which are serious & sober. Base on Singapore history of dealing with such crime they are going in for long time as example for aspiring future pastors not to follow the disgraced pastor. If CHC members cannot break the tie, come the judgement day from the court, CHC will not survive when the disgraced leader go in. CHC members should act fast now and don’t waste time on trying to help crooks.

    • king Kong said

      U then a real loser, self denial.

    • P Koh said

      It is so funny to observe outsiders of the CHC exchanging unkind remarks against each other because of the difference of opinions over the “wrong doings” (if any) by the pastor of CHC. Why can’t people offer their personal opinions while others just read and laugh over them if they are not in agreement instead of engaging in a war of unwarranted chidings.

      • jacque lee said

        There is no question of crime committed – $24 million been routed all over the places before going to finance a failed singer. It is a crime even though subsequently the sum may have been made good which prove those parties charged knew all along that it is wrong. It is only a matter of going to trial in order to decide on the severity of punishment ie how many years in jail. This is not like the sex/corruption trial where defendant may have good defence.

  9. Poo said

    At least he can.

  10. ASDF said

    My my, still got morons being brain-washed so badly.. This is like becoming a cult.. LOL

  11. hamtaro said

    Stil a better story than ftw winning medal

  12. ngpy said

    To raise funds for a genuiene good cause is definately a good deed. But to raise funds for not an appropriate cause is unneccessary. You cannot force PEOPLES’ MINDSET, so to each his own.

  13. LkySi said

    CHC members should approach Ah Longs for their legal fees

  14. OrdinaryMan said

    I also want to help Kong-cum Hee to raise fund at CHC leh… Waited very long for this good opportunity to swindle away the donation liao. I cheong to CHC this weekend, setup Facebook page and Paypal for easy money transfer… Huat ah !!!

  15. Fact Finder said

    Have not dawn on her yet!

  16. P Koh said

    Nothing beats the emotions of the heart and nobody beats the way Kong Hee manages to massage these hearts till they are prepared to bleed for him and turn a blind eye to what is the real problem confronting the issues at hand. I salute him for his sheer showmanship and the power of manupilating the hearts and minds of those who worship him instead of God.

  17. Hok Kian Lung said

    Shio kim chua ho ee.

  18. Whatafool said

    We can’t do anything if the remaining members still wants to live in self-denial. They’re probably brain-washed or still unable to accept the fact that their beloved pastor has cheated them out of their many monies that were being “donated” for a “good-cause”.

  19. Help Guied said

    Generally I do not read article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to try and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, quite nice article.

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