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Darinne Ko Wen Hui in sex scandal with NUS Law prof may lose her degree

Posted by temasektimes on August 5, 2012

Darinne Ko Wen Hui, the woman involved in a shocking sex scandal with her NUS Law professor Tey Tsun Hang may lose her law degree!

Ms Ko was alleged to have offer sex to Prof Tey in exchange for better grades, a charge which she has strenuously denied. While Ms Ko has not been charged for any offence yet, Tey has been charged with six counts of corruption, including two charges of sexual gratification from Ms Ko.

He was alleged to have obtained, among other things, a Mont Blanc pen worth $740 and an iPod Touch.

The sensational case shocked the NUS community, prompting many alumni to question why the university did not take action against Tey earlier after he was first called up for questioning by CPIB in April this year.

Speaking to queries from the state media, a spokesperson from NUS said that pending the verdict of the court case, disciplinary actions “may include revocation of the degree, certificate or any other outstanding achievements awarded earlier” to Ms Ko who obtained a ‘B’ grade for her final year.

Ms Ko did not take the Part B examinations to be admitted to the Bar this year. Her name was not on the list of new lawyers admitted as Advocates and Solicitors.

Though her whereabouts is currently unknown, she is believed to be in Singapore as her passport has been impounded.

Tey will be back in court on 23 August for a pre-trial conference.


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35 Responses to “Darinne Ko Wen Hui in sex scandal with NUS Law prof may lose her degree”

  1. kaypoh said

    Oh poor girl! If she loses her degree she may have to fall back on her other skills & freelance in Geylang!

  2. Ah Loot said

    A law degree from NUS is not worth the paper.

  3. Ron said

    Sex for a Degree…may sound like a good TV movie. But it is so shocking as it involves dragging the hard-won reputation of NUS into the mud. I am not a graduate from NUS but I would feel outraged if I were. How can someone exchange lust for a degree? It degrades all that NUS stood for and worked for.

    Not only should the degree be revoked but criminal charges be filed for bringing dis-repute to NUS. Also I hope there will be a civil lawsuit for compensation. Should make it painful enough so that others will be deterred from the doing the same.

    I worked hard for my degree overseas and I am glad there has not been a sex scandal like this at my alma mater.

    • Chan JY said

      Not fair to say that unless she had handed in a blank piece of paper and still got a B for it. We haven’t heard their side of the story and still don’t know what really happened.

  4. Disappointed Singaporean said

    I kinda feel really sorry for her that she will be losing her degree.

  5. Bertrand Ngien Wen Tseah said

    She looks cock eye in that pic.

  6. Nabey said

    Really can’t stay in spore anymore. Find prostitute also must check their IC if >18, have sex with 22 years old students also kena problem! Now can only Pa chiu cheng.

  7. seiya78 said

    the professor legs got problems sad case already…. even sad when his eyes stick with stamp….. wa lao….pick someone more pretty mah… this kind of standard…..haiz…..

  8. Juzlin said

    Is that guy in the pic, the prof?

  9. tan big tan said

    Two people may have had sex in Singapore. Wow, and this is big news??? And everyone is upset about it? No wonder the birthrate in Singapore is falling faster than Temasek’s overseas investment – which should be the main story.

  10. hahaha said

    not fair to her classmates (now lawyers) who studied so hard, I am sure

  11. Pussy Rules said

    She got “B” because she don’t let the professor have her Ass for anal and in revenge the professor shoot his spunk in her right eye. End up she got the cork eye……………….wahahahahahahaha lol……………..

  12. Fed Up Singaporean said

    Wa lao one look at her face and I know this scandal is bs…

    Wtf?? NUS no more girls? All the rest die liao is it?

  13. Public Eyes said

    Her parents must be devastated. Hope they are coping OK.

  14. Abdul said

    I feel it is not fair to withdraw her degree.The papers are marked by different prof & she proved herself competent.

    • abu sayaf said

      the fairest outcome is to make her resit the paper marked by the horny prof, what do you think?

      • Julie Ong said

        Hi, Abdul and Abu Sayaf. Chakap bagus dan patut (well said and fair).

        I’m delighted that there are still fair minded people who are not given in to extremes in words or deeds. Makes one feel worth fighting for what is right, just and humane.

        Thanks, guys.

      • Julie Ong said

        Hi, Abdul and Abu Sayaf. Chakap patut dan bagus (spoken well and fair).

        I’m delighted that there are still fair minded people. Temperate and not given in to extremes in words or deeds. Makes one feel that it is worth fighting for what is right, reasonable and humane.

        Thanks, guys.

  15. LkySi said

    The Charter does not allow her LLB to be revoked. Either she will be allowed to re-take that particular subject again or her call to the Bar will be postponed for 2 years

  16. Kaypohkia said

    So many sex scandal exposed. I think the person that exposed Leonard Koh, principal, created a website and posted all the pictures up.

  17. Sam said

    • Singaporean said

      Puts Singapore on such negative light! More to come la… MOE’s stand seems to be “if it is not broken, why fixed it?” anyway, these girls want Leonard Koh to give them an ‘A’ for PE they sure can try… These male educators all chee hong one…

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