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DPM Teo: We must ensure our population continues to remain ‘sustainable’

Posted by temasektimes on August 5, 2012

With Singapore facing a ‘silver tsunami’ in ten years’ time and Singaporeans not producing sufficient number of babies to make up for the population shortfall, PAP leaders have been hard selling Singaporeans the importance of immigration as a means to ‘sustain’ the population.

Speaking at a National Day Observance Ceremony held at Elias Park Primary School on Saturday morning, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said that Singapore must ensure that it has a sustainable population to face future challenges.

“We continue to face big challenges for the future, and one of the big challenges we have for the future is how to build a sustainable population for ourselves. Our population is slowly ageing and eventually, over the next 15 years or so, will even start to shrink,” DPM Teo said.

He stressed the importance of having a ‘sustainable’ population to keep Singapore ‘vibrant, alive, lively and one of the most exciting cities in the world.’

“(We have to) help to make sure that our population continues to remain sustainable so that we can continue to have a stable Singapore for the future,” he added.

Due to a massive public backlash from native Singaporeans, PAP leaders have changed their tact of late and using euphemisms like ‘sustainable population’ to mask their pro-immigration policies.

Ironically, the government’s immigration policies may be the cause of Singapore’s falling birth rates as the relentless influx of foreigners over the years has contributed to sky-rocketing property prices causing many young Singaporeans to delay marriage and starting a family of their own.


22 Responses to “DPM Teo: We must ensure our population continues to remain ‘sustainable’”

  1. Singapuraboi said

    But now with more foreigners competing for jobs ND the consequence of locals losing their jobs everyday, more and more people are worried about giving birth to kids and not having the means to support them. The local population will drop even more. Why can’t the PAP accet their mistake and rectify? Why r they always manipulating situations to save face? They push women out to work by deliberately pushing up the cost of living so much so both husbands and wives r too busy and too strased to have kids. And they r quick to blame the people for disobedience and uncooperation. PAP be responsible and rectify the problem. Those days with single income, families r producing babies like a baby production factory. Don’t just talk about the future when the solution to our present Problem and future lies in our history.

  2. Lim said

    Kee Chiu and the rest of MIW gang are still going to increase and open the flood gates to foreigners. They will not stop. Locals cry father they close the door a little when the cry mother dies down they open a bit wider and let in more aliens but the door will never be shut. sneaky policy. no wonder the aliens are so smug about it.

  3. Propaganda mi9nister said

    The underlying principle of Joseph Goebbel – the Propaganda minister of Hitler, and his work of lies, is to keep on repeating the lies over and over again, the bigger the lies the better. Over time, lies will eventually be accepted as truth. The bigger the lies, the more believable they become. Well, here he is at it again – repeating the same lies and ignoring the huge pink elephant in the same room!!

  4. rongY said

    the only facts about this bullshit population problem is to try keep PAP in power so that htye can continue earning their millions $$ salary. you think increasing the 30s, 40s and 50s years old trash will solve the aging population, these trash will eventually create more problems with their dependent on Singapore to feed them, house them and medical care for them. Mr DPM you are NOT GETTING TALENTS you are just simply getting TRASH which they simpily cannot earn a living in their own country. Your scholars official never go down to the ground in China or Phillipines or India to experience the local talents and when they are talented they do not need to leave their country to earn a living because they are so in demand in their home and they enjoy great rewards.

  5. Samuel said

    DPM Teo “Cheat” Hean is playing “fast and loose” with the facts. The population problem facing Singapore was created by PAP starting with LKY’s “Stop at 2” policy. Singaporean must remember this. The PAP is now trying to look good by trying to solve it created (by its incompetence) in the first place.

  6. A disappointing Singaporean said

    We singaporeans now feel so unimportant and bullied outside, in our own country. This is very sad. A government who works so hard so the country but is blind to it’s people.

    I love Singapore, and once felt blessed that I am born here. But now, everything changed. It’s not accepting the FT that is a problem, it’s them accepting themselves and acknowledging that they are a FT.

    I do not know if production may increase as you bring in more FTs, all I’ve seen all these while are arragont workers that provides terrible services. The recent I had was with KFC, whom was terribly late with their delivery. In the past, they would immediately apologise and compensate us with a meal. Now, they give me plenty of excuses and lies, with the new driver, the drizzling rain and bike broke down etc etc.. to get themselves away. This is terrible!
    Look at the service difference. The service we used to have and now. Which customer would want to go back to this kind of resturant again?

    There are excellent FTs I’ve met too. They are nice, trust and respect. It’s not all. It seems that government have “imported ” too much people to handle, without educating them and let them do whatever they like here. How can you educate them? How can we feel the importance?

  7. Ken Lee said

    welcome to land of traitors ! welcome to land of traitors ! here where traitors belong!

  8. PAP Cheated Singaporeans said

    DO NOT be MSLED by the PAP arguments and logic. OLDER people and OR grey population IS NOT a problem, even with low births. I REPEAT – greying IS NOT a problem even with lower TFRs.

    Because the PAP has RETAINED ALL their CPF at AGE 55 AND AFTER, so MUCH that the PAP realised that they CAN CON citizens to mass imprt foreigners and SCARE citizens!!!
    THAT is a problem as they Have NO $$$,$$$ to Retire. THEY CREATED by SIDE track to LIE to citizens this is a PROBLEM.

    IT is NOT a problem IF they HAVE their CPF $$$,$$$ at AGE 55 to retire – See the DIFFERENCE???

    • Julie Ong said

      PAP Cheated Singaporeans, I can’t agree with you more!

      I’m thinking that the government has blundered so badly with our CPF money that they keep trying to ‘pyscho’ us into believing their propaganda. I’m saying that there’s probably not enough money to pay out and therefore they have to keep changing the CPF rules. They actually have no right to do that because it is Your Money! If you were to put your money in a Fixed Term Deposit, say for one year and the year is up and you want the money back plus interest is the bank going to say to you that you can only withdraw your money after another year? That’s partially what’s happening when you reach 55 years old – you can only withdraw a portion of your CPF and the rest will be determined by the Government/CPF Administrators. That’s a breach of the agreement by the CPF that all your money will be returned to you upon your reaching 55 years old (retirement age).

      This is an incompetent government. Bad money manager. Too much spin and very little substance of real worth.

      Kick them out!

  9. BooHooHoo! said

    Dear all…there are many who left Sg for a greener patch…please do so if you can…otherwise stop complaining here…no use one! Unless we are prepared to topple PAP with possible BLOODSHED, complaining and ranting and cursing and mocking here or any other social media won’t make any change!

  10. BooHooHoo, U TCSS . You think those who has the means don’t want to leave this country ?

  11. The only way to maintain a sustainable population in Singapore, and everywhere in this world, is to STOP reproducing for a long period of time, say 25 years. Only then the limited resources of the Earth will not be stripped bare.

  12. abc said

    They only know how to talk seriously ! What was done to address the low birth rate problem ? All they did was short cut route by importing ft ! Thanks pap

  13. Cher said

    If HDB can sell flats at 1980 prices, all the woman can stay at home and produce babies. That would be the perfect solution for the problem. Teo Chee Hean, what do you think?

  14. jaded said

    today I went to watson’s. 3 cashiers there, 2 pinoys, 1 PRC. wtf?

  15. To Be Fair said

    The only way towards a sustainable population is to bite the bullet which is, solving the problem at source. Ask Singaporeans why are they not producing. Its simply becos, financially, the ends don’t meet, to have children. Adjust the income distribution, provide primary school enrolment priority, free maid levy and COE to those with three or more children and you will see whether or not people will procreate. But if you stinge on the necessary remedies and hope the struggling Singaporeans will produce more children, you are in dreamland. The FT solution to population shortage is a shortsighted and irresponsible approach which postpones the issue to the future and aggravating the economic situation of the masses by depriving them of their jobs, jacking up housing and transport prices, making people more reluctant to give birth, hence spirally worsening the issue.

  16. what do you think said

    How S’pore can sustain if foreigners will be continued to be welcomed with open arms to come to this tiny red dot with no natural resources?
    Poor developing third world countries should stop reproducing.

    • In a third world country, where very few people have any form of entertainment, they pass the time by having sex. Coupled with the lack of accessibility to birth control methods, they ended up with a perfect storm on their hands…

  17. P Koh said

    Being a first world country has its set-backs when the cost of living suppresses the production of babies as wanting the good life and luxurious living means lesser time for procreation. Can there be something done to keep the cost of living down while steering clear of the Swiss standard of living and ensuring that people live in harmony instead of luxury.? The poor may not necessarily be unhappy while the rich may not neccessarily be happy. There is always a trade-of in life and a fine balance is where the ruling party will have to find. Not easy but not impossible too.

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