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Khaw Boon Wan flip-flops: I am ‘convinced’ the foldable bikes are ‘warranted’

Posted by temasektimes on August 5, 2012

After receiving widespread criticisms from Singaporeans for spending too much on the Brompton bikes, National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan now flip-flops and say he is ‘convinced’ that they are warranted.

Mr Khaw has received much flak lately for handling the controversy which he initially dismissed before suspending the NPark officer who bought the bikes and refer the matter to CPIB for further investigations.

The bikes caused $2,200 each and the tender was called during the Chinese New Year period.

Speaking on the sidelines of a community event, Mr Khaw revealed he recently went along with the officers while they did their inspection rounds and is convinced that for the type of work the officers do, foldable bikes are warranted.

Minister Khaw Boon Wan touched on the issue of the Brompton bikes bought by NParks.

He added that it’s the right call to buy foldable bicycles but how it’s acquired is a different story.

“You go up and down natural terrain, it was very hard on my bottoms, after just a couple of hours riding with them; and then because the park connector goes through areas which are quite remote, and sometimes you’ve got to cross the road using overhead bridge, and they have to carry the bikes with them. That’s why just now I was trying to lift these cheaper bikes which are not foldable, it’s not easy,” he explained.


19 Responses to “Khaw Boon Wan flip-flops: I am ‘convinced’ the foldable bikes are ‘warranted’”

  1. DLim said

    Wah lau. This man got problem or what? People are questioning about the cost of the bicycles, not whether it should be foldable or non-foldable.

  2. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Of course Mr Khaw, how can you be wrong now about the newly acquired S$2200 bikes when the old and cheaper bike u rode on was “very hard on your bottoms”. Well done Sir! You sure got down to the root of the problem on this one because it got very hard on your bottoms. Incredible conclusion to a fantastic drama! A best seller to be cherished in modern day Singapore.

  3. watch your ticker said

    The pic of Khaw is an old one taken during his pre-op days as minister of health. Sad to see the handicapped lying on the floor behind him. Khaw should not try to over-exert himself lifting those $2000 plus bikes and risk a hernia or worse.

  4. Chan JY said

    So going up and down on natural terrain on a foldable bike would be easier on one’s bottom?

  5. Tofu said

    The reason why Khaw finds it very difficult to carry the bike is because he is ‘unfit’.
    This has nothing to do with the park rangers (who presumably should have a certain level of fitness) who are actually doing the navigation.
    HE is using his ‘own personal experience’ based on his level of fitness to speak for all the park rangers.
    Clearly there are many ways to get around the problem.
    How about an extremely light-weight racing bike? Probably won’t cost you more than brompton bike, and need not be foldable.
    Or, a better solution is to set up multiple bike rental/stops along the 150km connector. All the rangers have to do, is to bike from one point to another, walk/travel in parts, and then pick up another bike at another points!! So simple! Is he million-dollared Minister?

  6. Nabey said

    Yes!! My backside also very pain when I sit on my toilet bowl. That’s why I ask Durai for contact and he recommend me the gold plated toiler bowl. Now I pang sai very song! Sir, you want the contact? Change the seat to gold plated !! Guarantee you backside very shiok!

  7. patrick eng said

    when ‘reasons’ to purchase these bikes comes out after the purchase its like putting the
    cart before the horse. good meh. i will feel quite stupid when questioned.

  8. seah said

    we known it warranted
    but do we need to but such a expensive bike.a 200 hundred bike is good enough.i myself is using a 100 foldable bilke,and it serve me well

  9. jo lee said

    This is ridiculous. That is where our GST money went? I wonder what other purchases civil servants make. Iphones, Ipads so that they are better on their eyes???

  10. jo lee said

    Ordinary Singaporeans use Nokia. Govt people use Iphones since Iphones cost less than $2,000. Justifiable. Right??

  11. Ken Lee said

    what the point of having purchase officers, if they don’t go checking the quality, weight and size of the bike? do you know how dangerous using foldable bike and go up and down natural terrain? if the connect is not tie properly then we will have big news!

  12. Bai Hu said

    I am not a PAP supporter. But just to point out something. Khaw did mentioned that it’s the right call to buy foldable bicycles (not the branded ones) but how it’s acquired is a different story. Meaning that the foldable bicycles will be more useful that those that were unfoldable as the riders will find it more useful & convenient. But of course, the purchase must be done according to correct procedures e.g. fair tender comparison with reasonable pricing & value for money. It is clear that he did not agree with the way the tender is closed. It is made worse if it’s carried out during CNY when many establishments are not in business & you are forced to close the deal with a lousy supplier. I am glad that he got CPIB to step in.

  13. bob said

    Mr kaw my toilet seat is giving me painful bottoms… can i get a gold one?

  14. mel said

    Your life is too comfortable Mr Khaw, my $800 plus foldable Dahon bike is 11 plus kg and my wife can carry it up and down 3 floors with no issues because we don’t have a lift. you’re just weak or lazy.

  15. Warranty???!!! He is talking as if those bikes have computerised fuel injection and 12 cylinders engine.

    My bicycle costs $200 and I haven’t have any breakdown along the road and have to call a recovery vehicle in 10 years!!! And yes, I do carry my bicycle up stairs and overhead bridges! Heck! It is part of physical exercise. That is the whole idea of riding a bike, instead of a motorised transport!!!

  16. Lim said

    So since the NPark job is so hard and warrants luxury bicycles, similarly by his warped logic our ministers and permanent secretaries need to be housed in luxurious Sentosa Cove bungalows ,given Lexus cars and paid millions since their jobs are so hard that their bodies, brains and buttocks also must be pampered like NPark rangers to function optimally!!

  17. Singaporean said

    This fiasco will teach Mr Khaw not to shoot off next time. It isn’t his fault that there is corruption in NParks. The individuals who thought they could get away with it, and that they are somewhat privileged / above the law must be punished. Bravo to whistle-blowers. Singapore needs more people like you and thank you for that. Watch how our tax dollars are being spent!

  18. very funny said

    We are talking about apples, he is talking about oranges.
    If cannot convince the people, confuse the people?

  19. PAP will pro PAP said

    PAP will pro PAP

    flowers seller will say their flower are good or the best.
    He is not a neutral person to give the comment.

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