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Complaint about ‘Butterflies and Cakes’

Posted by temasektimes on August 6, 2012


I would like to address the recent issue that involved comments made by Butterflies and Cakes which offended quite a lof of people. including myself.

At around 1630h on the 3rd August 2012, I came across a post in a certain forum that caught my attention. It led me to log into facebook to have a look at Butterflies and Cakes’s main facebook page, and this is what I read:

“dear couples. please note that Butterflies and cakes is known for building and planning that special themed wedding. we do not entertain less than $3000 orders. as it will be under the common and ordinary category.  those can be serviced by alot of normal florist. so please call us only if you are seriously interested in having a beautiful wedding. (don’t mean to offend our fans, but i had calls for castles, grand themes and with budgets of $1k-$2k) seriously.”

It was only after it drew some critisism from other facebook users that Butterflies and Cakes decided to remove the post some 2-3 hours after it was posted.

On the the 4th August 2012, Butterflies and Cakes posted an apology on their main wall on facebook. In it, the director of Butterflies and Cakes called “Dr” Fang pushed the blame to a “poly intern” who was the one responsible for the offensive post. However many facebook users were unconvinced about this, and when probed further, “Dr” Fang started to sound defensive and as expected, deleted the apology post along with all the comments and subsequently disabled all postings on the main facebook page.

There are a lot of unanswered questions that continue to linger.

1) If the initial post was indeed made by a poly intern, why were there so many grammatical mistakes made in both posts (initial + apology) that were so identical and similar? Spelling errors, double negatives and no capitals after fuil stops. Was it posted by the same person? A few facebook users questions about this went unanswered.

2) As a “Dr” in which was claimed, why was the command of English so poorly used? There was a vast difference between older posts made on the facebook page. On the company overview on facebook, Gerard Fang was stated as MR. It was recently changed to “DR”.

3) Why did you allow a poly intern (if there really was one) to make such sensitive remarks on the main facebook page? Shouldn’t all posts be “screened” or approved by upper management prior to public release, especially when it covers sensitive issues?

4) A facebook user pointed out, if this was meant to be a family business in the first place, why accept poly interns?

5) Why was the apology deleted, and the main facebook wall blocked from making users post comments if it truly was a blunder by a poly intern? Running away does not solve the problem at hand.

There are more to a beautiful besides cost, and if this was a tactic to upscale Butterflies and Cakes sales, it truly lacked judgement and foresight.

I have attached pictures of the postings made by Butterflies and Cakes for your reference.

I, for one, will never engage the service of Butterflies and Cakes for my wedding which is in the early planning stages.


A very unhappy and disappointed consumer.


23 Responses to “Complaint about ‘Butterflies and Cakes’”

  1. kaypoh said

    Money culture lah, pay more, get worse service, following example set by papaya gahmen.

  2. jogag said


  3. wth said

    this is news?

  4. Amanda Hug said

    Sorry, I don’t see the issue there. It’s a private business that’s allowed to make all the (poor) judgement calls it wants. Like that also want to complain ah?

  5. LkySi said

    Dr ( or whatever he calls himself, obviously he must be damned stupid) Fang must be having butterflies in his stomach.

  6. B.C said

    What’s wrong with targeting only the rich ?
    Quality and price go in tandem.
    Those who think this is snobbish then so be it.

  7. dono said

    Wow,whats with the negative vibes ?are they from Butterflies and cakes?
    No need to be angry with this…the writer is just expressing his/her own unhappiness…

  8. youeatshit said

    are you guys dumb?

    the fact that DR FANG posted that comment and dare not face up to it, deleting comments and pushing blame IS THE NEWS!

    bet most of you here didn’t get married right?

    oh right, most of you here should be too pathetic to be wanted

  9. Rudeness is not acceptable said

    The issue is not with their choice of target market but with the tone of the post which is very offensive.

  10. I agree that an apology shouldn’t have been given in the first place. What’s wrong with the company setting it’s own benchmark? Would you walk into a 5-star hotel and ask for a room with the same rate as Hotel81?

  11. Rie said

    since its a family biz as you stated, I do believe they have the rights to reject any customers they want. Its like saying you want a branded purse but you want to pay only $50 for it. Then you get rejected by the store manager and you got so pissed you want to make it into the news.

    I wonder~

  12. Mosee said

    Wasn’t aware that bad management of a social network site is now considered a socio-political issue.

  13. Michael Chua said

    Looks like Internet Marketing and social networking skills are becoming the order of the day. Businesses ought to beef up these departments to become Internet savvy quickly.

  14. Jadey nekomi kun said

    “we do not entertain less than $3000 orders. as it will be under the common and ordinary category. those can be serviced by alot of normal florist”

    “so please call us only if you are seriously interested in having a beautiful wedding. (don’t mean to offend our fans, but i had calls for castles, grand themes and with budgets of $1k-$2k) seriously.”

    Sometimes people want something which is beautiful for an impossible price, since they had recieved such request, probably more then they can handle/put up with, its normal for them to want to state clearly what they can do with what kind of budget. Its like telling people : “Hi please pay the correct price for the correct items/service you want and please don’t keep on bargaining. The lesser you would fork out for the item/service you want/wish to get, the simpler it might turn out to be.

    Nobody wants to run a business that does not earn anything, as a business man, one would always be thinking of how to maximize the profit. Put yourself in their shoes and you will understand ^_^ (No use complaining)

  15. Why the fuck is this on Temasek Times?

  16. singaporean said

    Posting such junk here really makes Temasek Times loses its credibility further. Is this a new online forum? !!

  17. kaypoh said

    Yeah if it doesn’t have sex scandals or cheating or gahmen arrogance, I dun wanna hear about it !!! hahaha 😉

  18. lea marie said

    Such a pathetic post. You think it’s that easy to run a business ? There you go complaining because the owner posted a post on facebook because he/she was not satisfied with people bargaining about their price. I find the price to be quite reasonable actually. I had to pay 8k JUST for my wedding decors before I even knew about this company. That was like the cheapest of the cheapest that I could find. It’s not like they run a free service. I’m pretty sure they need money to make the props needed, pay the salaries of their helpers etc. If you’re not happy with it, then go to a different wedding company instead of sulking and moaning about it.

  19. ellery chua said

    I might have viewed this post in a more positive light if the poster had given their name. As it is it sounds like a possible competitor trying to sabo one in the back. Grant the wording of it could have been done better the gist of the cake shops post was that they do special themed cakes and these cost more than normal. A FYI in the US for custom top of line bespoked by the high end wedding cake maker about 3 years back a bill of US30,000 for a cake is not a shocker. So I guess this guys is sort of middle class expensive – the rich in Singapore could consider mini 3K to be okay. Heard of couples paying 10K on flowers and cake. Shot one where well the cake and flowers cost 7K , the bill for photography plus video was only 5K.
    But that is high end high society weddings not the kind that Mr John Ah Lim and Ms Amy Ah Moy Quek have. What is the problem with being labelled as ordinary ? If the label fits wear it with pride.

  20. P Koh said

    As in any email or posting, if you dislike it there is a “delete” key on your keyboard and it merely takes less than a second to press it and pesto! the issue is gone and no need to comment or waste time on such non issues.

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