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Desmond Choo brings estate upgrading to Hougang after 20 long years

Posted by temasektimes on August 6, 2012

Estate upgrading has finally come to Hougang after twenty years all thanks to the efforts of PAP grassroots adviser Desmond Choo.

Though Mr Choo lost to the Workers Party’s candidate Png Eng Huat recently in the Hougang by-election, he still stayed on and worked tirelessly for the residents.

Mr Choo announced the plans during a community event at Hougang Community Club on Saturday that  six blocks in Hougang Avenue 3 — 1, 2, 6, 7, 24, 25 — will fall under the Home Improvement Programme (HIP), which will target problem areas in old flats such as leakages in ceilings.

In the meantime, blocks in Hougang Avenue 5 — 320 to 328, 332 to 341 and 351 to 363 — will undergo the Neighborhood Renewal Programme (NRP)

While Mr Choo has been working hard on the ground day in and out including conducting his weekly Meet-the-People sessions at Hougang Community Club every Monday without fail, the newly-minted MP for Hougang was nowhere to be seen, heard or found.



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  1. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Hats off to you Mr Desmond Choo! I am happy to hear that your efforts finally paid off. Hougang residents finally get an estate upgrading after 20 years. In my book, you are the man for Hougang despite your loss here to WP candidate in the recent GE. Who is the current WP MP here, sad to say, I don’t have a damn clue! Keep up the good and humble work Mr Desmond Choo and you will not be forgotten when the next GE comes around. Period!

    • oldguard said

      You are damn hypocrite, don’t know who your MP is, real shocking for a professional. Must be an import alien, get out of Hougang asap. We don’t need you to be around. Po

      • i say what i think only... said

        how can u say that of him? he is “can mankan curry”. must be local indian la!

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Who says I live in Hougang? And who says I want any association with the opposition? And why do I even want to know the opposition candidates name? Bottom line, I grew up with the ruling government, I am growing with the ruling government and it’s very honourable to die in Singapore with the ruling government still intact. So u see buddy, I only have 2 words for u:- Get lost!

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        By the way, I am a Singporean, my NRIC number is S1467872G. Born in Singapore on 29th October 1961. So watch it son, watch your words very carefully!

      • redskevin said

        @Dr Ken Mansukhani, hey u put your real ic number out there, u not scared people use ur ic for illegal things ah?

      • tk0 said

        @Dr Ken MANSUKHAN

        whats with the hostility? being born in 1961 as you imply… i or most of us would have expected you to post your replies in a more mature and mild manner…

      • Casey Kwan said

        Dr MakanKhani, sorry typo.. Makancurry… oops… sorry I apologize again… got confused by the others’ posts. I mean you are definitely either an avid PAP puppy or a shallow person who is blinded by the loop sided media coverage. Anyway, I respect all races and nationalities as long as they make intelligent comments. Obviously yours is a propanganda not better than a cheesy tv commercial line and you are plain irrelevant when you do not stay in Hougang at all. You can show him your support when you become my neighbour during election. We welcome you to cheer in his rally which is less than half a goal post full even with all those gimmicks

    • Me said


      • ooops said

        Oops, but democracy allows him to has his view and you to have yours. Is calling same view as democracy and differing views as setting back democracy for 20 years or killing democracy, is this true democracy?

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Please apply proper grammar in your English sentences. English,it appears to me was or maybe still is, your weaker subject in school. All the best to you young man

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Do you even know what “Democracy” mean? Person like you should stay in North Korea and learn for yourself how well the ruling government here has it for us as a democratic society. My last dollar on you not lasting for more than 48 hours there. Period!

  2. Paul said

    PAP deny Hougang ‘s estate upgrading for 20 years, is that a good thing or bad things?
    When PAP candidate lose, they get to be grass advisor while the opposition dun even have a void deck to use.
    Didn’t Png held his MPS regularly? Ever Png become a MP, did he miss any of the MPS???
    If Temasek Times consider WP to be PAP “Team B”, why sing praises to the offical PAP team???

    The nominations for these upgrade schemes were put forth by Hougang MP Png Eng Huat and the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council, which is run by the Workers’ Party.
    Choo, as the grassroots adviser for Hougang, supported the nominations.

    • mahbok tan said

      Sorry fellow SGporeans , TT , can just be one of them ( PAP cybertroopers ). But who cares….!!!
      The BEST thing is I and some of us can vent our anger on the internet,

      Whatever their objective are I do not give a damn. They too can wayang as and when they like….come GE2016 , we neede to vote for a CHANGE……!!!

      Sorry moderator if my assumption is incorrect but we should learn to agree to disagree right….!!!

      Mod’s reply:

      What change yare you talking about? ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in future elections, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power.’ – WP MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

      • any problem said

        If the party has less than 2/3 majority, it cannot form the govt.
        Is there a problem to form the govt with a party that has less than 1/3 majority?
        Australia has a coalition govt before, so far any problem?

  3. alloslogos said

    It is so unfair to intentionally highlight that ‘the newly minted MP for Hougang was nowhere to be found, seen or heard.’ As if the MP must be seen by the writer whenever Desmond makes his propaganda rounds. Even if the incumbent is around, will he be invited in?
    Why not ask the MP to sit at the Community Club everyday to wait for the writer?

  4. Populist said

    According to WP, Ah Huat job scope only includes LIm kopi and attend funerals. That is how the war was won for the past two decades in Hougang.

    Mod’s note:

    No wonder they are known as ‘Wayang Party’ – wayang here, wayang there, pretend to be mute in parliament and get $15k easily in the pocket, not bad for a part-time MP. LOL…

    • stevenadosan said

      Not true lah.MSM standard pratice is not to publicise opposition acitivites.They are used to amplified or print big picture of pap’s activities…Don’t be fool!!!

    • i say what i think only... said

      at least they pretend to be mute. got see the REAL mutes in parliament?

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        You AssHole do not fuck around with my surname and making a mockery of it. If you can’t behave, I will be your nightmare!!!! Want to try? You dont even have the balls to use your real name and you want to talk like you know everything. Idiot!

      • Rory Smith said

        Lol manksukanina is angry

  5. fcukLOGIC said

    so one sided. ‘the newly-minted MP for Hougang was nowhere to be seen, heard or found.’ sighed.

    • Overly Biased said

      I hardly consider “weekly Meet-the-People sessions” as “day in day out.” Please retract such bias if you still want to retain credibility.

  6. Annoymous said


  7. hmm.. said

    “The nominations for these upgrade schemes were put forth by Hougang MP Png Eng Huat and the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council, which is run by the Workers’ Party.

    Choo, as the grassroots adviser for Hougang, supported the nominations.”

    Okay, so Desmond Choo agreed to go forward with the upgrading. But who brought it up???

    • 20 years said

      Unfortunately for Houguang, it takes 20 plus year for the nominations of upgrade schemes to be bought up. Really long time, man. So the last 20 years sleeping? The last 20 years tax payer never pay for MP to look after Hougang meh??

  8. bb said

    Desmong Choo- next election please stand as an independent candidate and you will win the election.

    You lost the election because of PAP because everyone hates PAP. PAP dun realise it but you should relised it.

  9. pngkueh_forever said

    It is all clowning around. Quite bias against WP, isn’t it ?
    Whatever, PAP will still lose in the next GE. Don’t believe : then get a heavy weight to stand for election in Hougang. Ha, ha

    Mod’s note:

    Even if the PAP loses, WP will still form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power. ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in future elections, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power.’ – WP MP Pritam Singh, May 2011. Now what say you?

  10. Gregory said

    WP ‘wayang wayang’ but can win 6 seats. SDP and Reform Party fight head on and oppose like crazy, but get zero seats. It seems that Singaporeans have made their preference which strategy they prefer from the Opposition.

    Mod’s note:

    Without the PAP and its media promoting the ‘Wayang Party’, do you think it will be able to ‘win’ six seats? Don’t be deluded, the ‘Wayang Party’ does not belong to the opposition. It is on the SAME side as the PAP. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Till the ‘Wayang Party’ is completely dissolved, destroyed and demolished, there is no hope for democracy in Singapore.

    • Hopeful said

      @Mod, would like to believe you if you can be more convincing. Is there any proof so far? Somehow, I always have this feeling but told myself it cannot be true…

      • mahbok tan said

        Fellow SGporeans , how come on this issue the TT moderator are super active hor…looks like they too can wayang hor….!!!!

        Just like their malaysian counter parts , this is how they go for cyber war against the opposition by painting different pics at different places….,,, to confuse voters…!!!

        Watever it is …VOTE FOR A CHANGE come GE2016

    • Paul said

      PAP will be gald to have people like this mod around to help secure a win for PAP

    • Realist said

      Seems like the mod has a fetish for PAP.

    • IronMan said

      @Mod – A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Till the ‘Wayang Party’ is completely dissolved, destroyed and demolished, there is no hope for democracy in Singapore.

      Why dun dissolve the PAP instead? Like u said it, “A vote for WP = A vote for PAP.” Mod, u only attack the WP and not the PAP, in the comments. Why? Since, in your opinion, WP=PAP, why one-sided?

      It is unjustifiable and unconvincing. “WP = PAP” YOU r just a propaganda at work.

  11. spotlessleopard said

    the Americans should come to singapore to learn what real PORK BARREL POLITICS IS ALL ABOUT

    • Leo said

      It should be the N Koreans coming to Spore to learn how to introduce fake democracy and legalised corruption for their country.

  12. Playfair said

    Looks like Temasek Times is ANTI-WP. Proven.
    How do we know if you are PRO PAP.
    Say what you want they are doing well and will win more seats.

    Mod’s note:

    How can we be pro-PAP when we don’t like WP? WP is the PAP’s ‘B’ team! In fact, the presence of WP is weakening the real opposition because it offers voters a fake alternative. An ‘opposition’ party which does not oppose or check on the ruling party is the single biggest threat to democracy. Look at WP’s performance in the last one year – what has it done to show that it is serious about serving as a check and balance on the PAP? Ironically, the PAP MPs and NMPs are even more vocal, critical and effective than the six wayang jokers in parliament.

    • to mod said

      PAP was an opp party before 1959, were they the real opp party then?
      Let’s not kid ourselves, there is no democracy in S’pore as long as the one-party-rule remained.
      The only way to have a real democracy in S’pore is to vote them out in 2016, if not deny them 2/3 majority but will most of our fellow 60.1% S’poreans agree?
      Btw, “How can we be pro-PAP when we don’t like WP?” is a contradicting statement.

  13. Wake up your idea said

    U hate the wayang party cos its PAP’s B team but here u post pro-PAP posts. You are just a pro-PAP website in disguise. Dont think you can fool us

    • K said

      In local soccer term, it’s called kelong!!!

    • mahbok tan said

      This is how their strategy planner works…..putting up wayang websites as pro opposition but kong kali kong with the voters feeling and at the same time they can gauge the voters sentiment…..!!!

      Only Daft SGporean can be fooled. You all have learned well from your malaysian counter part but so are your fellow citizen. good luck.

      VOTE FOR A CHANGE come GE2016

      Mod’s note:

      “If the PAP fails to win a majority in future elections, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power.” – WP MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

    • Z said

      +1 🙂
      pretty obvious

    • i say what i think only... said

      admit it la the fake TT is headed by those who kanna kicked out by WP right…

  14. Gregory said

    If Temasek Times is not pro-PAP, then why are you praising Desmond to the high heavens? A vote for Desmond is a vote for PAP.

  15. just curious said

    Credits could go to you, Choo. But you’ll never get the recognition. WP all the way!

  16. Is the upgrading money come from him personally ?

  17. Dun claim credit said

    After 21 years of long wait since 1991 it has proven that as long as majority of HG voters can wait, upgrading is slowly but surely come to HG.
    All good things will come to those who have waited patiently. Even HG being last in the queue for upgrading does not mean not in the queue, be late than never.

  18. Colin Wang said

    Worker Party will win Hougang, aljunied, joo chiat and east coast in the next GE

    Mod’s note:

    Will it make any difference? ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party will form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power.’ – WP MP Pritam Singh

  19. Merlion said

    Whether an estate get upgrading solely depending on the government which is the ruling party. Desmond belong to pap so it will be easier for him to get the nod from pap. Well, this is the pap underhand way to get back hougang in the next election. Don’t fall into their trap.

  20. Two is better than one said

    Hougang voters are the smartest of all. They voted for WP and now having two people (WP and PAP) serving them. So the next GE please vote for the opposition and you will have two people at your ward to serve you.

    • TCSS said

      No lah don’t think Hougang people are the type that take advantage of people, petty, self-center and calculative lah ….. hey don’t any how say say ok……

      If they are really so self centered, they will “demand” their MP to run the town council to the ground (with negative reserve) and benefiting them self by “demanding” much lower fees than national norm, But they never what. You go and see Hougang TC past annual report loh, quite well run what and profitable what, Financially very strong also.

      So don’t think they are the type of people, who think they deserve more attention than the rest of Singaporean, and not the selfish type who vote base on their self interest at heart (to get 2 to serve them) as compared to those responsible voter who vote with the responsibility to the fellow country man and country interest at heart.

  21. Many are DAFTEST said

    Dont debase WP into a PAP team B when there IS NO hard evidence to support. AM I making too strong a statement?
    The ONLY fair and unequivocal evidence is WP won HG single seat and AGRC. Come on mod you look silly and monkey-like if you are biased against facts.
    And have the guts and democratic principle to publish this IF not your reputation will be gone as readers WILL know how to judge and formed conclusions WITH your strong anti WP tones.
    Your anti WP fervour WILL NOT bring more votes to SDP, or SPP or NSP or any other oppo party for that matter.

  22. Those sleeping idiots said

    You mean the PAP woke up after 20 long years and realising stunts like this won’t work!

  23. csm98 said

    Shameless piece of propaganda. Upgrading has come to Hougang because after 20 years the end of the queue has been reached! Nothing to do with Desmond, just Father Time. Patience and hanging tough has paid off for Hougangers.

    • well done said

      Yes, majority of hdb estates in pap wards have already or are going to have their upgrading completed, so naturally the next in line to receive this big upgrading carrot will be HG and PP. Why HG got the upgrading first but not PP? Becos HG is still an opp ward?? If this is true, majority of PP voters must be squeezing their balls now…
      To majority of HG voters, your patience and perseverance for past 21 yrs since 1991 have finally paid off, congrats and 39.9% of S’poreans salute you!

  24. Desmond Choo Good in Crying and Acting said

    PAP and PM Lee are busy concocting schemes to bypass Opposition MPs with such schemes like Grassroots Advisors, RCs and CCCs.

    The wonder the FY2011 PA’s budget is $410 million of taxpayer’s money. These money was to help promote PAP and advertise PAP’s losing candidates like Desmond Choo via Grassroots Advisor Scheme in Opposition areas at expense of taxpayer’s money.

    Money spent on exclusive Grassroot Advisor National Day Dinners, CNY Dinners, Hari Raya events, CCC events, RC events, Goodie Bags, Souvenirs, Community Centres for PAP promotion etc.

    The Grassroots Advisor Scheme basically make elections useless and make Opposition MPs powerless as Grassroots Advisors duplicate the duties of Opposition MPs and Grassroots Advisors is even more powerful than Opposition MPs.

    Everything Opposition MPs want to do for his constituency needs Grassroots Advisor approval. Even parents want to enrol in PAP Kindergartens (PCF) in Opposition areas need Grassroots Advisor letter of approval so as to make residents be grateful and beholden to PAP Grassroots Advisor instead of Opposition MP.

    When Chiam See Tong was still Potong Pasir MP and Low Thia Khiang was still Hougang MP, both had difficulties doing anything for their constituency because PAP Grassroots Advisors like Sitoh Yipin and Eric Low block everything Opposition MPs want to do so that later, PAP can call Opposition areas “Slums”. Is this underhanded and black heart and using taxpayers money to commit atrocities by PAP ??

    PM Lee and PAP devise so many “Fixing Opposition” Schemes to bypass Opposition MPs, thus wasting huge amounts of taxpayers money. The wonder need to increase price of all government services and introduce ERP, GST, COE etc. All the money to feed PAP people and their underhanded schemes.

    PAP for 21 years was threatening and despotic towards Hougang residents.

    Now that PAP agree is not because Desmond Choo agree to do it but because it finally reach Hougang’s turn after 21 years but Desmond Choo was despicable enough to piggyback on the upgrading and claim as his own credit.

    PAP created all the problems and suddenly want to play good guy, Singaporeans are expected to be grateful and give votes ?? Why not I beat you up and say sorry later ??

    With voters like you, PAP will be encourage to create problems for residents on purpose and later play good guy to solve it to get brownie points and votes. Then residents are forever caught in endless cycle.

    Desmond Choo want to score brownie points by changing tactics from Eric Low’s previous despotic and threatening approach.

    People are not complaining about Hougang getting Upgrading after 21 years but angry with why and how Hougang is getting upgraded. The way and approach of Hougang is being Upgraded is shameful and disgraceful.

    If PAP really want to stop wastage, prevent abuse of taxpayers money, PAP should hand over all Grassroots Advisor duties to Opposition MPs or else scrapped the Grassroots Advisor Scheme.

    Grassroots Advisor is more powerful than Opposition MPs thus making elections and Opposition MPs redundant. This is the objective of Grassroots Advisor Scheme.

    PAP should stop all these divisive, politicise, abusive and discriminatory actions and schemes.

  25. Desmond Choo Good in Crying and Acting said

    The more you vote PAP, the more you need to seek MPs help to write letters which is due to hardship so what is the point ?
    When MPs need to write so many letters for residents, this shows poor governance, poor policies and civil service system is breaking down. You still dare vote PAP?
    Formula for PAP to get votes:
    (1)Create problems & hardships for residents/Sporeans
    (2)Residents/ Sporeans force to seek help from PAP MPs or PAP Grassroots Advisers.
    (3)Gain godly gratitude points and win gratitude votes from Residents/ Sporeans
    (4)Find ways to create more problems/hardships for residents /Sporeans
    (5) Repeat (2)
    Residents/Voters/Sporeans are trap forever in vicious cycle of no rebirth. Amitabha.

  26. TaxiUncle said

    confirm this temasek times trying to entrap all anti-PAP Sporeans and is PAP in disguise. Damn you tt!!! Sometimes you just infuriate me with your anti-WP sentiments! Tell us the truth. Are’nt you guys running this website PAP loyalists and supporters or even actual PAPpigs in reality????

  27. fpc said

    ttr is pap mouth piece.

  28. nationalist said


  29. Ray said

    haha, why get so worked up by this article? ever since after GE, we have see TT assuming the mouthpiece / propaganda machine of Desmond Choo. It is highly suspected that Desmond himself runs this website! lol. relax lah…. no matter how much TT help Desmond, still only a mere few hundred votes swing in his favour.

  30. Sooner said

    haha sooner or later someone is going to get you for this “the newly-minted MP for Hougang was nowhere to be seen, heard or found.” thats an allegation…

  31. Ah Kao said

    Yay ! Next election vote for PAP lor!

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      O course PAP will be the one to vote. Any doubts?

      • Ryan said

        Hi Dr Ken,

        May I know
        1) what have PAP done that make you proud of them?
        2) What have PAP done which you think must improve?

        I just want to know your right or wrong. I just want to compare with my personal views on our government.

        Great Day

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Dear Green Day

        First and foremost, I do not subscribe to all of PAPs viewpoints. I support the ruling government because overall they have made more right than wrong calls to bring Singapore where it is today. A first class nation.

        PAP needs to be more sensitive to our feelings and learn to admit their mistakes when a blunder comes about from their end, instead of not addressing the mistake or infuriating Singaporeans at times with “talk cock” comments, devoid of any quality in response to the public. They can’t keep relying on their past glories and use that as a yardstick to keep measuring their present day actions as always being right in their decisions or comments. Definitely not!

        With the type and quality of opposition parties available on Singapore’s menu today, sad to say from opposition party anglle, PAP is still the safer option.

        Despite all this, I am still prepared to live my life in Singapore with their occasional blunders rather than surrendering it altogether to untested opposition bunches.

        Have a nice day Green Day. God bless!
        Ken MANSUKHANI

      • Third class citizen said

        You belong to the pre-independence generation – by playing safe sure won’t go wrong mentality. S’pore has no hope and no future if more S’poreans think like you.
        Nobody doubts s’pore achievements from 1959 to 2004 but past achievements do not equal to future good performance, judging from what had happened to S’pore especially after 2006, nobody can guarantee its future results.
        After 2004 whether S’pore can still continue to be a first class nation is still an unknown, do not count the chicken before they are hatched.
        Based on your current age of 51, you mentioned that you were born in 1961 in your earlier reply, most migration pathways will no longer be available for you, look like you have no choice but to live in S’pore for the rest of your life.

  32. mahbok tan said

    Ha ha ha ….

    Good Morning Mr Moderator….!!! Wah seems that u cannot agree to disagree with some of us , when our opinion about Temasek Times being the wayang website for PAP….!!! When point that TT are the cubertrooper employed by PAP…!!!

    Good Luck Mr Moderator and Temasek Times….ur wayang already being exposed by your own conduct.

    But the least I can say is that … I do not give a DAMN whether you will accept my views so long as I can vent my anger and frustration in the net…..and you all will feedback to your HQ/intel on the sentiment of the ground.

    Mod’s reply:

    Facts speak for themselves: This site is a hundred times more vocal and critical of the government than the six ‘wayang’ clowns in parliament. Time to wake up and switch your support to real opposition parties which can make a real difference. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

  33. Populist said

    By the way, Temasek Times= PAP Times. Please support TT.

  34. Paul said

    Chee Soon Juan was speculated as a mole planted by PAP after Chiam See Tong resigned as Secretary-General of the party and eventually left SDP. Why? The timing seem perfect, SDP won 3 seats and Chee entered the picture and Chiam left and SDP left with big fat 0. So is chee a mole planted to destroy SDP from inside? Is Chee is “team B” from PAP?
    Even if Pritam Singh is an idoit, did other WP members support what he say? GRC itself is a flaw system which PAP devised to bring in new blood (preferably walkover). How many of the ministers are brought in using GRC?
    How many PAP MP are taking in 15k/mth and remain a yes man/woman? How many millionaire minsters are getting their paychecks while screwing singaporeans,
    Would it be better if theovernment is formedby 100% PAP once again, would that the aim of TT?
    As long as the biggest bully remain in the playground, even if you can get rid of the sidekicks (assuming TT is right), the biggest bully still remains the biggest and strongest and there will be no lack of lackeys to join him.
    Is TT’s aim to keep PAP in power by supporting a PAP candidate? Hougang resident and Potong pasir residents were denied of upgrading for years and now after 20 years, hougang finally get the upgrade that it rightfully deserved (they also pay their taxes!)

    • DIY said

      If Paul assumed that “Chee Soon Juan was speculated as a mole planted by PAP after Chiam See Tong resigned as Secretary-General of the party and eventually left SDP”, then with the same hypothesis why did Sec Gen of WP JBJ resigned and form the Reform Party?

      Mr Low Thia Khiang is currently the Sec Gen of WP, so does that mean PAP had manipulated the political scene again?

      Think about it.

      Mod’s note:

      JBJ claimed he was ousted by his ‘protege’ LTK. Will JBJ make a baseless accusation? PAP mend ties with WP after LTK took over to the extent of praising him time and again in the state media. In return, LTK ‘diam diam’ in parliament and only make a ‘noise’ once every 5 years. Isn’t it pretty obvious that the present WP has become a subsidiary party of the PAP to hoodwink Singaporeans into thinking that there is an ‘alternative’ when there is none.

      • Paul said

        In 1991, Low, as the Workers’ Party’s Assistant Secretary-General. In 2001, he became the Secretary-General of the Workers’ Party, replacing J. B. Jeyaretnam. Low had stayed in WP for so long and he was the only elected MP in WP, what is so wrong with he taking over leadership?
        Chee joined SDP in 1992 when SDP got 3 seats, a major breakthough ever since PAP gain control of the country, SDP is then the largest opposition and deemed as a more creditable opposition with decent candidates. Enter Chee, out Chiam, SDP from the biggest opposition to practical zero. Coincidence? Biggest threat to PAP gone just like that.
        If Low had diam diam in the parliament and had just wayang, would the resident still vote for him (despite the overwhelming disadvantages). Same go for Chiam. They run the town council and simply do what they should be doing, they don’t go around blowing trumpets about what they do (Ask Potong Pasir residents and you will know what I mean) .The stated-controlled media is keeping quiet on what the opposition do right, but will turn on their loudspeaker whenever something wrong occur.
        JBJ deserved respect for his guts to go against LKY so blatanly but what happen to him? Should all oppositions do the same way and landed in the same situation. Remember LKY and Co were pretty good in suing people’s pants off back then.
        Now that WP had made a breakthrough and capture a GRC for the 1st time. do we see a pattern? Some people are trying to destroy the biggest threat to PAP once again

        Mod’s note:

        And did the WP MPs make any difference or impact so far?

      • To mod said

        Their style is different in politics?
        JBJ was a “bull dozer”, bull dozed all the way in a confrontation manner? That was why he got disqualified as Anson MP in less than 4 yrs from 1981 to 1984?
        LTK on the other hand, choose to reach “Rome” via a longer but safer route due to his Chinese educated background from nantah?
        LTK was trying to save WP from being “ruin” by JBJ?

      • DIY said


        “JBJ claimed he was ousted by his ‘protege’ LTK.”

        Comradeship plays a part in a political internal infighting. You can’t afford to wash your dirty linen in public. The party have to maintain standards otherwise no voters would believe in your ideals to lead the country. Here lies the art of contradiction.

        If I remember well, the then Sec Gen JBJ was ousted because of discrepancies in the party’s financial account. The Register of Society pointed out about the inaccuracies and became a court case. I believe he ran out of money to pay for the earlier court’s award to be paid to PAP. The outstanding payment was not due yet. 

  35. gonggong said

    Just give it a rest Temasek Times. You had your shot a few months back. It was painful for me to see and undoubtedly embarrassing for you to do the about-turn when results didn’t go in the way you were rooting for.

    I hope you get it, no one else is taking you seriously, the high readership you have is expected of a tabloid. That’s right, you are only a gossip page, albeit an entertaining one.

  36. Albert George Young said

    I hope Mr Desmond Choo is not trying to claim CREDIT from HOUGANG CONSTITUENTS by telling them that their ESTATES would be upgraded through his EFFORT. At the same time, are you trying to SHAVE the EYEBROWS of MR PNG ENG HUAT by doing this?? MR PNG ENG HUAT was 60% elected MP by the CONSTITUENTS of HOUGANG, Don’t he has the ability to do it? Unless there is something wrong somewhere! Remember the NATIONAL DAY theme song “WE ARE SINGAPORE” which will be sung by ALL SINGAPOREANS during NATIONAL DAY on 9 AUGUST 2012
    and RECITE of the PLEDGE too!

    • DIY said

      I beg to be different with @Albert George Young. Png Eng Huat after winning the BE did mentioned that he would be working closely with the ruling party. What major proposal would PEH promise to Hougang residence?

      There are less national projects to be carried out except LUP. Priority had already been allocated to the PAP wards. Even in Potong Pasir SMC, CST did mention in parliament that the government should have “thought about it much earlier” before designing HDB flats. Being an opposition MP is always opposing. LUP was never carried out.

      Naturally PEH had nothing to play around except “working closely” and using Desmond as an agent to the government.

      Unlike LTK, he won the Hougang SMC because in the 80’s there was great demand for an MRT line. Eventually NEL was constructed. LTK factor has been cherished as ‘Dear Leader’.

      But now he is running out of mega proposal to debate in parliament. He migrated to the GRC. His ambitious aim was out of proportion when Yaw scandal popped up. There was no party standard.

      Everything is quiet like a church mouse.

  37. A G Young said

    I hope Mr Desmond Choo is not trying to claim CREDIT from HOUGANG CONSTITUENTS by telling them it was through his EFFORT that HOUGANG isw going to be UPGRADED! At the same time, I hope MR CHOO is not trying shave Mr PNG ENG HUAT’s EYEBROWS by doing this. MR PNG ENG HUAT was 60% ELECTED MP by the CONSTITUENTS of HOUGANG, remember!!!! Very soon we will be singing the NATIONAL DAY theme song “WE ARE SINGAPORE” by all SINGAPOREANS and to RECITE the PLEDGE on 9 AUGUST 2012!

  38. Lam said

    Disgusting Post. It is known to all that all upgrading proposed by WPs must be approved by the Grassroots (PAP). Thus you should question Mr Desmond why is the upgrading takes such a long time to materialise. Please get the facts right before releasing any articles. What we needs is a fair media and not a discriminating media.

  39. P Koh said

    In life we should learn to give credit where credit is due. Notwithstanding the many flaws that the ruling party have done over some national issues re population and housing etc. when we see Desmond Choo stepping out to help the community and when it works, we should put aside our anger and disillusions and give him a pat on the back for achieving something for the community in Hougang. We just have to move on and strive for the best for all Singaporean not just Hougang.

  40. hahaha said

    hougang ppl so lucky…………..

  41. Two is better than one said

    U guy can see very clearly.

    After trying so hard for the last 20 years using all kind of hardcore tactics, now they are trying to use the “soft” approach after realising that using the previous tactics failed miserably over the last few elections.

    Good try and let’s see whether Hougang voters will bite in the next GE.

  42. TrueBlueHGResident said

    Hougang residents got steel teeth (ti ki in teochew), dun scare u one… Come blk 324 kopitiam and have a taste of what it means to be a hero for SG… without them… u think the pappies will do as u complain… dun be naive… u wait long long ok…

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