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Online poll: Majority of Singaporeans have not hung National flag yet

Posted by temasektimes on August 6, 2012

Despite the open call by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to Singaporeans to show their ‘love’ for Singapore by hanging the national flag publicly, it appears the majority of Singaporeans have ignored his pleas.

A quick look around reveals few flags hung outside most HDB flats with the exception of those facing the MRT tracks and main roads. As for private estates, hardly any flags can be noticed.

In a poll conducted on Facebook, some 91% or 363 out of 397 respondents have not hung the national flag yet.

Some comments from true blue native Singaporeans:

“Please ask all New Citizens to do it…The Singapore flag is hang in my heart & not for show & others to see..” – Ng Teck Guan

“Not hanging bcos dun kw hang which country of flag…” – Jessica Yeo

“No need me to hang, my constituency(Mountbatten) hired FT to hung the flag FREE” – Peter Chan


47 Responses to “Online poll: Majority of Singaporeans have not hung National flag yet”

  1. To Be Fair said

    Human beings are emotional animals. Even though they should differentiate between their country and the ruling party, many don’t when they got frustrated or short-changed by the latter. Hence, the tendency not to put up the national flag.

    • lost sense of identity and belonging said

      Hanging the Sin flag?PM/LHL virtually is appealing to the immigatory and transitory immigrants who are now Sin citizens to show if they have the love for the Sin flag and hang them

    • Bai Hu said

      Ya. I got the same sentiments as u 😦

    • P Koh said

      I would not venture to say that Human Beings are emotional animals. I really could not understand how human beings become animals because of the hanging of Singapore Flag. Animals may have feelings but those feelings are unrelated to loyalty to country or place of abode. Ha! Ha!

  2. Singaporean said

    Whether one hangs on our National flag is by no measurement of our loyalty to Singapore. Many Singaporeans are just plain lazy. Nothing more. Besides, the poll on Facebook isn’t representative of our nation. It is not a show of disdain for our country. Celebrating National Day isn’t a partisan consideration. Singaporeans need to separate the ruling party PAP from the purpose of celebrating our nation’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Singapore! To the organisers and participants of NDP ~ Thank You. It’s sheer hard work.

    • DustyP said

      It would be nice if the ruling party turned up in National Colors foe once instead of treating the occasion as an opportunity to flaunt themselves as MIW.

  3. Many CSs hang for one reason only.

  4. Crap... said

    My country doesn’t love me, only love FT. Why should I hang the flag?

  5. kaypoh said

    hang papayas lah

  6. kaypoh said

    anymore 13y/o’s arrested for flag burning?

  7. Leslie said

    Only ass-kisser will fly the Singapore flag to celebrate living in a police state run by the arrogant, autocratic, incompetent and pro-alien PAP.

    • stevenadosan said

      aiyo… why you talk like me..same same…

      • K said

        Yap…sg is for sinkies whom like their asses to be screwed by govt. If tat’s not bad enuf, sg invites outsiders to do same to them. Fly flags if u like to be screwed.

  8. Jack said

    That is not true, you can see all the road facing HDB flats are all hanging with the Singapore National Flags, of course, there are FTs who also hang their country flags too.

  9. Don't Cry For Me Argentina said

    Question is,Yours you can ask why and die,but I won’t cry

  10. Ah Loong STOOPID said

    why must FORCE singaporean to do WHAT THEY DUN WAN TO DO? this ah Looong stoopid or what?

  11. LkySi said

    I will hang the Singapore flag after Singapore is rid of toxic wastes from China

  12. Alvin Koh said

    Let’s be honest about it. Singapore doesn’t feel like home anymore. It is more like a corporation where foreigners come here to work, make their money and leave when they have earned a sufficient fortune.

    Singaporeans are treated as 3rd class in their hierarchy.

    Is is any wonder that less than 5% of Singaporeans are displaying the national flag.

  13. Azzeidine said

    what’s a singapore flag?

  14. goon du said

    I love Singapore but I still have not hang my flag.

  15. yaa cob said

    First of all distribute a FOC flag to each household, then offer monetary incentive for hanging the flag base on $$ per hour.

    PM Lee and his stooges ought to know by now it is the general sentiments of sporeans and it’s not their fault to view spore as a familee corporation.

  16. stevenadosan said

    Dear Prime Minister, don’t be too happy about people hanging flags. For your information, flags hung by RCs were very much more thatn those hung by individual household!Especially those HDB flats facing main roads or corss junctions.In fact those who hung laundries were more than flags…why? why? can anyone tell me why?

  17. Annoymous said


  18. Prince Of Temasek said

    I am well hung already…hehe…so need to hang anymore :))))

  19. Wicked Brain said

    I hang our flag, to remind ourselves that we are in Singapore.

  20. mel said

    How to show love when you’re not happy?

  21. nocando said

    i did not hang the flag outside my flat, that one was hung by RC. show time!

  22. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Why would I want to hang the Singapore flag? This country has been mismanaged by the millionaire ministers who screwed the loyal Singaporeans with the open Foreign Thrash Policy for the past 10 years and more and gave awarded themselves with up to 18 months bonus. Singaporeans have lost their jobs and the sanity. Know what I would like to hang for this national day in order priority? The heads of PM Lee, Old fart LKY, Wong Kan Seng, Mah Bow Tan, Chan Chun Seng, Vivian Bala, Khaw Boon Wan…..

  23. Nabey said

    I want to hang BUT I very scare because IF:
    1. Ah long paint o$p$ on it
    2. Sexy prc neighbor underwear accident landed on it.
    3. indian neighbor pour curry from upstairs landed on it.
    Then police catch me. I where got free to entertain them?

  24. Luke said

    Just took it down not sure if I have put the correct one.

  25. aneslayer said

    I hang my country’s Flag because I love my country, not the politics.

    • good on you said

      Do you also love the 40% of foreigners in your country?
      If you can no longer “recognise” your country, how to love your country no matter how many years of NS or ICT you have served?
      Unfortunately, everything in your country has to do with politics and their policies whether directly or indirectly, which have changed the “look” of your country beyong “recognition”.

      • aneslayer said

        Take an analogy of my mum. I would love her if she had tattoos. I would love her if she had virus. I would love her if I couldn’t recognize her. I would love her if she couldn’t recognize me. As long as I remember how the memories made part of me, I would love her. I don’t expect this love to be held by anyone, but such is my love to this land.
        But I’ve grown to hate its antics, its demand… plans to retire somewhere else
        For politics, wait for the time when the old tree falls. A new (hopefully better) political climate will accede.

  26. Cute said

    Looking at my opposite 25 storey flat, only 2 units hang the flag. Miss those days when everyone happily hang their flag with proud. Now, even me also don’t wish to hang the flag. I think every Singaporean should know why this is happening.

  27. Wildplanets said

    in tanjong pagar, the flags are hung by the RC 😉

    • willie said

      very soon the rc running dogs will hang the flags at half mast in TanjongPagar and all over the island 🙂
      it is the signal to celebrate and pop the champagne

  28. Agush said

    I will hang the flag, provided they hired a FT to be our new MP lah… new ideas, new immigrant and lower salary…

  29. GaanMaro said

    Have hung up my flag. Born and bred here. Proud to be a Singaporean. This has been my home for the last 60 years. No FT will stay here that long. They would jump ship in less than 10 years.

  30. Mr Bean said

    After what has happened, i think that even if they give a free flag to every single household, we might still hesitate to hang.. looking forward to the next GE.. 😛

  31. Mark Tan said

    Please make the flag more readily available through common shopping outlets then there will certainly be more flags being hung outside homes.

  32. Gar said

    Hang the swimming trunks wore by SIngapore water polo team lah. Go tell the FTs to hang since you love them so much. Oh cannot police them? Still need their votes right?

  33. True BLUE Sinkie said

    The Resident’s Community running dogs hanged the Singapore flag outside my balcony. I took it down the following day. I will reserve it for Tanjong Pagar Consistuency to hang it at half mast when that old fart kicks the bucket.

  34. True BLUE Sinkie said

    This could be that old fart Lee Kuan Yew’s last NDP before he is being draped in the Singapore flag which I reserved for him.

  35. True BLUE Sinkie said

    In my HDB apartment, only 3 flags were being hung out on the balcony. They belong to Chinese and Indian new citizens. Singaporeans have no desire to hang the flag, except at half mast, when that old fart LKY depart for good.

  36. P Koh said

    Two reasons for the poor display. Don’t know where to buy or get the Singapore flag. Secondly, resentment has taken its toll over pride for the country and this is not a good sign.

  37. Kelvin Lawrence said

    I could not hang our national flag after I bought it and found that my unit do not have hook outside my unit. It was brought up but no one seems to install it However I did fly it on my vehicle before and way after national day was over. i lost one when I accidentally wind down my window and got another one till it was almost worn out. Feel belong to this great nation!

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