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VIDEO: Home, love Singapore, our home

Posted by temasektimes on August 6, 2012

This is C3 Studio’s visual montage of Home. A dedication inspired by our beautiful city. This video is also made possible by Sony Singapore who loaned the new NEX-FS700 to C3 and allowed us the freedom to create. Special thanks also to NParks & NHB (NAS) for allowing us to film and document a part of Singapore’s history. May these memories always be a part of us.


22 Responses to “VIDEO: Home, love Singapore, our home”

  1. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Sorry guys this footage appears more like an advert for the NEX-FS700 Sony Camera to me. Thank you for sharing but I am not interested in buying any camera now. Have a great day ahead!

  2. lyv2dy said

    We love our home and country especially pre-2000 but hate the PAP govt.

  3. SkinFT said

    nurturing our children……for what? If got money dun nurture here. Nurture them overseas and stay there dun come back. Memories are memories. In 20 more years, the video will change to foreigners. No more Singaporeans. Singapore + Foreigners.

  4. NSW said

    Good video! Without the PAP and its FT policies, you think these ppl in the video can smile and enjoy life so much?

  5. Ashwin Rao said

    Whoah Awesome!! 😀

  6. Ben said

    This is our home, we have the power to say who stays and who goes come 2016

  7. Rotten said

    bloody lousy video

  8. abdcution said

    Is this Singapore culture & Lifestyle ? So very European huh?
    Excluding the Malays & Indians & Peranakans ?

  9. We are multi-racial! said

    This is a terrible video. This is NOT Singapore. Have you noticed 99.5 to 100% of the actors are chinese? What about the Malays, Indians and Eurasians? We are multi-racial. I am a chinese and I’d say C3 needs to re-shoot!

  10. Nice Person said

    Actually this video wet my eyes as I miss those days in 70s and 80s which all my neighbours and school mates are all Singaporean. Although we are not rich, but we are happily living together in Singapore (those days not now).

  11. Amanda Hug said

    why are there no minorities?

  12. Nabey said

    I love singapore because:
    1. I can buy SMRT shares and GOVT use taxpayer money to buy new trains, buses for SMRT!
    2. I feel proud because I pay world’s highest price to watch EPL football! And world cup!
    3. I feel very SAFE because I see lesser policemen on the road patrolling!
    4. I feel very rich as I paid for 2 cars price and get only 1.
    5. I am so honoured to contribute to GREEN earth because I drink recycle toilet water.

  13. GaanMaro said

    Not a good video. Not a representation of the true Singapore. Emphasis on the major race. Singapore is home to the minorities also. They served NS and toiled for this great nation of ours too. They are proud to be Singaporeans just like the rest of us.

  14. PAP bootlicker said

    Why no PAP slogan ?
    Why no showing of pinoys, PRC and indian FTs ?
    Why no FT sportsmen or women featured ?
    Why no faces of LKY, LHL and Tony Tan ?
    Why no scenes of MRT ?

  15. Ashwin said

    Wow guys I have been reading the comments, its nonetheless complain this or complain that, to me I feel this is a great video, and good work by c3 team, sometimes you guys need to open up your mind’s and thoughts go digest stuff, what I see here are actors of course but there are talented local individuals who worked on the videography and what a great piano rendition of home!

  16. Where is the “Multiracial” Singapore. If it weren’t for the sky-line you might have taught that this video can be from Taiwan, Hong Kong or China too.
    A sad reality for me.

  17. Jeffrey yeo said

    Thanks for the video! Can be better.

  18. alex said

    Without the Singapore flags foreign people will think this video is from China.
    And to some Singaporean they may think this video is racist cos its dont show the malays and the indians who are Singaporeans too.
    What i see in this video its for the chinese only not for the Singaporean.
    So whats the point of this video… guess they are trying to attract China people.

  19. Jeeva said

    Apparently, the population in Singapore is made up of only the Chinese, apart from the satay seller, That’s news to me. I’ve been labouring under he delusion that we’re multi-racial.

  20. Sgsiol said

    still it look racist origin of malay,indian ,peranakan etc..stupid damn creative pple who do this video..u might as well record for ur whole generation idiot..shld knock ur head wit that damn camera

  21. maipenrai said

    Great video!

  22. Kelvin Lawrence said

    Great job and well done for Singapore and for Singaporeans!I am proud of all of you who contributed in the making of this memorable video. Keep up the good work!

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