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Canadian ‘FT’ jailed for molesting three women

Posted by temasektimes on August 7, 2012

A thirty year old Canadian ‘FT’ who also holds Australian citizenship was on Tuesday sentenced to two weeks’ jail for molesting three women and punching one of them.

Francis Lawrence Del Rosario, a professional tennis player cum coach was reported to have grabbed the buttocks of three women, aged 20 to 28 at a club in Clarke Quay on March 30 this year.

Rosario faced a fourth charge of punching the 28-year-old woman after she confronted him about outraging her modesty.

The woman grabbed Rosario’s shirt and warned him not to touch her but he pulled her hair and punched her in the face in response.

In mitigation, the defence said Rosario is a first offender and the incidents occurred after he had one too many drinks.

The defence also said Rosario is remorseful, has apologised to the women and made total compensation of more than S$1,100 to two victims.


28 Responses to “Canadian ‘FT’ jailed for molesting three women”

  1. LoveSG said

    cane first talk later!

  2. Don said

    Being drunk is never an excuse for a man to moleste a women. NEVER. When will men understand that……

  3. Submitter69 said

    Another disgraceful incident of judicial double standards from Moneybag AngMoh loving PAP. Wonder what the penalty would be if a local was found guilty instead.

  4. ngpy said

    That’s all 2 weeks for a foreigner for molesting and abusing? Only 1,100/= as compensation for 2. This must be cheapest charge meted in local history for this 2 offences. Just to engage a lawyer to sue him will cost more than the 1,100/= .

    • Julie Ong said

      Ngpy, I agree that the 2 weeks jail looks a little on the lenient side.

      I hope our courts will similarly hand out such punishments to Singaporean offenders. We must not be seen as being ‘lesser’ than the Ang Mors. However, the offender, Mr Francis Lawrence Del Rosario has no previous conviction and is also sorry for his behaviour. I hope that he is truly sorrowful and not repeat this unacceptable behaviour towards women under any circumstances. He is only 30. Personally, I feel that justice has been fairly meted out. We should not destroy somebody’s future because of his/her misconduct in their ‘moment of drunkenness’ as is apparently so in this instance. Hope that we all can learn from this case.

      In a word: Behave.

      • Derrick Boh said

        No one knows if he had any previous conviction in his Canada, Australia or any countries he been to, I say should cancel his E pass, so others will think before commit any crime.

  5. Nabey said

    Stupid !! S$1100 I can go ktv 3 times grab at least 3 girls each time! Somemore can grab anywhere I want.

  6. Two is better than one said

    Wah lau!! ,molestation only two weeks’ jails. Some more not only one woman but three. WTF. KNN Ang Moh tau key. NBCCB.

  7. antiangmoh said

    shud jus gif them capital punishment for any offence commited, wat if i go canada and touch their women’s buttocks? wonder would i be let off with an easy 2 week jailterm? hmmm….

  8. CB said

    Wa lan ? 2 week jail only for molesting three women ?? WTF is this SG doing ?? Hi ! you all lady out here ! if happen this things happen to you ! first thing first !., kick their balls !

  9. Derrick Boh said

    This shows why Singaporeans hopping mad against Foreign Talents. Singapore needs Foreign Talent but not half talent/ half toad, this also shows that they are getting very high income, to pay off victim to get lighter sentences, when will we wake up??? until there are a riot broke out????, will be very hard for Singaporean to get a job, if were to be jailed, should cancel his employment pass, after he completed his sentence, and get him out of Singapore.

  10. Fox said

    Wow… 2 weeks nia. Darn I should have converted to some ang moh’s country citizenship, and return as FT.

  11. wildcherry said

    No caning! What bullshit is this?!?!?! Local sure kena rotan man!

  12. kaypoh said

    Angmoh tua kee mah! Molest 2 get 1 free? GSS offer? Even Michael Fay kena worse lor…

    Name sounds pinoy to me, prolly fake 3rd grade wannabe angmoh?

    Or perhaps our MIW pins hopes on him for Olympics Tennis GOLD??? and SILVER for boxing? Women’s national team coach? 🙂

  13. patin said

    For FT. that is only 2 WEEKS’ jail …than what about if our Singaporean ????? more…..

  14. P Koh said

    Yes I agree that the penalty is too light. Since it was only two weeks’ jail, it is not severe enough to make this guy refrain from commiting such crimes again and who knows he may do it again and this time it could be worst.

  15. jo lee said

    ang moh dua kee! Sorry Singaporeans, you just have to behave.

  16. Disgruntled said

    InSing has got a pic of the man here:

    He don’t look ang moh to me. Looking at the name, there’s an extremely high chance that he’s a pinoy.

  17. Kim said

    Wow, $1000+ compensation to two victims. Can I punch the judge?

  18. A said

    another aussie trash. Insects!

  19. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Double standard Singapore Court. If that guy was a Singaporean, he will definitely be given 7 strokes of the rotan…Idiotic Judge

  20. Agush said

    we welcome these FT into our country and yet they treat our SG women with no respect. Ang Mo big guns is it?

  21. kaypoh said

    PM Lee exhorts Singaporeans: Remain OPEN to immigrants…

    Please be more tolerant, the FT only wants to INTEGRATE with our local ladies…

    To make him feel even more welcome, should we all OPEN leg?

  22. harryoldefart said

    I remember an angmoh molested my cock years ago. Given a fair share; i molested his as well; only rubbing with big palms alot harder!

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