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Chan Chun Sing reminds Singaporeans: Don’t focus on whether sportsmen are local-borns

Posted by temasektimes on August 7, 2012

Following a flurry of public criticisms at the ‘buying’ of Olympic medals by the use of foreign-born sportsmen, Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing has lashed out at Singaporeans for focusing narrowly on their nationalities.

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of the Team Singapore dinner in London, Mr Chan said Singaporeans not to focus on whether Singapore’s elite sportsmen are local-borns, but look at how they are contributing to the country’s sporting scene.

Mr Chan was commenting on the massive public backlash against China-born’s Feng Tianwei for throwing flowers at her cheering PRC fans after winning a bronze medal in the table-tennis women’s singles event.

“Let’s not just look at where people come from. It’s not just where people come from that we should be concerned with, it’s also what they’ve done for the country,” Mr Chan said.

He added what’s more important is that the foreign-born athletes are able to inspire the next generation:

“For the people who’ve joined us, we hope they can continue to inspire a new generation of young athletes and that to us, is the most important thing.”

In contrast, Malaysian Badminton player Lee Chong Wei managed to win the hearts and minds of all Malaysians despite losing out to China’s Lin Dan for a gold medal at the Olympic games.


88 Responses to “Chan Chun Sing reminds Singaporeans: Don’t focus on whether sportsmen are local-borns”

  1. Fox said

    Somehow, I feel happy for Malaysian and their hero Lee Chong Wei.
    I feel sad for fellow Singaporeans, disgusted with government, apathy whether FT win, lose or rot.
    You can’t force people’s feeling.

    • Alvin Soh said

      Well said!

      Malaysians have every reason to be proud.

      Lee Chong Wei is a great local hero.

      The majority of Singaporeans are not happy with the idea of buying China citizens to play for us.

      Still, if you read our propaganda media they will have you believe that only a minority or pockets of citizens, as they put it, are against this shameful victory.

      But if that is true, then why are they forcing us to accept theis dispicable policy of importing foreigners and getting them to compete for us.

      Why bother if it is only a small number who are against this?

      Wouldn’t the foreign talents be terrified to see how no effort is spared to coerce and threaten a few Singaporeans to think along the same like as the government?

      Of course the truth is that around 80% of Singaporeans are not proud of this victory and that is why they are so desperate to get everyone to think along the same line.

      Scary, isn’t it, that citizens in this country are not allowed to have differing opinions!!

  2. Singapuraboi said

    Of course we have to. I saw a post game interview with Feng Tian Wei. She sounds very mainland even her attitude is very mainland and she never once mentioned Singapore in her interview and never thanked her Singapore fans. There was a moment where she said something and was in the verge of saying the name of Singapore and I saw her restrained herself most awkwardly. If she is a proud Singaporean she would have thank her Singapore fans and the country for giving her the opportunity to compete in the Olympics. It just looks like she is taking the Singapore route to sports celebrity status and to her it is just another platform for her to compete. Chan Chun Sing open ur bloody eyes it’s all in her speech, actions and facial expressions. U have to blind not to see it.

    • oldguard said

      I agree with you bro, why they still cannot speak in English after staying here for so long. I have not heard any interview from all the foreign import speak English. Still think they are in China.

      • Edmund said

        A person’s roots is still the country of birth although she is now a singaporean.There is a saying that no matter how tall a tree grows the leaves will always fall back to the roots.FTW is in name a Singaporean, but deep down she still has feelings for her country of birth and am sure that she follows developments closely in CHIINA and no surprise after her days of glory and have pocketed enough money,gives up Singapore citizenship and balek kampong .

      • Daft Peasant said

        This is very true……and it will come true……

      • lost sense of identity and belonging said

        Chan Chun Sing is out of step and evading the issue about hiring foreigners as sportsmen to represent Singapore who are undoubtedly and virtually known as “MENCERNARIES” (Influenced By Greed or Desire For Gain,A Person Hired To Fight For A Foreign Army Occupation.A person Who Works Solely For Pay)

        To make matters short I would urge him if he may or will within his convenience to co-ordinate an invitation to Singaporeans for an open debate as a resolve to dispel the asperities and disparities on spent taxpayers monies on hired foreigners as sportsmen

        Mr Chan kindly tell “What have you done for local-borns Singaporeans who inspire with competence and has the aspirations and the physique to represent Singapore in any competition local or international sports

        Rome wasn’t built in a day

    • A Singaporean Abroad said

      I cannot forget the video clip of how she threw her bouquet of flowers at her fellow PRC who were shaking their PRC flags and cheering at her. Question: Why were the PRC supporters cheering at her and why did she throw a bouquet of flowers at them if she regards herself as Singaporean??

      • Henry C said

        LOL cos they know she will pack up and leave for home when she’s done here. That’s why! Only our retarded leaders are in self denial mode and choose not to see that. 🙂

  3. noeyesee said


  4. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Well Minister Chan Chun Sing, agreed, we should not look at where people come from as long as they are contributing positively towards Singapore in whatever field of specialisation they are in. But shouldn’t our foreign born “talents” irrespective of where they come from be talented enough to acknowledge the fact that the Singaorean supporter/well wisher was at the Olympics to support her in honour of Singapore and she returns the gesture by disrespecting such true supporters by throwing bouquets into a foreign territory gallery stand. As a Minister, it’s easy for you to simply tell us what we Singaporeans should or should not do. Do you or for that matter any Minister in Singapore have the guts to tell Feng Tianwei publicly that she was wrong to do what she did to the Singaporean supporters at the Olympics? Sadly, the answer is a resounding NO! Don’t blame us Sir as the sound of a clap is only possible with two hands.

    • Robox said

      We SHOULD look at nationality when the government’s intention is to maintain the ‘balance’ of racial composition in Singapore.

      But we SHOULDN’T look at nationality when public anger and resentment towrards the PAP government for its FT policy in sports is being widely expressed.

  5. Lim said

    Alternative viewpoint from Guardian – “To come in late in the day with imported talent and claim they are British success stories isn’t about being open to migrants. It’s just cheating. Nobody watching will be fooled. If they get medals, we’ll feel a little embarrassed. Whether it’s swimming or anything else, let’s have a sporting culture strong enough for us to know, when we win, that it’s a real, homegrown achievement, not a fiddle. Otherwise, frankly, I’d rather we lost.” – Jackie Ashley , The Guardian, Importing Olympic athletes isn’t going to fool anybody

  6. invictus said

    Mr Chan, how long has the STTA embarked on this policy of bringing in foreign talent to represent Singapore. 10 years ? In those 10 years, how many more Singapore-born paddlers have rose the rank and able t be on par to the athletes from China ? How come now asingle Singapore-born athlete could even make it into our TT team in the Olympics ?

    Now I ask you – how does this policy at STTA inspire a new generation of Singapore born paddlers to represent Singapore ? How does this policy contribute to the country’s sporting scene ?

    From the reaction of average Singaporeans to Singapore’s bronze medal at the London Olympics, this policy contributed little but an embarrassment to the sensitivity of many Singaporeans.

    Athletes represent the country at these sporting meets. This policy is tantamount to cheating and there is no pride in it. Just shameful !

    • AlphaTeam Commander said

      ” From the reaction of average Singaporeans to Singapore’s bronze medal at the London Olympics, this policy contributed little but an embarrassment to the sensitivity of many Singaporeans. ”

      Well said. Mr Chan but rubs salt in the wounds of those who aspire and cannot… such are the ‘contributions’…

    • Khoo said

      To my understanding, the policy started many years ago when “someone” led Spore TT team to compete with Malaysia and lost. In order to win, they need to “import” and they did it successfully… Also, these “import” supposed to raise the level and hopefully someone local can take over one day. I am pleased to see STTA (by Ms Lee Bee Wah) setting up many training ctr and taking in younger kids to train at early stage. Hope to see the new batch (pure local) to replace the aging ones soon. And hopefully they are pure Sporean, eg Isabelle Li, etc and not to import further. Only regret I hv is our Ministry/SSC should look at more sports like golf, badminton, etc. Or, do we need another Ms Lee to start this? Is our Ministry/SSC doing something?

  7. Daft Peasant said

    ya loh……your all daft sinkies, don’t focus on whether sportsmen are local-borns or not……and don’t dream on locals representing singapore in the near future as well…..instead, focus on how much money we spend on this foreign talents to groom and train them…to get a BRONZE MEDAL ONLY……

    And frankly speaking, we hired them, they do their job……wat is so happy about it??

  8. Singaporean2 said

    inspiration to the next generation?? be other nation imports to win medal…that is the message that is given…another message is no future because no given time to gloom. instant success…

  9. BC said

    I’m waiting for a foreigner PM in the future.

  10. Victor said

    ROFL …. another direct order from Mr. Chan to all Singaporeans. You are not to focus on the sportsman nationality.

    Mr. Chan, if the same monetary perks and incentives were offered to Singaporeans as well in the first place, these nationality issue wont have surfaced. It is because all money were invested into foreigners, totally by-passing any aspiring Singaporean sportsmen or women, that cause all the disgrunt.

    This is not a long term solution either. I am very sure there are many long term solutions available to Singapore to groom home grown talents but well….. anyway, these are all tax payer’s money which chould be put to better use than getting a medal … I’m sure you didnt know about the plight of the poor elderly and lower income Singaporeans are suffering. That medal dont feed anyone of them.


    • Mikey said

      Is there any pride and glory in the first place?

      I was hoping that all our FTs lose every possible match, if nothing else, then save us some tax money. But was rooting for Lee Chong Wei to beat the PRCs, even ‘Singapore’ if he played us.

    • Daft Peasant said

      Bro Victor, the gahment’s priority is GDP and ‘ face ‘……..earning money is their ultimate priority as well……..

    • Henry C said

      Hehe direct order? OR what? Hahaha. This Chan dude is really ridiculous. ROFL. Lastly, message to him, MAKE US! Damn….

  11. dono said

    NONONO…no use focusing on the sportsperson…just wondering why goverment choose to nurture foreigners as compared to sporean?

    Its been proven that sporean can win medal(weightlifting) so why oh why do they(government) still bring in foreign sportperson to represent spore?

  12. Robox said

    If ‘what they have done for the country’ is, according to Chan Chun Sing, what we should be more concerned about, then the onus is on him to release the data about how Feng Tianwei’s bronze is projected to increase the inflow of investment dollars into Singapore as a result of her third placing, as well as how those investment dollars will benefit Singaporeans from ALL strata.

    After all, this policy is not at all about sports but all about the economy, isn’t it?

    I would also like to know exactly WHAT Feng Tianwei has been doing to help raise the standards of table tennis among the Singapore-born, and what the language of instruction in those sessions she provides those services in is.

    Since it is well known that she only speaks Mandarin, should we conclude that the PAP government’s claimed but unproven agenda of getting foreign imports in sports to improve local standards is really about ensuring that only Chinese Singaporeans benefit from this policy.

    • robert said

      Do you think majority of Chinese Sporeans, excluding the minted ones, actually benefit from PAP’s policy of importing 1 Million plus PRCs into Spore ?

  13. Clive said

    so he means as long as you get the results you wanted it doesnt matter what tactics you employ? even if its underhand or by means of others? seems legit.

    • Alvin Soh said

      Yes, they keep telling us that the end justifies the means.

      This is certainly very wrong and immoral.

      A while back, there were accusations that China engaged in giving their athletes performance enhancing substances to increase their chances of getting medals.

      This is an abhorent practice widely condemned by everyone.

      But to China, it was the medal that counted and they told the people that it didn’t matter how they got the medal but that they should just celebrate the achievement of getting a medal.

      They told the people to put aside their morals and principles.

      The end justifies the means.

      I hope Singaporeans are not fooled by this.

      If we want to win medals, we have to win ethically

      And that is by the hard way of sporting local talent and developing their talents through sheer hard work and constant practice.

      Importing foreigners to win medals is just as bad as giving your athletes performance enhancing substances.

      Don’t put aside your morals and principles.

      Instead, we should continue to quietly protest this despical and underhanded method of getting medals at all costs.

  14. SINYoobi said

    This foreign import won a bronze medal for Singapore with monetary gains. This hefty cash payout is not PEANUTS – it costs S$250k which can feed many low income families in Singapore. We do not need a S$250k made in China medal to be number 1 in the world. This is SINFUL. Can the ruling party please let the public know how much money have these foreign athletes receive from our country????????

  15. Anon said

    Phew .. I sometimes wonder which planet our Ministers lives in?? Just because they believe in their own propaganda, doesn’t mean that the people does. It really shows how disconnected our elites are from reality. And shows how deep the bubble they live in to think that just because they say black is white, white is black, that the people will believe it.

    The truth is : instead of inspiring Singaporeans, it sends the chills to Singaporeans. Why tell your children to labor hard in table tennis or badminton, when the govt can easily import in a contingent of players from China at any time?? Better to spend your time studying, or going for other sports in which theyou’lll not compete directly with these FTs. In other words, it does the OPPOSITE of what the ministers are saying!!

    • GiveNTakeback said

      Fully agreed. Don’t waste energy for your child to do sports except for liesure. Singapore need boxer no problem just bring them here.

    • Crap... said

      Yupz.. 100% agree with you.. Our deluded leaders live in their own world and are completely disconnected with Singaporeans. The obvious outcome will be to import more and more mercenary FT to win medals and forget about nurturing locals.

      Furthermore, we DON’T give a damn about stupid medals!! We are struggling with the swiss cost of living and are suffocated by the massive influx of foreigner taking away our jobs!!! I really hope all Singaporeans can be united to kick out this elitist, greedy and uncaring PAP govt!!

    • yaa cob said

      Chan Chun Sing has no credibility to begin with, no business to dispense advice to citizens, not when he has yet to win an election through his own effort and of course in a fair contest. Only a cowardly general will need to ride on LKY’s coattail.

    • Singapuraboi said

      So sad isn’t? They r so quick to give foreigners financing to play sports while locals don’t even get such benefits. Look at our first Olympic silver medallist. Where is he now? Why is he not celebrated as a hero? There r Singaporeans playing sports on the community level and we want funding yet we can’t even get it. The PRCs come and we have to sacrifice for them. That’s just not right!

    • Julie Ong said

      Thanks, Anon. You’ll be surprised that the silent majority of Singaporeans will be dismayed by the government’s inconsistent and incoherent policy.
      Ms Feng Tianwei is Singaporean now so let’s accept it with grace and consider this as ‘water under the bridge’.

      The government should give every encouragement and priority to talented local sportspersons with coaching and other practical support including some financial incentives. However, I don’t believe they have the will to zealously promote sports to world standard through discipline, hard work and the allocation of substantial funds for this purpose. Solution: cheaper/easier to pay for the elite sportsmen/women from overseas. Expediency.

      Now, to the crucial matter. What’s the future going to be like for us Singaporeans? The government better come up with a blueprint of their objectives/vision. We are paying top dollars. We do not want duds. No point giving speeches when the real thing is Singaporeans want a better future and life for them and their families.

      To the PAP government: Are you listening? Or still planning/scheming another pay rise for yourselves? If the answer is the latter better watch out because the rotan will be out to lash your backsides in due course.

      People, don’t let the government bully you. You have the power. Use it or they will abuse it! Keep up the pressure till they get things right. For the good and benefit of us Singaporeans.

  16. Gopinathan said

    This shameless policy of buying foreigners to represent our country is both disgusting and divisive.

    The majority of Singaporeans resolutely oppose this policy while a few ‘running dogs’ embrace it.

    When they first bought these foreigners to compete for us, they told us that these foreigners will inspire our young to excel in sports.

    But 2 or 3 Olympic games later, our table tennis teams are still composed entirely of China nationals and worse, young Singaporeans no longer want to play table tennis.

    I can’t help but feel this despicable policy of using foreigners and denying citizens a chance to represent the country is a waste of taxpayers’money.

    Most of the foreigners brought in are rejects who stand little chance of winning anything.


    This is because no other country is interested in table tennis except China.

    China dominates the sport.

    So it doesn’t take a genius to see that if we buy China rejects, we will probably come in 2nd or 3rd easily.

    In other sports, this policy of importing China rejects has failed utterly.

    In most popular sports, China doesn’t even feature in the top 10.

    Shameful. Utterly shameful.

  17. Paul said

    We will probably care less if Mr chan and other ministers are willing to pay for all the money through their own pockets.
    As for inspiring new generation of young athletes, ya you are right, more china nationals know about a big fat robert head waiting to be chopped in an island call singapore and a chance to win money in competetion. table tennis filled with china nationals, half of our soccer teams foreigners (and yet our soccer team still a big disappointment). what a great inspiration to next generation of foreigners to come and play for us.
    Mr Chan, your message is send worldwide “Come play for Singapore and get a shot at a million dollars sponsor by the citizens. Come come, don’t shy, I still get my million every year also sponsor by the citizens.”

  18. GodBlessSG said

    When come to call people for NS or reservist, can dont focus on whether local born or not? No eye see.

  19. wtf said

    What he really should say – Don’t focus on whether local born parachute ministers can be replaced by real talents

  20. Steve said

    Aiyo Ah Chan, let meet for coffee and let me tell you, We are Singaporean and we are singapore, this is the song we sing when we are schooling, you forgotten, because your Party had brainwash you. Our future new generation did not need a not local born Singaporean to inspire them for sport, other foreign sportmans can inspire them, I like football, fandi inspire me and as well as Pele, you got my point, moron,.

  21. Singaporeans remind Chan Chun Sing: Don’t focus on sportsmen not local-borns

  22. jaded said

    just like we should not focus on who gets the jobs in singapore? as long as FTs can contribute, they should have an equal shot at the job?

    no wonder we are being colonized.

  23. Mikey said

    Kee chew chan, you wan the bronze medal to be as inspiring as the YOG was for us?

  24. Phei Yee said

    Temasek Times, let me correct you, Malaysian Badminton player Lee Chong Wei not only managed to win the hearts and minds of all Malaysians despite losing out to China’s Lin Dan, but majority of Singaporeans as well.

    • Daft Peasant said

      well said !!!!

      Lee Chong Wei, a Malaysian playing for Malaysia……Regardless wat medal he obtained, or no medal obtained, all Malaysians will be proud of him……


      MALAYSIA BOLEH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Jason Yeo said

    Mr Chan,

    Since you said dont focus on that, why not the army, navy and airforce be not local borned.

    We can just go out and hire non-local borned to fight our wars and defend our borders?

    come on, such a simple thing already not local born, what else is next? we are only a small nation, do we need the medals? while we need sports but look at it as improving the health of the citizens and not just for a piece of metal.

    now the can of worms has been opened, how is your party is going to clean it up? this piece of scap metal has split the nation into two or three. so how now? how you like them apples now?

    concerned citizen
    done my time and more, MR lor.

  26. T said

    CTK (carrot cake), always so funny!!

  27. somethingwrongsomewhere said

    Inspired message sent: Import FTs to solve country’s woes. And see what money can buys !

  28. Wolfglare said

    Hey idiot Chan monkey fuck you man…’s idiot like you that sold our country to these FT trash….you and your white monkeys are traitor to your own countryman

  29. Looking Glass said

    Three words – Lee Chong Wei!!

  30. extinct said

    Where are all the S’poreans?
    From the 3 ping pong players to the lady coach and the ping pong association chief are all new “S’poreans” whom were ex-foreigners.

  31. Of course we shouldn’t just look at where people are from. As long as they can represent us in a meaningful way, no reasonable Singaporean would reject their medal-winning efforts. The trouble is, regardless of where they are from, most of these athletes simply can’t represent us in a meaningful way.

    We see this as a one-sided affair.

  32. oldguard said

    It is better to bring in coaches than unwanted sportman and sportwoman from China.

  33. Derrick Boh said

    Forget of all the World events, just SEA games will do, let our children concentrate in studies, increase our pool of Singaporeans graduate to reduce FT by 75% in 2015, save millions or even billions SGD.

  34. Bao Ching Tian said

    There are many aspiring athletes in the Singapore Sports School – table tennis, badminton, swimming etc. Were they given the same kind of funding and monetary incentives as the China-imported table-tennis team? No. They were sidelined and all the attention and funds were channeled to the table-tennis team.

    Paying someone else to compete and win medals for a country is tantamount to cheating. Other countries may be doing it also but two wrongs do not make a right. It is certainly not in the spirit of sportsmanship and definitely not in the Olympic spirit.

    Professional sports has degenerated into a free-for-all business where the highest bidder can buy over a trained athlete to compete for her. We might as well buy the whole Spanish football team so that we can win the next World Cup.

  35. Walls have ears said

    When you place an order for your next Ferrari…
    Don’t bother to check if it is a Su su ki Engine RIGHT??

    Supply and Demand???
    NO NOT in this situation

    China OR any others will never sell their best…
    We pay for the price for the best apple but will never get it from a China tree

    We are aware where we stand before the game starts RIGHT??
    WE ARE READY to be FOOLS or fooled

    We rather pay for A class trainers to be in Singapore.Providing the training and nourish our own child even if it is years later…

    School of Sports
    What are they Doing? What??
    Looks like a good show right???


  36. FullOfCrap said

    “… inspire a new generation of young athletes and that to us, is the most important thing”

    Really? Fark u, sir.

    What inspiration are u talking about?

    Which Singaporean in the right mind will risk their children’s future by letting them quit school to focus on sports for livelihood, looking at the current state Singapore is in? Or do you expect part-time athletes to beat full-time athletes? The country has been preaching all these nonsense for 20 years and still do not see the root of the problem. Are you guys dumb, a hypocrite, or what?

    The only inspiration I see, is in inspiring other countries’ B-team athletes to come to Singapore to make a living.

  37. 5vvaper said

    MG(NS) Chan, can you grow a pair of balls and tell your boss that we don’t need New Citizen athletes? We don’t need Olympic medals to show off. If our people went down fighting for the last tooth and nail, it would be more commendable compared to a piece of metal.

    We need a level playing job market, lower housing cost, healthcare costs. We don’t need FTs, however talented they are. Most importanly, we don’t need PAP to rule this country.

    This country belongs to all Singaporeans not you. Grow some balls or you’ll be Acting Minister(Ret) very soon.

  38. Where are you from? said

    If we don’t focus on where our ministers and MPs are from, then we will not know if the policies they enact are partly influenced by the fact that they were previously from this place, or that place.

    We would continue to think they are just like us, old citizens, who are enacting policies favouring old citizens.

    which does NOT seem to be the case now.

  39. Crap... said

    With such an imbecile being primed to be the next PM, the future of Singapore is truly over. Yes, we all think we’ve hit the bottom with LHL at the helm, CCS will be a bigger disaster to our beloved homeland.. Scary..

  40. Trueblu said

    Not local born but can contribute = good

    Local born but cannot contribute = ????

    Should citizenship be valued according to contribution?? Are those less abled but true born Singaporean not important ???

  41. kaypoh said

    CCS = China Cork Sarker !!! Pls hire another China “B Team” member Bo Xilai to replace yourself, it doesn’t matter where he’s from, just look what he did for Chongqing’s economic development! Anyway he did helluva lot better than u, kee chiu !!!!

  42. Mikey said

    We got more important social and economic issues than a damned medal right?

    Can throw money at us instead of FTs a not?


  43. kaypoh said

    Yeah, if it’s ok to buy medals, then should be ok to buy degrees & grades lor, and if u dun pay us we dun display Spore flag lor! Useless faggot…

    • Ro said

      You assumed that money buy success in sport. There are more to it and China, Japan and Soth Korea spend more money developing players. Germany, Netherlands and many European countries have china borned players but did not win medal. It is not that easy.

      What I am most happy about is that the table tennis association continues to develop the young and the level of school competition has gone up. Their win like last Olympics will spur more youngster. This is good for the sport in Singapore.

      Buy grade does not need to work but in this case they worked to stay top. This is sport and there is no guarantee return. In my earlier post, I already said, as migrant our fore father came here for better life, to earn money and eventually became Singaporean because this place was their home. As a result you and I are Singaporean borned that want to citric others for being gold digger. We should be be less discriiminating.

      • kaypoh said

        Did I discriminate against FT? NO! I said IF it is ok… meaning pay $$$ whether to locals or FTs….

    • Nice Person said

      Yippee !!! If can buy degrees & grades lor or pay someone to take the exam for me than I take the credit. Really can’t stand our garment !!!!!!

  44. Ro said

    What is wrong with his comment that there are so many negative response.

    Many of our father and grandfather came here for better living. My dad was borned in China and was raised here. Does that make him less Singaporean? The first generation will always go through problem adjusting. Our tale tennis player will too.

    The table tenis players were not top players when they came, they were developed by Singapore. Yes, the reward is good but the hard work required to be top 5 of the world is not easy either. I see more Singaporean youngster playing Table tennis. It is not the dollar value. In other countries they gave houses, sponsorship deals, etc. The 250k cannot buy you a good HDB flat. It is not easy to leave one country to represent others and accept another country.

    Let not persecute them. They were woo here but has to work hard too. You cannot buy a medal. You have to earn it, especially difficult for table tennis given the quantity of talent.

    There are good Singaporean and also some bad sheep Singaporean. Likewise, there will be good foreign borned Singaporean and bad sheep too. Let stopped labeling.

    Don’t throw stone on foreign borned Singaporean. Especially, our father and grand father are foreign borned too.

    • Hang Tuah said

      Wahhh!!! This fella who wrote this in no time will wear all Whites with Petir badge and let out a FAKE AND SILLY SMILE…

  45. Tan Yan Ren said

    Chan Chun Sing,
    If you keep buying or import sportsman and talent,
    it is OK IF you do it simultaneously whilst you are concentrating to GROOM local talents and give BORN (NOT IMPORT)Singaporeans ALL the opportunity to excel by sparring and learning from them….NOT GLORIFYING them and yourself taking the credit.. IN SINGAPORE, when you make money through GROWTH, you WIN OLYMPICS by IMPORTS, …YOU GUYS ARE NOT GETTING YOUR POLICIES RIGHT!!!!!!!YOU are blinded by greed and fame and TOTALLY neglect the basic principles of the office of the ruling party…ie TAKE GOOD CARE OF THE CITIZENS .IN Singapore you treat your citizens 2nd class!!!!

    • Daft Peasant said

      2nd class meh??

      I tout 3rd class already……??

      1st class is might rich and miw themselves;

      2nd class is FTs;

      3rd class is daft sinkies !!

  46. J said

    Didn’t get our money’s worth. A bronze is not comparable to the silver in the last Olympics for the women’s team.

  47. sure or not! said

    its all for some people’s KPI lah. whole load of BS

  48. China rejects FTL said

    CCB CCS the c* suker What about the 500k lost in BJ in 2008? Now the total is $1 mil to the rejects. Still zero hero till now in Sillypore….

  49. Exaggerated said

    Dear Mr Chan, if the government stance is to support local born sportsmen and not foreign born sportsmen playing for Singapore, would you still stand firm on your belief?

  50. Javert said

    Minister is at least a hell lot inspiring and useful than the typical foul-mouthed, ill-mannered, unpatriotic, angry keyboard warrior you find commenting here

    • jack neo said

      Are you inspired by kee chiu Chan’s banana ?
      You make more sense if you learn to talk without sucking his banana at the same time.

  51. dreamer said

    seriously if they think sport is important. they will try to groom our local talents.. but that is not the case- this sport is only for show and pay extra for the useless MP position.. might as well demolished and he can eat wind??

  52. Trueblu said

    I am local born. I cannot win medals but I have a heart that beats for Singapore – how much is that worth????

  53. True Blue Singaporean said

    As of now. I only recognized 1 Singapore Olympic. That’s the one won by Tan Howe Liang 1960 for weight-lifting. Medals from the TT teams just give me the feeling that it was borrowed or given to us by China.

  54. liu said

    why should we singaporeans support foreign borned players? who will support us singaporeans?

  55. Exaggerated said

    Then why are we not getting, for example botswanians for long distance running, japanese for judo, etc, etc??

    • Exaggerated said

      Why only the china chinese sportsmen?

      • yaacob said

        To justify PAP policy importing more than 1 Million PRCs into Singapore.
        2 bronze medals in proportion to 1 Million+ PRCs.
        Can you think of any country that does this ?

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