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‘Generous’ Singapore boasts the highest payout for an Olympic medal

Posted by temasektimes on August 7, 2012

In its desperate quest to land an Olympic medal, Singapore is paying obscene money to do so, never mind that the fact that most of its citizens are struggling to make ends meet.

Singapore top the world with the highest payouts for an Olympic gold medal with an eye-popping S$1 million dollars, more than twice of its nearest competitor.

In contrast, cash-rich United Arab Emirates is offering only S$337,800 and Japan S$124,000. The other rich countries in the world such as Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and United States are not even on the list.

Under the Multi-Million Dollar Awards Programme (MAP) offered by the generous Singapore government, Olympic gold medal champions in individual events stand to win S$ 1 million, S$500,000 for silver and S$250,000 for bronze.

Singapore taxpayers have already paid $250,000 for China-born Feng Tianwei’s bronze medal victory in the women’s single of the table-tennis.

Top 10 countries with highest payouts for an Olympic gold medal

1. Singapore — S$1,000,000

2. Malaysia — S$400,000

3. Philippines – S$423,300 (according to 2008 figures)

4. Thailand – S$372,600 (according to 2008 figures)

5. United Arab Emirates – S$337,800

6 Italy – S$226,500

7 Russia – S$167,650

8 Japan – S$124,200

9 Bulgaria – S$95,100 (according to 2008 figures)

10 France – S$81,000

Source: Yahoo News

41 Responses to “‘Generous’ Singapore boasts the highest payout for an Olympic medal”

  1. Jaded said

    only know how to throw money at problems. what else do they know?

    • ai……30++%% voted for a white haired guy for our million dollar job already and 60++%% voted asking us to pay billions to bunch of “people” (where problems still exist and doesnt solve)…what is 1million per gold medal?? Its 1 in thousand….whereas we have already pay off Billions SGD yearly…..haiz

    • SgGuy said

      Exactly my thoughts! but you said it first, and I agree. Guess being a rich country does have its flip side, thinking money solves everything…. eg. low birth rates…. sigh….

  2. any one stop to wonder why the top 4 countries on the list are all in SE Asia ? other than Thailand whose kickboxers win one or two every Olympics are we so desperate here in Singapore and in Malaysia and in Philippines that we buy our medals

    • The difference of two 5 - Star flags. said

      Take note of the main difference: in the case of Malaysia, Philippines & Thailand, they rely on their locally born & bred citizens to win. Singapore need to pay a premium to first “buy” foreign players before “converting” them to represent Little Red Dot. Though both countries’ flags have 5 stars, by having an extra Crescent, Singapore needs to implement the Multi-million $$$ program so as use the $$$ to cover up the Crescent on the flag & coaxes the PRC into believing that they are REALLY playing for 5-star flag … 😀

  3. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    With such hefty payouts for Olympic medal glory, the government ‘s message is very loud and clear. Singapore has to excel in such world staged events whether you are an FT or Singapore born citizen. Tax payer’s money in this case is not only an entitlement for our FTs but also an entitlement to any Singaporean who attains such medals at the Olympics. The government in this case cannot be faulted for making the highest payouts in this aspect. I speak as a Singapore born citizen to one and all!

  4. Abdul said

    Hey, our goverment like to compare with other countries and claim we are the cheapers, but not for this issue.

  5. Vic said

    Giving a big reward to your compatriot for winning good. But, putting that up to attract foreigners to join our team is a shame.

    • seluj said

      What’s a greater shame is Singaporeans valuing academic excellence to the point of sacrificing sport talent development. Singaporeans have no qualms throwing tons of money on their kids’ tuition, but when it comes to the arts and sports, it’s delegated to the lowest priority. No point blaming the government when what motivates its own people is money through academic certification and job prestige.

      • Jake said

        It would be good if you had a brain so we could discussed this in more details.

        Why should Singaporean children have to pay for training in sports when millions of dollars are spent on China nationals to represent us?

        And take a look at the situation in Singapore. Is sports encouraged?

        There is very little done by our sporting organisations to encourage and help our children develop sporting talents.

        Get a brain transplant first and then ask yourself honestly: If Usain Bolt was born a Singaporean, would he have been a world champion sprinter today?

        The short answer is NO.

        He would have to spent so much time rote learning in our pressure-cooker education system that he would not have enough time to train.

        And if he was not good in his studies, he would have been labelled ‘daft’ and send to ITE to do vocational training.

        What we need is for the alternative parties to take over Singapore in 2016 and implement a more balance system where all talents are valued and nurtured and not just those bookworms who enjoy reading textbooks.

      • Jake said

        Don’t forget one more thing.

        Even despite all the obstacles he had to overcome, just say that he managed to excel in the sprints.

        What would happen when he reached 198 years old?

        He would have to spent 2 years in National Service.

        After those 2 years he would probably give up athletics.

        Compare this to the China nationals and other foreigners who don’t have to serve NS.

  6. Dan said

    Its not a desperate attempt to get a medal, the Olympic is being used as a platform to launch a PR campaign to announce to the who world that we buy humans to replace existing ones

  7. abu sayaf said

    the 250K paid to FengTW for the bronze is many times more than the combined amount given to the gold and silver medal winners.

    spore can also boast the highest payout to political leaders.
    PM Lee gets paid 6 times more than President Obama, not including bonuses, pension, and approx 10 times more than any leader in Japan, China, S Korea, or Europe. But can PM Lee claim he is worldclass and better than any of the world leaders ?

    how about spore’s HoJinx ? isn’t it true she gives the highest payout for investments that reap negative returns ? LOL

    how about the highest payout for paper generals and paper admirals who have never fought a single battle or war ?

  8. seluj said

    I don’t see any problem with this. Singaporeans have every right to vie for gold too.

    • Dontbekaisu said

      Yes for the right to fight for gold. Wrong and kaisu to pay so much to get one. Why is there a need to give such a big amount for Olympic gold or other sport achievements ? It show a wrong focus on the uses of resources and indication of a fat government that wants to show off and an inferiority complex that wants to be first in everything. There is more thing to live than just $$$. Wrong values promotes bad character.

  9. Helena said

    No one is going to judge a country by how many medals she gets but how well her government treats her own citizens!

  10. There are so many fellow citizens trying to scrap food from rubbish ??? Why don’t they spend the monies on these poor fellows ?

  11. It is not corruption when they publicly announced it.

  12. Nabey said

    Hi gahment, russian is cheaper leh. Can you ask sharapova come become cityzen? I think we prefer blonde than prc leh.

  13. Mikey said

    Get medal… then?

    What does it do for the rest of us?

  14. ngpy said

    What do we care about the citizens we care more about the metal. We pay the metal from digging and digging from our Citizens, so why care.

  15. Submitter69 said

    These PRCs will renounce their citizenship when they retire from competition and return to China where can live very comfortably with their prize money. SG taxpayers are the ultimate suckers.

  16. Ah Heng said

    A reflection on xenophobia in Singapore, inspired by Feng Tianwei’s bronze medal:

  17. pique83 said

    if it was one of our locally born athletes who won the medal, would this even be an issue with you guys?

    • Nice Person said

      Yes, if the medal was won by locally born Singaporean, we will be very proud of her/him. Singapore tax payer money pay to a winner that is locally born Singaporean, that is more reasonable and valuable. don’t you think so !!!!

    • Charlie Lye said

      Firstly, the central issue here is the “cheapening” and the commercialization of our citizenship. the athletes who give up their citizenship for another country’s citizenship are putting themselves and their skills for sale. In Spore, our citizenship is based on sacrifice. The male populace here serve two years NS and then do an annual in camp training. Our kids are put through a gruelling education system. And there is no universal health care in system. Inspite of all this the average Sporean continues to have some sense of national pride because he is a citizen of Spore. All this changes when chinese players are brought here, pampered and given CITIZENSHIP so that they can win an olympic medal. And secondly lets not forget that shameless act of stacking up the table tennis team COMPLETELY with overseas chinese players. If we had one or two chinese imports who played together with local players it would not look so bad…but to stack the entire team with foreigners and then to claim pride of accomplishment in the olympics is low class and shameless..

  18. 唯恐新加坡不乱 said

    If it is our own kid who has won the gold medal for the country, wouldn’t us want such incentives? Why Singapore has difficulties in grooming top sportsman/sports women? Besides small population we all know it is because the children in Singapore can’t afford to put in the necessary hours for training. Many of the parents still place academy as top priority. Now with such incentives, more parents will be willing to let their kids to try taking up sport as a career. If table tennis association has a system in place to train local kids, I am sure soon we can have made in Singapore players competing on international competition.

  19. singaporeson said

    pa fuckers. They love prc bitches so much that they are willing to kill Singaporeans for them.
    FUCK pap !

  20. stevenadosan said

    Something very wrong with our gahment! Ego? Face? whatever is it…our taxpayers suffers!!! Come 2016, must vote out pap!!!

    • Naivety said

      Agreed fully & totally…no 2nd thoughts & 2 way about it, must vote the papaya party out once & for all to eradicate the root cause of all evil!

  21. Ken Lee said

    our pap minister drink too many coconut milks, now brain empty now. just know how to say ” what do you think?”
    some minister eat too many parrot meat also, always say Bird word!
    can solve any problem just know how to ask what do you think?

  22. jujitsu said

    If you are familiar with the gambling sites the world around, the highest payout is always awarded to the team/individual with lowest odds of obtaining a certain given results. So I take it that the prize money offered was rather insulting the competing athletes as they have been given the thumbs down from the onset.

    No qualm about the prize money given to the athletes as they deserve it by proving the relevant bodies to be wrong in their perception.

  23. Gold said

    Inspiring story there. What occurred after? Thanks!

  24. said

    Your style is really unique in comparison to other folks I have read stuff from.
    I appreciate you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I’ll just book mark this site.

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