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Ma Chi’s wife and children inherited $8.1 million dollars

Posted by temasektimes on August 7, 2012

PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi who angered the entire nation by his reckless driving which caused the deaths of two innocent parties has left a fortune of S$8.10 million dollars to his family.

According to the Chinese tabloids, Ma Chi’s wife He Tingting will inherit half his fortune while the remaining will be split equally between his two children.

He Tingting has initially announced publicly that the family will not shed its responsibility to the victims, one of whom is a Singaporean cabby Mr Cheng who left behind three children.

However till now, there is no news if the Ma family has taken the necessary remedial actions to compensate the victims of the fatal accident which sparked a massive public backlash against China nationals living in Singapore.


91 Responses to “Ma Chi’s wife and children inherited $8.1 million dollars”

  1. gonggong said

    please, it’s $8.1 million…

    Commonsense right, how is it possible one can accumulate $810 million and still keep a low profile until the accident…

  2. iloveft said

    Hello that’s 8.1 million lah. Though it’s not a small sum.

  3. MoneyMuckMuck said

    $8.1 million

  4. The prob with many S'poreans said

    Why did we abolish estate duty tax before some of these very important people die – such a glory fOr them to have willingly paid estate duty – the last glorious act they would have to do or donate instead – let’s have it back on an urgent basis – not too late – although Ong Teng Cheong etc have passed on onto their greater glories

  5. Wrong amt said

    TT, u might want to change the amount to 8.1 million instead.

  6. sad1 said

    its $8.1m, not 810m.

  7. Vic said

    It is $8.10 million, according to that Chinese tabloids; not $810 million

  8. P Koh said

    At this young age and being able to amass such a huge fortune is amazing. Just wondering what business that he did was so lucrative that he could have literally live for the rest of his life in luxury but unfortunately he had the misfortune of not being able to do so.

  9. Anonymous said

    It is $8.1 Million, not $810 million.

  10. Steak said

    That is 8.1 million dollars, not 810.

  11. jack said

    Get your maths and mandarin correct. 810 万 is 8.1 million, not 810 million. Or did you miscalculate and mistranslate to sensationalise the amount?

  12. john said

    Isn’t it 8.1million from the news title?

  13. Caderoc said

    Erm please translate basic Chinese correctly. It is 8.1 Million (810 X 10,000). Getting the facts right would go a long way in helping you become a respectable website.

  14. local boy said

    Temasek Times, learn some basic chinese! It’s $8.1 million, not $810 million!!!

  15. Monkeysee said

    810万 = 8.1M

  16. 唯恐新加坡不乱 said

    TR…get your facts right before you try to stir people’s mood… 810万 isnt 810 million is 8.1mil.

  17. wahlau said

    it’s 8.1 not 810

  18. wahlau said

    it’s 8.1 not 810. don’t spread untrue information.

  19. roger said

    It is actually 8.1 million

  20. James Lee said

    810万 is 8.1million….not 810million.

  21. Steven said

    Sorry but i think your transalation is wrong. Its 8.1million not 810million

  22. rilojacob87 said

    erm its 8.1 million

  23. dontlookhere said

    thats 8.1 million dollars, not 810 million dollars.

  24. Jj said

    810 wan is 8.1 million, not 810 million…

  25. studentinsg said

    Chinese failed? Thats 8.1million not 810 million

  26. Ken Lee said

    our rich and handsome left only S$810 million dollars to his family.

  27. An Ex CHC said

    it show be 8.1 million not 810 million.

  28. kaypoh said

    Jeez! I’m sure Pastor Kong will gladly see that his sins are absolved for a mere 10% of that !!! 🙂

  29. Tokoksinksong said

    What’s the objective of publishing this topic Temasek Times? What has this got to do with Singaporeans? Are you trying to stir up hatred and jealousy among the peoples? Please take this down!

  30. kaypoh said

    Eh, your translation correct or not??? A few zeros more or less makes a BIG difference leh!

  31. Some young Singaporean will marry his widow.

  32. Two is better than one said

    Are there someone in TT knows Chinese Language????
    It is $8.1Million and not $810 Million. Please get the fact right! OMG

  33. Questioner said

    Hello, nobody can read Chinese here? 8.1M not 810M!

  34. mother f**ker, Thats a big sum of money.

  35. Kym ong said

    Pardon me if I’m wrong but 810万isnt it supposed to be 8.1 million? 810 million is 8.1 亿.

  36. ys said

    Its $8.1m!

  37. Tan said

    Should be 8.1 million

  38. sure or not! said

    eh TT, you sure know how to count. its 8.1 million lah. idiots.

  39. Tinseltown said

    You guys got it wrong ! Its $8.1 million,not $810 million.

  40. puzzled said

    It’s S$8.1miilion…not a staggering S$810m! Wrong translation!

  41. Disgruntled said

    Should be 8.1 million.

  42. Nabey said

    If I got $810M,
    I will spend $21M to produce my music record. I will spend $330M to invest suntec. Then the rest will buy some mrt trains, buses and foldable bicycle.

  43. ebichu said

    Is $8.1million not $810million……@_@

  44. K said

    8.1 million, not 810 million.

  45. comeon said

    Wake up please. Looking at the accompanying tabloid photo, it is $8.1 million, not $810 million. What kind of nonsense sensationalistic reporting is this?

  46. ku_kucu said

    810万 — Eight million one hundred thousand / S$ 810 million — 8 亿 1 千万/

  47. Jason said

    Isnt it suppose to be S$8.1 million. Cause it 100万 = 1M then 810万= 8.1M ?

  48. optiomist said

    810 wan is 8.1 million and not 810 million.

  49. ku_kucu said

    Hi there , u need to get the figure corrected. : )

    810万 — Eight million one hundred thousand / S$ 810 million — 8 亿 1 千万/

  50. optiomist said

    he is not that rich, is he? MAS FIS scheme was revised to SGD 10 million, hence he does not qualify.

  51. pay said

    Its 8.1m….

  52. Felix Tan said

    810 ‘wan’ is $8,100,000, thats 8 mil, not 810 mil.

  53. Tired said

    Please read the Chinese properly. No, I’m not siding with Ma Chi’s actions, but I do think you should report FACTS. Ma Chi left S$8.1 million to his family, NOT S$810 million. Please read the Chinese!

  54. jogag said

    yo man, YOU ARE WRONG…is only 8.1 MILLION and is 810 in chinese ….please notice it ya.

  55. China rejects FTL said

    it’s $8.1 million! not almost billionaire!

  56. Chip said

    Wah lau….it’s 8.1 million dollars lah…who translated from Chinese!!!!

  57. boo said

    wah lau $8.1 million lah

  58. error in translation said

    万 = 10,000
    100万 = 1 million
    810万 = 8.1 million (only lar)

  59. eric chua said

    8millions lah

  60. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Hey, where the hell did this young PRC guy get his money from??? Did he buy his PR or citizenship in Singapore??? Or is Singapore a haven for money laundering???

  61. Sangrawi said

    Your article is deliberately deceiving…

    $ 810 万 it’s $ 8.1million and not $ 810 million…

  62. 810 万 is not the same as 810 millions S $…It 8.1 m.Eight millions and one hundred thousand only.

  63. amos said

    It is 8 million not 810 million pls note. But stilll a lot of money

  64. Tick said

    I believe it’s $8.1m, not $810m.

  65. Changoal said

    The numbers in the news translates to 8.1 million dollars actually. 810 million dollars just sounds ridiculous, even for a rich ‘banker’

  66. enough said

    please is it 8 million or 800 millions
    please get your figures right

  67. Three Blind Mice said

    The headlines do not read 810 million dollars leh. 万 is 10,000. So it reads $8.1 million. Still a tidy sum but not that close to a billion.

  68. 8.1 million not 810 million. Bai Wan in Chinese is 1 million

  69. Fish face said

    Aiyohhhh it is 8.1 million lah not 810 million…. Chinese 万 denotes 10.000 not a million…

  70. cow138 said

    Its only 8.1 million. Not 810 million. Please do the proper correction

  71. academic said

    It’s 8.1 million, not 810 million

  72. what the ...... said

    Hello, is 8.1 millions, not 810 millions.

  73. Inspir3d said

    Thats 8.1 million u idiot

  74. Lam said

    Is it $810m or $81m? Please get the maths right before releasing.

  75. Tony said

    TT really likes blow-job…the inheritance was 8.1 mil, but TT can report it as 810 mil. Wow, great reporting ethics,,,or we meant none of it!

  76. ANTI FT said

    Let’s just wait & see what Mdm Ting Ting will do to compensate the cabby’s family. Wahaha

  77. Lam said

    Confirmed by Asiaone (PAP), it is $8.1m. Please get the facts right.

  78. Baka Nippon said

    Hello Mr. Editor, 810″wan” in Chinese means 8.1 millions not 810 millions. Please note.

  79. Helena said

    810 wan is $8,100,000 since 1 wan is $10,000

    Ask those PRC ass to get lost lah!

  80. Helena said

    Let’s not blame the editor. I have problems getting the Chinese way of counting wrong before I moved to HK. In English, we don’t use wan so it’s confusing.

  81. Singapuraboi said

    We r talking China where life is cheap. Don’t think they understand the need to compensate for a life. Just kick the entire family out if Singapore

  82. SG dude said

    Sometimes it is good to get out of our ever so slightly western-leaning mindset once in a while

  83. kaypoh said

    No lah, 99% of the $810 mil was put into revolving account Kong Hee style, while $8.1 mil was left 🙂

  84. kaypoh said

    Tingting, me love u long time 🙂

  85. Daft Peasant said

    $8.1 Mill !!!!!

    HUAT AH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Yayrhah said

    any better photos of He Tingting, pretty or not???

  87. Babuseng said

    8.1 million networth also can buy a Ferrari GTO (S$2.5MM?). Either this guy has no concept of saving/investing, or there is much more hidden money not reported.

  88. liveD ,I said

    TT, SDP mouthpiece, anti-SG. Learn your arithmetics.

  89. Sgsiol said

    i think he tingting look alike at geylang have …bhangla say many many hap same same looking

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