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PHOTO: Neighbor’s flat splashed with red paint by loansharks

Posted by temasektimes on August 7, 2012

A netizen was shocked when he saw his neighbor’s flat being splashed with red paint by loansharks:


20 Responses to “PHOTO: Neighbor’s flat splashed with red paint by loansharks”

  1. sweetbean said

    TT some of your headlines and your Mod’s comments are sorely in need of editing! This photo is of a flat that “has been splashed” with paint. If it was a photo of a flat “being splashed” with red paint there should be someone in the photo splashing the paint. If not, then it is just a photo of a flat that “has been splashed” with red paint. Oh your tenses and grammar can be painful at times.

  2. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    My God, the quality of English language here is really awful. “Neighbours flat being splashed with red paint by loan sharks”. This is one of the silliest heading i have seen this decade to depict the picture in question. Where on earth are the loan sharks if the red paint is “being splashed?” Temasek Times be please be more commited and attentive to what’s being posted esppecially when it concerns the correct use of the English language. if any of you seem unsure about sentence construction in the English language, please call me. I will be more than happy to assist. By the way, I am a Singapire born local, just in case any of you have any doubts about my good intentions for TT. Have a nice day people.

  3. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Well I guess it’s been corrected now. That sounds much better!

    • NaBey said

      Stop critisizing our language. If you don’t like the way we phrase our words in singlish, go back to your country of origin.

  4. LkySi said

    In celebrating National Day , loan sharks painting house red and white – Singapore flag

  5. Realist said

    Why is this news ?
    Isn’t it happening everyday ?

  6. Kampung Sotong said

    Aiyo, what’s so shocking? So little anyway.

  7. Nabey said

    Hello! Ah long very cham one. U go borrow money then report police, police catch ah long , then u no need pay them. Pls pity ah long!!

    • Naivety said

      I doubt so that the Singapore Police Force will do so as they will frequently tell you that they simply can’t do anything about it as far as loan sharks are concerned!

  8. Ro said

    Does not look like it was being splashed with paint with a pail. It looked more like a small cup. Hardly a splash judging by the cup.

  9. jogag said

    is just a blog…anything also can mah…including singlish lor…so wyh so serious lei, lke checkng into people gramer and so on…like me mah, so many what, talk talk la!

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