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Ang Mo Kio residents complain about BTO project being built too close to their DBSS flats

Posted by temasektimes on August 8, 2012

Some residents of a Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) project in Ang Mo Kio are complaining about the government’s plans to build a BTO project less than 50 metres from their project without realizing the fact that they are living in a HDB flat as well despite its fancy name ‘Park Central’ which was completed last year.

The upset residents have voiced their unhappiness on the Facebook page of their Member of Parliament, Mr Ang Hin Kee, expressing their concerns about the dust and noise that would be generated and whether there are sufficient amenities, including car park lots, to cater to another cluster of flats.

A Park Central resident, Mr Alex Wong, 37, said the residents will be setting up a committee to “try to stop” the building of the BTO project.

Speaking to queries from the media, Mr Ang said he is working with the HDB to look into their concerns and come up with alternatives.

“I empathise with the residents as they have just moved into the estate not long ago and, after all the moving in, renovation and settling (of) teething problems… there’s construction again,” he added.

However, ERA Key Executive Officer Eugene Lim was less sympathetic:

“What is there to complain or be unhappy about? I don’t think the lessor will go ask the lessee for permission to build more flats in the vicinity.”

Singaporeans may think they ‘own’ their HDB flats, but in reality, they are merely leasing it from HDB for a period of 99 years.


12 Responses to “Ang Mo Kio residents complain about BTO project being built too close to their DBSS flats”

  1. Populist said

    Don’t have to complain. If you think HDB has breached any law or regulation you just need to file a legal suit against them

  2. Ken Lee said


  3. The Gardener said

    That’s what you voted for in GE 2012. Too bad.

  4. Novelltie said

    do you those new first time flat buyers will allow you to ‘halt’ construction just because its causing you inconveniences? do you know that if HDB fails to deliver your new flat on time, they are liable to compensate you?

    if they stop they lose money. if they don’t stop, they just receive complains… which is better?

  5. Nabey said

    You all dunno meh? DBSS = Design Built Side by Side

  6. seah said

    here cannot build,there cannot build ,how to get my flat.why dont the DBSS flat owner buy the empty plot of land,You only buy the flat not the surrounding lands.

  7. Daft buyers said

    Those who bought the affordable DBSS must be regretting and repenting now. So expensive yet still is a HDB flat without any condo facilities. Now BTO flat just stones throw away…

  8. Ignore them said

    With this sort of people around, I think developers will have to declare the future plan for development within a 5 km radius within any new building project. I think it is more suitable for these people to buy ready built or old properties and make sure that there is no future plan for redevelopment of the surrounding areas. These are the type of people who will want MRT station to be built somewhere else and then tow it to their vicinity after completion. If you entertain them this time, next time they will ask the govt to compensate them when the shares they bought drop in values. I think they better go home and ask their fathers and mothers to compensate them. Grow up kids!

  9. Buy BTO said

    Alamak, you didn’t know BTO is built to obstruct har? Like what Nabey said, your DBSS is design built side by side. So next time don’t buy DBSS because beside sure kana BTO.

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