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Chan Chun Sing praises table-tennis women’s team from China for ‘uniting’ the nation

Posted by temasektimes on August 8, 2012

Despite the genuine sentiments emanating from the ground that many Singaporeans are unhappy with the government ‘buying’ medals with foreign-born athletes, PAP leaders continue to use them to ‘unite’ and ‘inspire’ the nation.

Speaking to the media after Singapore tablet-tennis women’s team from China beat South Korea 3-0 to win the bronze medal at the London Olympics, Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing said the “second bronze medal win in table tennis is a testimony to the effort of the entire Team Singapore.”

“We would not have been able to achieve this without the support of all the coaches, the backroom staff and everybody who has played a part. And I must say a big thank you to all the boisterous Singapore supporters in the arena,” Mr Chan said.

Mr Chan added that he was ‘very happy’ that the China girls have performed beyond expectations by overcoming their injuries and thanked them for ‘uniting’ the nation:

“We really want to thank Team Singapore and the Singapore table tennis team for uniting the nation and inspiring us on, and for giving us such a wonderful 47th birthday present for Singapore and Singaporeans.”


31 Responses to “Chan Chun Sing praises table-tennis women’s team from China for ‘uniting’ the nation”

  1. Regime Change said

    Uniting the nation? More likely dividing and fracturing the nation.
    Online polls show 77% of respondents do not feel proud of the medals.

    • Alvin Soh said

      It is so disappointing to note that whenever they open their mouths, they say something that is so totally clueless and far from the reality on the ground.

      You have to wonder what planet they are from?

      • Populist said

        On line poll is never being accurate. It represent only a small portion of anti establisment voice. If you based on on line poll to make your conclusion then you will conclude that WP and other opposition party had taken over as the Government of Singapore

      • liveD ,I said

        Planet : Uranus ? 😀

    • Kee Middle Finger said

      These foreign troops win ping pong bronze medal and 77% of people do not feel pround..

      Compare with Malaysia’s home grown Lee Chong Wei who narrowly lost the badminton gold medal, and yet the whole contry is still pround of him and behind him..

      So who is uniting their people? Obviously, Kee Chiu is talking through his ass..

    • CB said

      THUMB UP for your saying ^^^ ! This guy probably having mental issue by saying this !! Another word for that is SEOW ! (((( ‘uniting’ the nation ))))

  2. Singapuraboi said

    Small guy with a leaky mouth. Should learn to know when to say the right thing. Politicians r supposed to be good at PR except those in Singapore who like to shoot their mouths off at the inopportune times. With the entire nation enraged they still don’t get it. The flag hanging is one example of how the people feels. With all that is going on, no one is in a celebratory mood. And since the flag was designed by the current ruling party, people have taken it as representative of PAP.

  3. Utter Rubbish said

    Can someone ask this moron to STFU?! He’s totally clueless about the sentiments on the ground and yet loves to hear his own voice all the time. Typical army general!!

  4. Jay said

    another proof of disconnected with the ground?

    PAP is asking for another ‘WAKE UP’ call la…. LOL

    CHAN Chun Sing must be ‘clown’ of 2012? Yet he is so call the ‘raising PAP Star’

  5. Ken Lee said

    ha so uniting!!!

  6. kaypoh said

    We also thank Saw PH of SMRT, Kong Hee of CHC, and CCS the greatest orator in history, for “uniting the nation” 🙂

  7. Adrian Pang said

    Which fucking planet is this guy living on? He’s not doing himself any credibility favours by spouting B.S. A good politician will be able to take whats happening on the ground and spin appropriate messages. This clown has no fucking clue about whats really going on on the ground and spouts nonsense.

  8. kaypoh said

    Yes, he is right – 99.99% of TT readers are UNITED in hating his guts!

  9. Tan Kow Ku said


  10. Jim Low said

    Pathetic. We want chinese table tennis players to unite our nation? They gave up their native chinese citizenship in order to play table tennis for Spore. They sold their skills to the highest bidder. Is this the kind of loyalty we want to encourage in our nation. And our Ah Beng minister says that these people who show no loyalty to their native country for the sake of money and glory are worthy to unite our country? Are these the values we want to inculcate in our young people? They might also follow the example of these chinese table tennis players and dump their singapore citizenship and sell their marketable skills to other countries.

  11. Daft Peasant said

    Yeah……uniting the Nation into: 反对派 and 支持派

  12. chia said

    another traitor from singapore.why not let china take over singapore so that they can help us unite our nation.

  13. oldguard said

    We are hiring traitors into Singapore, WTF

  14. Tham T W said

    While we congratulate Feng Tianwei and her all China-imported teammates on winning medals for Singapore (and of course lots of money for themselves), we must not get carried away with rejoice.

    By substituting our own talents with foreigners to represent us we are actually doing a greaty disservice to the grooming of our own boys and girls.

    It must be very demoralising for them to be displaced by the foreigners in any opportunity to gain experience in international competitions.

    Without being given the chance to participate in such competitions, we are forever condemning our own talents to eternally remain mediocre, and only play second fiddle to the foreigners.

    Frankly, I would much rather prefer that we send our own home-bred talents to overseas competitions even if we have to lose, as we would then have at least encouraged them and given them some competition experience.

    The money spent in grooming of own sportsmen is certainly much better utilised than paying foreigners exorbitantly to represent us.

    Even at school level competitions, it is now quite common to find that the competition has sadly degenerated into an all-foreigners contest with only foreigners representing the different schools, while our own boys and girls are reduced to being mere spectators watching the competitions.

    It must be extremely discouraging for our own students if they are never given the chance to participate in any real competitions.

  15. stevenadosan said

    This guy must have been reading about how Lee Chong Wei pride of defeat unites the whole of malaysia! He must be dreaming of such incident happening here..Please la ah chan,don’t be so pathetic! You are obiously speaking much much away from the ground! Or are trying to apple polishing just because your boss said something earlier? Chinagirl “uniting” our nation? Ah chan, it only happens in Geylang! Paid millions of $$$ yet still spewing rubbish!

  16. Playfair said

    These highly educated idiots only know how to praise PRC imports.
    Two Singapore girls Cecilia Low and Rachel Lee were crowned world champions at the “Sailing 420 in Austria on 5th August” They beat 35 contestants.
    No recognation and pictures in the front page for our PAP Straits Times.
    PRC wins and pictures on the front page including the Lee Bee Wah , how do we trust these ministers when Singaporean’s are chucked aside.
    Did these sailors recieve 500K for being champions.
    What a sad day for Singaporean’s we have really become 2nd class citizens.

  17. My Foot said

    what the hell is he talking about? what ‘uniting the nation’? was the nation divided in the first place? and how many Singaporeans actually cheered and celebrated over this except for them & the MSM?

  18. Sgsiol said

    chan chun sing are u in dream land when saying those words???..ur fingerprint stil wet in politics areas so dun anyhow say that..y not u let those prc take over ur place since u say uniting..mayb u and the sg table tennis woman frm china might go to talk cock sing song before wher u uniting…pple like u is not talented to be in politician bcos u might have the same thinking like china….praise the gov and make money never care bout others feeling..

  19. seah said

    you only got people feeding you with the wrong feedback,as what you comment,change your feed back team,their are useless;for your info majority of sporean dont feel proud,we spore seem to buy our medal by offering high price,When price is right we can get everything,like football team

  20. kf said

    What bloody crap from Chan Chun Sing !
    How can the TT women’s team unite sporeans when 8 out of 10 don’t feel any pride? More realistic for kee chiu Chan to unite the PAP and Opposition if they shaft his ass together.

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