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Passengers evacuated from SMRT train filled with smoke

Posted by temasektimes on August 8, 2012

A near disaster occurred on a SMRT train bound for Jurong East after passengers had to be evacuated from the train on Tuesday evening.

The incident occurred at around 6.20pm after smoke filled the train causing it to stop at Kranji station with the passengers evacuated.

According to commuters in the train, none of the SMRT operators at Kranji made any announcements to explain the situation though nobody was reportedly hurt.

When contacted by the media, an SMRT spokesman said the company is investigating the cause of the smoke.


14 Responses to “Passengers evacuated from SMRT train filled with smoke”

  1. This country practice NO ACCOUNTABILTY , so what can we expect ?

  2. kaypoh said

    Bane believes he can do a better job than Saw, so he did a little demo 🙂

  3. The poor FTs will be blamed again?

  4. patin said

    HIGH , HIGH defray…
    LOW , LOW services

  5. Ken Lee said

    here our world class transport again!

  6. Hang Tuah said

    This country termed every mistakes are ‘Honest Mistakes’ so that they can get away with it…

  7. Gar said

    Everytime smell sometime burning in the train if standing at the area between the train compartments. maybe just smell of oil, or something overheating.

  8. Nabey said

    I know why there is no help. Because scdf were trained that to overcome smoke, we need wet blanket to evacuate victims. But SMRT said NO DRINKS and obviously NO WATER is allowed inside the train.

  9. Monday, 6Aug around 9am there was also a complete evacuation of all passengers due to a train fault at E-W Aljunied Station

  10. Singapuraboi said

    It is strange that our train system is affected by so many problems? What is wrong? Would pumping in more money into the system ensure safer and efficient commute for the people? Or should we look at the quality of staff we r employing whose oversight or inexperience is giving SMRT and SBS a bad name.

  11. Pulstay said

    Cable ties melted? 😛

  12. Darryl Heng said

    You are kidding right? Of course no explanation lah! U mean the driver should stay and endure the smoke? Or the staff should hazard a guess as to the cause b4 investigation?

  13. ngpy said

    Its the top down problem. If top beam is not straight, down under beam bound to bent. Try to understand that if the subordiniates approach his superior with a problem but then the superior is not able to solve the problem and at the same is too embarrass to seek advice from higher up for fear of being reprimanded or losing his position so he drags on with the problem. Thats why we find so many problems with our train system.

  14. old horse said

    You have a bunch of very high class graduates running the mrt (manager really terok). They lead , all follow , they are SHIT (smart, highly qualified, Intelligent , Technocrat). All below good follower , but bozz don’t know anything , only get big bucks , car and house . So your mrt break down again and again . So you must pay more to maintain and keep it going . Why do you think things don’t last as long as last time . The manufacturers must continue production. The engineers must continue to maintain . How else to keep your jobs …..

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