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PHOTO: Lee Kuan Yew walking out of SGH today

Posted by temasektimes on August 8, 2012

Contrary to unverified rumors being circulated in cyberspace by malicious individuals, Singapore’s Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew is as FIT as a bull.

A photo reportedly taken this afternoon showed him walking out of Singapore General Hospital:

[Source: Hardwarezone EDMW forum]




423 Responses to “PHOTO: Lee Kuan Yew walking out of SGH today”

  1. alex said


    • RU said


      • Tan Yan ren said

        think carefully before you write such disrespectful words……HE, Lee Kuan Yew , is the founding Father and BAPA Singapore…however you like it or not…i think there must be a sense of gratitude…i will call a spade a spade …dont be offended but reflect……

      • Alex said

        stfu RU

      • Kehao said

        yea man, so rude

      • Zhang Fei said

        It’s called being honest.

        Looks like you enjoy being a hypocrite and a liar.

      • Gardener said

        Thats right. Stay buried while the rest of the world repair all the damages.

      • Blake said

        “If we had considered them serious political figures, we would not have kept them politically alive for so long. We could have bankrupt them earlier.”
        – Lee Kuan Yew on political opposition, Straits Times, Sept 14 2003

      • Calista said

        Stfu up RU, if there is no him, there would be no Singapore! So kindly think before u write

      • Calista said

        I mean Alex, sorry for typo

    • Bai Hu said

      It is not good to curse or wish death upon others. Just imagine if those around u also wishes u the same thing. How do u feel?

      • ellery chua said

        yah lots of that kind of sentiment and $1 plus buys my a cup of coffee at most coffee shops. is it fear of the some person or it is fear of death. Death comes for everyone at the time and place predestined – no one escapes this. What other people say is the same as in all things – it matters a lot if you give them unlimited credit, it matters no at all if you pay them no heed.

      • Calista said

        Yeah exactly stop being rude

    • Nanz said

      Ya, y u so rude…….

    • Mae said

      U then walking dead..

    • Sovereign said

      Seriously after that comment please fuck off from Singapore. No matter the circumstances, LKY has had a pivotal position in Singapore’s history and if you even dare to consider yourself a Singaporean please think twice before writing such insensitive comments.

      • soh bend over for me said

        many will fuck off from singapore because you say ?
        can do but let us fuck your ass first lah!

    • SuperDuper said

      The Führer still lives!

      • Sanjeev said


        Hail refers to pellets of frozen rain.

      • Eric said

        Actually, hail has a noun form and a verb form. The former refers to the aforementioned frozen rain, but the latter usage means a greeting, a cheer, or a salute or other form of welcome.

        Heil is the Germanic root word from which hail derives.

    • ML said

      Absolutely freaking RUDE!

      • Walking Zombie said

        Nope. Not rude at all. I enjoyed it. Prefer the sentence to be more mean.

      • Blake said

        “I am often accused of interfering in the private lives of citizens. Yes, if I did not, had I not done that, we wouldn’t be here today. And I say without the slightest remorse, that we wouldn’t be here, we would not have made economic progress, if we had not intervened on very personal matters – who your neighbour is, how you live, the noise you make, how you spit, or what language you use. We decide what is right. Never mind what the people think.”
        – Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Straits Times, 20 April 1987

    • jo said

      Alex, what an asshole you are.. you can dislike but you don’t have to curse and say mean things like that.

      • Calista said

        Ya freaking rude, parents didn’t teach? If there is no lee kuan yew, there would be no Singapore. Get this in mind

    • see quincy said

      Are you referring to yourself?

      • Blake said

        “If I have to shoot 200,000 students to save China from another 100 years of disorder, so be it.” – Lee Kuan Yew evoking the ghost of Deng Xiaoping whilst endorsing the Tiananmen Square massacre, Straits Times, Aug 17, 2004

    • Walking Zombie said

      Maybe he has turn into a ZOMBIE…hahahhahahahhaa

    • alex said

      Mostly people here dont live in his era in the 60’s n 70s all they read is his history but if they know who is LKY they will sure curse him. Ask JBJ Devan Nair Ong Teng Cheong etc…and those people who been imprisoned by him in ISD for decades.Till now some old people have fear in him and his party. Thats why you can still see the 60% even when this country is in bad state. Ask yourself why PAP till now still in power??? Because of this name LKY they still exists. See how long they can survive if he is gone.

      • see quincy said

        Mr Alex, You are grossly mistaken. Because I am one of these people who lived and fight through the 60’s n 70’s and even today. We want to see that Singapore – our wonderful home – get even better tomorrow, I say “fight” because it is an on-going one. We do not affiliate ourselves to any political parties, nor do we get all the knowledge through reading ST, ZaoBao and the likes, we have seen the most part of how Singapore evolved through our own eyes and contacts and even played a part in them.
        We fear nobody and we threaten nobody, we proudly call ourselves Singaporean and we constantly show our counterparts from other countries what we are capable of.
        You are so blessed that you have the luxury of enjoying the goods of Singapore and nato about Singapore’s in “bad state”, please walk out of your comfort zone and go ask those foreigners who are forced to come here to make a living about their countries, and I hope you will soon realise that Singapore is in fact a place amongst the best in the world.
        People will respect you only when you talk fair and make sense based on verified facts and figures from reliable sources (not necessary press and news), being analytical, open your eyes and poke your nose when you need to, and not based your argument on hear-say, easily misled by people with ulterior motives.
        Respect does not necessary earned just because a person is in high position; but one must be brave to give credit and recognition when it is due.

    • alex said

      Sad to say that this picture is not new it was backdated as stated n admitted by ST bloggers today. So where is he now???Let see if he is in the NDP today.

  2. Ben said

    people as fit as a bull no need go for medical checkup?

  3. Ken Lee said


    • Ken Lee said


      • Ken Lee said


      • Eddie said

        Ken : So sorry u are left out in this society and can only pour out your hatred here, dun worry cos your posting is not gonna harm a single hair of anyone. Go work hard and try to be more useful 🙂 poor thing. ( ithough of using poor boy, but i reckon “thing” is more suitable “

    • A said

      HOPE You get to go before him. 🙂

  4. Tokoksinksong said

    WHO CARES!!!

  5. SWISS standard said

    Even when his wife was seriously sick inTTSH, the staffs are silent about it. Not surprise if he is sick too, he is human afterall, can’t live forever. No amount of money can buy your health or your life when it is time to go.^_^

    • Dek said

      very well said

      • singaporean said

        he has been seeing the docs in sgh for quite a few years already. but there’s always a private lift and a private clinic that he and his family goes to, that’s why he’s hardly spotted.

  6. stevenadosan said

    Thanks God He is still alive…Must kill all those rumours! Rumours are really very real!!

  7. Sad citizen said

    So sad….

  8. JeoJeo said

    Hail our supreme leader LKY!!!
    live for ten thousand years!

    best wishes from
    North Korea FT

    • robert mugabe Jr said

      Hail the ultimate supreme leader LKY,
      may you live a hundred thousand years!

      greetings on behalf of my supreme leader Mugabe,
      Zimbabwe FT in Singapore

    • Cigar said

      Hail the Universe Supreme Leader LKY,
      may You live Forever!

      greetings on behalf of my supreme leader Castro,
      Cuban FT in Singapore

    • spock said

      Hail supreme leader of all mankind LKY !
      Live well and prosper !

      Greetings on behalf of my supreme leader Assad,
      he seeks your consent for asylum.

      Syrian FT in Singapore

  9. Prince J said

    it is bad karma to wish someone die…..

    • Alan Lim said

      Every human being will die sooner or later, including you.

    • JackBlack said

      Some of the comments here are unbelievable! What kind of Singaporeans are you? Show some respect for all he has done. You guys are worse than savages. What are you? 10 year old kids?

      • Gardener said

        Respect? Too bad he did not earn any from me.
        He’s a Walking Dead for me.

      • Nimal said

        Hmmm, what did he do? Besides wat the media has been used to portray, what has he done that people hate this man and his family who now hold and control every major aspect in Singapore… There’s no smoke without fire, he has made many superficial claims, but I believe he claimed credit for work others did. All He did was bully and steal from ordinary Singaporeans…. Hence the revulsion…. So for the people who are seeming to be concerned about him, look into ur own hearts before u respond…

      • Mat said

        I totally agree with JackBlack. Lee Kuan Yew has done so much for the country. Who are these low-life scoundrels who are maligning him? Do you think you could have steered the country as he did? I really don’t think so.

        JackBlack is far too kind – most 10 year olds are better than these ingrates!

      • Troller said

        Whatever Singapore has right now is all thanks to LKY. Without him, i dont think you will have such a loving home. What citizens are you people trying to curse others? Might as well curse yourself first! He deserves LOTS of respect . If you dont respect him, just keep quiet and dont have to say anything

  10. edwin said

    i would hate it if he died suddenly. people like him must die a very slow, very painful, lingering death. must suffer for years and years. all his kakis got alzheimers. he will too.

    • Apple said

      Shut up….. so evil…

    • Mich said

      What you wish upon others may befall you!
      Horrible & rotten mouth you have!

    • Mae said

      Thanks for the curse..coz u will be the one or ur close ones who will get all this curse ..don’t forget karma..if u curse someone…the curse will eventually goes to u or ur close ones…please take care

    • Perry said

      and i wish you the same, if not worse.

    • Jackie said

      If not for him, Singaporean women would be domestic helpers in the neighbouring countries and men would be labour in Burma. Stop this non sense and be thankful for what you have got. Being in a third world and living in a first world country, you should be proud of him and not wish him ill. If you have issues, find ways to them done, bring it on a platform for everyone to share ideas and make your country a better place instead of sulking and talking rubbish on social platforms and stop talking like illiterates and uneducated bunch of idiots.

    • Tan Kow Ku said

      your wish granted.

    • bubbs said

      dont understand the purpose of your curse. does it make u feel better

    • nicole said

      u should go and die

    • see quincy said

      Your wishes will come true – for yourself.

    • Walking Zombie said

      Exactly, he must first suffer cancer all over his body with litres of morphine to contain his pains. No appetite at all, he lost weigh and becames bedridden. Lying there half dead. And all the enemies keep appearing in his mind at night. Soon and bit by bit he knew his times are up. Sayonara old fart.

      • see quincy said

        I really pity you that even in your dream you are not up to grade making yourself his enemy in any live-contest and can only chose to spray all your toxin hidden behind web-veil. In earnest you tried but only people of no significance like me noticed your bare existence. What a great pity!

      • Qiqi said

        Walking Zombie, gd that u know u are just a walking zombie and whatever u curse, u will be the receiver for sure. Likewise for Those who swear, curse… Cowards who only hid behind to do so bcos u are absolutely NOTHING that no one cares whether are dead or alive!

      • Apple said

        Quincy and Qiqi, try visualising walking zombie going through the agonies that he was describing… it will makes you feel better…… 🙂 Make him the PM and see what others will post here….. 😉

      • Sanjeev said

        *Losing his appetite, losing his weight, becoming bedridden
        *he will know his time is up

    • Eddie said

      Becareful of Karma : Dun be surprise it happen to your family. Such an evil heart. You must be the low life that contribute nothing to Singapore except getting some ego back from posting in social media

      • Larry Song said

        Nobody loves a running dog.

        There must be thousands of Singaporeans cursing you daily.

        Beware of KARMA yourself.

        You and your family will most probably meet with tragedy within the next one month or two.

    • Esther said

      Walking zombie, tonight your parent will start to die slowly and followed by you will drag with pain in your head, stomach, your asshole etc. you will drag until you cannot take it and then you go commit suicide then we will have another day of celebation for you for dying so young, i feel so sad for your parent and yourself………die faster hor!!!

      • SG said

        U can enjoy your curse. and all of us can replied to him. It seems like the one cursing enjoy your replied and corrspondence with him. so, all stop replying to this naive person, he will stop. coz, no point u curse him and tell him, maybe he just don’t understanding what is karma?

  11. Robox said

    I used to hate Lee Kuan Yew, but I think now I have the best attitude towards him: complete indifference.

    If he could flex his political muscle during prolific career as a fraud, to the point of committing illegal acts, he is powerless against the new media.

    It makes no difference to me whether he is dead or alive, so long as he is not allowed to make any more impact in Singapore.

    • Alex said

      What makes U so sure he has no influence?

    • see quincy said

      It is most fortunate that YOU are UNABLE to make any impact in Singapore.

    • dark said

      best response to LKY saga i’ve ever seen. I despise the man, but it would make sense to switch to your (very sensible and practical) stand! Thanks for sharing!

      After all, he is no longer in a position to dictate, so why should we let him continue to dictate our emotions 🙂

  12. Mikey said

    How many bodyguards does this guy need?

  13. Ahchar said

    Mr Lee please take care.

  14. Glad to see that he’s looking fine. Hope he enjoys the parade tomorrow.

  15. Singaporean said

    he will use the $$ he sucked to replace failed organs with mechanical parts and be immortal.

    • Mich said

      Give the old man a break! So ill mannered & foul mouthed. Unless you dun have children, is real retribution to curse people !

    • I'm Foreigner said

      Are you really Singaporean?….this is your most great leader. What you written here shows how idiot you are….Without him, you are still stay in fishing village!

      • lee con you said

        well said!
        hail great leader LKY!
        hail supreme leader LKY!
        without Kim Jr, N Korea will be occupied by Japan,
        without Mugabe, Zimbabwe will be merely a jungle,
        without Castro, Cuba will be occupied by USA,
        without Assad, Syria will be taken over by terrorists

    • Zhang Fei said

      Why mechanical parts?

      Isn’t there a lot of organs available in China?

      Anyway, with more and more foreigners coming here, there soon will be enough organs for harvesting by our elites.

      That is probably why they keep importing immigrants from 3rd world countries, or so it seems.

    • see quincy said

      Please replace your namesake, you are too stupid to represent “Singaporean”.

  16. billy said

    those comments: who cares…walking dead ppl….ppl do god see…
    if u r sg’rean and still said like this …u can go ….hell

  17. Similanjiao said

    Eh you all can joke about P@P and the govt, but not LKY leh. Come on la 😀

  18. yong choon kiat said

    Onli god noes when was tis pic taken

  19. seah said

    long life my great leader,nice to see you so healthy,live for a thousand years


      Great leader, u sure ? Oh come on, sonny. There are great leader like Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Aung sun shu kyi…etc but not HIM.

  20. Robert said

    Everyone has got to die someday…

    “life goes on” – tupac

  21. Francis Leong said

    Hail the wise leader of Singapore, wish him good health and happiness for many more years to come !

    Wishes from a Singaporean.


      Come on francis boi, are u naive or what ??? At his age, do u think he is fit and healthy ??? I suggest u pray that the cleaners had done a thorough job to keep the floors away from banana skins or else he will fall to dead.

  22. Nabey said

    Hello sir, what do you eat? Can introduce? 88 already still strong as bull ?? My girlfriend complaint I cannot stand. Sigh**

  23. 过路人 said

    So what if he is dead. It is not as if he is immortal.


      Hmmm…how about tomorrow ? One day after the ND ? Another declared off day ?

      • see quincy said

        By your profession you seem to be napping in coffin too often. But seriously if you do not wake up one of this day, nobody will ever notice that you were there once.

  24. Esther Kong said

    I am so relief to hear this news that MM Lee is in pink health. When the rumours were passing around my heart was so heavy. I prayed secretly that MM Lee is all well and the rumours maker will be very sad to know our MM is as fit as a bull.

  25. Huh said

    Mr Lee, your wife misses you lah. Don’t keep her waiting.

  26. shin said

    Sir, pls tc. For those that wish the bad of you, are completely ignorant.

  27. Chinaporean said

    there goes my champagne party…….

  28. A said

    Long life Mr Lee!


      Too long might not be good. Suggest that he should set off earlier to the nether world. Taxpayers’ monies will be save.

  29. w/o lhl, we can still survive. said

    I just buy 3 bottles of champagne to prepare for celebration…but…I shall keep it for next available date and time.

  30. KBy said

    Singapore having one whole bunch of ungrateful people… you know I’m referring to who!!!

  31. Silverfox said

    without LKY we wont be here today when he is gone you will wish he lived on trust me.. unless u can leave a legacy and build a small island into a nation do not insult him.

  32. singaporean said

    Although the going gets tough,but in exchange for economy stability and security is well worth…
    Mr Lee lead singapore to what it is today in less than 50yrs…
    Leaders of the world give all due respect…truely don’t see any reason ,man with long foresight be criticising and cursing when one can’t handle the tough going…..peace

  33. lin said

    i cannot help but to comment on this post. why are there so many bad comments about MR LKY. Please give him some due respect. As much as you may hate PAP, they indeed contributed to the growth of SG. Mr LKY is like the father of SG! he helped to build SG and now we are one of e best in terms of economy and standard of living though we are a small nation. Please at least appreciate his hard work and not penalise him because of PAP as a whole.
    I’m really glad Mr LKY is fine! Cant believe how life in SG would become within him.

    • jimmylin said

      No worries lah! Even LKY goes, we still have LHL and HC to make Spore even better than what LKY has done, right ?
      LHL just needs to import another 5 Million PRCs and the GDP will be out of this world,
      HC invest the reserves so well that everyone becomes a millionaire.

  34. Jess Lee said

    isnt this an outdated photo. given his age he can barely walk properly let alone take such a big step with his leg as seen above


      It’s a double.

    • Pepper said

      The photo must have been taken a while back. He looked frail and skinner today on TV for NDP Parade.
      Heard the rumors yesterday and can’t help but felt sad. Glad that he is alright.
      Great man does great things and he has great foresight. Tough decisions made at times for a better course. He may have made some decisions that may not be the advantage of some but sometimes great leaders have to made tough decisions for the better whole.

      • devan and jbj said

        “great leaders have to make tough decisions for the better whole ”

        does that mean LHL and HC is better for Singaporeans ?
        LHL bringing in more PRCs by the millions into Singapore and do you even have any clue how many Billions HC has made ?

  35. rt tan said

    this photo is back dated.

  36. MELVIN said

    wishing him all the best of health for the greatest mAN WHOM I RESPECTED THE MOST.


  37. MELVIN said


  38. Words from Human said

    Mr Lee, Thank you!

  39. Mummy of Skyler said

    If he is your grandfather, you probably will take back your words… karma will bestow you.. one fine day… unhappy that he had lead singapore? Then simple.. give up your citizenship and leave Singapore.. don’t just simply stay here and just TALK! Words are cheap ya.


      He is reporting soon. Get ready to weep and celebrate.

    • poppy the sailor said

      you think LKY owns this island and hence those who disagree should leave ?
      tell you what mummy, post your photo, declare this publicly and I wlll retun the favour.

      heck, we can leave this island together on a one way trip to the south china sea, sink the boat to make things more interesting.
      what do you think mummy ?

  40. J.Low said

    Some of the comments here are rude and uncalled for. This is the guy who brought us to where we are today. Guys, will appreciate if you give the guy some respect. And to wish death upon someone, that is low. Have you guys done anything for the country that allows you to put others down for? You do not have a right to such poisonous words.

  41. lovesingapore said

    for those who curse, believe in karma.
    what if we curse your parents?
    be kind with words.

  42. dblyl said

    some of u are really mean! here’s the forefather of my home & he sure has his sacrifice & toiling momments, especially 50years ago! Our MM Lee is awesome! take care!


      He is reporting soon. Get ready to weep.

      • Apple said

        you too WWE….. but if you reported…. i think no one will weep for you………

      • angel said

        hello apple,
        when you are dead, can you see who is weeping for you ?
        don’t be daft lah!
        do you think more people weep for you means you have better chance to go to heaven ?
        it’s people like you who will give funeral specialists the opportunity to make money, providing professional mourners for your funeral LOL

      • Apple said

        Hello Angel….. Your reply got no connection to the posting here, so zipped up daft…….. even a no brainer also knows that when you are dead, you can’t see who is weeping for you, so don’t ask stupid question and degrade yourself !!! Professional mourners, haha, save it for yourself la…. confident that I won’t need one………..

      • Apple said

        hello angel……
        even a no brainer will know you can’t see who’s weeping for you when your dead….. don’t ask stupid question and degrade yourself …. so zipped up daft……..
        your question got nothing to do with this blog….
        so zipped up daft……
        Haha…..Professional mourners for my funneral….. confident I don’t need one daft……… sounds like you are already scouting for one…. so knowledgeable ya……

      • SIGH... said

        @ apple

        U are the one that is daft. Am neutral here and siding no one.

  43. Jacquie Lee said

    Why so much hatred for LKY? I am just asking.

  44. Chris Lim said

    I believe god love this country and he also blessed our LKY. After many years working around SEAsia, I realize without LKY this country will never make it and we will never maintain top position in the four dragons. We shouldn’t take things for granted. We are the most blessed nation in the world.
    We love you sir. Wishes you good health and Happy National Day.

    • dark said

      not everyone dreams of a country in which being top position counts.

      • see quincy said

        There are two things you can do: be the government yourself and show us that you are more capable, or, leave the country for good.

      • hong g said

        Why only 2 things Dark can do, and why should anyone leave ?
        How about goading the neighbours to take SinCity, we end up in the trenches to defend but differences are settled once and for all inside…..
        40% versus the 60% will go down in history as an epic

  45. Sporean88 said

    I have never been happy with our current policies , rising costs and influx of foreigners and i hated the way those arrogant miws behave…and I hate travelling in the jammed packed train to work every morning…
    but no matter what the 80s and 90s were good….without LKY we would not have made it so far, to the extend FTs are flocking here because life is much more safer & better than our neighbouring countries.
    I don’t see the need to make such crude remarks and spread malicious rumours….

    Speedy Recovery to Mr Lee : ) Just in time for NDP !

    • Mat said

      I feel the same way as you too. I may gripe and have my own share of grievances about some of PAP’s policies, but deep down, I feel an unwavering sense of indebtedness to LKY.

      True, without LKY, we would probably share the fate of some neighbouring countries where we would be the foreign workers earning a meagre wage just so that we can remit money back to our families to give them a better life.

      I wish LKY the best of health too and may Singaporeans respect and value his legacy.

      • kenji nue said

        well said. without LKY and his team. we might be the one working in other first world country as a foreign workers sending money back to our singapore family.

        All the best of health to LKY and i wish all singaporeans have a happy national day!

    • Apple said

      You’re right guys!!! ….. sometimes our own parents will also lay some rules that are unacceptables to us but we still will follow through, ultimately, they have our welfare at heart, just like LKY … so for those who leave nasty comments….. why don’t you either run the country (make sure all the citizens like you) or leave the country (to somewhere you think has the best leader)…..


      Maybe tomorrow he RIP ? What an auspicious day after the ND.

    • SG said

      share your thought too, but only agreed that LKY given us 80s & 90s, but not now.

  46. vivi said

    ilove u LKY, my hero

  47. Traore said

    so many crap comments by kiddos hiding behind e computer. No link.

  48. Robox said

    Do other backbenchers also have an army of bodyguards and minders accompanying them on their rounds? If not, how much is this costing taxpayers, and why was there a review of ministerial salaries if it was not to cut costs?


      More gurads are required in order to carefully watch over his balls just in case they dropped out of the blue.

    • robert said

      did’nt he served the japs in WW2 when Singapore was occupied ?
      he was 18 then, but did not volunteer to fight the enemy.
      wonder if his NS obligated grandsons are aware of this ?

      do you recall he had a garrison of gurkhas for his protection ? which other leader needed this ?
      do you think the ISA was used to settle political differences ?

      ps: has to be a coward and a bully, right ?

      • see quincy said

        We shall live to fight another day. Peoples are not afraid to die, but will die for a cause – a valuable cause. Before our mission is accomplished why would we die like a fool?
        As a politician, his achievements will only be judged by history.

  49. Bao Ching Tian said

    How do we know if this photo was taken on 8 August and not some time ago?

  50. ketua67 said

    Old dark up lorry liao. This pic is fake (outdated).
    Lately he couldn’t even walk properly unassisted, and do you see any sign of decoration for National day?

  51. enough said

    nobody lives forever, no matter how rich or powerful he is

  52. Concern said

    oh well….

  53. Annie said

    Happy Birthday Singapore:) You are our father of nation!!! we are proud of you, Thank you sir!!! we love you… without you, we don’t have today!

    • Walking Zombie said

      My goodness. U must have been born yesterday. So naive and childish. Grow up !

      • LKY Fanclub said

        I was born long time ago and I tell you cowardly insolent buggers to shut up if you have nothing good to say about our father of the nation.

      • see quincy said

        You seem to be the one most likely bornt yesterday.

      • Pat said

        English, motherfucker. Do you speak it?

      • lky said

        to LKY Fanclub,
        are you not cowardly hiding behind the keyboard yourself ?
        if you are truly LKY’s fan, then post a group photo here lah!

        to Pat,
        which motherfucker are you referring to in this blog ?
        are you sure the one who fucked your mother is here ?

  54. Baba said

    you idiot whining singaporeans can say whatever you like for him, but let me tell you, your illegitimate fathers of democracy and human rights have been taking his advice and seeking his vision on issues of war and peace for last 40 years. so you unthankful singaporeans, just go to the Philippines or Indonesia or Malaysia and enjoy everything that you think the Old legend has deprived you off..

  55. jason chia said

    how can u guys behave like tat? without him..there wont be grateful..

  56. True Singaporean said

    When was this photo taken? Now or long time ago? Cannot believe what the PAP puts out – as they want the people to believe that he is alive.

  57. Please convene Parliament on an urgent basis said

    TO bring back estate duty tax as soon as possible – they had ever passed a bill within 24 hours to amend the Internal Security Act to re-arrest some jokers or the Marxist-16 before – if they had not abolished the estate duty tax before some 2/10/09 – we would have collected some money from estate duty tax from muar-chi’s death ng Teng fong etc … And maybe even would have known how much those frugal mrs lees and NGs were actually worth – u know !!!!!!!

  58. Aileen said

    Thank God!

  59. Wqah, so many bodyguards, must be a lot of tax payers’ money. This guy is expensive to keep around – his SM salary, his pension, his benefits like chauffeured car, his body guards, his guarded house, his healthcare insurance etc etc etc…all taxpayers’ money right?

  60. Jay said

    Don’t understand why you hate him,…if not for him you won’t have Singapore as it is now … He may have made mistakes but then he is also human… I love Singapore and I thank Mr LKY for his contribution for the nation ! Happy Birthday Singapore . God bless!

    • Walking Zombie said

      Yeah what a filial son of a gun.

    • Get Real said

      Without him, Singapore would:
      1. Have a Swiss standard of living.
      2. Have more demorcracy.
      3. Would not have TFR problem.
      4. Be happier
      5. Have more check and balances
      6. More robust debates before implementing poor policies
      7. Better off without him

      • Eddie said

        GET REAL : one thing for SURE, Singapore dun need people like u. Waste our internet bandwidth. What have u contributed DICK ?

      • see quincy said

        most importantly:
        8. you would probably not have the luxury to talk rubbish here.

      • yaacob said

        brilliant analysis how spore will be better off BUT the spineless son is making things worse ! like that how ?
        therefore must convince the 60% whether their lives have been better with the import of 1 Million PRCs…… and still counting.

      • Get Real:

        The 6 points that you stated are you sure that it will happen? Nobody knows not even me.

        As for TFR problem, first ask yourself why this happened? Is it because we don’t have the skill or we don’t want to take that job? If no TFR problem, you think we can get medals for the olympics.

        As for more robust debates before implementing poor policies, I do agreed in a one way but I have seen news about countries having this kind of debates ended up fighting during the meeting. Sometimes poor policies may not be that bad. That will depends how you define what is poor policies.

  61. Singapuraboi said

    Is this an old stock photo of him? Where there is smoke there is fire.

  62. Richard said

    The kind of Spore now:-How much more money will PAP suck from COE? – almost $100k now and how much more $$$ they are going to make from HDB flats at `market subsidy’? How much more misery can we endure? Poetic justice – Standard Chartered kena hit by US. Dare I hope things will change post-LKY?

    • see quincy said

      PAP sucks from COE? You muddle-headed idiot! People are not forced to bit for COE. People who chose to buy car to endure “misery” ask for it.

      • Lim said

        People are not forced to eat but there is only one stall selling exorbitant food and you are forced to buy from this stall. So don’t tell me about freedom of choice. Yes the money from COE goes into govt coffers and they ensure this revenue-grabbing system works to their advantage. People need car to make a living – and this greedy system penalises the ordinary citizens to benefit the rich and filthy. So you are th muddle brainwahsed idiot – I am only returnign the compliment.

      • Eddie said

        Lim, Richard : If u cannot afford it then dun buy, who ask u young time dun study hard? See ur firend live better sourgrape issit ? This is an example of a small group of “Sourgrape” Singaporeans who want to act “rich” but emty inside, no money buy blame governemnt, cannot shit also blame government, cock cannot stand also blame government. This is the saddest spices in the world. Luckily they born in Singapore cos they protected else sure die once cross the JB border

    • Walking Zombie said

      Trust me it will be alot more but bear with it. When come 2016, u exercise your right as a citizen.

      • see quincy said

        Let’s hope by then you can stand out in the sun and show us what you are capable of.

  63. Joe said

    Well wishes n glad that you are fine

  64. Ron said

    LKY, may you have good health. I salute you for what you have done for Singapore. I travel enough to see how many backward countries there are and are still mired in troubles. Spore has its challenges but overall it is doing so much better than many, many countries.

    • see quincy said

      I am really glad that many true Singaporeans have travelled to see other part of the world to know the truths. Let’s support Singapore to make her an even better home in the face of a turbulent world.

    • Walking Zombie said

      Yes. I believe u are born yesterday. Keep it up, son.

      • see quincy said

        Creature in the dark side has no belief.

      • Nick said

        I really hope U (Walking Zombie and those people who curses our forefather) dare to stand out and say that to the media. U have absolutely no balls and hiding behind the screen to say such things. U can complain abt the policies (NO human get everything right and from what I see, U are no saint. Just a croward hiding and a loser to the society) and there isn’t a need to say all those dirty words that u used. I think I rather have the FT in Singapore rather have u, a disgrace. If things are wrong make it right and don’t need to use all those immature words.

      • Tomteo said

        R you a singaporean?

    • L said

      Yes, he had done a lot for this tiny red dot. However I won’t place my bet on the current team of miw. So much flaws in planning, systems etc. Whatever that can go wrong seems to happen with them around. Really feel bad that his legacy is being tarnished by this generation of miw.

  65. Ivy Lee said

    It is so wonderful to finally see a nice picture of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. When I heard the rumour, I couldn’t believe it but was concened and I immediately thought who would be so vicious to say such terrible things. I am glad, relieved and thankful Mr Lee is up and walking and showing us he is well! Thank you, Mr Lee for helping to quench those rumours. I pray that God will continue to keep you strong, healthy, alert and peaceful. May He continue to bless you abundantly with all goodness, joy, good health, wisdom, discernment, courage and strength. I salute you for blessing Singapore with your life and your leadership. Thank you for all your sacrifices. You are my hero and my role model. Happy National Day.

    • see quincy said

      For whatever reasons those rumours-mongers need to be punished – they probably have evil motive trying to dampen our mood for National Day celebration.

      • Walking Zombie said

        Good try.

      • Qiqi said

        For those who curse and swear, ESp walking zombie and Alex to name a few bastards, u should be the first to be tortured and die…no contribution to Singapore and mouth so big, it’s a shame that Singapore has idiots like both of u!!!

      • polpot said

        to Qiqi,
        Wah piang! you want to torture like what LKY did to Chia TP, Dr Lim HS, alleged marxist conspirators ? Even torture until die ?

        LKY also claimed he will shoot 200,000 students to ensure 100 years of stability for China.
        Why don’t you identify yourself to 1.3 Billion PRCs and proclaim you support him ?

        By the way, do you now think LKY will shoot maybe like 2,000 sporean students to ensure 100 years of stability for Spore ?

  66. singaporean said

    Honestly, even though the current issues in Singapore are piling up right now (FTs, expensive cost of living, etc).. you have to admit it.. without LKY, we’ll probably still be part of Malaya, not advancing to what we are today. Go look around the world and see, and you’ll know that Singapore now may not be the best country to live in, but… it’s not too bad, really.

    • player said

      Some of us wish that we are still part of Malaysia you know.

      I cant believe so many people just internalises all the propaganda they feed us on tv/newspapers/etc… Historically, we are part of the Johor-Riao sultanate. The British realised that and continued to rule us as one entity. But some power-hungry people decided they wanted more power and manipulated the public polls.. Go take a closer look at the polls and transcripts from the era. Even the current textbook makes no qualms to hide it.

      • see quincy said

        Malaysia is so close to Singapore. But are there more Malaysians want to migrate to Singapore, or is it the other way round? I wonder.

      • singaporean said

        it’s not about the propaganda. even a holiday trip to malaysia makes me know that i don’t want to migrate there, no matter how cheap houses or cars may be. and yes, singapore was power-hungry… but which country wouldn’t be? and how many of these countries are successful right now?

      • Eddie said

        Player : Then go Malaysia lor, talk is cheap

      • dr m said

        Don’t be so cocksure Malaysia is not desirable in the future.
        If your spineless PM continues importing PRCs and let’s hope he does so with another 5 Million PRCs, then the Malaysian Chinese who immigrated to Spore will be crawling back, and your HDB flats will be even more affordable @ $2 Million for 1 bedroom….

    • kaypoh said

      Yes, sure, and don’t worry…. when you are too old to survive & enjoy our “Swiss Standard” anymore, Uncle Lee has thoughtfully arranged a nice peaceful retirement villa in JB for you… 😉 you, in turn, will become an FT hahahahaha….

  67. see quincy said

    For those who used hate-words against Mr Lee, I think they are likely not the people who helped to build up the Singapore of today, and they may not even fit to be Singaporean. For those Singaporeans who truely worked through the turbulent years of 60s and 70s they will definitely treasure very much whatever Singapore has achieved today, and not trying all means to topple the well-being of this wonderful home. Those of us who are lucky to have lived this long may recall how those of our neighboring countries which were once much endowed and better off than Singapore become of today.
    My advice to our younger generations, please travel more to see how fortunate how blessed we are and stop talking rubbish without using your brains – especially when you are just enjoying the fruits of your ancestral blood and sweat. The old saying remained very true – ask what you can do for your country and not what your country can do for you (Though in real terms your country is doing for you more than you do for your country).

    • Sunita said

      very well said, i agree with u See Quincy

    • L said

      The younger generation seems to focus more on success than moral values. They are being influence in their early school days since every school show off their psle or ‘O’ level results. Where’s the sense of appreciation gone to? If LKY as a PM is transfer to a report card, he such sure got lots of distinctions. Hope this can easier relate to those young, ignorant, ungrateful generation Y. Btw, please update on the current affairs in Singapore.
      Quincy, well said 🙂

    • Apple said

      Thumbs Up!!!

  68. Ian said

    Many here claimed LKY did many wrong things. So what are the things done wrong? List them all out. And if you are a victim, maybe you should leave the country. Instead of respecting a man for doing so much, we harp on his little errors. If running and building a country is such so easy, why dont u do it? And instead of praying for our leader, we have people cursing him and giving him names. How cheap and low are u guys?

  69. L said

    He may not be a perfect leader, but he really did a great job during his time as PM. I’m just glad his ok. For the rest of the comments below which talk about JB home etc, you guys are just mean. However there are really some serious flaws in the current ministries and ministers.

  70. james said

    Walking dead – enough of your stupidity comments. I dare you to come clean with your identity and subject to any meaningful criticisms that any if your comments can withstood and substance

  71. Demetrius said

    Enuf abt the crap abt the walking dead?
    The argument is preposterous!
    The question is if this picture reliable?!
    I still do not believe that he has passed on.
    Please stay alive!

  72. Sharifah Talha said

    JUST MIND YOU GUYS BIZNESS.IF NOT FOR HIM LKY.We will end up just like
    the foreign workers working our ass out and not being appreciated.Pls spare some good
    thoughts for him………Just be GRATEFUL….reallly:)

  73. ankysim said

    If u guys read this post, u will realise that there are a few LIVING DEADS in this forum whose comments should not be taken into consideration at all because they are exactly that – BRAIN DEAD, which is also the reason why they have so much time to type malicious comments and have no respect for living beings, who incidentally are the people who matter. Zombies are so frustrated with the world because they are jealous of the living, and because they can’t do anything to make their own lives better anymore. Such unrestful souls should be pitied because they seriously dont have A LIFE, a heart, a soul NOR FRIENDS, which is probably why they have to live their unmeaningful existence (if I may even call it that) behind the screen, posting anonymous malicious comments.

    Seriously, get a life. No wonder you are a zombie! Seeing things through the narrow confines of your coffin maybe? The world is a much bigger place than you. No place for losers like you. You probably are friendless, ugly and crass, which is why the only for you to get any attention is online, making unsound comments.

    Ever thought that your life sucks because you suck? Do something about yourself before you criticize others. If you are so smart, why don’t you run for the next elections? Try your hand at running a country? But you’d better learn how to run your life, your own family, your friends, your job (if you have one) before you try to run the lives of 4 million others!


  74. ankysim said

    If u guys read this post, u will realise that there are a few LIVING DEADS in this forum whose comments should not be taken into consideration at all because they are exactly that – BRAIN DEAD, which is also the reason why they have so much time to type malicious comments and have no respect for living beings, who incidentally are the people who matter. Zombies are so frustrated with the world because they are jealous of the living, and because they can\’t do anything to make their own lives better anymore. Such unrestful souls should be pitied because they seriously dont have A LIFE, a heart, a soul NOR FRIENDS, which is probably why they have to live their unmeaningful existence (if I may even call it that) behind the screen, posting anonymous malicious comments.

    Seriously, get a life. No wonder you are a zombie! Seeing things through the narrow confines of your coffin maybe? The world is a much bigger place than you. No place for losers like you. You probably are friendless, ugly and crass, which is why the only for you to get any attention is online, making unsound comments.

    Ever thought that your life sucks because you suck? Do something about yourself before you criticize others. If you are so smart, why don\’t you run for the next elections? Try your hand at running a country? But you\’d better learn how to run your life, your own family, your friends, your job (if you have one) before you try to run the lives of 4 million others!


    • Eddie said

      Ankysim : Well said !!!!!. Zombie is the loser in our society that has no place, he will probably die once cross the JB border. Low esteem and most probably low educated. He caused no damaged except lost of some internet bandwidth.

  75. Jan said

    Pls do respect urself & others.
    I wouldn’t say the comments are rude by whom hv commented abt the Man, whom has built Singapore today.
    I would say they’ve disrespect to themselves.
    What a shame our world today has become. Is it the society’s fault or the blame of the upbringing.

  76. GenXtrooper said

    Bunch of losers …. maybe we should all celebrate when your parents die, have it written all over the net.

    Our PM, no matter what, suffered the loss of his mother. Our LKY, no matter what suffered the loss of his wife.
    Yet people here are writting rubbish, what celebrate …

    IF you think you can be the next power, please step out and let us vote you.
    We also will LL give and let you suck us (whatever we call it) because he can make our lives better. Can you?
    If the vote fails, it just proves you better be hiding in your own home and be the internet hero.
    Else, shut the fark up and let’s work together to improve Singapore Economy.

    If all of us thinks that by contributing to income, property tax is considered helping. Fark the hell out of here and live in some slum areas elsewhere.

    Sick of the younger generation who didn’t contribute, didn’t work for anything and yet can badmouth others who possibly slogged their whole lives for Singapore.

    • Eddie said

      Well said GenXtrooper !!! All these assholes are the low life of Singapore ( we cannot eradicate all ), they will always be losers and can only be “seen” in social media for the petty attention they seek. Poor souls.

  77. ankysim said

    If u guys read this post, u will realise that there are a few LIVING DEADS in this forum whose comments should not be taken into consideration at all because they are exactly that – BRAIN DEAD, which is also the reason why they have so much time to type malicious comments and have no respect for living beings, who incidentally are the people who matter. Zombies are so frustrated with the world because they are jealous of the living, and because they can\’t do anything to make their own lives better anymore. Such unrestful souls should be pitied because they seriously dont have A LIFE, a heart, a soul NOR FRIENDS, which is probably why they have to live their unmeaningful existence (if I may even call it that) behind the screen, posting anonymous malicious comments.

    Seriously, get a life. No wonder you are a zombie! Seeing things through the narrow confines of your coffin maybe? The world is a much bigger place than you. No place for losers like you. You probably are friendless, ugly and crass, which is why the only for you to get any attention is online, making unsound comments.

    Ever thought that your life sucks because you suck? Do something about yourself before you criticize others. If you are so smart, why don\’t you run for the next elections? Try your hand at running a country? But you\’d better learn how to run your life, your own family, your friends, your job (if you have one) before you try to run the lives of 4 million!


  78. Princess said

    Mr lee is the leader of Singapore…. Happy to see the photo… Really angry about the person who spread the stupid news about him… Without him you think Singapore can be prosperous until like that…. Singaporeans are living too comfortably yet still complain… Parents in Singapore should bring your kids to places like India , Kenya or Uganda to see the kids there how they live and educate our further roots to be contented on our lives now… In some Africa countries people do not have proper clothings or don’t even know what is a television…? Really don’t know who is the first one to start all this, hope that fellow get caught… Happy national day everyone….

  79. SungAp00rian said

    – He wanted to merge Singapore with Malaysia back then.
    Malaysia rejected him. What will Singapore be like today if it did happen?

    • see quincy said

      You should ask: Why Malaysia rejected him? Because both ways we win.

    • Gale said

      @SungAp00rian, Singapore and Malaysia were MERGED, thats why we were SEPARATED. Malaysia didnt ‘reject’ him, but separated Sg because he was too capable and a threat to other politicians. What will singapore be like? With access to more land and resources, more prosperous of course!! So will Malaysia, Johor at least.

  80. teo kheng hee said

    It would be a blow to our Economic IF Mr Lee passed away.
    And to those who call him LKY, who do you think you are by calling him LKY? He’s the Father of SINGAPORE and it’s like a family without a father if he’s gone. Can you guys call ur dad’s by his name? Our Shares had dropped yesterday after most of the people says that Mr Lee had passed away.

    Even if Mr Lee is gone, WE belief that He will Rise again, not back in these stupid world with so many stupid people who wished him dead but into The Kingdom of his Everlasting God.

    Kama is on its way for those who wants Mr Lee dead.
    Wishing someone dead is a SIN.

  81. Eve said

    Seriously, no matter what he did in the past, it’s normal. Humans are not perfect, we all make mistakes. Who are you to hate him or curse him? He’s a wise old man who have helped build Singapore. Show some respect and love. Put yourself in his shoes please. I am not from PAP nor do I support any parties, I think that Singapore should just be as one and all humans should be seen as equal… Pray that LKY will have a strong heart, mind and soul to battle with all these nonsense and the real nonsense in life.

  82. What Do You Think? said

    To be fair, he has done a lot for the building of Singapore. But then his teammates then were just as equally responsible for bringing Singapore from Third to 1st World. Remember people like Goh Keng Swee or Tok Chin Chye? It wasn’t a one-man show. We shouldn’t attribute all the honour to him alone.
    But what he did in his later years really pissed off many Singaporeans, especially after his son ascended the throne.
    Over 40% foreigners! If you go down to Chinatown or Orchard Road, you will see more PRCs and Pinoys (respectively) flooding the streets than Singaporeans. We are a nation without nationhood. Many Singaporeans no longer feel a sense of identity or a sense of belonging to Singapore. I think his greatest mistake was to let his son rule the country.

  83. ryu said

    Singaporeans are a bunch of childish ingrates

  84. KNNBCCB said

    The rumours are that he died already and like the Messiah he rose again on the third day and went to the NDP. Actually it is a body double that they will use till the next General Election. This body double is code-named GEsus.

  85. eric poh said

    Thanks god.
    Wish mr lee good health.
    Life is short.
    You have done much for singapore.
    Most of singaporean appreciated.
    Enjoy yourself now.

  86. cam said

    if anyone wants to convince, you definitely need a date on the photo, no? not a superimposed one either.

  87. alex said

    Sad to say that this picture is not new it was backdated as stated by ST bloggers today. So where is he now???
    Let see if he is in the NDP.

    • see quincy said

      Mr Alex, you do not have to be so disappointed to commit suicide now that our father has presented himself at the NDP.

  88. kaypoh said

    Heh, reminds me of Chow Yun Fatt in Better Tomorrow (maybe Better call it Swiss Standard Tomorrow)…see the henchmen & slo-mo? Pity only sunglasses & toothpick & trenchcoat lacking, but must be *hot* in there so excusable lor
    even if he dies heroically at the end, don’t worry, he’ll be back in Better Tomorrow II & III !!!! 😉

  89. Harley Q said

    Unless YOU are a great politican or at least doing something for your country (not counting just sitting and typing comments) then are you fit to critize and make groundless remarks. Agree with Ankysim.

    • Gary said

      Well, if you have to fulfil those 2 criterias to post a comment and voice your opinion, then what the heck is a forum for? So you can mindlessly agree to whatever the guy on top of you just said? Flavoured and biased some of those comments may be, it’s still an opinion nevertheless that everyone is entitled to have. Or at least, that’s what happens in any normal democracy.

      • see quincy said

        Friend, opinion is formed with some logical basis, otherwise we should call it hallucination. Surely I cannot express the opinion that you laid a chicken egg just because you stand next to one?

      • saddam said

        “you can say i laid a chicken egg just because i stand next to one,”
        i will have a good laugh because you need to prove it.

        many of the bloggers express anger and hatred, there is also a logical basis.
        rather than take a step back and understand where they are coming from, you have engaged them in a tit for tat.
        do you think you have won any of them over ? LOL
        go ahead then and carry on as usual.
        be mindful this is not S.T. or PAP sponsored site.

        ps: the anger and hatred is real.

      • see quincy said

        Reply to Saddam: Firstly I will not ask you to prove that you laid a chicken egg. So please save your effort.
        Secondly please be informed that anger and hatred no matter how genuine they are cannot be justified as the basis of “opinion”, the word is “opinion”, not “expression”.
        Thirdly, I do not intend to win any of them over, because ultimately they are responsible to their own lives, if they want to live a better life, than nato around is apparently not the right approach. They have to win themselves over.
        Lastly, precisely because this is not S.T. or PAP sponsored site, so I hope whatever I say will not be mistaken as official propaganda.
        Do I express myself clearly?

  90. jf said

    May you enjoy your curses. May you enjoy giving blessings. We all die a bit each day. Enjoy this moment. The younger biologically may live longer, but we don’t know next moment who will go first. If you wish someone a long illness, is it because deep down you have this fear yourself? Blessings of the moment to all.

  91. wlo lky, life still goes on. said

    All , I am back. This evening we shall see whether old fart is around or not. Just buy 3 bottles of champagne from cold storage. Am preparing for the POPs celebration.

    • Eddie said

      Save the Champagne for your parents

      • WWE UNDERTAKER said

        Send my regards to all your relatives and parent that are unfortunately related to you. Also your off-spring too.

    • see quincy said

      You are happy to open your itch mouth to get curses for your parents now? Ask yourself what you really know personally of Mr Lee Kuan Yew before you allow all your shit to come through your mouth. Thinking minds do not just hear and say.

  92. Akat said

    The walking dead, and you are still cheering _|_ i wish he die..

  93. Vs said

    Singapore is a safe place to be is because him. Look at M’sia and other neighbouring country there’s no system. Singapore is a place where u have everything. The reason we have food on our table is because of him. So please stop your nonsense. His a icon for singapore.

  94. Eddie said

    For all those that speaks thru your arse and curse our Minister mentor, please reflect what have u contributed ? No one is perfect, so is Mr Lee, he made good and bad decisions, he did not choose to make those but he had to….He cannot pleased everyone and we all know that whoever is our leader cannot promise us that too….so please have some compassion and let’s throw away our petty differences and stp making ourselves a laughing stock for others, other countries may take advantage to stir up instability in Singapore. Social media can be a powerful tool to do good AND BAD. We are living in Singapore, let’s reunite and make our home a better place. One thing for sure mockering will only drift us further apart. Mr Lee Kuan Yew has contributed so much to our country, what we have today is NOT by the cool generation of the young but the uncool forefathers that toil their life for Singapore !!! So please ask what u have contributed ??? If nothing, please give some respect to a man that has spent his whole life building Singapore…. Money….u think a man at his age bothers about it ? A million or 2million is alot? Most normal businessman made more than that, drive Ferrari, go KTV…enjoy…no need to worry about public views…etc….If we make less, ask ourselves why ? Young time never study hard enough ?….etc Why ur peers doing better ? All of us are what we are today becos of the choices we made in life. COE high blame governement, cannot shit blame governemnt, FT do and make better blame government…etc Who hire FT ? It’s the foreign companies !!! Who worked for Foreign company ? Who work for local Ah huat company raise your hand …Very few cos even local dun wanna to work for local….be frank and reflect…we are in a globalised world, like it or NOT, we have to compete with FT in Singapore or OUTSIDE singapore…..this is a fact of life….weak….u are gone…simple law of nature.

    It’s national day, lets unite and be more ” sensitive” even when making remarks, be more constructive and we can all contribute instead of writing evil statements that has zero value. Typical armchair critics and sourgrapes as what people in overseas are calling us now…..

    • Lau Peh said

      Hire foreign talent to run the country lor. So simple. LKY not dead – good news or else the current leaders cannot cope. He is a talent who can spot talents like Dr Albert Winsemius who developed JTC and advised him. Not like most of the useless third class ang moh sitting on top of Singaporeans as talents when they cannot make it in their own country. Also not like those ang moh with money trying to hide out in Singapore because of its taxation rate.

      Who voted for PAP – go blame yourselves if you lose your jobs to cheaper foreign workers. Don’t KPKB…..not happy – just migrate lor but see if first class countries want you or not. If you make it overseas and become foreign talent, I also happy for you.

      • Eddie said

        Lau Peh : Maybe you need Lau peh to teach you that’s why u “nick” most probably u are deprived of love when you are young due to sicko attitude. Singapore definitely dun need you. Lost job can be to anyone, if you got saabstance no need scare no job… first go upgrade yourself and then come back here. Who ask you young time dun study hard now can only sell sourgrapes. you not only lose to FT, you also lose to Singaporeans, u can try to stay at Pulau Gundoo…

      • yaacob said

        well said Lau Peh !
        ignore the PAP parrots because I had a hand training them, they will say anything for a few crumbs……LOL

    • Irene limiqjaja said

      Well said Eddie..

    • Angie said

      We should learn to appreicate what our Singapore government has done for us, juz look at Hong Kong how many people unable to afford to get a simple roof top to stay . Before I stationed in HK, I use to speak ill of our Singapore Govt on the CPF reduction portion. Today if without this CPF saving how many of us are able to afford to own a HDB Flat, ( if we are not lazy and choosy for job) . I have a HK friend earning HK$35K per mth, he needs to save 7 years before he could own a 48sq m flat.(downpayment in cash 35%). because in HK their MPF only 5 % and it for investment scheme Before he got his own flat, His family of 3 need to stay with his parent and 2 sisters in their 32sq m flat . His wife needs to share room with his 2 sisters and he needs to sleep at living room.. Public transportation cost in HK every years keep on increasing ( Three or 4 years ago while SG MRT go down the price ) coming Sept it’s will increase by 8%. Also compare on the enviroment we have in SG with HK.. paying almost same income tax. Every time when I back to SG I can see the improvement while in HK the bus stop at TST (Tourist attraction shopping place ) is the old day type of our neighbour country. Next time when in HK, beside shopping pls remember to compare the Public facility. What so call freedom talk.. juz look at Causeway Bay in HK, every weekend there is human jam. Freedom talk is more important or bread and butter important.. If Senior Lee did not enforce Chinese as 2nd Language in Y 197X today we are unable to have good business opportunity in China as we have common language . Some of my china friends were surpise we as Chinese Singaporen can speak good Putonghua. It’s all owe to our Mentor Lee far sighted. Let learn to appreciate will make our day brighter and we will live in more cheerful enviroment. I was very sad yesterday when my SG friend told me the bad news…. (1st came to my mind , oh no our neighbour might find problem with us) But today I feel relax when seeing Mentor walking out from hospital…….

      • see quincy said

        I do not quite understand why some of our Singaporeans have this funny mentality of liking to baselessly talk ill of our Government when they in fact are enjoying all the goods of Singapore. Many-a-times I managed to make them appreciate and convinced of our achievements with all the factual statistics of many other inferior countries; but to those beyond reasoning I simply gave up. And I am saddened to see these people who actually make their own lives miserable when they constantly nato about their discontents.

    • Apple said

      Couldn’t agree more, Eddie…. No one loves Singapore more than our great mentor Lee Kuan Yew!!

      • yaacob said

        LOL, that’s why he pass ownership of Singapore to Lee Jr .
        Surely you know Kim Jr inherited N Korea from his father, right ?

  95. Sandy said

    Very happy to hear it, pls take care.

  96. kim junior said

    Hail supreme leader LKY!
    May you have a very long life, live well and prosper !

    I am a great admirer of your lifetime work, however I believe you have some unfinished business to take care of.

    I hope you get the chance to show the world you mean it when you proclaimed that you will shoot 200,000 students to ensure 100 years of stability to China.
    I also hope you get the chance to show Singaporeans you mean it when you proclaimed you will meet political opponents in any alley and carry with you a hatchet and knuckle dusters.

  97. fes said

    For those who think it’s rude, God probably thinks you’re rude for allowing him to detain and torture thousands of Singaporeans over the past decades using the ISA. The reason? Because they were strong enough to be political opponents to him.

    • see quincy said

      How much do you know the underground activities of some of our past opposition factions and their origin supporters, my friend? I think you are just too young to appreciate your well-being today.

      • yaacob said

        And how old or senior are you to know the truth ? By reading what the ST has published, by PAP apologists like Chua, Fernandez, etc. ?
        SInce you have been rather active in this blog, I am sure TT will give you the space to write an article in rebuttal to all that have been said by ex detainees like Cha TP, Dr Lim HS, Teo SL, etc, etc, etc

        So go for it, and you will earn the respect of those who read TT.

    • see quincy said

      Reply to Yaacob: Where did you hear from those ex-detainees you mentioned? ST? Berita Harian? …
      And why should I rebut whatever said by those ex-detainees to earn the respect of those who read TT? They are simply peoples with different political idealogies, right? Or are you referring to some hardcore criminals?
      May be you should find and ask yourself why even some of the ex-detainees and current oppositions speak good of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

      • yaacob said

        Different political ideologies but put in detention without trial for umpteen years by LKY. The ex- political detainees would gladly trade places with LKY and let him feel the pain of being in a cell without justification.

        You mean ex-political detainees like Chia Thye Poh, the late Dr Lim Hock Siew, Dr Poh Soo Kai, Said Zahari, Tan Jing Quee, group of so called marxist conspirators ( too many to name ) including ex sporeans like Francis Seow, Tang Lian Hong, Tan Wah Piow ? Did these brave souls speak well of LKY ?

        Do you think they have forgiven LKY or perhaps they have forgiven but has LKY acknowledged it was a cruel act against so many ? If LKY does’nt think so, then it likely karma will return the favour to his descendants.

        Mind you, Chia Thye Poh holds the world record of being in detention without trial for 32 years. Do you think it is something that singaporeans can be proud of ?
        Any decent human being, irrespective of whether you have benefitted from previous PAP policies, should never close both eyes to such acts.

        Do you think LKY will rise from the grave to defend singapore?
        If you believe he will, then ask him why he did not fight against the Japs but served them when they invaded and occupied singapore.

        Your reply has reflected what you are and what you stand for.
        And it is the same for me.

    • see quincy said

      Mr Yaacob, It is strange that you stand for something but not for Singapore’s good?
      If you want to further your political cause, you should go join some political party and become a politician.
      I do not want to get further involved in your debate into politics, because there is no absolute right or wrong in politics, and the outcome is whether a cause succeeds or fails. Haven’t you heard the phrase “power is king”? and in any case, it is for history to judge, right?
      I quote “The ex- political detainees would gladly trade places with LKY and let him feel the pain of being in a cell without justification.”. You just slapped your own face.
      My stand is that Mr Lee Kuan Yew with his teams lead Singapore to achieve what she is today, and Singapore happened to be my home. Is she also your home?

  98. Seek said

    Hail Mr Lee Kuan Yew! Pls turn up fit as ever at NDP tonight!

    To those who seemingly detest Mr LKY: No one other than the Almighty God (regardless of religion) has the right to judge one’s doings…Before pointing an accusing finger at others, realise that 4 other fingers are pointing back at us. An undeniable h stands for all to see that Singapore is indeed thriving despite her easily unnoticeable little red dot size .And not to mention the uncertainty that abounds in other countries.
    There’s a Chinese saying :前人种树,后人 乘凉”. We are the lucky ones who are basking in bliss,exchanged through the tt of our forefathers….amongst whom was Mr LKY n other Heroes, who had the Courage to step forward n lead Singapore out of Darkness…..There are 2 sides to a coin, take a balanced view….n free urself from hatred that’s uncalled for.

  99. JasmineT said

    Singapore owes it’s transformation from a backward country into an economic powerhouse to Mr Lee Kuan Yew and his old guard. Sure he was ruthless, arrogant and forceful – but it was precisely these characteristics that gave him the ability to inspire our parents and grandparents back in the 60s and 70s to toil so hard for Singapore’s success. He and his team together with all those hardy Singaporeans built the foundation – a very strong one – for modern Singapore.

    Stop blaming him for what the current young crass PAP has been doing to Singapore. You do not know for sure that he’s the one dictating all the stupid missteps made by the current PAP. And the swiss standard of living was promised by GCT, not LKY – go harrass GCT for not fulfilling it. LKY promised that no one will look down on Singapore and he delivered on his promise. Our ex-Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and all the old guards who led Singapore after our Independence will always have my respect.

    If the rumour is true, then I shall mourn deeply the demise of a great man, a true blue Singaporean. If the rumour is false, then I celebrate his life. Thank you Mr. Lee.

    • Apple said

      Well said, like your comments…… 🙂

    • jan said

      I am sure you understand what is collective responsibility, team effort, etc, right ?

      Was not LKY in ex PM Goh CT’s cabinet as the first SM ? Surely LKY as SM must have given alot of advice and should be considered part of the team, right ?
      So if Goh is viewed as not delivering on the swiss std of living, then Goh and his team must take responsibility. This also applies to PM LHL when Goh was SM and LKY the MM, both men being part of LHL’s team and with tremendous influence.
      Be mindful they collect millions from salary plus pension, courtesy of tax payers.

      Having said, you win and lose as a team, take credit and criticism as a team.

      Even a voter must take some responsibility because his/her vote allowed the PAP to dominate parliament, hence the many failed policies.

  100. Coco said

    Stupid ALEX
    What walking dead ? U are talking about yrself !!!!

    No proper upbringing do shut up!!!

  101. Coco said

    May all those ppl who cursed our country hero have the bad karma

    Without LKY you won’t be living in a safe Singapore. Not happy is it? Go and stay in JB LAR why still stay here go fxxx off!!!

    • Ray said

      True Coco,those who thing and said here is no good,why are they still here???migrate out of Singapore then!!!!!or SHUT their ASS MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. DC said

    Whatever the rude ppl wrote doesn’t matter. What matters, and that they have to admit that he made National Day happen. The pledge? He was the first to utter it.let them say what they want. It shows that they had horrid parenting and a disgrace to their parents.

  103. Circus Watch said

    I like to see him jump out of his grave when his coffin is lowered, that would be a great National Day gift. Hahahahahahhaha .. But then again, maybe they will just burn him.

  104. Dog444 said

    Alamak,have to cancel order for the flower funeral,thought going to open bottles of wine to celebrate of death….

  105. Irene limiqjaja said

    Shame on those Singaporean idiots who condemned LKY. These undeserving ingrates Singaporeans shld just give up their citizenships and leave. Think! Think hard! In LKY’s era and with his power and status, he could have made all the essential supplies (e.g. Power supplies and telecom etc) his own privately owned and not nationalise them. Thanks foreigner.

    Many thanks to you, Mr Lee Kuan Yew and please do take good care. May you be blessed with Good Health and Happiness!

  106. lee con yew said

    for those of you calling out to others to respect this piece of shit,do remember he has to earn our respect.we do not give it to him with blind deference.

    it is the same when he is telling us to not expect any assistance from the government and this is a meritocracy society,we earn our keep,he has to earn his.

    he wants our god damn respect,he better have something concrete,other than his past “glorious” achievements to merit our respect to him.

    so you ppl who are talking through your asses,jus because u love and respect this dictator does not mean we too have to bend over like you do.

    you want ppl to respect your view of this piece of walking dead meat,you better learn how to respect other ppl’s view of him!

    • Eddie said

      Sooo sad for u “Lee Con”…..classic example of a sore loser, who ask u dun study hard when young, now old liao still cannot contribute to Singapore but come here to bark like a cat ( not even a dog ). So sad…oh yes, and if you want respect, promote to a dog first, go SPCA apply, then slowly learn to be a human. Poor thing, must have been through a poor childhood and with serious inferiority complex. All friends around you must be doing so much better than you :-)…so sad for you…can’t do anything but meowing here :-).

    • see quincy said

      Is that why you too do not respect your parents who produced you? What other “concrete somethings” your parents need to earn your respect? And this is your understanding of “meritocratic society”? You do not see the fact that many foreigners from much bigger better endowed countries than Singapore, but without a Lee Kuan Yew, ended up having to come to Singapore to earn their keeps? If you think you earned everything by yourself and the Singapore Government plays no part, then you are free to leave and make a better keep elsewhere which are more endowed. I guess you not the one-in-a-thousand with that kind of ability. I do not even need to convince, by reading your post, everyone will know that you are the one who let your shit out through your mouth, who simply has no respect for others. 身在福中不知福。For every one of you there who is so discontented with Singapore, there are ten (or more) foreigners want to migrate here, and mind you, these are rich foreigners.

      • KUkutauLKy said

        Singapore is not a meritocratic society. It’s all by connections (Conveyancing HDb, Nassim Jade, worked of Kempatai, nepotism and elitism). He is not the father which he claims for himself. He wanted to be in Malaysia for his selfish reasons but was kicked out. he calls you Singaporeans DAFT. He calls himself a livin dead. Words right off the horses mouth “Even from my sick bed, even if you are going to lower me into the grave and I feel something is going wrong, I will get up.” – LKY, 1988, National Day Rally

      • see quincy said

        Reply to KukutauLKy: so why do you want to migrate here? Are you not one of those rich foreigners? OMG! You are Singaporean?
        then again: what is wrong when Mr Lee Kuan Yew said he will get up from wherever (to protect Singapore) if he feel something is going wrong? You WILL NOT do?

      • WALKING ZOMBIES said


    • Apple said

      Why don’t you take over and see how you can ‘earn’ our respect….. BTW, we were never taught that we can talk through our asses…. so Eddie, you’re right, Lee Con ‘never study hard when young’……

    • Ah Loong's uncle said

      LKY sends his greetings to you.
      He does not quite agree with all that you have said but he respects your guts to speak your mind. LKY knows this is what Ah Loong needs to set things right for Singapore, never again to rely on stooges.
      By the way LKY says someone let the dogs out by mistake and he is grateful you have not dealt with them cruelly.

  107. noelee said

    LKY, the best leader…hope you are doing fine…

  108. Eddie said

    Dog444, Circus Watch, Lee Con : Most probably you guys are either retarded or not from Singapore trying to stir shit here. Save the champagne for your own family and low life like you “things” ( not people ) dun deserve any respect. Most probably you have a poor & saddist childhood and can’t afford the things we can cos you flopped so bad in school and now you are too old to regret…yes you can never win the race and you can only be one big ” sourgrape”. Your parents will be so proud of you :-)… Lee Con : worry about next month rent…save some internet money to buy your pathetic bun. Loser ! 🙂

    • Circus Watch said

      That’s what he said Eddie, and they will probably burn his body too, in a very hot oven, right? Prove me wrong. You can’t, can you? But rest assured, when he kicks the bucket, a lot of true blue Singaporeans will celebrate. You and your ilk, however, will be wallowing in sorrow. Boo Hoo. Let you in on something though in case you don’t know, your idol LKY is not an immortal and he did cause many unborn babies to die.

    • Be Sensible said

      Hey, grow up please. Everyone has their right of expression.

  109. lee jas said

    Its not good to curse people,imagine those people around you also curse that you? How would you feel? Please spare a thought for others,don’t just think of yourself

  110. Ray said

    Alex Asshole!!!!! Your bloody mouth can be shut now after watching the NDP!!!!!Head with no brain and DUMB DFS!!!!! (DUMB FUK.SHIT)

  111. alkam said

    DAMN! I was just looking forward in celebrating Singapore’s 47 birthday at the 7 days long wake!

  112. alkam said

    And for those farking LKY followers… Singapore founder is not Sir Stamford Raffles and not some chinese chauvinistic pig!!

  113. alkam said

    And for those farking LKY followers… Singapore founder is Sir Stamford Raffles and not some chinese chauvinistic pig!!

    • Eddie said

      Alkam : William Farkuar do all the work ok, you dumb fuck ! Go stay in toilet, who ask you come out and post in internet. So sad u are the left out in Singapore….poor dick. Study hard and make a little more to buy yourself a bun

    • see quincy said

      We shall wait and see you stand up to defend your mouthful when you are out in clear.

    • Compro said

      Sir Stamford Raffles ? Did he get Singapore to become independant country? or you prefer t live under control of UK?

  114. too said

    When i received rumours of his death, i could sense the enthusiasm of those around me eagerly hoping that someone could verify the rumour. You can imagine their disappointment when the man himself showed up at ndp. Why is it that a man who did so much for a nation so deservingly invoke the irk of many, while news of the death of his compatriots were met with sadness.

    There were those who argued that without him Singapore would be as successful today like those


    He is now a Walking Zombie.

    In fact I am not concerned about this man whether he lives or dies. I am worried about his son going to wipe out Singaporeans. Singapore is not build by a single man but collectively by Singaporeans from the ground up. Without us, there is no Singapore and this man and his familee just collect the ransom from Singaporeans hardwork.

    • Eddie said

      Definitely not built by you asshead. Everyone knows he is not the only one you dick, he is instrumental in building Singapore u nitpicker. You are one of those losers that got left out …who ask you young time no study hard, all ur freinds do better jealous issit ? Can only come here and post…so sad life you’ve got

      • AN HONEST COMMENT said

        Hey sucka, look at my comment above. Did I comment anything vulgars ? F**K U DEEP. ASSHEAD EDDIE SISSY.

  116. Singapura Rayak said

    Actually this is very sad.
    Deep inside the heart, people are cursing him and wishing him to kick the bucket soonest.
    If not, rumors like this won’t be coming out, especially on occasions like the National day.
    When Kim Jong II of north korea passed away, the whole nation mourns.
    Before his death, there are news reporting of his detoriating health condition in the hospital.
    The people of Norh Korea are concerned about his health, and this Kim Jong II did not try to hide.
    If I am the old fart, I will be sad. Imagine people are always wondering “when will you die”? sigh.

    • see quincy said

      Where there is God, there is also Satan.
      No policy will ever satisfy 100% of our citizens and residents. But we will and we should support policies that are aimed to stand Singapore out among countries in general, (e,g, stop-at-two was a good policy at time when we were not even sure we could survive, but is not a good one when we have come of today) and whether policies are in fact “good” or “bad”, we will see them stood the test of time.
      We will also have to understand that Singapore does not rule the world, in very big extent we are also subjected to influences and policies of other countries; but establishing counter-policies to minimise bad impacts and maximise good impacts is job of our leaders, where our leaders have been time-proven to be effective and efficient most of the times. And another important point is that our leaders are willing to change, adjust policies from time to time to suit the changing world and not treating their policies as sacred cows.
      When many of us Singaporeans who sing praises for our Singapore Government, do you sincerely believe we never at occasions been inconvenient by or got angry with some of individual executions of the duties of our civil servants? We have to admit that no system, nobody is perfect, and if we do come across cases of imperfection, we should act, reflect and suggest for improvement, and that will make our home even better tomorrow.
      Nobody at the age above 60? 70? 80? should feel bad or sad just because peoples are wondering “when will you die”, because it is a natural process. Rather, it should be the other way round – when nobody cares whether you live or you die.
      Every believers pray to God, but God only make everybody equal – after you leave this world.

    • see quincy said

      Reply to Quickie: Thanks to our compliments, but do I look like I have the ability to threaten? For what? I am not the one who need to give you a living.
      I do not really know what that abbreviation stands for, and I believed it is good words and shall return to you hundred times of the same.
      Do not have to thank me.

      • WALKING ZOMBIES said

        I believe u are an old spinster even if u are not but at least u talk like one. SEE SPINSTER

  117. Barathan N said

    Hahaha like the fit as a bull bit….yesterday he looked abit rocky before sitting down. Guess he’ll bite the bullet in about a year or so….we all have to go. No one can stay for eternity but as fro me I’d rather go after I can’t play golf anymore

    • Coco said

      Allkam and Eddie the asshole listen here

      You are worse than any animals and an insult to us human.

      You don’t even fit to be breast !!!!

      Anyway I just pity your parents to bring up such an ingrates like the 2 of u

      Looks like your parents will end up in those pityful old folks home in JB becos sadly they have such children like you so ungrateful

      Oh ya I also pity your kids (if u do hv any) or maybe you won’t have any god bless !!!!!!!

  118. Coco said

    Allkam and Eddie the asshole listen here

    You are worse than any animals and an insult to us human.

    You don’t even fit to be beast !!!!!

    Anyway I just pity your parents to bring up such an ingrates like the 2 of u

    Looks like your parents will end up in those pityful old folks home in JB becos sadly they have such children like you so ungrateful

    Oh ya I also pity your kids (if u do hv any) or maybe you won’t have any god bless !!!!!!!

  119. My fart is silence but smelly said

    In national service, they issue us a pair of New Balance. Now, old fart walks “no balance”…

  120. LOCUST ON THE RISE said

  121. Calista said

    Stfu Alex, sorry for posting RU, typo error.

  122. L said

    If you trolls are so disenchanted with Singapore, why are you sticking around? You chose to stay but you’re whining and bitching about what is obviously your own decision to stay! And if you’re just trolling for the fun of winding people up, just for kicks, then you’re a pest.

    Simple kindness and basic respect for another human being would go a long way here. If you don’t even have that, you should go back to your cave, beat your chest and devour a wild beast you just caught with your bare hands. Tsk.

    • cave man said

      @ L,
      by being here to read the stuff means you are daft, right? stay with ST and watch CNA for pro PAP stuff.
      if you can play the role of wild beast, the pests here will try to devour you, heck some prefer to shaft all your orifices before devouring you.

  123. Lousy design said

    Who design the NDP grandstand? This person ought to be fired if not demoted. Why didn’t design a gentle ramp for Mr Lee to walk down safely to his seat?

  124. see quincy said

    Some of the bloggers are apparently so ignorant that they do not know using abusive languages may land them in the Court of Law. From what I know, some of the abusive and insulting utterances have already been reported to the authority.
    We will probably see some of these culprits in clear soon. Let’s be patient and just wait.

    • SIGH... said

      Another threatening remarks that are trying to kill off the freedom of expression. Degraded acts.

      • see quincy said

        Freedom of expression? Hurling insulting and uncalled for remarks and expletives is call freedom of expression? Please lah! You encaourage your children to do this kind of freedom of expression?

    • quickie said

      You have posted so many comments and your true colour is finally revealed.
      Absolutely Boh Liao ! Go and suck more bananas !

      • see quincy said

        Nobody is stopping YOU from going to suck more bananas, at least in our view that is better than those who claim to be doing their “freedom of expression” here.

  125. Beatrice Suares said

    Alex if you think you are damned smart go put in your application to be a member of Parliament. Cursing is easy but proving results is not. To hell with you. We are where we are today because of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Don’t like the way he rules the country go stay in a country that you like.

    • betty said

      Are you saying LKY stll rules the country and not his son ?
      You are insulting his son, so don’t be daft lah!
      Did LKY ever claim we won’t be here without him ? Did LKY ever insist those who disagree with him should leave the country ?
      Looks like you are more cocky than him lah! You think you own this island you bloody dumbass!

  126. Adankwek said

    U like it or not, he is the founder of Singapore. U can never chage it! Just like u can’t choose ur parents. Learn to live with it and love it!! Our parents, good or bad deserve the credit for giving us this life! Lee Kuan Yew deserve the credit for making Sinagpore Island a world class Country! Think how it happened with no land, no resources and not enough labour!

  127. THANK YOU said

    I sincerely thank lky for all his commitment to the country and also without lky, we will not have the current lhl who creates flawed policies that mess up the country’s unity. Thank you again.

  128. Eddie said

    I love LKY. He is my hero. I wish that he is my father. A great thanks to you, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. God loves Mr Lee Kwan Yew.

  129. KUKUTau LKY said

    WIthout LKY Singapore will still be here. He is definitely not a great man! HDB Lee&Lee, nassim Jade, worked for the Kempetai. Definely not great. Seems like running a ponzie scheme

  130. Coco said

    Sorry all, i retract what i said and personal insult. I am sorry.

  131. Sam said

    Coco ……You said nothing wrong to that person…..Don worry !!!!!
    No need to said sori to the ungrateful person….i will ask him to get out oF

  132. “. The Android operating-system this phone uses is capable of doing supporting several gamers that may play both Mp3 and Mp4 format files. 7 inches but only a 5.

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