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Please show some respect to Feng Tianwei

Posted by temasektimes on August 8, 2012

The anti-foreigner perspective espoused by this news site is not surprising, but it is rather saddening. Even if you, like Alfian Sa’at, disagree with Feng being used as a symbol for Singapore sport, the poll that you have posted on your site and the posts that have spilled from your page only show one thing, and that is utter and complete disrespect for Feng and company as stellar athletes.

It is perfectly reasonable for the government to reward athletes representing them at the Olympics who have performed well. I would like to propose you try your hand at a sport, as a ‘locally trained athlete’, and attempt to make the Olympics, so the money doesn’t go down the drain and goes into your pocket instead.

Furthermore, as far as any discerning individual is concerned, Singapore is a democracy. That means that if you’re unhappy with where your money is going, you can migrate. If you don’t want to, perhaps think about the amount of effort these athletes put into training, representing YOUR country and proudly wearing the flag on their sporting attire.



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  1. Errol Tan said

    Weren’t our forefathers immigrants too ?

    She has embraced Singapore Citizenship , thus she is as true and as blue as any Singaporeans.

    • Seow Lee said

      No, they took up citizenship because they were paid to play table tennis for Singapore. Getting a Spore citizenship was a business deal. They were not drawn to the ideals of our nation. Can they sing the national anthem? Were they put through the rigours of our educational system? Did they struggle and take public transport? Did they have to struggle to choose between their studies and their love for the sport? They are not true blue Sporeans but hired professionals to win medals.

      • Daft Peasant said

        Absolutely correct……… not forgetting The Pledge……

      • lost sense of identity and belonging said

        Well spoken Seow Lee.
        Feng Tianwei has accepted and became a “MERCENARY” if you like a caged monkey and quite perceptively another transitory Sin citizen

    • Goondu said

      If you wanted to argue that our forefathers were immigrants too, then why have immigration controls? Why not let anyone just walk in? In any case our forefathers came here when the island is nothing but a fishing village. There was nothing for them to leech on. They came to build, to make this island prosperous. Ask all these new arrivals, would they come here if Singapore were just a fishing village.

      Finally, to win medals using foreign imports is just plain cheating!! I have no pride in my country winning medals this way.

      • Jacquelee said

        Malaysia got a diver from China & I think Poland is represented by a Chinese table tennis player. The black US gymnastic winners were coached by chinese. Australia got chinese ping ping players. The 2 Chinese swimming gold medalists were coached by Australian who previously coached their own winner. The point is many people did it & is the smart way to gain. Look at India, such a large country & the Olympic is giving them a image they are not fit.

      • Seraphim said

        If a PRC represent Poland or PRC represent Malaysia, does it means the citizens are fit? India is indeed a large country, but can you judge a country is unfit by the top few of their country? Imagine Singapore hire the entire Brazil soccer team and won the world cup, does it means Singaporeans are good in soccer?

        When a Singaporean won any sports in the olympics, I would feel proud of him/her, but if anyone hired from another country represent Singapore, so what if he/she gets 1st? There is no national pride when you hire someone else to fight the fight for you.

        Coaches on the other hand bring out the best of the athletics of that country and increase the chance of them winning. The coaches are in no way representing the country.

        If you look at it from a business point of view, it is indeed profitable (To win the olympics and gain recognition), but if you look at it from the angle of a country, hiring a foreigner defeat the whole purpose of it.

      • lolkey said

        immigration controls… If extraordinary ability in a sport is not sufficient enough, you might as well said it out right.. “we do not welcome PRC”.

      • lived ,I said

        @ Jacquelee, improving oneself with a foreign coach is fine. Importing foreign athletes is not. Is winning that important that one has to resort to buying medals? So what if many dishonorable people are doing it? We need not stoop that low, we must not! Is it really the “smart way to gain”? I’ll be embarrassed. Develope a spine. Be honourable! You sure think like our “talents”. WTF this world is coming to? We are truely in a very sorry state. Damn! Deliver us!

    • Citutt said

      Our forefather came to spore when there is no such a thing called singaporean..they play a part to built our nation for their future genrations to enjoy not those fts. Without them spore might not b what it is now…but without those new fts like feng..spore can still standing strong as a nation…we dun need medals to built a good nation…so this is the diff between the old times immigrants and the new one who steals our benefits and make it theirs..

    • mahbok tan said

      Wah errol , u veli the guud hor …veli the kind hor…..!!!! Wah FTW is telue belue chinchapolean arh…..but hor cannot speak inglish hor…..oso can call chinchapolean….!!!

      Long long ago hor , my gleat gleat gland father come xinchiapore hor must learn speak malai ren … den hor can mix wif people here no pob blem ….!!!

      Today arh Lee HL , KY and FamilLEE , can accept all china people with out second tot…!!! Wah piang even my gleat gleat gland father can wake up flom the glave and cunt them…..!!!!

      Lacism at its best hor…..demoklasi

      • IronMan said

        U dun need to distort your English that bad. Some of the readers might misinterprete u. But its funnier this way….:)

      • Hwee said

        I have no idea what you write and can’t be bother about your comments.

    • Mike Zeng said

      U think she’s bothered with S’poreans not showing her adulation or even respect? She achieved what she came for….$500k for 2 bronze medals! Now she can return to China and buy a mansion….and S’poreans can go fly kite!

      • lolkey said

        sux to be you! goodu…

        Go play some sport and get a silver medal if you can.. the rule applies to all CITIZENS.

  2. w/o lhl, we still survive. said

    I regret to repeat myself again that I am not proud of their achievement. Monies had bought them over to score for Singapore. It’s just like a business transaction.

  3. Ken Lee said

    ?? did she show any respect to Singapore?

  4. Law said

    I like the Proud wearing.
    But it does piss when the Flower is thrown to PRC while there is SG ard.

  5. I am beginning to hate Singaporeans who adopt this anti foreigner stand. Most educated Singaporeans do not behave like that. These are the low scums of Singapore society who cannot compete in globalization.
    America, Canada, France and other civilized societies have embraced immigrants.

    • w/o lhl, we still survive. said

      Yeah, u are consider the upper or high class scums. Aren’t u scum ?

      • Danny DSP. said

        ‘Other countries have embraced immigrants.’
        I agree but quality immigrants who speak the official language of the country they adopt and stay on to contribute.
        Here it’s different. After staying for a number of years, they don’t speak a word of English. Their only objective is to
        make their first million and then return to wherever they came from.

    • Alvin Soh said

      Do you think Singaporeans like us have any respect for a running dog like yourself?

      According to you we ‘cannot compete in globalization’ but at least we have our dignity and don’t feel the need to kiss the ass of others to get ahead in life.

      Do you feel any shame for being a butt kisser?

      • Rotten said


    • Rot said

      It is interesting to note that the Chinese American table tennis players representing United States are true blue Americans, i.e. BORN in US. Check them up. Nevermind, they did not win any medals. Out of passion of the sport they set forth to fight against the giants in table tennis.
      It is time, Singapore should rethink how our little nation should move forward to nurture our own true blue Singaporeans, not just in sports.

      • Danny DSP. said

        Well said friend. Many have been arguing other countries too are choosing the short cut method to score medals. The fact is the Chinese players represented are actually citizens by birth. You can realise this when you see them being interviewed when they speak fluently be it English, French or German.

    • Denzuko1 said

      Most Singaporeans are not anti foreigner. If you follow the development properly, it is the ruling party which stir such sentiments.

    • Invictus said

      I think you are wrong and not putting things in context. Singaporeans is not against foreigners but the policy of wanton immigration that affects the social compact of this place. Many against the policy that displace fellow Singaporeans.
      The countries they you mention are far larger than Singapore and could take in immigrants. But even their citizens are complaining because of increasing prices, job lose, etc.
      You need to see the context, my friend.

      • shaun leow said

        Well said Invictus…you are right

      • comeon said

        Agree it is he wanton immigration policy that is the problem. That also means Feng Tian Wei should not be hated upon, because she is not part of that problem. She has world class sports skills. Please we should welcome her and not confuse the issue.

    • Two is better than one said

      Who cares whether you like or hate Singaporeans. Your are entitled to your opinion and likewise others also the have same entitlement. Your concern is not of even the smallest way that affects anyone because you are simply nobody to begin with.

      Simply it is not the anti-foreigners but rather pro-Singaporeans.

      The thing that you must learn and live with is that you have to agree to disagree at time. And I hate also (on the same argument using a sweeping statement) for people like you who called or labelled others as low scum just because they do not agree with you or the way you think.

      So take a mirror and see for yourself and you will know how a scum looks like.

    • Skutaz said

      Hey Kenny if ure so proud of these foreigners the let me asked u. Y during the medal ceremony y doesn’t she sing the majula Singapore with pride or liked tru Singaporean? Y not proud to become a Singaporean issit? N y must we give respect to foreigners if they don’t even bother.

    • notAproudSingaporean said

      U “atas” people what. Thats why u don complain. Wait till the govt tap on u. We low scums wont even have the time to even take a look at your sorry ass. Go to Texas and see how they accepted & braced immigrants like u said they did.

    • Lim said

      Yes most educated Singaporeans do not hate other Singaporeans who adopt differing viewpoints. So the weak and less capable who can’t compete with foreigners taking over their jobs courtesy of our govt’s indiscriminate open door policy are low scums? It has nothing to do with globalisation but a deliberate policy to increase GDP and of course their own bonuses through a mass import of cheap PMETs
      Yes “America, Canada, France and other civilized societies have embraced immigrants” but not at the expense of their own people – only jobs that can’t be filled by locals are given to foreigners. Here for every one job opening 8 aliens and 2 locals are vying for the job because of our ultra-liberal pro-foreigner policies.

    • Moby said

      Your parents thought you well. Calling people scum.

    • SicknPoorian said

      Globalization ? What about low scum that come here with fate certs and qualifications. Low scum that came with no respect for others .

    • divideandconquer said

      Eh? Look who’s talking? A foreigner!

    • eek said

      When will people stop confusing globalisation and free economy with national sporting events? It’s futile to debate further when they just don’t get it.

    • IronMan said

      Dun bother too much abt Kenny “Tong Sampah”. Must be an educated “Sua Teng”. Shit do float on water.

    • lived ,I said

      @ kenny toong, Read the replies? Learn! you naive ass. Do not sabotage our beloved Singapore. This is a WARNING! We “hate” you too.

  6. Ken Lee said

    respect are earn for and not ask for or beg for or buy for.

  7. WR said

    Well, i will wear any country shirt if anyone pay me a million.
    If i am unhappy with where my money is going, beside migrating, i can vote the party out too.

    but anyway, we think differently from you, no point arguing with a dumbass, period.

  8. hihihi said

    since you love them so much why not migrate to their country instead?

  9. Lim said

    “anti-foreigner perspective”? – No, pro-Singaporean perspective. “Perfectly reasonable to reward athletes who have performed well”? – How reasonable can it get when you pay exorbitant world highest money for medals just like world highest salaries for ministers? Of course the same old tired rhetoric is to condemn people who do not agree with your view as non-discerning and tell them to get lost from their motherland if they are unhappy with the system here, like go North Korea perhaps?. Yes I respect Feng for her Olympic achievements but not our policy of using money to import sports talents and give them tons of money for a piece of metal. NO matter how strong the media mouth-piece propaganda it is hard to feel any national pride at all.

    • Rotten said


    • Hou said

      Lim, extremely well-said. Pro-Singapore, not anti-foreigner!
      Those who allow this dilution without any national pride to carry on…have no love for the country. They only love money and benefits. As long as I’m associated with an Olympic meda, it doesnt matter how we got it.

  10. alloslogos said

    Wei Khai, please know one thing. We have no qualms against these sportsmen or women. However, let’s face it. Many who came are enticed by the freebies and reward money not because they love Singapore.

    So it is mercenary, whatever way you call it! Most Singaporeans are against the idea of our Govt unashamedly poaching the efforts of other countries’ talents & proudly claim them as their own. It is downright shameful & thick skinned. So, what if they had won many medals? Don’t we pay them for these metal at exorbitant cost? Does it make my cuppa coffee smell more fragrant?

  11. Ben said

    FTW contributed to SG by representing and winning 2 medals in the olympics. This is the kind of FT that should be allowed in,not those FTs that come here to hire and bring much more of their own pple from their homeland. winning any medal in the olympics is already an achievement, behind the medal comes hours of practice, flexibility and psychology of the mind. i feel that she and our table tennis team should be respected irregardless of their roots. They are not here to steal our jobs, they are here to contribute to Singapore. I dun understand how come Singaporeans are not proud of the medals won, but having said that, i shan’t deny that Singaporeans will be more proud when the medal winner is born and breed in Singapore. its like someone topping their O level cohort but does not get his respect since he comes from a neighbourhood school instead of top school. Look at what someone achieved and how they achieved it, not where they come from.

    Some of u might argue that when FTW or any of these sporting FTs are done, they will go back to wherever they came from and nv come back. Thats fine, they already contributed for Singapore and did their job, no matter where they are, their names will still be in the record books as contributors of Singapore. Some Singaporeans do not retire in Singapore due to various reasons, are these people ‘disloyal’ to Singapore too? Like the author of this article said, Singapore is a democracy, meaning that if u find a better place that is more suitable for you, you can migrate there. Give them a break, no one wants to work all their lives too.

    • Alvin Soh said

      It’s obvious that you don’t have any morals or principles.

      The fact of the matter is that it is wrong to buy foreigners to represent us.

      This goes against the spirit of the Olympics and sportsmanship.

      What this means is that the country with the most money can buy the most athletes and win the most medals.

      And further, this will deny our children of any hope of training hard in the hope of representing our country.

      I am ashamed that people like you still exist in Singapore.

      For you, the end justifies the means.

      • comeon said

        Recruiting talented foreigners to play for your country certainly does not go against the Olympic spirit. It seems like you have been having your head in the sand for quite a while, but take a look around and you’ll see plenty of examples of even the powerful western countries having transplants play for them. Same for the coaches, the US team coach can be chinese or australian. Feng has been a Singaporean for 5 years – it’s not as if she gained citizenship just a year ago just for the sole purpose of playing in the Olympics. Jing Junhong who was brought in >10 years ago is still a true Singaporean, and now the women’s TT coach who can proudly share in its success. So if FTW settles in Singapore and becomes a Singaporean for life, what’s so wrong about that? Let’s not hate on these foreign athletes and unfairly speculate that they will leave us whenever. That has not happened yet, so why make such a claim?

      • eek said

        Dear Comeon,

        FTW got her citizenship 6 months before she represented singapore in the 2008 Olympics

      • Alvin Soh said


        Please get your head from out of your ass.

        Feng Tian Wei citizenship was rushed through in 2007 so that she could compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

        Please get your fact straight before you comment.

        And unlike the other foreigners, FTW came here under the Foreign Talent Scheme.

        That means some officials from here when out in search of her to represent Singapore.

        Instead of showing us how dumb your are, can you name another athlete from anywhere in the world who was offered a contract to represent that country.

      • Ben said

        i see chinese players representing european countries. means that they dun have olympic spirit too? And whether she and her TT team “deny our children of any hope of training hard in the hope of representing our country.’ think again. what are so many of our children doing in the Singapore Sports School? People like u just like to splash water on others dreams and aspirations instead of encouraging our children to dream big which is of course really sad as majority of Singaporeans are like that. u dun have to be the best in the world to dream of and work towards representing your country, but being around people like u sure dampen our young dreams and aspirations.

        However, i do agree that our govt is going about a fast impatient way of making singapore known in the olympics. it will take at least a few more years+++ for our SSS to bear fruit, therefore we dont see true blue singaporeans in the finals yet. choosing this impatient way is definitely wrong IMO, choosing this way together with the anti foreigner feelings will compel singaporeans to feel neglected. I have no idea about the plans of the govt, criticize the govt all u want but i dun think our TT team or FTW sld bear the blame if theres any.

      • Ben said

        People like u just like to splash water on others dreams and aspirations instead of encouraging our children to dream big – lol comment 13 just illustrate my point

      • Comeon said

        @Alvin Soh,

        So FTW’s citizenship was rushed through under FSTS to qualify her for 2008 Olympics. You could make a case THEN in 2008 that she’s not yet a full Singaporean and everything seems rushed. OK, now is 2012, and she’s here for freaking 5 years. What more do you want? At what point does she become a “true” singapore? 10 years? 20 years? Let me ask you – is Jing Junhong (women’s TT coach) a real Singaporean? She’s been here >10 years and training Singapore national team (local+foreignborn) TT players for many years now.

      • lived ,I said

        @ comeon, if the idea of buying athletes is in sporting spirit, there is no need for the Olympics. The richest nation wins! Your honour and integrity is in question.

    • WTF said

      It’s ‘regardless’

    • Kaffein said

      Listen to yourself speak – that the sportsmen and women can go back to their homeland when they have achieve what they have done for Singapore.

      Press the ‘Pause’. Re-wind and say it slowly again.

      Wow.. there is so many blatant and glaring issues with this statement that it totally dumbfounded me. Left such a bitter taste in my mouth I felt like spitting.

      Now ask yourself these questions:

      1. What is Olympics spirit and where does it fit for the Singapore team? And the difference with Manchester Football club?
      2. Who brings home the SGD250,000 – SGD1million? Whose money was that who paid them?
      3. Could not these money be invested in our local sportsmen and women and groom them?

      Look at Australia, who felt proud of their Olympian representatives. Many of these sports people have full-time jobs. It was the love of the sports that compelled them. It was an honour to represent their country. Nobody will begrudge if you don’t win any medals.

      Look at Germany football team. There was a re-surgence of good players because the country decided to invest in their youth football academy. It’s not going to be in one generation but surely the rewards will come.

      Actually if I take a step back, I think many of the aye-sayers are those who support the million-dollar salaries of our ministers. It seems to go along the same vein – pay top dollar for these ‘talents’ no matter the cost. The final objective justifies the cost and learning process of reaching there.

      More dollars = less corruption for ministers. Heh… biggest paradox around. Something is fundamentally wrong these days in Singapore.


    • Rotten said


    • Joshire said

      I sincerely agree with you Ben. Some singaporeans seriously just need to stop being so blinded and look at the bigger picture.

  12. watch your ticker said

    “Furthermore, as far as any discerning individual is concerned, Singapore is a democracy. That means that if you’re unhappy with where your money is going, you can migrate.”

    Huh? Please check the dictionary for what “democracy” means.

    “America, Canada, France and other civilized societies have embraced immigrants.”

    Even if you’ve never been to those countries before at least try to read up on current affairs before shooting your mouth off. Are you taking the wrong meds?

    • eek said

      Exactly. Democracy means we are free to express what we feel and not being told to do so. This writer is confused.

  13. Sooner said

    Luckily Singapore invest in TT and not in Soccer. Imagine having to pay 200k pound per week for a Wayne Rooney.
    But then why can;t Singapore just let it be ? no Olympic gold so be it ? Or maybe they think for that small amount of $$ is worth it ? Sorry la, if my girl is no.1 for the National Championship or whatever when she is in School, i will still tell her studies is still no.1 priority. ^^

  14. JeoJeo said

    what values does these medals bring to SG? anyone can relate any monetary or non-monetary values?
    like buying mercenaries
    it’s fast food culture, they want the result fast and instant (pappies)
    unlike many countries painstakingly takes decades to nurture their very own
    it’s a great deception strategy –
    using sports
    on the back scene bringing new immigrant votes – to continue to rule SG

  15. dono said

    “That means that if you’re unhappy with where your money is going, you can migrate.”

    Who the hell do you think you are to come to my home and tell me that if i am not happy i can jolly well leave!!!!Bloody ingrates!!

  16. Alvin Soh said

    “Furthermore, as far as any discerning individual is concerned, Singapore is a democracy. That means that if you’re unhappy with where your money is going, you can migrate.”

    The writer is obviously an imbecile.

    In a democracy, if you are not happy with the failed policies of the incumbent party, you vote them out in the next GE.

    And that is exactly what we intend to do.

    See you in 2016.

    • comeon said

      The failed immigration policies have nothing to do with Feng Tian Wei. If you want to throw the baby out with the bath water and close to door to all foreigners even those with world class skills, then by all means put the nail in your coffin.

  17. The_Truth said

    Why must we serve national service then? Why must go for reservist? Go hire some some foreign talent to defend our beloved nation then!

  18. Written by a PRC, how surprising

  19. Invictus said

    Wei Khai, I think you are confusing the issue. As an athlete, FW did well and trained hard to win an Olympic medal. What Singaporeans are unhappy about is policy of bringing in foreigners to boost your representation and medal tally at sporting meets for the purpose of vainglory. Rewarding the athlete is not the main issue I feel.
    And you are definitely confused about the concept of democracy. If I’m not happy, I don’t need to migrate. Citizenship is my birthright. If I’m not happy, I’ll vote the current government out. That’s what a democracy is about.

  20. hubbo said

    “Furthermore, as far as any discerning individual is concerned, Singapore is a democracy. That means that if you’re unhappy with where your money is going, you can migrate.”

    Ignoring the poor English. I didn’t know being democractic means migrating away.
    If Singapore is a truly democractic nation, then the voices of the people would have been heard.
    why not follow the Swiss style of doing a referendum to see if the citizens think it is justifiable that we spend so much to rewards our athletes ?

    That’s democracy. Whether is it wise to be that democractic in SG context, now that’s a different thing altogether.

    P/S I have no particular strong stand about this issue. It doesn’t particularly affect me either negatively or positively that we won the olympics.

  21. Rotten said


  22. Raymond Soh said

    Contrary to what you believe, I for one is not proud of Singapore. In no way should we even attend Olympics just for some begotten damned reputation. I would much rather appreciate it if the govt actually bothers to rebate the citizens for a good year of financial surplus. In no way does Singapore benefit from Olympics other than reputation and a logical reason to empty their funding into such sports. Think about the possibilities such monies could have brought, more jobs, land or even allowing citizens to live in Singapore with further subsidized cost of living. If you think that its a honourable thing that FTs or PRs that have been bought back by Singapore to wear our flag in the international stage, causing nothing but an misrepresentation that Singapore is part of China, why don’t you start to appreciate the young men who actually served the nation for 2 years who took the defense and well being of the country as their job instead? Why not reward such citizens whom serves the nation instead of a transacted player that trains with extensive amount of expenditures from the country for a medal.

    Also, you might want to search up on the term “democracy” once again and understand that there is more than that to a simple term of democracy. You might want to start with this website, “” or ‘” if you are more intellectual than what you have represented yourself with your initial post since I can not decide if you are patriotic, unaware or just plain gullible.

  23. nonSingaporean Singaporean said

    As a Singaporean, I think the nation achieved much over the last 50 years or so. But in reality Singapore is just another small country that some people does not even know. As a Singaporean, we need to learn to be humble, only then we will achieve great things consistently over a long period of time.

    Feng Tian Wei did not just come to Singapore and win that medal. There preparations from planning, training, competing as well as other supporting factors that made her a medal winnner. Yes, she is a talent and may come from PRC. She is now a Singapore Citizen. She must be loving table tennis enough to play so long and train for it. Even if she does not, she is still doing it as a form of work. It is not easy for someone of a different cultural background to move to Singapore to make money. There are sacrifices to make. How many champions can we have in the Olympics?

    Yes, we may not be able to accept that Singapore Government “invests” in her and other former-PRC players, but if we learn to embrace these people rather than see them as mercenaries, then at least even if they decided they do not love Singapore, we did our part. Love takes both hands to clap. Imagine a girl (FTW) likes/loves (turn SG Citizen) a guy, the guy (certain Singaporeans) just wants sex (medals), paid ($250k) for it and expect the girl to love him. Some girls may continue to love the guy, some may just be left tired continuing the relationship. Imagine the guy now thinks that as long as he loves the girl and continue a good relationship instead, he does not neccesarily need great sex (medals), but see great sex as bonus.

    To win over a person of a different culture takes the whole nation to do it. Remember, our forefathers are from overseas. If we want a Singaporean comes first, I do not object, but take a look at Malaysia and their Bumiputra policy.

    • Majulah Singapura said

      Dear NonSingaporean Singaporean,

      Your heart is in the right place but the point many are making is that not many in Spore have had the opportunities that these Chinese table tennis girls have had to move ahead in life. The average Sporean has sacrificed to build this economy. The average Sporeans struggle daily to earn a living. And inspite of these sacrifices and struggles (dont forget the NS commitment with the annual in camp training) there are times when their children are not given places in the national university. These chinese girls however are pampered and paid exorbitant amounts of money to win medals which do nothing to improve the plight of the average Sporean.

      • spg said


      • comeon said

        They are “pampered” and highly paid because they are world-class athletes, olympic caliber. That’s the real world, if you are world-class in anything, whether academia or business, you will be highly valued and highly paid. When you find a world-class local student who is denied a place in NUS, then let me know. Otherwise stop whining.

    • chia said

      Bumiputra policy is 100% right.Singapore Government must take care of local born singaporean first,not prc not ft.

      • Ben said

        yes, wanna blame, blame the ones that came out with the failed immigration policies, not the ones that they bring in

  24. notAproudSingaporean said

    Its the fact that in our eyes we dont need a medal and for the govt to pay ridiculous amount of money(which is our money) for ft who won a medal pisses us. Next time just use the ministers money or “atas” scums money lah. Like that we wont say much one. Correct or not kenny boy?

  25. Seb said

    Let’s take things into perspectives….the issue is not about foreigners per se. In this aspect of FT for sports, we have had foreigners coming to Sg before eg. Susilo. However, the focus is growing home grown talents as well. So far, we have not seen much of that…the focus seems to have changed over time from using FTs to build local talent to just getting results (medals). If that is the end outcome, then the only way in the short run is to get mercenaries (FTs) to participate under Sg flag as they stand a better chance of winning.

    The question is “what do we really want?” Medals or building internal capabilities. This is not just a question for the PAP govt but for all Singaporeans to decide. The PAP is begining to discover that it does not have monopoly on thought.

  26. Singapuraboi said

    Have been observing the china born ping pong players quite a bit. Realised that they never once credited Singapore and the Singaporeans for their success, the opportunity to play at the Olympics and the chance at a better life beyond China (ok that is subjective). They seem to have an attitudinal expectation that that is what they deserve as citizens. U have to remember that they came from a communist country where everything belongs to the state and the stat will take care of you. However the incredible thing is that our govt is playing up to their expectations and pandering to them. I want to ask out govt, “what about our expectations?” and “why would u move mountains to keep them happy and they never once thank us?” If it was a Singaporean who threw the bouquet to a non-Singaporean he or she would have finding cut, received a warning and suspension. What the China born ping ping players did really is not forgivable. They r sending a message loud and clear as to where their allegiance lies and they r keeping that road home open. Their actions is insulting and humiliating to Singaporeans and wonder why the stupid Singaporeans watching the games in London did not boo them. Stand up for Singapore you morons! or is it that now u r in London u feel English.

  27. Lim said

    Hello Wee,

    Imagine you are from the low end family in spore and there is not much help from pap government. And. Now pap government giving more than 50k to china born medal winners.

    U can continue to work hard and let government use your income tax to pay these foreign born new citizens.

    While the rest of true blood local sporeans either work oversea And never wan to return home or vote out the pap

  28. comeon said

    Countries recruiting top foreign athletes to compete is quite common. Especially in a sport like TT, where all the excellence comes from basically one country China. There are a lot of China-born players playing for western nations too, just that they are not as good as FTW and don’t get the press. Also, look at sports like long distance running which is dominated by africans, there are tons of kenyans and somalis running for western countries including USA, UK. What, do you expect some born and bred white guy to be able to outrun the kenyans?

    The reason Singapore is so sub-par in sports, and we have to recruit exceptional foreign athletes to come player for us, is because our population is small AND our land area is tiny and totally urban (little space for outdoor sports compared to large countries). Given these constraints, there are a few sports that we have advantage in (with local athletes) such as sailing, since we have so much water, and I think we have been seeing some success at the international level.

    As long as we are recruiting athletes that can win on the international stage, there is no problem with the process. We are not paying big money for crappy sportsman. The goal of having successful local athletes take time (years and decades) and the first step is to provide the right winning environment and role models for the next generation of youngsters to learn from. Just look at Jing Junhong, she got to the semi-finals of Olympics but failed to medal, but it is her and LJW and paved the path to FTW getting individual bronze. Btw, JJH is also the women’s TT team coach and has been a Singaporean for >10 years, so what’s so bad with this picture?

    • clueless PM = pussy policies said

      does 2 bronze medals justify the PAP policy of importing more than 1 Million PRCs into Singapore ?

      why is it Jamaica and NZ can produce homegrown world champions ?

      do you see Jamaica or NZ trying to produce world TT champions ?
      what are the chances of spore beating China for the TT gold when China has millions playing the game at a very high level ?

      as you can see, it is dumb strategy to choose TT as gold medal prospect when spore ought to identify a game sporeans can excel in and with a reasonable chance to win a gold.

      by the way, does it really matter if spore never wins an Olympic medal…again ?
      are the people of Spain better off because their football team is the best in the world ?

      i rather sporeans not be too obsessed with Olympic medals but work towards being the most desirable city to live in the world where we take care of fellow citizens and not least, acknowledged by the rest of the world spore workers and their leaders are the best value for money in the world.
      this is by far more meaningful than any medal.
      wat do you think ?

    • Comeon said

      No, I am against PAP opening the flood gates to 1 million foreigners into Singapore. Most of these masses are “untalented FT” and cynic in me sometimes think that it is an attempt at vote-stuffing. I too feel a lot of the negative effects of this misguided policy.

      But Feng Tian Wei is not the same issue so let’s not confuse the two. This is about athletes with world-class talent, who can truly use the name “FT”. Anybody who is world class in any field whether sports or academic or business, we should welcome to set up shop in Singapore. E.g. jim rogers, eduardo severin (not sure he is world-class, but he sure brings spending power 🙂 ).

      It’s interesting you bring up NZ and Jamaica. I too was pondering why they can produce world beaters organically. This is why I say even though they have a small population, they have a very large land area, which encourages outdoor activities/lifestyle, something Singapore will never have. With Jamaica, they have a further incentive by being poor, and many kids there see athletics (specifically T&F) as a way out of poverty. Which family in Singapore sees sports as a way to success? That is why we have the million dollar sport program to attract youngsters into sports as a viable career – of course right now it is being won by FTW who was not born in Singapore, but I accept that she is Singaporean and will be here supporting SIngapore table tennis for years to come so I support her efforts.

      Does success in international sports matter? Well to me it does, I think having successful and world class sports programs in Singapore is something I will be very proud of. I just look at the example of China vs India, both up and coming industrial powers with >1BN population. China has invested a lot over decades to building a sports infrastructure, though at times many criticizes those programs as being too tough on young kids and generating one-dimensional athletes. India on the other hand has no sports programs and is basically impotent in world sports. Imperfect as it is, if I were a China citizen I would prefer to have China’s flawed and brutal sports successes then total lack of achievement. I don’t think sporting success is mutually exclusive to being a desirable city. We should work on both, at the same time. We have the GDP to support sports both at the grassroots level and hiring foreign top coaches/players, so we should definitely continue to push for success in sports.

    • liveD ,I said

      @ Comeon, you are definitely no sportsman ( a bureaucrat? )Think sporting spirit, integrity, honour, fairness – and you may change your mind. The world has lost its compass ( think greed, occupy wall street, prosperity gospel, sports doping, etc. ). Buying honour? It’s for spineless lazy losers. Hope to change your perception on this issue. Cheers.

  29. SoWhat said

    Kpkb so much for what. Face it lar. We dont ve original true blue singaporean talent to represent us. Imagine if it was a sg pr ang moh representing us.. Wld u guys kpkb so much.

    As much as we dont like prc, face it. We dont have much of a choice.

    At least singapore is now known to the rest of world.

    • Cute said

      Ya, now the world ready known Singapore. See below news.

      Adham Sharara , president of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), is against the trend.

      Speaking to Today by email, he said: “It’s not a good thing (former Chinese players competing for other countries) … Singapore is the strongest example. It is always best when the players are home-grown. We did introduce a new rule a few years ago, of which the results will be felt a few years from now.”

      The Canadian was referring to the new ITTF rule for players’ eligibility introduced in Sept 2008.

      In a bid to encourage countries to develop their own talent, the rule states that players who change nationalities after the age of 21 will not be able to represent the country at ITTF world title events and the Olympic Games.

      • Jaded said

        its not a good thing? haha, she’s so polite. It’s cheating thats whats she is trying to say.

      • Comeon said

        Of course Adham a Canadian would say that. They Canada are getting their asses kicked by tiny Singapore. I agree with the new ITTF rule of not allowing players >21 to change country. The rule makes sense and it wouldn’t have affected FTW anyway since she joined prior to 21, but a player like Wang Yuegu who joined at 24 would no longer be allowed. I think that’s fine and it’s right. If we bring in young players from overseas whether PRC or not, and train them up, no reason why they can’t be considered true Singaporeans.

      • liveD ,I said

        Embarrassing. People in charge, for the love of Singapore, please listen, this is not ‘noise’.

  30. Gar said

    Im not going to talk about sportsmanship because a lot was covered above.

    This isnt just simply Feng TianWei FTW and what not.
    -The average Singaporeans are unhappy because of how taxpayer’s money was spent.
    For something like this. For YOG. For many other stupid policies. Where so many are suffering.
    Go take a walk in rental flats.

    -Because she is considered an FT, leads many to talk about the neverending influx of Foreigners in this tiny little island,
    and how their own paycheck was affected.

    SG do not dislike here. But a lot hate this ruling party for what they doing.

    To the one calling the lower wage group as scums up there.
    I do hope you wont be meeting me out there.

  31. sdasd said

    FT Please show some respect to SINGAPOREAN

    Feng Tianwei Please show some respect to SINGAPOREAN

  32. TCSS said

    First, I like to congratulate Ms Feng, Ms Wang, and Ms Li! And I like to thank and salute all Singaporeans who represent Singapore in the games. Cheers to all Singaporeans who compete in the games, not just only to those who win the medals. I have no issues with Feng and anyone of them who represent Singapore to compete in the games and win medals.

    Next I hope we can be mindful of the true spirit of sport and Olympic. The Olympic spirit is best expressed in the Olympic Creed:

    “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”

    I feel proud that Singapore has take part in the game, regardless of whether we win any medal. I cheer everyone who have participate in the games, regardless which country they represent.

    In my opinion, if sports is to become too commercialize and too “medal” focus, we risk overlook the true spirit of sport and the true spirit of Olympic. Sports competitions allow the competitors to express the shared humanity by performing fairly and honestly to the best of their natural ability. And we come together as a nation to support and cheer each other and to celebrate our shared humanity. It is inclusive. It unites.

    To use sport as a platform for marketing, commercial, or other purposes, is to risk negating the real benefit that sport can bring. If we focus narrowly on the winners or winning of medals, then we risk losing sight on the whole and risk missing the chance to realize the benefit that sports can achieve. If we are too focus on wining medals, we loss sight of those take part and without them, there will be no games. It divides instead of unites. It is exclusive instead of inclusive. It is to give exclusive attention to the winners and exclude the others.*

    Once again, congratulations to Ms Feng, Ms Wang, and Ms Li! Thank you, all Singaporean who represented Singapore. I salute you for your courage. Especially to those who may know that their chances of conquering is low, nevertheless has the courage to step forward and fought well.

    *Note: If this is the acceptable norm in society, then you can expect the school sport CCA to only allow the best to join, as school CCA focus to win medals for inter or national schools competition. And you can see business opportunity and commercialization of sport may follow. And you can expect to see profit making sport coach, sport school or cubs flourish, teaching and serving those who can afford. Then how about those who cannot afford or those that are not the best but just keen in sport? Inclusive or exclusive? Or divisive?

  33. R Bassi said

    They only represent our (Spore) country ‘cos they couldn’t qualify to represent their (China) country. If they could represent their country, do you really think they would want to represent Spore? Think long and hard.

  34. SashaQueenie said

    What a load of rubbish! Singaporeans defending foreigners and attacking their fellow Singaporeans! Cease and desist such nonsense! This isn’t the way. Singaporeans must never attack your fellow Singaporeans. We must band together and be strong. And what is this rubbish talk about migrating elsewhere as prove that there is democracy! What kind of warped logic is that! A true democracy is to say what you feel in a responsible manner. And 80% of Singaporeans have already voiced their opinion that buying medals through a foreigner is neither something to be happy nor proud of! There have been many questions raised on the loyalties of these sportswomen and it’s completely untested. Precious resources which are suppose to help nurture our local born Singaporeans are now diverted to these foreigners. Why? Because the Govt prefers instant gratifications, rather than spend years helping our local borns. Taking such a shortcut undermines all of our confidence in our Govt. What else will they do to locals in order to seek instant gratifications? That’s something to be aware of.

  35. joanne c said

    Respect??? Its all about money tts all. I felt proud of our local guy who came in 8th in one of the track n field events. Im sure he was practising just as hard as our bronze medal winner. So what is the sports school for then???? Im sure thr are needy, sick ppl who wld do well to hv tt money. Ur right , its a democracy, so everybody has a right to their views, not just u!!! N stop advocating ppl to be QUITTERS! Relax, dnt be so uptight.

    • Wiper said

      It seems like for you, it is all about the money as well. The local guy who came in 8th is not good enough to win the money, but he is trying to win it also, right?

      To the athlete, this sum of money in 4 years isn’t even a lot. I bet your salary in 4 years who be about that much. They worked hard for it, so why bother? Why don’t you just donate your salary to the “needy, sick pple who wld do well to hv tt money?”

  36. not again said

    I have mixed feeling when I saw the breaking news of SGP winning its 2nd bronze medal in OG 2012.
    As a SGP native, I feel happy initially but not proud and later I feel sad, becos here goes again, our money to reward those ex-foreigners, new “citizens”…

  37. 5vvaper said

    Wei Khai, please enlighten us on the tangible benefits of having Olympics medals and rewarding these mercenary athletes $250k – $1mil would bring to Singapore.

    Every other media publication in the world has included the phrase “China-born table tennis players” in their coverage of the SG womens’ table tennis team. I’m no longer certain if we’re a subjugated province of PRC or a sovereign nation. Please enlighten us.

    Of course if we were to view FTW and Co purely as an athlete everyone would agree that they have accompished a feat that few can achieve. However add that to the context that they are paid to play for SG is pure obscene. To the point that many are ashamed that our country has stooped so low.

    Of course in a democratic-totalitarian society like ours, we have a choice in 2016. Vote whoever is in power out of office and start afresh. We are, afterall, paying them to run this country.

    • Wiper said

      Yeah. Keep bitching about money that could have been yours. If you think you are so good, groom a child that can win Olympic medals so you can win that sum of money.

  38. Not Migrating said


    Why shud we migrate because we are unhappy? Do you resign from your company if you don’t like your colleague? Siao Chee Bye.

  39. pngkueh_forever said

    What’s the fuss ? China can claim that it is two more medals in their list through Spore. It is the same for other countries who import mercenaries. It is that simple.

  40. lolkey said

    Please show some respect for yourself as Singaporeans and human beings.

    Is it a better policy to reward only the “qualified” citizens? A lot of you retards may feel it is totally reasonable, but we’ll be the laughing stock of the entire world, comes off as a petty and narrow minded nation of people.

    An athlete represented Singapore, won a medal that is hard to come by, and all we hear is predominantly our hatred for people of her origin, and “questioning” her ulterior motives.

    Did Feng Tianwei earn 1 million? No. Is she guaranteed to earn it? No. Will she get another chance in the next olympics? Not likely. Would a “true” Singaporean eventually earn a gold medal? Probably.

    The athlete trained for years without direct commercial profit, and we are bitching about 1 million dollars reward for being the best athlete in the world.

  41. 龍的传人 said


  42. Open-minded said

    Seriously. Why are you guys complaining about the large monetary incentive? It is also not guaranteed that FTW or the table tennis team can win it without first fighting tooth and nail for it. She trains 10 months a year out of Singapore, and she rarely even has time to go back home to visit her mother.

    If you guys are so concerned about the monetray incentives, you guys can win it too! Just give up your life to train in a sport, like this selfless athletes did, and devote yourself to winning an Olympic medal. Maybe you will win 250k for yourself? Or maybe you won’t, if you are not good enough. It is as simple as that. You narrow-minded Singaporeans are thinking that these monetray incentives are only for FT. It is for home-grown talent as well, but what home-grown “talent” do we have. None. Yup. Thats right. Continue bitching about money that should have been yours.

  43. Evered - Singaporean Through And Through said

    The message Singapore Ping Pong Association is giving in conjunction with the other NSA’s with the firm endorsement of our government leaders no less, not to mention the man who rather boldly proclaimed a few months ago that he will be representing the interest of Singapore and Singaporeans is that EVEN if you’re the BEST available LOCAL sportsman in your field, you’ll be DENIED the highest HONOUR of being able to represent your MOTHERLAND (by motherland, I am referring to Singapore in case some lunatic Singaporeans starts thinking of China, India, Malaysia or Indonesia as their motherland).

    If either of your parents were born here, Singapore is your motherland. If you think that China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia etc etc is your motherland, you have no right to call yourself a Singaporean and might as well pack up and go to whichever country you call your motherland and accepts you with the same wide open arms.

    Just try to Imagine for a moment….. being denied the honour of representing your country at an international sporting event. It’s like shoving aside PM H.S. Lee and telling him that he is not good enough to represent his country and that a new specially fast tracked citizen has been brought in to displace him. Isn’t it extreme cruelty? Isn’t it a gross injustice?

    Somehow this fixation with foreign talent and the need to attract them does not extend right to the top echelon of the government. It’s a case of some cows being sacred and some cows purely sacrificial.

    How about sacrificing THE very cows which erroneously thinks that it is invincible and puts itself in a special untouchable position well above it’s citizens?

    Let’s send a ringing message to every citizen that all men are equal and hence put a stop to this unapologetic and unforgivable marginalising of Singaporeans who are deemed to be of little value and as such, dispensable.

    This is absolutely no way to govern a country. An elected government must be true not to itself but to the nation and more importantly, the citizens for what is a country without it’s citizens?

    If achieving sporting recognition and medals is that important, it’s technically possible to carve out a new nation out of Sahara Desert, plant a new national flag right in the middle, buy the best sportsmen your money allows you to and win the Olympics outright.

  44. Evered - Singaporean Through And Through said

    On the eve of our 47th National Day, it’s pertinent to remember that pursuing sporting glory purely through specially imported citizens will not help to ingrain a genuine sense of nationhood nor allow a unique national identity of Singaporeans to evolve and mature. Instead, it seems divisive and causes much unhapiness if we were to read all the comments in the media.

  45. Bao Ching Tian said

    FTW and the rest of the table-tennis team are NOT immigrants. Don’t compare them with our forefathers who were true-blue immigrants when Singapore did not exist and was only a fishing village. FTW and others were head-hunted and invited to play for Singapore for the sole purpose of winning medals. Getting Singapore citizenship was part of the business deal. They did not come to Singapore on their own accord but were enticed to come to Singapore with promises of monetary rewards that they can only dream of should they remain in China. So what if FTW and team won 2 bronze medals? To those who challenge detractors to win an Olympic medal for Singapore, let it be known that the vast majority of Singaporeans are NOT interested in being professional sportsmen. There is no future and prospects in being a professional sportsman in Singapore. What can they do after they are past their prime? Work as coaches.

    Who is really interested in the medals? It is the PAP. They are the ones who are in relentless pursuit of an Olympic medal at whatever cost. Since it is practically impossible for a native Singaporean to win an Olympic medal, they take the easy way out – pay a foreigner to win the medal. Is there any pride to be felt when China won the bronze medals for us as part of a business deal?

  46. Andrew said

    i don’t see the issue with foreign born talents in this case. the alternative to foreign talent is obviously local one. let’s internalize this: Will any of you people allow your children to drop their studies to concentrate full time on sports as a career? both you and i know that’s an emphatic no. so if you won’t take up sports, you won’t allow your kids to take up sports, and you won’t allow foreigners to take up sports on your behalf…. then what? drop sports altogether in Singapore? i’m so confused by the level of dissent here.

    • Mature citizen said

      Sport is for health and not to show off. If sport is to nurture a competitive spirit, there are many other ways.

      Do you get rid of your children who are not so talented and adopt other talented children who ultimately still do not recognize you as parents?

    • lolkey said

      Whenever PRC comes into the picture.. even competitive sports is considered evil. lol.. irrational buffoons.

  47. Mimikins said

    I was telling my friends, SG Govt should now look at all the world champions in the world, regardless of which country they come from. Then offer them 10 X their salary for the next 4 years.

    Next Olympics, SG will be the country which will win ALL the medals because every world champion belongs to us.

    Easy? Money is THE ONLY way SG Govt has control over your “life” sadly…

  48. leelili said

    SingaPOORean are just too easy to be ruled by HDB rules;CPF rules;COE rules…why not try to rule these FT sportsmen, yes givr them a HDB pent house but not allowed to re-sell or sub-let for 30 years to show their loyalty ..instead of S$500,000 cash..let c how many more FT sportswomen will come to fight for SG….?

  49. Come on lah, hey all you lads. Singapore is a just small country in middle of large countries. Singapore is lacking of local resources. This happens not only in Sports, but in all sectors in all industries. Without foreign talent, how can Singapore survive. Listen to Mr Prime Minister speech, which I agree, that Singaporean must accept and respect all the foreign talents who want and are working in Singapore. They work here to help the country to build, and because there is not enough locals who can do (or willing to do) those jobs.

  50. Sgsiol said

    by end of the day it is about talented china vs local china…still majority china wins..and sg did not win much medals so why not let our local talented play so whether win or lose never make different rite.

  51. baeyson said

    Hey before you ask us to give her some respect; ask her to respect her singapore father. How could see throw her bunch of flower to the PRC supporters? How to expect us to respect her?

  52. Mature citizen said

    Advising Singaporeans who are not happy with where their money go to migrate is a negative way. One should advise them to pick the Government that will spend their money on the things that they wish.

    • matthew said

      Well said indeed!
      How can a husband claim to interact well with his wife by insisting she leaves home for good whenever there is disagreement on opinions ?
      Typical PAP stooges use this line of argument and but not their political masters.

      If these PAP stooges want to up the ante, I can also say, “let’s settle this at 10 paces on a remote island so only one or none comes back to claim SinCity.”

  53. B. C. said

    Singapore tops world in Olympic gold medal cash payout
    By Elizabeth Soh | Fit To Post Sports – Sun, Aug 5, 2012 7:46 PM SGT

    Top 10 countries with highest payouts for an Olympic gold medal
    1. Singapore — S$1,000,000
    2. Malaysia — S$400,000
    3. Philippines – S$423,300 (according to 2008 figures)
    4. Thailand – S$372,600 (according to 2008 figures)
    5. United Arab Emirates – S$337,800
    6 Italy – S$226,500
    7 Russia – S$167,650
    8 Japan – S$124,200
    9 Bulgaria – S$95,100 (according to 2008 figures)
    10 France – S$81,000

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