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SPH journalist Tessa Wong: Lee Kuan Yew is alive and kicking

Posted by temasektimes on August 8, 2012

Contrary to rumors spreading like wildfire online and in the HDB heartlands, Singapore’s supreme leader Lee Kuan Yew is ‘alive and kicking’, wrote SPH political journalist Tessa Wong.

In a post on her Twitter, Tessa Wong revealed that Lee has a meeting with her colleague today:

“People. LKY not dead. Okay? My colleague is seeing him tomorrow. And not in a mortuary.”

A former Prime Minister for 25 years, Lee was widely regarded as the founding father of Singapore.

At a ripe 88 years of age, Lee is still serving as a Member of Parliament at his constituency of Tanjong Pagar.


123 Responses to “SPH journalist Tessa Wong: Lee Kuan Yew is alive and kicking”

  1. JeoJeo said

    long live LKY

    hope he lives forever!

    wish he lives till infinity!

    wish he lives till the age of no mankind ever lives

    wish he will be king again

    hope he can be an Olympian after taking some magical potion

    contributing to the statistics of aging population, but that’s ok, wish that he lives, forever and ever and evermore

    • kaypoh said

      I wish he lives to be as old as the dinosaurs, and when mankind colonizes the stars, PAP will have a few galaxies with cheap HBDs, which will be 9999 years, and not only LKY will be alive & kicking, but with new bionic legs, he will kick Singapore’s winning goal against Spain in the 3012 Olympics final !!!

      • Bapok Sissy Loong said

        LOL !!! Old Dracula will never die. He will live on forever sucking citizens’ blood.

      • LkySi said

        Only to have the goal disallowed by referee J B Jeyaretnam

      • Alan Lim said

        pap running dog.

      • Baba said

        you idiot whining singaporeans can say whatever you like for him, but let me tell you, your illegitimate fathers of democracy and human rights have been taking his advice and seeking his vision on issues of war and peace for last 40 years. so you unthankful singaporeans, just go to the Philippines or Indonesia or Malaysia and enjoy everything that you think the Old legend has deprived you off..

      • hyper_kabuto said

        its HDB, not HBD la…
        no matter we like him or not, we indeed owe everything we see now to him and our forefathers.

  2. Anthony Tang said

    Why do ppl start such rumours. Must have a deep hatred for the man who built Singapore, or maybe for the things that the younger generation cadres have done.
    eg. High cost of living, escalating COEs, High medical bills, Expensive housing and complete arrogance.The man in the street especially retirees cannot survive.

    • KEn said

      LKY did not build Singapore, its the Citizens… Singapore does not belong to LKY but LKY belong to Singapore.

    • Baba said

      For Yunodie and ilk,
      you idiot whining singaporeans can say whatever you like for him, but let me tell you, your illegitimate fathers of democracy and human rights have been taking his advice and seeking his vision on issues of war and peace for last 40 years. so you unthankful singaporeans, just go to the Philippines or Indonesia or Malaysia and enjoy everything that you think the Old legend has deprived you off..

      • it said

        yah yah, we thank him, but enough is enough, there is a limit to every man’s patience…

        Baba, dont you freaking whine when you are ask to pay a freaking $400000 for a 3 room flat right now.

        Unless you are another sucker who’s got a silver cock..i mean silver spoon in your mouth.

  3. Ken Lee said

    if see him in ndp he is not die!

  4. w/o lhl, we still survive. said

    Sigh…sad to hear that

  5. kaypoh said

    I also had lunch with Elvis, who shared plans for his new album & world tour… hey, he lets me sing chorus in one song!

    • Dr XYZ said

      I think it’s the same lunch date which Bruce Lee joins in as well, right?
      Bruce was sharing how he planned to replace the “national” sport – table tennis with real chinese gongfu instead and to promote in Olympics 2048.

  6. mahbok tan said

    watever it is…he MUST not die becoz :

    SGpore are going down the sewer rite now…….!!!!

    His money still so money cannot finished so let him finish-off all his money before ….!!!

    No Sgporean wants to see him rise from his SIX FEET CONDO …..!!!!

    Do the rite think for all SGporean then he can go ….!!!

    • singaporean said

      Shame of u to say that…

      • mahbok tan said

        watever who cares…. !!!

        Wat difference ….???


        Shame for me as an individual is OK…but what about those that have been ISAed and framed as terrorist , marxist conspiracies….dictator are not to be respected …!!! If u say he is different then I will salute Hitler….can????

      • it said

        agreed, lim ching siong would have die a wrongful death.

        Please read the true story of how singapore was constructed ..

  7. Nabey said

    Havent month end haven’t get salary yet?

  8. Daft Peasant said

    “People. LKY not dead. Okay? My colleague is seeing him tomorrow. And not in a mortuary.”


  9. P Koh said

    Always let nature take its course. LKY has done well for Singaporeans and we must not forget that, especially after the British pulled out and the separation from Malaysia and the industrial revolution in Jurong which most younger generations are now aware of. Respect must be given when it is due and the same goes for recognition. Everybody makes mistakes including the present government but we have to allow them to disgest what when wrong and concerned citizens should be contributing and giving suggestions on how best to fix these problems and to find the correct solutions because talking about the problems that have occurred is not going to help the least bit. Cursing LKY is not going to change the past so we might as well let him live out his days in peace and wish him well. The only thing I wish is that he does not interfere with the way LHL and team is running the country as some of his great ideas in olden days are no longer great now and the country must be run on a more pragmatic and socially conscious manner.

    • Ken Lee said

      did he? he didn’t stop thing that are going to create a very very big damage to Singapore! it is year 2012 already! hope Singapore will still be Singapore!

    • CYF said

      Thanks for your wise comment amidst so many other sweeping, immature ones in grammatically-illogical sentences no less.

    • Jx said

      I agree on what you said. He’s such a great man, so I choose not to believe the rumour.

    • kiran said

      #P Koh …..thanks for putting the matter in perspective….very sensible and
      mature about the whole situation….Singaporeans you need to be open-
      minded and always count your blessings …..just look at how other countries
      are suffering from their governments mismanagement ….we should be proud
      in being a Singaporean…with a Government who has successfully Managed
      Singapore this far….truly amazing ! …..I Sincerely Salute LKY …CHEERS TO
      YOU MR LEE KUAN YEW & SINGAPORE !!..”.Happy47th National Day to all
      Singaporeans “& New Citizens of Singapore.

    • charis said

      Totally agree with you. It’s sad that many Singaporean netizens love to bash others without realising that by doing so they are revealing what kind of characters they are.

  10. ah meng said

    Rumors his funeral is this friday. If really dead, then she who see or having meeting with must be ghost!!! If it is untrue, I wish him long life!!! Long live Mr. Lee KY..

  11. Propaganda minister said

    Don’t be so cock sure, tessa. Who knows if you, or anyone living today, may not be dead tomorrow? Your being alive or dead is not yours to keep nor to decide. There is a God in heaven who knows exactly your hour of departure. And who knows? Tonight LKY may breathe his final breath into eternal judgment and your colleague will be spared the agony

  12. Black Eagle said

    “Singapore’s supreme leader Lee Kuan Yew” what is this? I feel like we going Communist. Every time I hear the word ‘comrades’ just reminds me of the novel “Animal Farm” where all are equal but some are more equal than others. I do respect the elder Lee for all that was done to Singapore during the nation building days but to call him supreme leader. I really don’t know what to say.

    • yaacob said

      if he is not supreme leader, you think the useless son can become PM ?
      Look at N Korea, did’nt Kim Jr inherit the country from their supreme leader ?

  13. Ravaid Khan said

    I love mr. LKY … I wish he lives longer than what people thinks .. Be strong as always , I support u always …

  14. i say what i think only... said

    pls don’t die yet. this weekend i got ops manning.

  15. imma said

    Many people say without LKY we would still be a 3rd world country. is it that so? so i suppose LKY is a 1 man show? does that imply that the other pap old guards are all doing nothing?
    hey wake up people. look at how countries like taiwan prospered over the years. they don’t have LKY.

    • P Koh said

      Imma, do not take words literally as obviously “No man is an Island” and what is said here refers to LKY being the one who with a bunch of good lieutenants like Goh Keng Swee, Rajaretnam and Toh Chin Chye just to name a few, have turned Singapore into a 1st World Country with a per capita income many countries would envy. Give credit where it is due and be happy that you are living in a relatively safe, clean and progressive Singapore. Think of your future generations whom you would love to see them have a peaceful and successful livlihood in this beautiful Garden City.
      Taiwan is also progressive country as a result of the survival instinct but they fought physically in Parliament.

  16. Clara said

    We will see.
    I hope he DOESN’T appear on tmr’s NDP.

  17. Tibits1 said

    Yes! He is still alive!!! I have been feeling down since yesterday thinking the news is true you know.. I wish that Mr LKY will live for many many more good years….

  18. Sandy Soh said

    Without Mr. lee Kuan Yew, Singapore will not be what it is today.
    Honor him for what he has done for us.

    • ken said

      it is what he wants, not what we wants. whats so good about being first world country? everyone knows we have nothing to start with, its he who have big ego and wants to proves he can build an empire.

    • mahbok tan said

      CHC supporters oso have same kind of mentality…!!!

      WAKE UP sheepeople….!!!!

      His time is over … we have to move on in life….!!!

      • Julie Ong said

        Mr Mahbok Tan, I like what you say.

        Indeed, Mr Lee Kuan Yew should call it a day. True, he was a good leader. However, he was also a political thug. Vindictive and mean spirited. It’s a pity. His legacy is indelibly tarnished because of his abuse of power particularly when he has total control of the parliament save for one or two opposition parliamentarians. The important lesson for present day Singapore is that we must’nt revert back to intimidation and bully boy tactics in our politics. Hence, any minister or member of parliament who uses threats to silent dissent should have the ‘book thrown at them’. We are a democratic nation and opposite views should be much sought after as we can then judge the merits or otherwise of all viewpoints.

        Are our present leaders afraid of opposing views? Have they got something to hide? Also, aren’t they witty enough to rebut their political adversaries? If you do not measure up stay out of politics. Or as they say: If You Can’t Take The Heat Stay Out Of The Kitchen!

        So, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, I respectfully request that you quit politics. Leave with your dignity intact. You do not want to be booted out, do you?

    • Jake said

      Singapore was built by the blood, sweat and tears of all our forefathers and not just by one man.

      Get that straight or people will consider you as a good for nothing running dog.

    • sal said

      i agree with you lah!
      honour him for getting his son and daughter-in-law to serve singapore so that elites like me can enjoy swiss standard of living, and continue to do so even when he decides to sleep inside the box.

  19. True Singaporean said

    Singapore needs a life after LKY and this must come soon. We are still clinging on to the past and need to move forward. This can only happen when he is cremated and not buried. Otherwise, he would rise from the grave and continue to haunt us.

    • Jake said

      Cremated or buried, Singaporeans are not worried about it either way.

      Talk in the netherworld is that he will be given personal escort to that destination when his time comes.

  20. Playfair said

    Hope to see him at the parade tomorrow.

  21. Cher said

    It’s sad if LKY dies but I hope the rumors is fake!! Afterall he has done much for S’pore’s prosperity and stability. We should not forget….

  22. Benjamin Teh said

    Singaporean are an ungrateful lot. They place their own incompetencies and failures on others, blaming everyone from the government to Mr LKY. For all the coldness in him, he was the architect of Singapore. Hate him if you want, but show respect.

  23. Cute said

    At first I thought was just rumors but now everywhere I go, I heard people talking about it. Is it true??

  24. Noob said

    btw Tessa Wong reputation not beri good ……

    Mod’s note:

    What do you mean? Care to share more with us?

  25. Libby said

    Mr Lee Kuan Yew is a great man, without him, Singapore will not be what it is today.
    Honor him for what he has done for us. It is really not easy being a leader.

    • Alan Lim said

      must be another sucker.

    • lionel said

      you mean not easy to be a ruthless dictator?
      can you recall who proclaimed to the world he will shoot 200,000 students to prevent instability to China ?
      mind you, we’re talking about unarmed students !
      ask yourself whether any notorious dictator ever make such a claim in public ? Hitler, PolPot, Sukarno, Gaddafi, ?

      what do you think of a political leader who challenges his opponents to meet him in an alley and serve warning he carries a sharp hatchet and knuckle dusters ?

  26. gab said

    fuktards.. no LKY there wont be singapore. Honor the fact that if there isnt LKY, the chinese will just be just another china-man, the malays will be just malaysians.

    we are 1st world and different from the rest because he made us different. Dont fukin bite the hand that feeds you. Have the least gratitude to him.

    • Francis Leong said

      i agree with you gab, but remember this website is anti-pap… these are pap haters .. whatever pap does, they will have negative comments. they insult, curse, etc to express their hatred. let them be.

    • Alan Lim said

      either a sucker or a pap running dog.

      • gab said

        dont u know any bit of your roots? you werent supposed to be what you are today without his leadership. Look at the bigger picture fuktard. You think for yourself and judge him, he thinks over 5million and until today, he is still making things work for everyone. Move away man, singapore dont need such a fag ingrate.

  27. torpedo said

    This Tessa said ” not in the mortuary” She did not say ” not on his death bed” so she must be trying to get one last gasp of words from him before he goes up the lorry!.

  28. K said

    To all those who thinks he built Sg for the better for all of us. U r wrong! Look at us for the past 20 years, the progress of the nation has brought so much deaths and unhappiness to the very people who thought Sg is their homes. U r all so wrong. I only wished that we fought even harder to remain with Malaysia 50 years ago. Why be independent? Look at us today. Are you happy? I dare say the only happy sinkies r only the govt and their families. Yes, happy NDP to u all!!! I hope you find it in your wretched hearts to admit that u done nothing to help fellow sinkies in need.

    • Virgorian said

      Hey K!u fxxking Babi !remain with Malaysia !u pig brain or ur mother sleep with pig n give birth to a stupid piglet like u!stop cursing LKY , if not happy go to Malaysia n stay n get rob n get chop by parang !

      • ken said

        hey u pig brain…in singapore u will also get raped or murdered…

      • vic said

        why only 3 lines of cursing ? you run out of breath ?
        the words you use sound so pussy ! come on, go for bigger words !
        like this, no one is scared of you lah!

        tell you what Virgorian, if you put your photo up and curse, i promise to stop posting on TT. Call it my respect for your guts. How about it ?

    • ken said

      you r right…we shld just stay with malaysia. everyones know we have nothing to start with… no natural resources…but this old man with big ego once an opposition with no experience but with a evil plan wants to prove himself and build an empire….

  29. 龍的传人 said


  30. Kelly said

    Wooh wo is he dead or what sia??? Aiyo… This kind of rumors also can spread??. Won’t they be jailed!!! Cos spreading this kind of rumors!!,

  31. clacla said

    So happy to hear the rumour is not true!! Our founder should be respected for building our country into a clean & pretty city. Singapore passports are well respected all over the world, we dont have to apply visa for many countries! thank you Mr Lee for all these contributions to the country & long live to you!

  32. WTF said

    I would like to see him make good his own words…

    • kaypoh said

      Wah, Jesus rise from the grave izzit?

      Or Dracula??? 🙂

      Should we ready a wooden stake? Is it the Twilight of Singapore?

  33. LKY Fanclub said

    It’s a sad day when the greatest leader Singapore ever had is not appreciated. Most of us will not have the standard of living we have now without his leadership. sure he has made mistakes but his contribution to our happiness deserves respect.

  34. Too too morbid for words. Let him go if he has gone, He needs a good rest. Amen.

    • Cheryl said

      Heartbreaking to hear some insulting comments. Yes he makes mistake doesn’t anyone of us do? But we should respect the man who build our country. Without these forefathers it wouldn’t be today Singapore. History will change maybe for the better or worst?! Remember no one is perfect, everyone is just human and human err…but not many have the determination, capability
      and foresight like LKY for building a strong, prosper nation!

      ..but not many like LKY can have such determination and am

  35. Nikki said

    You guys have the power to live with our dreams. God bless Singapore. Waiting for the very best of 48th year the next in 2013. Time is very slow ticking now.

  36. hak55 said

    Maybe they will announce the sad news after the National Day celebrations tomorrow.

  37. Singaporean said

    A great leader has lead us to what we are in less than 50yrs…
    Perhaps we should spend more time trying to adapt to situation then to complain….
    Oh….by the way…has anyone here scrambled for left overs in bins before in the past 20 years?

    Am damn proud to be holding a singapore passport when i am overseas….

    • ken said

      and u will have another PRC holding the same passport as u in the queue beside u talking loudly and digging her nose..hahaha.the singapore is now like a prostitute passport….

      • Steven said

        Ken: your are a real loser. Pls learn to stand tall n be self reliance. The best thing the country can give u is a world class education, unless u failed to seize the opportunity given. Grow up my boy.

      • ken said

        u have failed the world class education system. i say east u talk about is the education got to do with the liberal immigration policies that devalued our passport.

      • stephen said

        worldclass education means the guts to call a spade a spade, guts to speak your mind, guts not to be intimidated by political thugs,
        not least, worldclass education would also mean ability to know what it takes to have integrity, honour, fairplay, humility, empathy.

        so who are you to call someone a loser ?
        show proof that you are indeed a winner.

      • Singaporean said

        Just let them be…people who adapt to the situation are already winners…L

  38. Virgorian said

    Why u people are cursing him?!without him u people got a good country, clean water , good n safe environment To stay?!if not happy, go n stay in the dirt shit Malaysia and stay with the Malaysian melayu pig n rot!

  39. P Koh said

    Hi Fellow Singaporean, LKY has in late sixties started the Policy of “Stop at 2”. I was a victim because I could not understand him well since he did not quality the “2” and I stopped at “2.00a.m” and got three children, My third child nearly could not get priority into Primary one. Was I angry, “No”, I wasn’t but now it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
    All the comments and anger through the internet have produced results and in PM Lee’s National Speech yesterday, he has definitely heard all the unhappiness and is taking action with the appointment of Education Minister Mr. Heng Swee Keat to head a committee of younger Ministers to look into the broad issues of satisfying Singaporeans’ needs. This is under the heading of “HOPE” and indeed it is going to “HELP OVERHAUL PEOPLE’S EXPECTATIONS”. I sincerely do Hope that they can do a really good job if they Hope to secure another term in office in 2016.

  40. SezVez said

    bla bla bla SezVez is so happy to say Bla Bla

  41. Inseekofhapiness said

    It’s the nations birthday today, putting the high inflation and high living cost, the MRT, COE, ERP,property woos aside, I sincerely wish everyone good health and happiness through as long as you live. The senior Mr Lee, his early teams of ministers and our forefathers does deserve the nations respect for building a nation during those tough times. Whether he is dead or not, life still goes on. Why waste time to whine, curse, grumble and complain when one can better use the time to find true happiness. True happiness is a state of mind, not related to wealth, its about being at peace with yourself and the people around you. It’s even more important for one to seek true happiness in diffcult times. May all be well and happy…

  42. kaypoh said

    Happy b’day to Yew !

  43. Steven said

    I hope u have your last breath tomorrow. Do u like what I just said? Obviously no. So pls value add n don’t destroy. If u nothing better to add SHUT UP. Talk is easy…..

  44. S M Tan said

    Rumormongers with regards to our former SM will face Retribution, sooner or later.

    • ken said

      if really have retribution lky would have die long ago for being an iron fists ruler

      • S M Tan said

        My advise to you would be to stop all your cursing. Retribution may not directly affect you but indirectly onto those dear to you, not now perhaps but I can’t say in the near future. Long live LKY.

    • Fu said

      Haha, they started a joke without knowing the joke was on them!

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