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What Singaporeans really want for their future

Posted by temasektimes on August 8, 2012

In an ideal world, Singaporeans would love to live on an island that has acres of personal space for recreation which will provide a less stressful lifestyle. After a long week at work, this ideal world provides an environment for Singaporeans to unwind and relax. This provision of recreational lifestyle coupled with affordability will eventually lead to pro-creation.

In addition, Singaporeans would also like to enjoy job security; where they are guranteed a decent paying job as long they continue to do their best at work. Having said this, this will go a long way in reducing the unseen stresses faced by many adults today.

However, we do not live in an ideal world. Much less; we live in a very imperfect world. So the question is how do we mitigate the various factors to ensure that everyone is happy?

The fact of life is that we can’t please everyone. Even if we manage to do so, the wish list will never end. But what we can do is to address pertinent issues and problems at hand.

Which is why I am motivated to write this article.

I am a strong believer in domino effect. So if we ever want to see birth rates increasing in Singapore, which is a optimal end result, the first issue we need to address is the issue of over-crowding.

Over-crowding in public places, transport leads to stress. After a hard day at work, all we want is like how Singapore is like in the late 1980s and early 1990s where we can sit on a bus (even if it is not airconditioned) and make our way home in serene peace (discounting the occassional bumps on the road). There must be avenues where Singaporeans can find relaxation and a huge part of it can be attributed to the provision of personal spaces.

Although the inflow of foreigners have been mitigated, 1 out of 3 individuals in Singapore isn’t a local. So it is safe to say that 33% of congestion are actually not caused by us. Relatively speaking, this leads to 33% more stress, more anger and 33% less personal space.

For young married couples like myself, this is a huge bug bear.

Second, we appreciate the Government in taking a pro-family stand in recent years. However, more can be done; in tangible manners. For example, many married couples are both working and with the retirement age being delayed, we find that more potential grandparents are STILL working. So what does that mean for us?

It simply means that we need to pay large sums of money starting from infant care all the way to K2. Of course, there will be distractors that will say there is always a choice for parents. To send their child to PAP childcare or EtonHouse childcare is the same as choosing to eat in a foodcourt or restaurant. As blunt it may seem, this is a true reflection of the choices we have as young potential parents.

The Kiasu nature of us (myself included) would want the best for our children. Who doesn’t? As such, the provision of Free, Quality care by the government for infants till K2 will no doubt take a huge load off potential parents like us. This will no doubt further create a truly conducive environment for us to decide whether to have children or not.

We Singaporeans believe in hard work and we are certainly not asking for free hand outs by the Government. After all, being a meritocratic society, we believe that one’s progression is based on how hardworking he/she is.

However in recent years, we find that there are more and more factors we have to deal with and handle because Singapore isn’t the Singapore we all grow up knowing anymore.

Without addressing these persistently heavy topics at its core, and by choosing to glaze over matters, we cannot and will not see effective solutions to any of the social problems we have. And the probable result in 10 years time is that we need more foreigners who don’t have a single stake in this little red dot we are all so proud of.

And the vicious cycle continues.

As the saying goes, without a vision, the people perish. We need a leader that will set a vision for the people so we can all work towards it.

My best wishes for Singapore. Majulah Singapura!


*The above article was first posted as a comment on Mr Tan Chuan-Jin’s Facebook.


28 Responses to “What Singaporeans really want for their future”

  1. Ken Lee said

    Majulah Singapura! did anyone say we run out of young? sorry hoi my side pungol they are going to build more school, existing school no more space to cater more students!

  2. ro77a said

    Well written, well said and not being negative to anyone. The suggestion is a good one. Free child care or subsidized child care and k education. We should throw in sport education at that early age. A nation that enjoys sport and do sport will lessen stress, live longer and hopefully more medals.

    • seluj said

      I hope you realise that what you’re asking for will only increase the taxation burden on working Singaporeans too. You prepared to pay more as you open your mouth?

      • Sg also au PR said

        I dun mind paying more tax now when I am still young and able. At least when I grow old and weak I know my adopted govt will take care of me.

  3. spotlessleopard said

    Singaporeans deserve what they get for voting the PAP into power….60.1% still vote the PAP.

  4. Singapore got no life but just work till you die,the whole places is like a money trees…you plug a fruit and pay more.
    In our mind is being “Bully by the CPF,the bank,the rich government way & etc and the poor all they need to keep their mouth shut to suffer”.

  5. hihihi said

    This land is already invaded by locusts, snakes and many types of pests.

  6. More: NS shd be completely transparent 4 all sinkies to feel this is our nation, for us 2b united and not divided. The ‘white horse’ treatment shd be totally expunged. Anyone transgressing this to show preferential treatment to any kith or kin of the ruling PAPies and/or their cronies shd be publicly taken to task, punished and shamed. Indeed, the kith and kin of the PAPie elites shd lead the way to demonstrate excellence in their NS without any favouritism shown to them during their NS, for our Youth to identify with the Nation as our land and country. If this cannot be done, then scrap NS for the sham that it is and employ mercenaries instead, not altogether a bad alternative given modern warfare technology.
    Accord greater consideration to our elderly for their past invaluable contributions to the country and expand the social security network for none to fall thru. This wld be much preferable to pegging ministerial pay at monstrous levels as a huge joke at the ppl’s expense when, as elected reps of the ppl, parliamentarians shd properly empathise with the ppl and, if necessary, with some personal sacrifices. Grace Fu’s promotion to ministerial rank is an affront and outrage to the ppl as she is widely seen as being in politics for money with her strong support for high ministerial pay.
    GLCs shd be transparent in their financial operations and statements for the ppl to be assured that there is no hanky-panky by the PAPie elites in charge.
    It wld be good 4 the CPIB and the CAD to b independent organs of state with their Directors appointed from serving/retired Commissioner/deputy Comm of Police, as against the current practice of the Director, CPIB being answerable to the PM. This way, the Bureau will be seen as to be truly independent and not subservient to the ruling party.
    And, of course, citizens must hv preference over FTs except in specialist areas where they wld be wanted everywhere or blue collar jobs shunned by locals.

  7. Yayrhah said

    We want absolute NO PINOYS in Singapore!

  8. Nabey said

    What I want is people don’t spit, don’t talk so loud, knock and kill someone must say “sorry”, people give way to u say “thank you”.
    Mrt no smoke, no delay, no need walk inside tunnel, don’t use cable tie.
    Nobody can bring fake gun onto sbs bus.
    Petrol price can come down as fast as it go up.
    Somebody go tell govt that PIE traffic jam everyday?

    • Oil prices are not within the control of any government.

      • Nabey said

        Don’t be naïve.

      • You fucking offend me with that defamatory insult. You have no fucking idea of reality do you.
        I am a dark and disturbing person. Oil prices are not within the control of any government. Demand and supply are the main factors. Everyone on Earth uses up oil like crazy. And we might not even have enough to last this century.

      • Ken Lee said


      • Why the fuck are you screaming? The prices of oil are not within the control of any government. So the fluctuations in oil prices are not the result of any government.

      • Abang said

        Of course oil is not within the gov control but tax is…Nabey is referring tax…please between the lines

    • seluj said

      Yes, and you could be that somebody to tell true blue Singaporeans who litter thinking nobody is looking, who laugh and talk loudly in groups and in cinemas, who knock down even animals and claim they cannot see. You could be the champion of social causes…but will you, given that you’re a Singaporean?

      • Bos said

        I feel so sorry for you, having to squad in this country. Go home and do all the above and more yourself. Don’t bite my hand.

  9. A G Young said

    Lesser entry of FT, more seats in MRT trains, buses for the ELDERLIES More condiderations by BUS DRIVERS of the TWO MAJOR BUS COMPANIES.

    • seluj said

      Why don’t you apply to be a bus driver yourself? All complaints but no action? So typical of Singaporeans!

      • Sg also au PR said

        I have applied to be a public bus driver in aus. Why? Becos they pay min wages to the bus drivers.
        So can I still complain here since my action already speaks louder than words? Oh btw I am also a typical S’porean.

      • B said

        Complain about God, be God? You fucking moron! Drive the bus and shut up !

  10. Richard said

    Our gov will never listen and understand layman daily life.Profit is most important part of the story or main issue for our gov.Our life style in the past is a history.This maybe slowly the end for our real young talented singaporean future.Hardwork from our grand parent is loss in the thin air.

  11. Morn said

    The utmost reason for all the negative voices is the HUGE expectation gap between deliverance of low policies effectiveness and the cabinet’s world highest paycheck! Best part, we are asked to pay & make effort to solve the problems left behind!

  12. True sinkie said

    My exact sentiments. U cannot want something without taking the bitter medicine. Govt so called policies are just tweaks here and there without tackling the real issues. They will never get rid of FT as Sinkapore is too obsessed with economic success and so called ‘survival’

  13. True sinkie said

    U should also post to PM FB account. But then I don’t think he reads any of the comments except the good stuff

  14. Steve said

    MR Glenn, you spoke for the young, and the issue you raise are everyday topics, hope you can post it to PM Facebook.

  15. M said

    I thought the PR plus foreigner count is about40%, that’s phenomenal. FT are like weeds, they crowd us out, deplete us of nutrients, water, n happy sunshine. Pls reduce the weeds in our garden city,

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