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Lee Kuan Yew made grand appearance at National Day Parade

Posted by temasektimes on August 9, 2012

Singapore’s Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew has made a grand appearance at the National Day Parade, quashing all speculations and rumors about his health.

As Lee walked into the podium, he was greeted with a loud applause from his subservient subjects who stood up to cheer him. He was spotted wearing a red polo T-shirt.

A founding father of Singapore, Lee was widely respected by many Singaporeans who venerate him like how the North Koreans did to their Dear Leader, the deceased Kim Jong-Il.

To adoring fan, Lee was a ‘living god’, the architect of modern Singapore who single-handedly transformed Singapore from a sleeping fishing village at the tip of the Malay peninsula to the one of the world’s richest countries in a single generation.

At 88 years of age, Lee is still actively serving Singaporeans as a Member of Parliament of Tanjong Pagar GRC. His son Lee Hsien Loong is currently the Prime Minister of Singapore.


52 Responses to “Lee Kuan Yew made grand appearance at National Day Parade”

  1. Mike Zeng said

    Could be his clone? Or even his look-a-like double imported from PRC? Rember there are 1 billion male Chinese from China to choose from. Rember the Hollywood movie starring Kevine Kline who took over the dead Prez’s place as he, KK, was a splitting look-a-like? Not likely but still possible!
    If so, they may just announce in the next few days the real thing’s demise and the imposter will quietly fly back to China with $100k in his bag.

    • Dr Who said

      Of course he is the real deal. But to be truthful, he does look like a zombie.

      I guess medical science has advance a long way.

    • Steven said

      Mike: The bag is for u. Nobody care to claim because Karma works. If I cannot add value, shut up. Nobody will say u are real stupid n an idiot.

  2. Ah Loot said

    What a stupid comment from a low down scum. Show some respect you loser Zeng.

  3. sure or not! said

    he is not the founding father lah. please.

  4. Ro said

    The article is written in an unfairly manner. You called the people who applauded subservient subject. And you equate the people who applaused treating him like semi god or looking up to him similar to North Korean leader. This is so biased and disrespectful.

    First no one in Singapore think of him as semi god. There is a election with or without contest to secure his right in parliament. The north Korean leader does not need to do so. And the majority vote counts. Not many elections around the world are turning in 60% votes. The PAP still does. I accept it and will agree to cooperate for the next 4 years but will make my vote count.

    Second, the old guard has helped built the nest that we now live. You judge a leader by its result. And I would say that LKY is not perfect nor god but he has done good. I don’t agree with all his way nor method but this is to a rotten country. I am appreciative for what he has done. People needs to lose some of the basic fundamental to know what they are truly missing.

    Finally, I understand things do not feel as good as before. We are frustrated at many things but I am proud that Singaporean can put aside personal opinion and celebrate national day. They clapped because of what he has done.

    Btw, I voted for opposition because I wanted more and different voices in parliament not because I wanted a total change of formula.

    • Tony said

      Ro, I concur and agree with your sentiments…unfortunately, you must also understand that TT attracts lots of whiners and born-losers who have no place nor guts to express themselves openly, while TT provide a ideal space for them to dumb all the shit in their brains. So, don’t bother too much with what they say…just sit back and read their comments as a form of entertainment…it is really amusing and hilarious when you read some of these moron’s comments!

      • snr citizen tony said

        alamak Tony, mai kong lanchiao wei, put your photo up first then you can say the rest have no guts lah!
        otherwise go and pak chew cheng a few times, then come back and post again lah!

      • Tony Ver2.0 said


        since u are here, I guess u are part of the whiners’ whiners and born-losers club too?

      • TYN said

        hi guys, i really appreciate the two of you who at least have some gratitude and sense. it has become rather groupthink to wantonly batter the government these days, and i don’t think it is a small matter. such ignorance will only breed more ignorance which in the long run will jeopardise our society’s stability. i am a proud singaporean too and i was once an whiner. but then i realized how ignorant and ungrateful i was. being born into singapore is such a blessing. i can challenge any whiny loser here to give up your citizenship and then settle down elsewhere. then you will know how stupid and immature you are.

      • DIY said

        Tony should also tune to You Tube and be entertained by drag queen Kumar. There are lots of laughter and jibes being thrown out. It is hilarious that Kumar claimed to be approved by government.

      • THANG said

        Clearly from the above, we know who has class and who hasn’t. Can we engage in an exchange without using vulgarities? Apparently, some just cannot.

    • Mich said

      RO! U the man!! Well said ! Is about respect ! Wat more for an elder!

  5. Pikachoo said

    Wonder did some of the participants cried like the North Koreans when they see their Dear Leader is still alive? lol

    BTW, the late Kim Jong Il was rumoured to have a double lookalike when he’s alive.

    • Dr Who said

      From what I gather, all dictators around the world had a lookalike.

      Not only the late Kim Jong Il but the late Saddam Hussien and Gaddafi had lookalikes also.

  6. --- said

    your comment is a joke haha

  7. Sangrawi said

    The tv camera pan out when Old Man enters the spectators stands…

    He must be not well and needs assistance walking

  8. ken said

    Singapore indeed very similar to north korea…except our leAders are very greedy….

  9. Amused Citizen said

    Active? …

  10. Prasatt said

    I hope I never live to see the day where mob rule governs Singapore, but at the rate at which things are going, I’m not too sure. If all that is being thrown about in the cyberworld is indicative of the real thoughts of our people, I will have to say I’m embarrassed to associate with the bigots and country-bashers that live around me. But I’m glad to see that there are indeed a few voices of reason here.

    This article does not fit the standards of journalistic credibility. Not that ST does of course. But an alternative voice that is unable to separate opinion from fact does not contribute to furthering the cause of citizen journalism in Singapore.

  11. Disappointed said


  12. Robox said

    If Lee Kuan Yew was venerated – and by this acoount, continues to be – by Singaporeans, he is at the same time the singularly most discredited politician alive in Singapore today whether from PAP, PAP(B) or opposition.

    Though still a work in progress, even his party has started turning away from his much cherished ideals and rhetoric.


    “Lee is still actively serving Singaporeans as a Member of Parliament of Tanjong Pagar GRC”

    To the person who wrote this, are you REALLY SURE?

  14. bob said

    sometimes its not because of whoever is in the party so we choose them, we vote for however does best for us now and for the future, yes lky have done great success for us, but greatness comes with consistence. Im not trying to be bias towards whichever party, but i chose to choose whichever party that does bes for me now and my future

  15. Gardener said

    ONE of the member of the founding party.
    What father? Nabeh. KNN. KNS. CCB.

  16. Veronica zuzarte said

    MM arrival really moved me. I was distraught at the rumours of his demise. My family and I will always be grateful for all he has done for our country. I tell my young nieces all the time to be grateful for all our senior ministers have done because if not for them we would still be a third world country. Nothing will replace their patriotic sacrifices. New government members have big shoes to fill and they should do it with the right heart like men like MM Lee. Majullah Singapura!

  17. Ren said

    Behind him wat color??QUICK QUICK!!!

  18. Anon said

    Seriously temasektimes, stop sensationalising news.

  19. sripolo said

    i like LKY,i think many ppl in malaysia like him very much.

  20. icefire said

    i pray for our 1st generation leader …
    without him singapore will not be where we r today
    without him we will not be independent from our neighbour country
    BUT without him we will not have a incapable and selfish PM now !!!

    • sure or not said

      Do you know the reasons why S’pore became independent from M’sia?
      If not mistaken, S’pore got no choice becos kena kickout due to somebody’s “ambition”.

      • sebastian said

        And you would prefer what?
        That the somebody was without ambition and stayed in line with the malaysia’s policies and singapore remained one one of her states?
        And do you know the reasons that they kick singapore out but not just the man himself? After all he’s just a politician and not a king.
        And do you know what the reasons for the race riots?
        But do you really know that most singaporeans are grateful for not holding a blue ic now instead of a red?

        Without this ambition;
        Could we be celebrating our 47th national day? Or would you prefer 31st August?

  21. Aashna said

    Such a relief to see him alive 🙂 love him!

  22. Virgorian said

    All loser listen up!please stop cursing n swearing at LKY!if without his superiority view of our nation, we won’t be what we are today! !if not we be just like our pig neighboring country Malaysia , which run by bunch of PIG that o lg care about themselves !we have good water supplies, good and safe environment , .For those hater if u hate him becAuse u scum just never improve yourself n keep blaming The FT!if the FT can survive in our country , why can’t you?!Wake up Singaporean !

  23. Denise said

    I don’t agree with his antics but I need to respect the old man for what he has done. Singapore is not a perfect place ot live in but it’s better than many other countries including first world countries. The low crime and unemployemnt, a decent education system. What else do you want. How many countries can boast that that made it from 3rd world to 1st in 1 generation, we are the only country in asia to have AAA credit rating from all 3 major credit rating agencies, If you are not happy with the education system, send your kids across the border to study, 5000 of them travel to sg to study everyday, so your kids can do them same. If you think the poor are not taken care of, how many people do you see sleeping in the streets with no food to eat. Some countries support their poor by giving them handouts or on the dole as they call it. What has it resulted in? People don’t work because they don’t have to, working people have to pay more taxes to support them and the country is facing a huge debt crisis.

  24. Singapuraboi said

    Correction is in order. By the time LKY took over, Singapore was no longer a fishing but by then a successful town in Malaya which was part of the British Commonwealth. The triumvirate of wealth and power at that time was amongst Singapore, malacca and Penang.

    Anyway I respect LKY as the father of modern Singapore. And m glad to see him in the pink of health. However – not to wish him ill – I wondered what things would be like if he really kicked the bucket. Would the country that he painstakingly build crumble at the hands of the current PAP cadres? How long would him dream hold out? The rising unhappiness and frustrations against many of the current policies is very unsettling for everyone. The current government warned the people against populist policies but have we forgotten that the previous policies by LKY were all populist. While many were initially unhappy about the CPF regulations, it served the nation well in its growth and development but alas it proved to be the root of evil to the current govt who had squandered the hard earned savings on bad and poorly calculated ventures.
    The overly fascist approach to govt is old and tired. After the Clinton scandal citizens of every country on the world wants and expects full transparency from their govt and they r willing to accept that the govt heads r humans and r therefore fallible but what we want r heads that r truthful and sincere. We r willing to forgive. Yet givt heads hide behind this Demi-god facade to keep citizens in check and when their power is challenged or even as much as questioned, belligerence is the reaction from these gods of Olympia.
    Some said if LKY were to pass on the first thing to happen is that the stocks would crash. Have we become such a materialistic country that our first thot is about money? Yes, it is a necessary evil but what about the national security? At the moment it is as fragile as a piece of glass that is already cracked. What of the future of the citizens and the fate of the FTs who have come to Singapore to find a better life at the sad expense of the citizenry. Would there be chaos or would we be struck with a confused inertia? For many, the first thoughts that come to mind would be to flee the country. Lucky for u! Bit those who r poor would be stuck and forced to remain and pick up the pieces.
    Scary! However I glad we don’t have to deal and think about it for now but that does not mean we sweep the possibility under the carpet. When it comes to the national security and future we simply can’t but cross the obstacle when we come to it. We as citizens of Singapore have to make concrete plans and ask the current govt what concrete plans they have made in the event of the demise of our revered leader LKY.

    • sebastian said

      Why would the stock market crash if LKY were to call on this time? If he had gone suddenly 25 years ago maybe we would have, as everything was dependant on his decision. But we do not depend on 1 person alone now do we? But if tomorrow the PAP were to lose the goverment suddenly to a non proven political party, markets will dip for sure. Anyway, if it does dip or collapse due to his demise, with all our assets and infrastructures maybe it will take 1min for the stocks to move back up? If it doesn’t make sense to me as a singaporean that the market will collapse because of him, why would it make sense for other countries and investors to think this way as most of their investment is here too.

      We have to chose our own next batch of leaders carefully be it PAP or WP, whoever we chose to lead we must believe that they must be able to do the job and deliver. Anyway, it’s a voting process, the current goverment is the majority population choice. When and when there’s a better option, a better party, a better leader, am sure singaporeans will know who and how to vote by majority.

      He’s no more in charge of policy making, i actually wished he had, cause for 1 thing he wouldn’ have wavered on the decision to build casinos here.
      He prefers to make us work damn hard for our money and houses and cars that is if you want to own any of them.

      • Veronica zuzarte said

        Totally agree. Stocks won’t plunge because if his inevitable demise. It may or may not dip but he and his team have built a structure so stable and so strong that any and every country and investor has faith in us. For me I have always voted PAP because no opposition party has ever shown me, the voter, that they are capable of taking over the reins. Sad infighting, pathetic candidates. Last election I saw some potential but it will take more than one election of probable potential new comers to convince me to change my vote. Am I happy with every policy? No. Will I keep my eyes and ears open till the next election? Yes. All this cannot be confused with my loyalty and gratitude for LKY and his founding team in the
        60s. They will always be remembered for providing me and my family with a stable, safe environment to grow up in. Perhaps you whiners and losers out there need to experience some hardship elsewhere before you appreciate what you have here. Just a bunch of spoilt brats who prefer to follow the crowd of complainers like lamings till you find yourselves at the edge of a cliff with nowhere else to go but over. Grow up!

  25. tryme said

    suck enough blood, white shirt becomes red…
    thank you PAP and thank you to the 60.1% singaporeans.

  26. a sad malaysian said

    for all of u complaining abt how bad singapore is…. come stay in malaysia la… u wont last a year before u go running back to singapore and kissing the ground. U guys dun kno how good you’ve got it until everything is taken away from u.

    • Ng said

      Thank u. I think they really need to wake up.

      • a sad malaysian said

        not only malaysia… they shld also try indonesia, thailand, cambodia, vietnam, phillippines… the amount of poverty, injustice and corruption that these singaporeans have been protected against by their govt. I guess people can never ever be satisfied.

    • dr m said

      hello kotek, don’t BS you are malaysian.
      don’t be so cocksure about Singapore in 20 to 30 yrs time from now.
      their clown PM will continue importing Millions of PRCs and soon their population will hit 8 Million. Singaporean born will become the minority and PRCs the majority. LOL
      if you are one of the elites, then you have no problem living in Spore, you can kiss the ground and kiss LHL’s ass, if the idiot is still around LOL

  27. Kelvin Lawrence said

    He is a role model for all of us. Dedicated, committed, full of hard knocks and works for our nation which I am eternal grateful for him!

    • kevin said

      are you sure he should be role model for all of us ?
      and do you mean hard knocks like using the power of isa to lock opponents up without trial ? or hard knocks like working for the enemy instead of fighting them ?
      do i need to elaborate further ?
      by the way, are you sure he works for the nation or works for himself and familee ?

  28. Lynee said

    we don’t venerate him but we are grateful to him, for without him we would still be living in kampongs and overcrowded slums. gratefulness is something we should learn. Of course he’s not perfect, but who is? saying people worship him like kim jong ii just because they expressed their gratefulness is an exaggeration. worship and respect is different. i respect temasek times (well, most of the time) but it doesn’t mean i worship temasek times.

  29. abtamsg said

    for generations , our brains had been F**cked by the pro west media ..
    the establishment of singapore was a result of struggle of political powers between the dutch m britons…
    not by Raffles…
    the sultan of johor-riau . was just puppet monarch by Raffles….
    pls read
    also read
    1819 treaty
    In 1818, Sir Stamford Raffles was appointed as the governor of Bencoolen on western Sumatra. He was convinced that the British needed to establish a new base in Southeast Asia in order to compete with the Dutch. Many in the British East India Company opposed such idea but Raffles managed to convince Lord Hastings of the Company, then Governor General of British India, to side with him. With the governor general’s consent, he and his expedition set out to search for a new base.[14]
    Raffles’ expedition arrived in Singapore on 29 January 1819. He discovered a small Malay settlement at the mouth of Singapore River headed by a Temenggung (governor) of Johor. Though the island was nominally ruled by the sultanate, the political situation there was extremely murky. The incumbent Sultan, Tengku Abdul Rahman, was under the influence of the Dutch and the Bugis and would therefore never agree to a British base in Singapore.
    Upon learning of these Johor political tensions, Raffles made a deal with Hussein Shah. Their agreement stated that the British would acknowledge Hussein Shah as the legitimate ruler of Johor, and thus Tengku Hussein and the Temenggung would receive a yearly stipend from the British. In return, Tengku Hussein would allow Raffles to establish a trading post in Singapore. This treaty was ratified on 6 February 1819.[15][16]
    [edit]1824 Anglo-Dutch treaty
    With the Temenggung’s help, Raffles managed to smuggle Hussein Shah, then living in exile on one of the Riau Islands, back into Singapore. The Dutch were extremely displeased with Raffles’ action. Tensions between the Dutch and British over Singapore persisted until 1824, until they signed the Anglo-Dutch Treaty. Under the terms of that treaty, the Dutch officially withdrew their opposition to the British presence in Singapore.[17] The treaty has the effect of carving the Johor Empire into two spheres of influence; modern Johor under the British and the new Sultanate of Riau under the Dutch. The treaty was concluded in London, between the British and the Dutch, effectively break up of the Johor-Riau Empire into two.

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