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PM Lee calls on Singaporeans to work ‘together’ to build an ‘inclusive’ society

Posted by temasektimes on August 9, 2012

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has called on Singaporeans “to work together so that their children can always find hope of a better future, an inclusive society with a heart, and the best home for themselves.”

In this National Day Rally speech today, PM Lee said there is a need to review policies broadly, especially social and education policies to ensure Singapore is able to meet the challenges posed by the changing world.

“To still be a shining red dot twenty years from now, we must rethink our approaches, and reinvent ourselves. We must anticipate changes and prepare for what lies ahead,” he said.

He also promised that Singaporeans will remain his priority even as the policies are ‘updated’:

“Singaporeans will remain at the heart of all that we do, as we update our policies to best serve our people. Core values such as meritocracy, multi-racialism and financial prudence cannot change. But within these broad principles, we should review what needs to change and where we should act more boldly.”



10 Responses to “PM Lee calls on Singaporeans to work ‘together’ to build an ‘inclusive’ society”

  1. Blake said

    Same speech every year.

    Nothing will change.

  2. animal farm said

    Rethinking and reinventing could be metaphors for cluelessness and inexperience. Why should we pay you millions for experimentation and messing up our lives?

  3. NaBey said

    NaBey, u no hand to wear clothes yourself ah?
    Father sick u still happy?

  4. seah said

    sad to said my life in spore will get Harder instead of improvement,i give up i wont vote for them,the dim light go off

  5. Michael Chua said

    So far that it is as “inclusive” as:
    – putting the opposition behind bars,
    – suing them bankrupt,
    – denying the Opposition of representing the grassroots organisation in the constituencies they are elected in,
    – denying Opposition held wards HDB upgrading,
    – using your money to bribe you to elect the PAP,
    – transferring common areas in estates to PA so that the Opposition cannot hold activities there,…???

  6. Ilovesg said

    Spend so much to TCSS once a year. 60.1% you are to blame for not voting enough opposition. This one thing is the first step to what some people are babbling on about constantly but do the opposite. Reflect upon what has been repeated and what has been done. Do you really need a special team to relook at our policies? Seriously, if all MPs can’t, they should Not be there!

  7. charis said

    I have witnessed 3 areas whereby Singaporeans are given priority:
    1)Primary 1 registration : Singaporean children are given priority over PRs and non-Singaporeans.
    2)Scholarship for Phd: my niece and her school mates in a local uni were offered scholarships to do phd . They were being approached instead of thm applying for the scholarships.
    3)Employment: Companies have to employ Singaporeans first and they can only employ PRs and non-Singaporeans 4 months after unsuccessful attempts in employing locals.

  8. animal farm said

    Happened only after they lost a grc and they increased the conservancy fees after squandered collection in lost investment. So where is the supposed citizenry consultation and involvement and why should they collect more than they actually use?

  9. Singapuraboi said

    All our policies at based on a negative attitude towards the citizenry.
    1) the import of foreign athletes is based on the belief that Singaporans will never make good athletes
    2) the import of FTs is based on the belief that our people will never be a global force to be reckon with, or
    3) the locals r too globally versatile that we would be losing our people to other countries. (govt has to think hard why is ingestion on the minds of the people and why is there this assumption?)
    4) they are assuming that old people r not productive? Look around the world and you would see that all govt heads r in their 60s and 70s, top Hollywood actors r all no spring chickens and most of them r way over 40! Look at all the EOs and Chairman of all Fortune 500 companies and the majority like Domald Trump r over 50! If given the opportunity and platform our highly educated seniors can maneuver the country into a global economic force to reckon with.
    5) our students and graduates r believed to be ill prepared for life and too pampered thus we need FTs who have a hard up bringing and therefore r more driven. What fallacy! America is one of the most developed countries in the world but their people r highly respected around the world as highly intelligent, creative and capable people. On top of that they r always proud of being Americans

  10. compatitable said

    I don’t know if the government is truly as efficient as they say. I have my doubts

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