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PRC ‘FT’ arrested for attempting suicide in front of Chinese Embassy after losing $40,000 at the casinos

Posted by temasektimes on August 9, 2012

A PRC ‘FT’ Wang Qingtao has been arrested for attempting suicide in front of the Chinese Embassy after losing S$40,000 at the casinos:

Wang has been working at Keppel shipyard for the past five years. He told the state media that he lost a total of $40,000 of his salary at the casinos and still owe $5,000 to his colleagues.

Despite the gravity of his offence, he was not charged and was only given a warning letter by the police after being released from detention.

Keppel Corporation has since terminated Wang’s contract and sent him home to China.


31 Responses to “PRC ‘FT’ arrested for attempting suicide in front of Chinese Embassy after losing $40,000 at the casinos”

  1. Mike Zeng said

    Both PAP Govt’s fault…..for opening the casinos and for bringing him here to live and work.

  2. kong man under the sun said

    Knn let him die lah

    • joe said

      dun say like tat la… wahlao!! u totally void of compassion leh,his family still waiting for him back in china know ?

  3. Singapuraboi said

    Stupid man! Do that in front is the immigration building. The govt would have helped u pay ir debts. Or best do it at the national day parade and u sure have ur debts written off.

  4. Hwee said

    Well, this is his choice. Nobody use a gun to force him to gamble..

  5. pitbull said

    how come not arrested and charged for being a public nuisance ??? one law for FTs and another law for locals ???

    • jf said

      He went to Embassy to cry mother cry father. Embassy is under China not Singapore. He is gone already.
      You want to keep him in Changi and feed him?

  6. alex said

    Singapore justice is now flaw…only the foreigners get the justice not Singaporean.

    • ChuiGongLumParSong said

      ermmmm i think you got it the other way round! Should be…Singaporean will get the full serving of justice while rich Ang Moh and FT get the lighter justice!

  7. SINYoobi said

    These PRC FTs are all in Singapore for a wrong reason. Want to commit suicide please return to China. Do not dirty our country. DISGUSTING

  8. kaypoh said

    He contributed $40,000 to our economy mah !!! If really wanna die can jump from MBS lah, he just want publicity lah, anyway if die oredi Spore still must pay coffin $$$ so send him home lor…. can import new FT anytime mah !!

  9. Hang Tuah said

    He choose to come here and he also choose to gamble…

  10. bb said

    That’s the idea of economy con them to come to Sg to work and earn money and con the money back in Casino. You think the casino is for the rich it is for the poor PRC

  11. Bruce WEE said


  12. Pikachoo said

    He’s still a human after all regardless he’s from China or not.

    Didn’t your teachers taught u people to love others just like u want others to love u?

    Guess he has already learnt his lesson, why still curse him?

  13. Chan JY said


  14. iai said

    they are pushing the limits of human decency – their antics here are too many to name. like their country overthere, can take laws into their own hands, this is Singapore, the authorities should show a firmer hand to these rubbish imports.

  15. Singaporean said

    Yeah, sending him back to China is the best decision, ever. Ban him from SG forever

  16. enough said

    the best part is if he succeeded then his funeral expenses will be borne by singaporeans and his folks will take back to china

    heaps of cash to build a mansion in china , just like the girl murdered in pasir panjang wholesale market

  17. Melvin Emmanuel said

    Bar work permits and S pass holders and lower income EP holders from the casinos.

  18. Ren said

    You go your embassy and wayang,,,you seriously think they will help you pay your debts…
    Balek kampong is afterall a good choice for you…This place is not suitable for you.

  19. Ken Lee said

    wow free first-class air ticket home!

  20. Yayrhah said

    he should claim his loses from Keppel Corporation who terminated his contract.

  21. 1964 said

    To that chao at tiong
    Thank you for contributing to our ‘national income’ 🙂
    ok, U can go & die now, why the fork should we care?

  22. What the fuck is wrong with suicide? Why the fuck is it illegal here? Such an outdated law should be abolished. It is a violation of individual freedom, and the effects would be worse off on the person.

  23. Daft Peasant said

    Ah………………….Sinkies who lose big time in the casinos can do the same stunt in front of istana also !!!

    idea ah……

  24. Karry said

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