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Singapore girl: Money is more important than heart or looks

Posted by temasektimes on August 9, 2012

Are Singapore girls becoming more and more materialistic and practical? With the cost of living spiraling out of control especially housing, a man’s financial capacity is becoming increasingly important as Singapore girls hunt for a potential partner in life.

A Singapore girl posted on her Facebook that money is of paramount importance when choosing a partner:

“I think questions like ‘does looks or heart matter more to you?’ are the stupidest. it should be ‘how much money does he/she need to have for you to love him/her?”

She added that nobody cares about looks or heart now as everything is expensive in Singapore:

“Because seriously, who cares about looks or heart now when everything is expensive?”

The Singapore government has been cracking its head to encourage Singaporeans to marry and bear more children.

Together with high property prices and rampant inflation, the high expectations of Singapore women may be one of the factors contributing to Singaporeans marrying late and starting a family of their own.


34 Responses to “Singapore girl: Money is more important than heart or looks”

  1. P Koh said

    Bring down the cost of living and controlling inflation with lower housing costs will enable people to have an easier life so that there is more oppounity to produce more babies. Giving incentives is practised in European countries and maybe it is another
    way to look at solving the problem not fully but at least it will help.

    • P Koh said

      Sorry it is opportunity not oppounity. What is more important in life is not just money or looks as many people may have both but yet they are still unhappy. The rich may not necessarily be happy while the poor may not necessarily be unhappy, We just need to strike a balance and as long as we have a roof over our heads, daily food on the table and clothes on our back, HAPPINESS is the key to success in life. Money then becomes a bonus.

  2. Public Eyes said

    That’s because we have very materialistic women who don labels after labels, and adore the public limelight which sets very poor examples for impressionable young girls. These young girls all feel that it is money that they want, and they start to have unrealistic dreams about snagging even rich married men. Yeah, they don’t mind being the kept women, so long as they can dress in labels, dine in posh restaurants, carry expensive handbags etc etc. And ahem a pair of shoes that costs about $10,000. You should start looking at Instagram and see what the women are up to. A sad reality. The upmanship is seriously a worrying trend. Many don’t have the money to pursue such stupid dreams. So you can imagine what sort of credit card debts they have.

  3. eva said

    At least she is honest about it.
    Most girls will not admit this. Hahahaaa

  4. Does she think she has a diamond-crusted vagina to have such expectation ?

  5. NaBey said

    Lucky I got both.

  6. nocando said

    i just glad that sg has come to such a stage as china. thank to this gov

  7. No money, no honey. That’s the reality in life.

  8. Fence Sitter said

    true and unfortunate

  9. Ng said

    One Singaporean gal posts this and you’re wondering if Singaporean gals think the same way? That’s ridiculous generalisation. Anyway whether now or in the past, there are always mercenary humans on earth. It’s the age-old question of whether one prefers bread or love if he/she could only choose one. It’s a personal choice. Give the gal a break man, TT. She may change her mind when she grows older.

  10. Gardener said

    Just like our Government.

  11. ChuiGongLumParSong said

    What the fuck!!! Such arrogant bitch will not even be on my list!

    I’m filthy rich…and the girl i’m looking for must be able to be submissive and let me fuck whenever I want. Also, i’ll prepare my will and let her know before marriage that…when I die, 50% all my money will go to my parents, another 40% goes to my Children and the remaining 10% shall goes to her! Buay song ah?! Fuck off then!

  12. kaypoh said

    How much for FJ & CIM, bitch? 🙂

  13. ChuiGongLumParSong said

    To the women of Sg…Please remember that when you choose people, people also choose you! What arrogant bitch to make such statement! Typical Singaporean! Pui!

  14. E said

    Do you fuckers trawl people’s FB every day to search out triffling bits of shite like this??? What a bunch of narrow minded, dim witted, racist, sexist, bigoted low life assholes you are…..and am sure your mother thinks you’re a “journalist”

  15. fug said

    stupidest. LOL

  16. Ren said

    Your brain wat color har?

  17. Singaporean Girl said

    Temasek Times, for future reference it might be better for you to conduct more primary and secondary research prior to the posting of an article which paints such a terrible image of the Singaporean female population.

    The article implies that we women are a main cause of one of our country’s national issues. Putting the “high expectations of Singapore women” right with other and what I consider to be more pressing issues such as “high property prices and rampant inflation” is both accusing and degrading.

    Basing an entire article on a single comment made by one user in the Facebook community is both ridiculous and misleading. Every individual has differing opinions, and as a teenage female myself, I know plenty of female friends who prize personality in potential partners.

    Why is the belief held by a single youth in Singapore your entire justification for, as I quote, “the high expectations of Singapore women [being] one of the factors contributing to Singaporeans marrying late and starting a family of their own”?

    Is she someone of such significance that she should be representative of our entire female society? And is it now commonplace for your writers to sift through and sensationalise the everyday person’s Facebook statuses simply for a story?

    I read this blog to see a different opinion unavailable on government news channels coated with propaganda, not ramblings from an immature writer who has chosen something as insubstantial as this to dedicate an article to.

    I hope your future updates bring reports of content with actual, verified local relevance, and not nonsensical babble crafted from your own imagination. Has your publication sunk to such a low?

    • Ng said

      My exact sentiments.

      • Ken Lee said

        that’s why the are “china bride” “vietnam bride” and manymore add on if you like!
        now sing girl really have to……………!!!!

    • Z said

      Very well written.
      Unfortunately, the standards here have always, in fact, been this low.
      Many males voice their approval of such ‘news’ too, and only a few, if any, speaks out against it sometimes.

    • babuseng said

      I hope you realize by now that TT is like a tabloid than a newspaper, and it’s business is to sensationalize. And very often to create something out of nothing. Though I got to say, it’s alway an interesting read from a different (gutter) perspective. 🙂

  18. Melvin Tan said

    And that is why my girlfriend is Malaysian.
    My family is well to do , not multi millionaire rich but above average, but I rather not date a Singaporean girl.
    Materialistic and believing in glitzy fairy tale lives.

    • Speak said

      Hopefully your girlfriend does not find out how superficial you are: holding certain general mis-beliefs in the Singaporean females.

  19. por said

    The problem is not SG Women don’t one to get married. It’s due to our SGmen.Why? let me explain:
    SG men need to delay 2 Years of their prime times doing NS. it is common knowlegdes that the skill learnt in NS is usually useless. In this modern times, most of the jobs created are short term contracts and temporary. The older you are, the less eligible and harder to get job. With a mill stone in form of reservist service round the neck of sgmen,it is near to impossible to keep a permanent job. Normal sane sgmen would not want to catch in this no win situation and don’t seek marriage at all.
    This have been the case for many donkey year since NS begin. So don’t the women ok

  20. sad state said

    Unfortunately this is the caliber of citizens we have making all the noise online, and casting the votes. I’d throw good values away and put happiness at risk because “everything is expensive”.

  21. icefire said

    from the FB pic shown here, she really need hell lot of money for plastic surgery …
    but a easier way out for her case might be 早死早投胎 … from her comment i believe her remaining life is meaningless thus no point to waste any more food … feed a pig may have better reward then feeding people like her

  22. babuseng said

    A true realist gal huh. Unfortunately, the rich guys will fuck you and throw you away. So how do you like the real world? Not pretty enough to be a trophy wife, better have more reasonable expectations.

  23. Ashwin said

    These type of woman are woman without self worth, it digraces me, love = money in Singapore? Naise!

  24. LumParParLan said

    Looks like we are not the only nation facing the same problem!

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