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Why must Singapore buy an Olympic medal?

Posted by temasektimes on August 9, 2012

Congratulations to all Olympians from Singapore! They have by their sweat, tears and guile, achieved their goals – for country and for self. No one can take that away from them as individuals, and every one should give them credit for their efforts, win or lose.

By why, oh why, must a country like ours buy moonlight for sunlight?

Shameless countries fall prey to the notion that the glory and pride of a nation can be bought. They fail to recognise that their thinking citizens consider such victories (through the purchase of foreign talent) as illusions that do not strengthen our pride nor warm our hearts. Such means belittles the kind of integrity our parents taught us, and glorifies quick gratification that we warn our children about.

This value that our leaders deliberately or blindly propagate time and time again through their decisions and policies encourages the same thinking in its citizens – that money is king, and can buy anything – immunity from traffic summons, a place in prime schools, and of course sex. And that instant gratification is justifiable if you have the money.

Evidently, they do not know that this is one of the key reasons why highly successful communities and families collapse or fail. Sadly, I think we are heading that way.


*The above was first posted as a comment on Facebook.


18 Responses to “Why must Singapore buy an Olympic medal?”

  1. Blake said

    Well Said.

  2. animal farm said

    A change in regime might bring us some hope.

  3. LocalAlwaysRight said


    Because your country is lacking of talent they can be proud of.

    • GiveNTakeback said

      If you notice your child has hope of becoming a good tennis player would you waste your money and time to train him/her to excel in the sport? Just buy players from overseas is what ministry would do. Now you know why my country is lacking of talent.

      • Hwee said

        If your child can’t beat the player whom the ministry bought, then how can we believe that your child could beat the players from all over the world to get the metals??

  4. Robox said

    While there is nothing illegal about importing sporting talent, I can’t help seeing the PAP’s culture of “cheating to win” in this matter.

    1. The PAP has always cheated to win its place in government; indeed ithe PAP’s practises and institutionalization of some of those practises which should be rightly viewed as electoral fraud.

    “Electoral fraud, however, must be recognised as a much broader concept. Obstructing the development of political parties and competitive candidates is as fraudulent as stuffing ballot boxes. Buying votes with state resources is as fraudulent as stealing them outright during the tally. Dominating the media or stacking the electoral commission with friends is as fraudulent as violating the secrecy of the vote.” – Dr. Judith Kelley, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Political Science, Duke Sanford School of Public Policy, Durham, NC, US

    2. It is that aspect of the PAP’s political culture that has permeated all the ranks of our society. The recent spate of arrests of high profile officials and professionals for corruption all have that common thread of the PAP culture I am talking about.

    How else do you explain sex-for-business-contracts if not as cheating to win?

    The policy of importing sporting talent reeks badly of the same culture of cheating to win.

    Thankfully, it is not 100% of Singaporeans who are infected with this disease as evidenced by the numbers among us who are now speaking out against it, no matter articulately or inarticulately.

    Mod’s note:

    Please do not post links from the impostor ‘TR’ site here. Thank you.

    • A "Converted" Singaporean said

      But why is winning in Olympics that important to our gov in Singapore? Hard to understand the mentality.

      • Robox said

        According to them, it will put Singapore on the map and raise global consciousness about our existence, in the hope that investment dollars will flow in.


        The YOG WAS NOTreported on in the international media, and most people don’t pay attention to the countries at or near the bottom of the medals count.

    • Robox said

      Mod, noted. I don’t like them either.

  5. Bruce WEE said

    If Sg lack talents (in fact is, the culture causes talents to forgo sports for studies), then be it.

    If I’m weak and can’t pass IPPT, then be it. I’ll go RT.
    If I were to ask a fit friend to take on my behalf (note: illegal), and still got a Gold, I won’t be proud of it and blow trumpet.
    Instead I will be just reliefed that I won’t have to go RT, and keep quiet about it.

  6. simplecitizen said

    well said! cheers!

  7. Mature citizen said

    Agreed that Olympics victories through purchase of talents do not strengthen our pride nor warm our hearts. Sport becomes commercial.

    • leechongwei said

      The clueless PM does not understand the meaning of honour, pride, fairplay, fighting spirit, etc
      He is daft but sadly never expected him to be so daft.

      A person who truly understands and appreciates sports will look to Jamaica and NZ for inspiration.

  8. Aminurasyid said

    The way Spore PM clap his hand and the way he walk axactly like Lady Boy. Ask Goh C.Tong what make him sudden step down to make way to LHL.

  9. joe said

    You people here can only talk nonsense……empty vessels makes the most noise…

  10. Dogmeat said

    If you are not happy, STTA is parading the winners this weekend.. Go there and show your “support” or what not… Please post the results to YouTube.. Let the world will see the real Singaporean sentiments on the ground.

  11. Dogmeat said

    Show some real action that Singaporeans are not proud of these sport mercenaries.

  12. Dum Dum Gum Gum said

    “if you give a man a fish, he can eat for a day. If you teach him how to fish, he can fish for food.” If you teach fishing and give a rod, the man can improve his fishing technique and go for bigger fish.”

    Congrats to all athlete that bring in all glory and pride. Cheers on..!!

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