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China-born table-tennis players did not give credit to Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on August 10, 2012

Have been observing the china born ping pong players quite a bit. Realised that they never once credited Singapore and the Singaporeans for their success, the opportunity to play at the Olympics and the chance at a better life beyond China (ok that is subjective). They seem to have an attitudinal expectation that that is what they deserve as citizens.

YOU have to remember that they came from a communist country where everything belongs to the state and the stat will take care of you. However the incredible thing is that our govt is playing up to their expectations and pandering to them. I want to ask out govt, “what about our expectations?” and “why would u move mountains to keep them happy and they never once thank us?”

If it was a Singaporean who threw the bouquet to a non-Singaporean he or she would have finding cut, received a warning and suspension. What the China born ping ping players did really is not forgivable. They r sending a message loud and clear as to where their allegiance lies and they r keeping that road home open. Their actions is insulting and humiliating to Singaporeans and wonder why the stupid Singaporeans watching the games in London did not boo them.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.


34 Responses to “China-born table-tennis players did not give credit to Singapore”

  1. P Koh said

    We are Singaporean first, race second. New FTs are race first, Singaporeans second. Can you blame them when they are not born and bred in this country.? We owe it to them to bring glory to Singapore and should be thankful!!.

    • Ken Lee said

      you are right! PAP gov didn’t focus on young Singaporean and train them up as a pro players! and we have to buy players from all over other country to get a few bronze ! when are the gov going to focus their eyes on the locals! yet we have to “owe it to ft to bring glory to Singapore and should be thankful”!!.
      when you say “owe it to them to bring glory to Singapore and should be thankful!!.” do you face feel red?

    • Corn said

      Take other people backside skin and put on your face.

    • ken said

      they r not born here but they choose to come here.they should be grateful to Singapore for bringing them out of their country. do you allows your guests to urine and shit anyhow they like in your house?

    • True Bue Singaporean said

      Excuse me on your last sentence. Its makes u absolutely a sillyporean, NOT a Singaporean. We singaporeans dun owe them anything @ any point in time for the stupid glory, we have already paid them in cold hard cash of SGD400K. Being paid such a tidy sum of reward which no other countries in the world can match., they shld be the ones thankful to us. Not we being thankful to them.

      • Barathan N said

        Totally agree with you TBS. Afterall they only here for the money. Let’s see if they are still around when they can perform anymore. Do you think they’ll work in BK or MacDonald’s?

      • Daft Peasant said

        correct lo TBS, they are paid to do wat they suppose to do……in another words, they are paid workers, of course they must deliver and produce the result !!

        So can i tell my boss to be grateful to me bcos i complete the job even though i get salary from him?

        Daft pappies…..

  2. Aminurasyid said

    Tell u what, make a LAW that all those foreigner that getting a Singapore Citizen are NOT ALLOW to change or revert to other citizen for a period of 30years.

    • Ken Lee said

      our coconuts didn’t even bother about all this! they get to have the votes, and earn their money. do you think they will stop?
      the one that left sing for good are the one that have wake up and feel “the good” and “the care” and “the love” of our pap gov.
      do you think they will hold on to them if they don’t vote them anymore?

    • ken said

      and also a law that pr and new citizens must have babies. to contribute and not come here make money and f off back home.

  3. Ken Lee said

    sorry they are China singporean!

  4. ken said

    our PaP govt wants medal den just issue citizenship to all the gold medalists….sports have lost its meaning..

  5. ketua67 said

    Malaysia has won it’s 2nd medal, a bronze in diving, beating one of the PRC diver.

    I believe people over the causeway will be yelling this slogan at our face:

    “Malaysia boleh! Singapore beli (buy)!”

    • Jeremy said

      I have hugely impressed by the efforts of the Malaysian athletes.

      The have have proven themselves to be world class athletes and all without the despicable practice of importing mercenaries.

      Hurray for Malaysia.

      I appalud your determination and integrity to live up to the Olympic spirit and best practices of sportmanship.

      Malaysia Boleh!!

      On the other hand, I am disgusted by our countries efforts to consistently use China nationals to compete for us.

      Our officials have noting to be proud of and should instead hang down their head in shame.

    • sripolo said

      Dont say like this,in malaysia we always say majulah singapura but nowday only the PRC get maju in singapura.

  6. Barathan N said

    There are alot of better Singapore born (not those second generation children of PR or New Citizens) athletes that can bring glory to Singapore. It’s the mentality of getting a well paid job or having a iron rice bowl that has scared these away from sports. I have seen alot of other better soccer players than the current crop in the national team or Lions XII or Young LIons working hard for the money.

    It’s plain and simple, our Govt has not gone out to track these people down and give them sports scholarship. Those influential few stand to gain as they are well connected. These few again can do it on their daddy’s money but daddy prefers to spend his money on “other” delights….

    The govt will never change it’s way. They want to be close to the “fatherland”!!!

  7. Daniel said

    They are not and will never be Singaporeans, they just happen to play for Singapore, becuz we pay them an obscene amount of money. The legal technicalities cannot change what is in their hearts. They are and always will be PRC. Just a piece of paper stating their nationalities can never change how they feel. Singapore will disappear soon, province of PRC in the future at this rate.

  8. Raymond said

    Please don’t blame our FT. It is natural human behaviour. Our heart will always lie in where we were born and raised. They came here in search of a better life and opportunities, just as we would go to other countries for the same reasons. So, please don’t blame them. Blame the people who opened the floodgates and have no idea or concern about the repercussions.

  9. RICK said

    Do Singaporean parents bother to send their children for sports? From very young even at 2years old send children all for academic purposes. Sports all come with intensive training and can parents permit!?! One scolding from teacher to child will have parents running to school ministry police station to complain. One instructor told the child to carry his own bag after training and that already caused his parents to be unhappy – after training very tired cannot carry bag let the maid do it as she is employed to lessen burden.

  10. Adam said

    If our aim is Olympics medals, I think PAP govt has spent the money well enough (by buying FTs) and achieved that.
    Lets face it. we bought their skills, not their mind and soul. What do you expect?
    If we want to cut all these shits, then ask ourselves this question:
    Do we encourage our children to pursue sports?

  11. Playfair said

    Not bad these PRC’S got upgraded by SQ to business class.
    Our Singaporean’s had to travel economy. Why they did not win any medal, but they tried their best.
    Only SQ, SPH, Singtel and PAP suck up to the PRC’S.

  12. ellery chua said

    Errr from most observations today if some one told you Singapore is in China most of us would be hard to prove otherwise.

  13. danm said

    Thy treat us like dogs yet we treat them like god. Is too late to revert.

  14. It's just so real. said

    China nationals have no religion, no filial, no gratitude, and defilintely no regard or their citizenship! as they only work for money, they are communists after all, right? Who do you want to blame? Blame Mao Tze Dong la… Or Stalin. Tomorrow if USA offers them $2mil for a gold medal then they will just give up Singapore Citizen and be. US citizen. What do you think.

  15. nocando said

    how much money we spent on so many FT athletes on many sports for so many years, only to obtain 2 bronze medal ?i hope gov can give us some pointers about this matter. they are paid every month to do their job, shouldn’t they suppose to do their job well? so what the fuss about the 2 bronzes? should they get so much reward after winning? this gov is known for calculating- smart, they are good at defining 2 cents, 5 cents details, why is it when it comes to money rewarding to FT athletes, they suddenly become calculating-morons?

  16. Junnie Aiko said

    I do believe that non-NS-serving FTs (regardless of sex) and even Citizens and PRs should be made to pay higher tax + a defense tax be imposed on SG-properties owned for the rich which non-sign-on NS-personals are forced to defend with virtually zero pay (allowances doesn’t even cover the loss in income during those 2++years). The collected tax should then be used to assist the less well-off struggling NS-men who can’t afford studies or are struggling with finding work as a safety net, or with their medical care.

    • june said

      Darn good idea I must say !
      How about extending the option to all male Singaporeans where they can be excused from NS but pay more tax ? The extra tax money can go to the NS men.
      I also feel all women from 18 should be enlisted for just 3 months and given the option not to serve in combat roles, followed by a reservist stint of not more than 1 week. What do you think ?

    • Adam said

      That may not be feasible. Higher tax would be contradict with Singapore as financial center. That is how Singapore makes money.

  17. Hestia said

    Well boo YOU. Why in hell should they thank you when have a china coach, and you treat their people like without basic respect, as if they are obliged to thank you when our country has chosen them to represent sg. Have you no shame that they are better than us since they are chosen over own people? Don’t you want the best to represent and win for your country? The honour is theirs and not yours. They are here to do their job and participate, they are aware this is not their country and it would be totally degrading for them to start thanking sg and Singaporeans(in your eyes -for putting up with them) as it would also mean having to mention they are participating in another country’s team. Can you see it in that perspective? It is not good for the whole world to be reminded that the sg players are thanking another government and country, they do not come from, for allowing them to participate and neither is it pleasing for sgporeans to see they have taken on another identity as one of their own people. It is pretentious, and so are you! You and your spiteful racism probably comes from an incompetent attitude.

    While they are in sg, they pay to renew their passes, choose to be away from their families(you forget how young they still are), pay the same bus fare, ERP and all services, not to mention boost the economy, just like you and on top of all that, put up with our sucky treatment. The government will do the minimal to please them, knowing them. What makes you think they would make the slightest inch to move mountains for them?

  18. Hestia said

    Which government in their right mind would select foreigners over its people? This is an Olympics, the government’s objective is to win, thus we cannot afford to select peoole who cannot help us obtain a title. As people from another country, the glory they bring should go to the team they are playing for. I do not understand why they should submit to your high-handed whims and fancies about thanking sgporeans when you have already made life difficult for them, believing they do not deserve to be there, in the first place. Even if they were to thank the government, you would be unhappy thinking they have personally established strong ties with the government, and start feeling threatened by them. Chances are, they have not received adequate treatment from the government(you should know your own government’s willingness to do so much) and therefore see no reason to be grateful to them, besides the money they could win, training they’ve received from their own nationale’s coaches and trip there paid for. Furthermore, it is an insult and betrayal to their own country by playing for another country’s team and not the honour you assume it is, but already accepting the government’s temporary bribery to do singapore’s worth justice is already an honour in itself.

    Also why impose a higher tax and let our government earn even more? They are already greedy and eccentric enough, they are likely to impose a slightly higher tax on us as well.

  19. lschuster said

    It seems we have lost the thread….. the old adage “teach a person to fish they eat for a life time, throw them a fish- they eat for a day”. Where are the grass root developmental program and the publicity about it to counter this inflated but sincerely disgruntled reactions. It is really a PR program that is needed here- long term and campaigns- Channel news Asia Talking point tried to show a changing public opinion through out the show- but the final comment Feng Tian Wei made was not translated and the interpreter interrupted her and she finally said ” Thank you Singapore” Now acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Spors Chan Chun Sing is charged with finding her a suitable husband ? That caught much disapproval and why can’t she find her own special someone- maybe in an English class or at the training center. This borders on interference in one’s personal affairs- should be kept separate lah!

    • P Koh said

      The old adage is really old an out of date it should now be “turn a man into a fish and throw him into the deep ocean and if he wants to survive, he will know what to do.” Love should come naturally and I am sure that there are enough of her kind here in Singapore who will seek her out and propose.

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