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PHOTO: Boy spits water at girl during NTU Freshman orientation

Posted by temasektimes on August 10, 2012

A netizen was shocked when he witnessed the following scene at NTU Freshman orientation:

“why nowadays Orientation camp like that one? need still squat down there to let people spit water at you”


59 Responses to “PHOTO: Boy spits water at girl during NTU Freshman orientation”

  1. Ren said

    This is the initiation ceremony.
    Later in life, they will benefit from the fraternity grp they are in.

    • RSM said

      What fraternity are you talking about? Can you give an example on how one will benefit from this spitting initiation?

    • Gardener said

      “benefit from the fraternity grp they are in”?
      Nabeh. KNN. Kong jiao wei.
      I benefited from a normal education without all these BS.

    • nick rae said

      so true. unbreakable bonds have been formed in this camp.

    • applemash said

      What kinda bullshit is that? Don’t you people know how to carry out orientation activities with respect for another person? This is probably one of the stupidest comments I’ve ever heard in a long time. It’s sad to see how Singapore’s education has failed so bad. Yes, you have very well supported that.

  2. BD said

    Wow! SPLIT water sia…
    It’s SPIT lah…

  3. keysandlocks said

    Sure, they split up the water molecules hur

  4. dono said

    For someone who’s supposedly highly educated…they sure are stupid…sacrificing their dignity…

  5. steve said

    spit or split ?

  6. Just Me said

    Study too much until don’t know how to respect others!

  7. Annoymous said

    spit water sia… might as well PCC on her face.

  8. seiya78 said

    If that gal is your daughter, how would you feel….
    Stupid student union come out with this idea, degree student….haiz…..

  9. Weekiat said

    What’s next? Golden shower and bukkake?

  10. ck said

    Really sad, many yrs of education has gone down to the drain

  11. denzuko1 said

    He is in fact performing a Chinese Mao Shan Ritual to rid her of the a ghost possession.

    Considering a renoun university, NUS certainly carry on a outdates tradition which to me is to allow the senior to bully the freshmen.

    Why the tradition continues till today? after you became the victim of such bully, you long for the day when it is your turn to do it on someone else.

  12. i say what i think only... said

    practise for future la. that’s what school is all about

  13. Sheer Stupidity said

    this is plain stupidity, not only is it humiliating, germs can also be passed around. Explains why we need foreign trash to run this country/ economy, local kids are getting way out of whack

  14. @ said

    TT your posts are getting from bad to worse. From intellectual to gossip site.

    • EM said

      Totally. I’m sure this picture is also an inaccurate representation of the whole story. From the water is angled, its not aimed at her face; most likely its meant to be “spat” into some cup of sorts, probably in a station game. ANYWAY, doesn’t a certain cultural landmark “spit” on us also. #justsaying

  15. Singapore Cock said

    Tis is to prepare the gals to receive the fruits of felatio when they enter the workforce 🙂

  16. The Netizen is Retarded said

    It’s a game whereby they’re suppose to collect the water in a cup (which wasn’t shown because of the angle this photo was taken). They sure love to spin the story ah… The boy wasn’t aiming for the girl’s face.

  17. Stupid grads said

    chances are next event would be more shocking … the guys will hold bananas at waist height in front of them and the girls will eat the bananas …

  18. FTs who dun like PAP said

    If I ever see my kids doing this kind of things and get posted online or newspaper, the 1st thing i will do is to slap them on the face when they get home!
    Dear parents, if you happen to see your kids in the picture espically those standing around laughing away you should know what to do!

  19. sufarin said

    why not jerk it out on her face, more shiok lei!

  20. John Tan said

    I may not know the context, and I may be unaware of the background.
    But looking at the picture, and the fact that it’s freshmen orientation, I am appalled.
    – A young man here having totally no respect for a lady!
    – And the lady just knelt to receive that derogatory spit!
    And you dare say this is in the name of fun?
    Hey, gals and guys, aren’t you varsity students?
    Aren’t you the epitome of the new generation to take on future leadership?

  21. Babuseng said

    Damn xia suay to be caught on camera participating in that.

  22. redhotz said

    temasek times,

    Yr articles are getting more and more meaningless. indeed true blue tabloid style reporting.

  23. Bully said

    If he did that to me, I go punch his face!

  24. Say No to Orientation said

    Freshman orientation should be totally banned! I’ll never attend such nonsense nor will I allow my children to attend such things. The hell with these idiots!

  25. kums said

    Dumb Asses!

  26. Missy said

    NTU ought to investigate and give an explanation!

  27. SueM said

    I must be getting old. Those NTU students look like children.

  28. Singapuraboi said

    Ragging or hazing is practice in many universities around the world. Freshmans r initiated thru these activities. Some r degrading and even dangerous so sometInes the schools have to step in. At that age, it may be fun but later on in life we realize how stupid the activites were. Don’t really think that these activities prepare is for the working world. Humans learn fast and sometimes forget fast. I took a personality test twice-once when I was doing an office bound job and another time when I was doing a sales related job And the results were different. I was considered introvert in the former test and extrovert in the latter. So don’t think these activities u do today have a strong impact. It may give great memories tho.

  29. Bao Ching Tian said

    Might as well pee on her face.

  30. realty check said

    This young should be punished by NTU & made to apologise publicly. Would this young man carry on with this prank if this young female student is his own sister? What an Arrogant Mentality.

  31. judy said

    I wish i can spit at his mother! Cheap parents cheap children!!!! Haiz….

  32. The Netizen is Retarded said

    It’s a game people. It’s not initiation. It’s not built to humiliate anyone. It’s built to have fun. That’s why everyone’s cheering them on cos they know it’s just a game. It could be a girl spitting on a guy, or guy on guy, just that this happens to be a boy doing the spitting that’s why it seems a lot worse and APPEARS to be humiliating.

    Parents, take a chill pill. Remember that the internet (and this website) loves to sensationalise such things.

    Oh by the way, just because your generation did not have fun doesn’t mean the current young generation can’t have fun too.

    • The Netizen is retarded said said said

      Ei you stupid lah i dont see how it is fun at all.. in the other hand its grose to the max.. even if the game was aimed at the cup not the face bud judging from the game the face is still very vulnerable to the spitted water lei.. You must be studying a lot your head become like alien, this kind of game also fun — hayohh find yourself a club and go clubbing lah sekia

      • Seriously... said

        Everything really needs to be taken into perspective. Too many assumptions are asserted when looking at this picture alone. I hope you understand the context and the background of this photo – orientation games are designed in the spirit of getting to know each other through games like these. If at any one time should any participant feel uncomfortable with any segment of the game, he or she is definitely free to walk out of it. While you may claim others to be ‘stupid’ and you might not think that it is ‘fun at all’, I personally, like many others, understand the purpose and the spirit of what they were doing.

        Keep derogatory comments to yourself, be slow to judge, and you will realize the world has a lot to teach you.

  33. Jamie said

    Training to be porn stars? Boy spitting on girl. BUKKAKE experts in the making!!!

  34. Gung said

    Look at the cup she’s holding onto you twerps. The intention isn’t to spit water on the girl’s face but into the cup.
    Please get your facts right and think twice before jumping on the chance to take a dig at university undergrads or degree holders. Your needless rage on them just symbolizes your jealousy and sour attitude. Don’t vent it on them. Sit down and reflect upon how you could have studied harder when you were younger so as to give yourself a better life.

    • Stupid GUNG said said

      dont you think the spitted water can still hit the face even it is aimed at the cup?? its just the same like spitting on the face you airhead.. if you think it is fun then you never go clubbing sekia

      • Gung said

        It’s not the same. The difference is in the intention. Think about it.

        You seem to be very smart. Insulting people with things like ‘studying a lot your head become like alien’, or ‘airhead’. So tell me, what are you doing with your life? Your parents must be so proud of you:)

        Maybe you shouldn’t club too much. Learn how to speak proper English before trying to argue. I spent 2 whole minutes reading your comment before I finally understood wtf you were talking about

  35. Neutral said

    A picture may be able to tell a thousand words but it ain’t able to tell the whole story. Granted that the boy is supposed to spit into the cup the girl is holding, but where she is holding the cup makes it almost impossible for the guy to not be able to avoid spitting the water in her face and I think that’s what makes it ‘fun’, The organizers could have designed the game so that the girl hold the cup out at arm’s length and it will still be fun. Some of these games may seem fun to these students at that point in time, but when they grow older, they will realize it’s just pointless and meaningless.

  36. God said

    I pity a lot of people here. This kind of games can also be seen in many orientation camps/team building sessions. Can’t see the dark red cup the girl is holding ???

  37. sad to say that no hygiene conscious said

    sad to say that no hygiene conscious

  38. Use Some Brains said

    To fully understand the furor over the recent picture that has surfaced- depicting what appears to be a boy spitting water at a kneeling girl, perspective must be sought. First and foremost, a crucial item is not pictured- the cup the girl is holding. What appears to be an otherwise admittedly demeaning act of senseless degradation is in reality, a part of an orientation camp game; the goal is to fill the cup with water. True, perhaps there might be a better way to transfer the water. Perhaps the dude got a little carried away in his enthusiasm. However, to me, what is more disgusting than this apparent lack of hygiene is the way this picture was decimated by what is no more than a predatory, sensationalizing media- it is extremely easy to misunderstand the picture, but it is an entirely different ball game to publish it with intent to misinterpret for the purpose of nothing but to increase readership and thus publication volume.

    I will pass on the rhetoric that other news that are more relevant deserve highlight- that has been raised countless times with no heed for the same old reasons. The matter at hand is that a bunch of overzealous reporters, in combination with the numerous esteemed and anonymous members of the countless forms of social media and internet forums have blown up a very, very minute issue.

    Will it shock you to know that the girl was a willing participant in the abovementioned game, well aware of her right to pull out at anytime should she feel uncomfortable in partaking in the activity? Social and peer pressure, you might assume. But these are not secondary school children we are talking about. These are freshmen and university undergrads, while by no means the epitome of educated society, fully capable of self-awareness and able to think for themselves. One must remember, since the very conception of these orientation camps, the goals have been to foster friendships and help break down the walls we tend to build around ourselves, to open up to other people, to build relationships and to have fun, perhaps even to find love and to partake in what it means to be eighteen, nineteen and twenty-one- to be in the very prime of your life. All of you know this. The boys and girls in the picture signed up to be part of all that. Not to be the focus of a web frenzy in a grossly misunderstood picture. So cut them a break and spread some love instead.


  39. Hohoho said


    Saw something that shares the supposed truth about what happened. Not sure if its true, but worth a read.

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