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Senior citizen feels sad that it takes a foreigner to remind Singaporeans how fortunate they are

Posted by temasektimes on August 10, 2012

A senior citizen Jeffrey Tan has written to the Straits Times forum today expressing his dismay at the ‘attitude’ shown by Singaporeans towards National Day.

Despite the constant exhortation by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and other PAP leaders, few Singaporeans bothered to fly the national flag publicly to express their love for Singapore.

For some unknown reasons, the number of flags hung this year appeared to be the lowest number which may be a reflection of the somber mood on the ground.

Jeffrey wrote that he was gratified Mr Michael Friedman, an American, is impressed with Singapore and finds National Day celebrations interesting.

“But I am also sad that it takes a foreigner to encourage Singaporeans to fly our flag on our day of independence, and to urge us to be proud of our achievements. The other night, I overheard a European couple, who were sitting behind me at a lounge in Changi Airport, praising our National Day Parade rehearsal,” he wrote.

Jeffrey repeated the same old grandmother story of how “he witnessed the transformation of Singapore from a struggling country in the early years to a world-class city now.”

National Day is traditionally a time for the state propaganda machinery to hit the high gear to instill a sense of patriotism and belonging in Singaporeans.



35 Responses to “Senior citizen feels sad that it takes a foreigner to remind Singaporeans how fortunate they are”

  1. NaBey said

    Because citizenship here is worthless, any tom dick harry can get so easily.
    Limited vacancies for local born citizen in university but ample for those from overseas.

  2. P Koh said

    What has changed that has made this attitude of not displaying our National Flag so obvious this time around. I would hazard a few reasons. People are not happy with the way the present government is running the country and took it personally and are not able to separate country from government. Secondly the younger generation has not gone through the hard times that their fathers have endured and may not appreciate how Singapore has got to this stage of a First World Country. Thirdly, the influx of new citizens have not got used to the local identity and pride has not sunk into their systems and are therefore not ready to display the loyalty for a country they recently accepted as home.

  3. Tried to score point.

  4. danielle said

    This jeffrey tan must be a relative of marbok tan. No wonder so much shit come out of the mouth.

  5. notAproudSingaporean said

    Those days are gone. Accept it.

  6. Styx said

    Singapore Inc has been architectured to become the playground of only the global rich… be they locals or foreigners, so no wonder they are “impressed”..but for the rest of the 80% middle-class and low income populace, their dreams have been destroyed. So what is there to feel proud of on National Day? So called “progress” and high headline economic growth has seen little benefit trickle down, in fact are our lives now better than those days of our parents? Can’t afford car, can’t afford decent spaced home without paying a lifelong loan, crowded living, in fact are regression of quality of life despite what bureaucrats and their mouthpieces tell us day-in and day-out, but we all know better on the ground. But who is listening?

  7. Kelvin Tay said

    Sad that singaporeans are forgetting how british abandon us at WW2…

    when singapore is in trouble..who will it takes to defend our country..dun think it will be those foreign talent mr Lee Kuan Yew is so proud will be us true blue singaporean…

    LKY=Kim Jong Il
    LHL=Kim Jong ul
    SG=North korea..

    i cant tell the diff

  8. kong kong said

    Hello please NATIONAL DAY belongs to all Singaporean be proud of it

  9. ken said

    this old man senile isit? most probably the old man not affected by high hdb and car price.and his job was not taken by Ft in the 80s.

  10. I don’t need a world-class city!!! Just a honest, simple, affordable life style and place consist of TRUE SINGAPOREAN. Even back to kampong days, I am willing…


    I respect my country, SINGAPORE & SINGAPORE FLAG but not the current party and it flaw policies. In order to show my dismay and dissatifaction, I decided not to hang/fly the national flag.

  12. sniper said

    I feel like an idiot to have serve NS when FT come in free without doing NS and steal our posiitions in NUS and the workplace.

  13. SgGuy said

    My first thought to this report is – THE PEOPLE HAS AWAKEN!!

  14. rongY said

    who are the ones that causes this sentiment, it is the underperforming obscenely overpaid PAP ministers and the 3rd world mentality civil service that causes all these problem, until they smart up, bring singapore back to a happy country than we talk. who in singapore besides the special privilege new immigarant and the new fake citizen had the mood to celebrate when the PAP government treat our own true blue singapore born serve NS singaporean as 2nd or 3rd class citizens..

    • Exactly, name me a government that give praise to foreigners and elevate them as talents but thumb down its citizens.
      How do you call a parent that treat his step children better than his own children?

  15. ngpy said

    Jeffrey Tan with your patriotism and your one flag is enough. Anyone who is SINCERE it is from your HEART also through Action and Deeds and not through the mouth. The discontent SHOWN IS GOOD ENOUGH TO REMIND THE AUTHORITIES AND THE RULING PARTY OF THEIR PERFORMANCE AND WHAT HAVE THEY DONE.

  16. Kelvin Lawrence said

    I flew the national flag on my vehicle and proud to display one. I lost one when I accidentally open my front window but got another one from the counter almost immediately. This is where I belong and grow up through our capable and dedicated leaders. Let the lion roars!

  17. oldguard said

    The good old days is over, the new Minister is more concern of their own pocket and their generation to come. What happen to the old now, penniless and depending on their children for lodging and food. How much CPF saving do you think they have now to survive in this challenging Singapore. Yes, they contribute 25% of their income, at what salary, it is peanuts compare to what it is today. Do you realise that there are so many citizen needed help. Why do the MediaCorp keep rasing fund for the needy. Look at the medical cost, housing, food etc. All not withing the means of those in the 60 and above. Many living with their children and most have to face unhappy daughter-in-law or son-in-law. With so much money in the coffer, why don’t they provide for the elderly.
    I can go on and on, but what the use, no money no talk.

  18. mahbok tan said

    Yo wats up uncle jeffrey…why u feel dismay…. only now…arh…???? not ten years back ka…???

    Aramak did you missed the boat that we have been facing daily ….or you too biziiiii counting money or carry many balls here and there , where else old people too biziii collecting carton box to earn a living….????!!!!

    So you actually do not know is it that there 40% more people in our population currently…?

    Even LKY are not dismay , look he is smiling after waking up from his condo no6.

    So no worry la you will be more dismay when the time comes…!!!

  19. Sashaqueenie said

    The foreigners only catch a glimpse of Singapore, peppered with glitter, covered with pomp and glamour. The reason why most Singaporeans are no longer as forthcoming in showing their love for their birth country is because they have seen examples of how the Govt has discriminated against Singaporeans over the foreigners. From jobs, to how the law is applied, we see time and time again where Singapore appears to be cuckold by the PAP. We are the voters, yet the PAP chooses to lie with the stranger. How absurd is that?!

  20. bernard tan said

    same old grandmother story? u young fucks just don’t get it, do u? the previous generation built singapore with their blood sweat and tears. u have no bloody right to cheapen that with such a statement. please do not insult the people who worked hard to make what u have today possible!

  21. Ron said

    The refusal to fly the flag is a quiet protest… Spore’s version of Occupy protest. Singaporeans have come to equate Spore with the PAP and its policies. And it can be traced back to the One Child policy which set the stage for the need to import labor. Then came the lofty goals of being Swiss standard of living and prosper with asset growth. Today, many are very dissatified with their economic status and the loss of opportunities.

    It is becoming a very challenging issue. The high salaries of the Ministers and top civil servants are in sharp contrast to the income of the lower strata. More economically able citizens are joining the ranks of unemployed or underemployed. It is not an easy situation to reverse.

  22. i say what i think only... said

    typical 60.1% response. i wonder how dismay u are when u see your close friends and relatives of your age clearing tables at old age and u should ask them in the face why they didn’t put on the national flag as part of their expected patriotic act to the country.

  23. Naivety said

    Hey Jeffrey, are u a moron & had gone berserk as well?

    How to fly the National Flag when we don’t even have jobs and the Pro-Alien Party imported FTs came into Singapore to snatch our ricebowls & displaced us of proper jobs & now we cannot even afford to put 3 decent meals on the table daily!!??

    Tell me in such a situation & sceanario, how to feel proud of being a Singaporean & celebrate Singapore National Day with you???

  24. 1964 said

    forking 老不死 still living in his memories!!! last time LKY good I agreed, but now is no good like CHC ok!!!
    u r blocking the earth rotation, KNN u 60.1% still don wake up! blind faith!!!

  25. Anti-pap said

    Jeffrey is one of the crony of papayas. being well fed, what more to say expect “Angkat Bodek” carry and juggle papayas ball. Continue to leek bro…

  26. SoFDMC said

    Singapore is a globalist playground which China wants to use as a model for a future city under tight control.

    Cost of living is high and the pace of life is too fast.

    There is a saturation of degree holders here. Employers would rather employ degree holders from overseas who accept lower pay.

    Why are we still harking back to the past? We have the present and future to deal with. The leadership and their minions need to collectively stop ruminating about the past as the 21st century has brought about major changes that require different approach.

  27. babuseng said

    Singapore is actually a great city to live in – if you are rich. But for the middle class and below, the rising cost of living and depressed wages is very buey tahan. Of course, angmo will think it is great, just like any other rich person who visits SGP.

  28. Sam Tan said

    Where are the so called 60% miw supporters? You can walk around the heartland and count the number of flags flown in each block of flats. If there are real true miw supporters why the number of flats with displayed flags are so pathetic. They are under indirect threat to support the miw while their inside mind are frustrated. The frustrated 60% are to wake up in time for 2015/2016.

    • Jeff said

      People vote for the MIW for many reasons. To preserve their own rice bowl. Because they live in fear of the ISA. Because they’re afraid that, if they don’t vote “correctly”, they’ll lose their job or their children will be penalised in school. (The stories you hear…)

      What are all these “reasons” based on? FEAR. The one tool of an autocrat against “his” people, whether his government be fascist, communist or some other no doubt government-scholar-invented variation on kleptocracy.

      What are the reasons people vote for parties other than the PAP? Pride in our country. Hope for the future. Disgust at the don’t-you-dare-call-it-corruption all around us. A dream that one day very soon, we can control our own destiny rather than having it rammed down our throat by A Minister and His Cronies who then turn around and pile on surcharges and increased GST for the “privilege” of eating offal.

      What do those reasons have in common? Hope. Righteous indignation. A determination that things will get better, and we’re not going to wait to be directed From Above to MAKE It better — because better for them IS NOT and hasn’t been better for us for decades.

      If the truth is no defence, then lies are the fabric of justice and whims become law. Do we want that for our children’s children? Our answer has been to give Singapore the lowest birth rate on the planet. That isn’t an “anomaly”, Mr Astroturf “Grass-Roots” Organiser. It’s the only moral, sensible reaction to the way this country is being run and will continue to be run until and unless enough of us stand up on Election Day and say with one voice, “You WILL NOT take this country from us any longer! When we promise ourselves ‘Equality, Justice, Democracy, Peace and Prosperity’, that isn’t an “aspiration”; it’s a solemn pledge to our compatriots and our progeny that this little red dot WILL roar!” And yes, the ordering is important…

      “Those who would trade a little liberty for a little security, deserve neither and will soon have none”, a wise man once wrote. How much of either do we now have, knowing that security is built on confidence rather than fear? How much are we willing to live with, or without?

  29. P Koh said

    So far all attempts to try to “fix” the problems have not been apparent. Why? Are the MIW doing enough or waiting to watch the problems go away or even adding more problems by increasing the population to 6 millions.? National Conversation did nothing to appease the populace and what concrete steps have so far been laid down to pave the way for a Happier Singapore?

    • Jeff D said

      That’s why we need a new Government; one that’s accountable to the people, not to The Minister and His Cronies.

      Waiting for problems to go away is a fail-safe way to ensure that they’ll get worse. Air-dropping petrol on a fire that’s already consuming half your house is a very poor way to put it out. So long as Singapore remains a single-industry town (shoving money into the Ministers’ pockets), and there remains an inexhaustible supply of people (us and FTs) to serve as interchangeable parts in that machine, things will continue to get worse.

      Defining a nation in terms of one once-Great Leeader is a declaration by him and his Cronies that they don’t care what happens to the country after he dies; those Cronies left behind can simply take their millions, deposit them in a Swiss bank (that they own), and live anywhere. And so long as we are content to rage and bluster only online, we are easily contained and ignored because the average Singaporean auntie and uncle will never know that there is a group of people that sees their problems as well as our own; will never join in an authentic grass-roots, popular movement to reclaim Singapore from those self-anointed few whose greatest loyalty and service is to themselves.

      We need to organise. We need to come together. We need to plan, and then to act. 2016 is coming…

      Mod’s note:

      Nothing will change unless the PAP’s ‘B’ team aka the ‘Wayang Party’ is eliminated first because it has vowed to form a coalition govt with the PAP if the latter fails to win a majority in 2016. The real opposition parties must contest in Hougang and Aljunied as well to boot out these ‘wayang’ cunts who contribute absolutely nothing in parliament other than ‘bird talk’ about bird droppings! A vote for WP = A vote for PAP!

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