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Singaporeans relieved to see their Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew in pink health

Posted by temasektimes on August 10, 2012

Singaporeans from all ages and walks of life were relieved to see their Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew in pink health following a week of tension arising from malicious rumors spread by irresponsible netizens suggesting otherwise.

As Lee strolled into the podium at the National Day Parade yesterday evening, the crowd erupted into cheers as they waved their hands at their Supreme Leader like what the North Koreans did.

Lee has attended the National Day Parade yearly without fail since he founded Singapore in 1965. He is widely regarded as the ‘National Father’ of Singapore like Mao Zedong, Kim IL-Sung and Ho Chi Minh.

Though he has since retired from the cabinet, Lee is still widely believed to be an influential figure in Singapore. There is nothing in Singapore which is not under the control of his ruling PAP including the ‘opposition’ in parliament which has since become its subsidiary party.

Some comments from netizens on Facebook:

“We enjoy everything we have today cause he fought hard for us. Be grateful, people!” – Jasmine Chan

“I am so relief to hear this news that MM Lee is in pink health. When the rumours were passing around my heart was so heavy. I prayed secretly that MM Lee is all well and the rumours maker will be very sad to know our MM is as fit as a bull.” – Esther Kong

“Long Live Our Singapore Founding Father Mr Lee Kuan Yew – I am So Super Happy To See Him at NDP.” – Eric Wong


89 Responses to “Singaporeans relieved to see their Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew in pink health”

  1. Gardener said

    Nabeh. Ungrateful Government who choose to forget who voted them in.
    Lets see how long you can Tong. Hahahahahaaaa

    • Hopefully he will tong longer than you. Death recognises no age assuming you are young and immature.

      • Zhou Bei Bei said

        Let him live to be a thousand years old.

        If you have live the good life, there is nothing to fear about death.

        But if you gain your riches at the expense of ordinary people and lost your soul in the process, then there is plenty of fear about death and spending an eternity in the netherworld.

      • jack neo said

        just let gardener tong inside you and gardener will not outlive LKY.
        what do u think ?

  2. Jack said

    That is a good news, Why were they in red? And give up their tradition of men in white image?

  3. Innocent Bystander said

    Quote : “Lee has attended the National Day Parade yearly without fail since he founded Singapore in 1965. He is widely regarded as the ‘National Father’ of Singapore like Mao Zedong, Kim IL-Sung and Ho Chi Minh.”

    He didnt found Singapore in 1965. Are u dumb TemasekTimes??
    This shows Singapore is a Communist country if compared to Mao and Kim.

    • Tony Ver2.0 said

      @Innocent Bystander,

      your words are not innocent at all.

      TT did not say the Supreme Leader is the founder.

      • Innocent Bystander said

        U’re another dumbass. Neither did i say the Supreme leader is the founder. TT clearly mentioned that LKY founded Singapore. Singapura was founded way back before LKY was a sperm cell. So read carefully before u reply, STUPIAK!!!

      • God said

        As a nation, Singapore was founded in 1965… since the picture is taken in context of NATIONAL DAY. It’s certainly a given assumption.

  4. Aminurasyid said

    Lan cau supreme leader. A man that ROB and oppress alot of people freedom. Like Zaid Zahari said this LEE KUAN YEW is a COWARD MAN. He used LAW to put his rival behind bar. Don’t think so high handed on this bastard man. There is no transparent with regards to the Temasek Holdings asset. Lee Kuan Yew own singapore citizen an explainations where what is the asset amount now before he die. Otherwise nobody will know to be Exact.

    • Innocent Bystander said

      Very true bro!!!

    • Not many people can agree and see eye to eye with a man of high moral standards.

      • devan and JBJ said

        if every sporean had served the japs like him in WW2, you won’t be here lah!

        if GohKS, LimKS, Raja, TohCC, Barker etc, had insisted their children run the country, you will see better stooges than TinPL, LeeBW, IreneNg, Vikram, Baey, TeoSL , Puthu, FooMH, etc……

        If the above old guards had allowed their spouses to do conveyancing for HDB, the familee won’t be so rich and the estate duty will remain intact lah!

        If the above old guards had insisted their children run Temasek and GIC, you will be working for me and the sad part is I will be the pimp lah!

        How about fixing those deemed as opponents ? Having them locked up for umpteen yrs ? If he did the same to your father, you won’t be here lah!
        Can a person who fixed others be deemed as having high moral standards?
        You obviously have no idea what is moral standards lah!

      • Speak said

        high moral standards my foot.

  5. Innocent Bystander said

    Btw i think he still got another 20 years. By that time lee hsien loong will retire and he will be the MM while his son will be the PM. And LKY will be the new AGM (Ah Gong Minister)

  6. Ah Loot said

    Long Live Lee Kuan Yew. May the PAP rule forever.

  7. Crap... said

    Why do so many Singaporeans worship him like a deity?? For all the good he has done in the past, he has been given thousand folds back in terms of material gain and glory over the decades. How many more decades do you want to treat him like an untouchable? Do you think anyone in modern times can do or say freely anything like him and NOT get into any trouble? What about the less than godly things that he has done in the past? Has he ever been held to these things?

    Of course it’s not nice to wish anyone death BUT it’s plain stupity to treat a human like a deity! We have all given him enough CREDIT, so my fellow Singaporeans – please don’t have this slave mentality anymore. We deserve better and don’t let his past glories affect our better judgement about the future we want.

  8. Mike Zeng said

    To Esther kong….relived not relief !

  9. 6 SIR said

    I think all these posts are not helping at all. Firstly, rumours started that LKY pass away and ppl is waiting for NDP to see the facts. After seeing LKY is still well, ppl start to thrash LKY again. Let use our brains to think again. Get a life!!!

  10. tryme said

    suck enough blood, white shirt becomes red…
    thank you PAP and thank you to the 60.1% singaporeans.

    • You still have the opportunity to post your comment here…truly thanks to the PAP and the 60.1%. Otherwise you may be in a foreign land being someone’s maid or foreign worker with no access to the internet.

      • Julie Ong said

        Ms Jennifer Foo, I’m impressed with your loyalty to Mr Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP. I will agree with you that the PAP government has governed Singapore well. What riles many people, me included, is the abuse of power and the ‘hitting below the belt’ tactics used by the PAP to suppress the opposition. Truly, they are nasty and mean spirited in this regard.

        As regards Singapore’s progress till this day this is a moot point. We simply won’t know if can do even better with more opposition in parliament. Sooner or later Mr Lee Kuan Yew will pass away. It is the same for everybody! Is the world going to stop when it happens? More realistically, is Singapore going to collapse when he’s gone? Truth is no one is indispensable. Someone, somewhere, somehow will rise up to the occasion. This, I believe.

        Again, I salute you for your devotion to the Dear Leader. Hopefully, when you discover the joy of freedom of speech, respect for human rights and generally the opportunities to view things from different perspectives you’ll be convinced that the movement towards more openness and freedom is the way for Singapore to continue forging ahead.

        Majulah Singapura!

      • tintin said

        wait and see the days were come … and you have go to foreign land to become p#$@!&^@*

      • tryme said

        Jennifer Foo u still thinks that you have 60.1% i can tell no more .. only 55% again 45%

      • x12831 said

        Fortunately, I am better off elsewhere away and treated with respect. And not having to work as a cleaner in my 30s.

  11. Corn said

    Sian, nothing to celebrate….

  12. How many fathers do you want ?? said

    It seem that there are a lot of people in SG like to have LKY as their father. Maybe secretly these people hope that they are fathered by him !!!

  13. SG today was NOT build by one man alone !!! said

    SG today was NOT build by one man alone, it was a concerted effort by the people of SG that means your great grand parents, your parents & elder siblings too, so don’t carry LKY balls too far otherwise you are nothing more than a shameless ungrateful shits who denied your family members sacrifices !!!

    • Tony Ver2.0 said

      There’s alot of worshippers here for the Supreme Leader. Maybe it’s time to put a portrait of him at your main hall?

    • Tony Ver2.0 said

      @SG today was NOT build by one man alone !!!

      I have to agree with u. This Nation is built not just by the so-called Supreme Leader alone.

      Anyway, the my comments above is meant to be a fresh comment(Not a reply to your comment). Keyed wrongly.

      Happy Friday to all.

    • From a Malaysian… shame on you Tony!..Never can the history of mankind deserve such a great man like Mr LKY. I challenge every country and countryman to pray for such a man in their own nation to lead their nation & government. This is the only statesman who gave his all, his total adult being to the formation, continuation and aspiration of his people to stand tall in the world, even amongst 1st world nations. Today, Singapore’s per capita GDP stands at $60,000 being the highest in the world despite a tiny nation with no natural resources nor agricultural resources nor natural tourist attractions. What’s more, never have I seen a man who has no whatsoever desire to lead for the purposes of fame and reputation nor financial gains nor glamorised power. If he wanted any of these 3 glories, he need not be the PM but stayed as a lawyer who will definitely succeeded sky high due to his high intelligence (with double degrees stars) plus his late wife’s high calibre and acumen in the arena of law. Mr Lee never craved for glory as he has never insisted buildings, monuments, roads, statues nor busts to be named after him. Even at this golden age at 88, Mr Lee still cares for his people and his nation. How many statesmen after stepping down from their regency post still care for their people or nation like how Mr Lee does? Many, would have garnered enough wealth and reputation for the sake of networking into crony-linked businesses for their own personal gains and abandoned completely on their once nation-building objectives. Mr Lee is not a God nor a deity whom I worshipped, however he has his fair of flaws and pitfalls as a mere human being BUT his character, his integrity, his leadership, his thinking capacity, his foresight is far far more immortal than most mortals. He has many fans all over the 4 corners of planet earth from the business, academics and political circles who crave, dying to hear his wisdom and impartation of how he ticks. The critics have much to talk badmouth him, but can all these critics put together hold a candle to this one man, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. I salute and applaud Mr Lee Kuan Yew even though I am a Malaysian.

      • Tony Ver2.0 said

        You can have him. FOC.

      • ken said

        Tell this to Dr M and Najib.
        You should read from more sources before opening your mouth.
        I will also do the same as a Sporean commenting on Malaysian leaders.
        It is very obvious you do not understand what it means to have integrity.
        And while I agree he has leadership, I doubt you understand his character.
        Do you think Singapore will still be better than Malaysia in 20, 30 years time ?

      • Jaz said

        ^ well said mdm. Well said. These ignorant singaporeans are just mind blowing.

      • Bapok Sissy Loong said

        You sound like you would love to have a child fathered by him.

        ps. Not sure he can make any more babies, though… but you can try. Good luck. LOL !!

      • tintin said

        人在做 天在看,不是不报,可怜的是他的下一代,要承受他的‘因果报应’!!!!

      • Playfair said

        Must be a member from City Harvest. They think the same way.

  14. R. said

    Step down already still call him MM Lee?? Fucking idiots.

    Indeed, Singapore won’t be today without him, his first cabinet ministers and not forgetting our grandparents’ and parents’ handwork to build this country! Is not one man show please.

  15. 123 said

    I really love how you guys compare him with the other communist leaders in the world , Mao Zedong, Kim IL-Sung and Ho Chi Minh,

  16. babuseng said

    LKY is an extraordinary leader who led Singapore through hard times. His efforts and achievements should not be demeaned. Unfortunately, the current batch of PAP cannot hold a candle to the old-timers.

  17. nokiawiz said

    Heil Harry! Long Live The Reich!

  18. realistice said

    To those who is waiting for LKY to go… Why not u migrate to IRAN o M’sia o Indonesia o India o China… Think then you will know how he contributed to this country you resided or born. Please stop the cursing! U don’t have to like/love him but RESPECT!

  19. Optimism said

    I have never agreed PAP’s practices.
    I have never agreed that he should be dead for a reason.
    Nor have I agreed he should live on.

    But I’d like to voice out my thoughts on this though i know it wouldn’t make a difference, it sure does take a load off my chest.

    Firstly, he deserves all the respect from Singaporeans who have benefitted in life because of his doings. No doubt about that.

    Secondly, people who disrespect him are people from the younger generation, they have a good reason for it because he’s taking more then giving to this age group. Again no doubt about that.

    Thirdly, it’s bad to be wishing a death for someone. Take heed how many more evil people are on YOUR personal list that has done far worse. Cult suicides, rapist, robbers etc…. Have you vent your anger as much as how you vent it on our old man here? You’re clearly going in the wrong direction.

    And lastly, You guys who wishes him to not be dead are also another bunch. A selfish bunch…
    Do you know how much he has worked for this country? Well I don’t have a solid figure but I’d say he has done more then enough.
    For you guys saying that he definitely should not die are just inducing more pressure onto him. Just let him go in peace….
    I don’t see another person in Singapore going thru as much as he has been doing for his whole life. Cut him some slack.. please.

    • matt said

      Well, I wish he had cut some slack to those he put in detention for donkey years.
      Those who wasted their years in detention would gladly trade places with him and let him feel what it’s like being inside a cell on trumped up charges.
      I am a benefactor of what the old guards had done for Singapore, but that does not mean I close an eye to all the wrong doings by one of them. Thanks to the internet!

  20. Playfair said

    He FOUND Singapore what rubbish. He was only the mouthpiece the others the brains.
    This whole issue of him being dead was started by the PAP. The are damn good at playing games.

  21. 1964 said

    Awwww fork.
    still not up the lorry yet?
    made me happy for nothing 😦

  22. Annoymous said

    The expression on the face(pic) is like “the person who spread the rumour that I’m dead will be REALLY DEAD!”

    • Unhappy said

      Idol worship is wrong. It wasn’t just LKY who made Singapore what it is today. LKY replaced the PAP old guard in the name of self-renewal, but he himself has not been renewed till today. It is alright to respect LKY but not to the extent of giving him a standing ovation! Remember, Singapore is not a monarchy. He is NOT King of Singapore. He is just an ordinary MP now. Respect him, but not to the extent of idol worship.

      • Aminurasyid said

        How to respect him whem he put all those against him behind bar for sooo long? I cursed Lee Kuan Yew forever until he is dead from this earth.

  23. Nico said

    Jennifer foo, don’t cow bey cow bu as a foreigner on our land la. I am a Singaporean and I salute Mahatir. How? You like it or not? Without him Malaysia won’t be hat it is today.

  24. Danny said

    LKY look healthier than the last appearance, but how about President……?

    • daniel said

      Good observation man! LKY is hoping TT takes his place and kick the bucket first.
      After that, LKY will wait for another stooge to take his place again. Looks like he has some kind of deal with the reaper,
      I will try to find out LKY’s secret and share with you, ok?

  25. Ivan said

    Those who would denigrate LKY have zilch knowledge of ( or chose to totally ignore) his awesome contributions to transforming a backwater island without any natural resources to a world class metropolis earning unsolicited accolades from international organisations for its numerous outstanding achievements in transport, education, health care, social amenities , just to name a few. The best way to silence those who had cruelly and sadistically started and spread the rumour of his ill health and even demise, was his thumbs up at the NDP, and also the broad smile which heartened, thrilled and relieved all Singaporeans. Temasektimes’s “the crowd erupted into cheers as they waved their hands at their Supreme Leader like what the North Koreans did” and “He is widely regarded as the ‘National Father’ of Singapore like Mao Zedong, Kim IL-Sung and Ho Chi Minh” was a pathetic and ill-concealed attempt to add insult to injury, totally lacking in dignity, sensitivity and class.

    • ian said

      You really need to ask the people in China, N Korea and Vietnam what they think of the leaders TT mentioned, i.e Mao, Kim and HoCM respectively.
      I wonder whether you have actually travelled to these countries and interact with the locals ? Do that and come back with another post.

    • wan said

      “Temasektimes’s “the crowd erupted into cheers as they waved their hands at their Supreme Leader ….” wah kau eh, no brainer. Of cos lah…those there all part of the 60% mah…the 40% can’t be bothered to attend (me included) the PAP propaganda show…..didn’t you know many cabut to malaysia and other country every 9 aug. Only suckers stay and become awe to PAP propaganda, brain washing show.

      • Ivan said

        You the spokesperson for the 40%? There would have been many in the 27,000 spectators who would have guffawed at your juvenile illogic. Yes, it’s Singapore’s National Day celebration and all Singaporeans, including those who had voted against the PAP, were there in unity to celebrate the nation’s 47th birthday. Btw, all the WP’s MPs were there too in their red and dark attire. They were suckers, too?

      • ivy said

        Hello, attendance does not mean to celebrate. It can imply merely to watch the show or to watch specific performance.

        200 elderly folks attending a PAP rally does not mean they are there to celebrate or support but for the free packet of food and drinks, not forgetting free transport thrown in.
        Check with kee chiu Chan.

      • Ivan said

        @ Ivy
        Celebrate: to observe (a day) or commemorate (an event) with ceremonies or festivities: to celebrate Christmas; to celebrate the success of a new play.
        Waving their hands, clapping, singing with gusto, smiling, laughing, cheering, swaying in time with the music, faces painted with miniature S’pore flags, attired in bright red/white……the live telecast of the NDP vividly showed all these and more. It is obvious you truly did not understand nor appreciate the nature and sentiments of a celebration. Your bringing in the 200 elderly folks …….. was indicative of your gross inability to focus on the issue at hand.

      • ivy said

        @ Ivan,
        your reply shows the typical PAP apologist who can only see things from one angle. Any wonder why your political masters are trying their damnest to connect with ordinary folks….now ? Yeah, pls Keep this up until 2016.

      • Ivan said

        It is abundantly clear you were unable to marshal sound and credible arguments to substantiate your stance other than to tar feather me with personal attacks. I am pro-Singapore and make no apology for it. In my response to your posting I did not make any reference to ther PAP. Lol,

      • ivy said

        Wow, tar and feather you with personal attacks! Don’t be so dramatic lah!

        so my views to you are abundantly clear I am unable to marshal sound and credible arguments………..LOL,

        I will leave it to the readers whether you sound like a PAP apologist. LOL

      • Ivan said

        @ Ivy
        The millions who watched the live telecast of the NDP and the 27,000 who were there in person did so out of a love for S’pore. Nothing to do with partisan politics. Even the WP MPs dressed in red top to celebrate the national event.

  26. Migrate lah said

    Not happy with pap, migrate lah..easy…Malaysia or Indonesia sure take you….what? They dont take you because you are poor or without a degree? Haha ….then blame yourself for being stoopid

    • wan said

      i am migrating thank you. stupid PAP has destroyed spore.
      Good luck living with foreigners taking over my space.

    • yaacob said

      are you stoopid or what kotek ?
      asking sporeans not happy to migrate to malaysia or indonesia ?
      if the neighbours decide to take spore a few years down the road, don’t expect ex sporeans to speak against it. in fact they may just become part of the idea and contribute to it.

  27. Indignant said

    C’mon people … It was probably a gimmick to stir the feelings of the people because of the waning popularity of the PAP . They probably wanted to test if the people still loved him… A desperate attempt I must say… Shucks couldn’t pop my champagne. My late grandfather would have been pleased to have Lee join him afterall the bugger lied to him… It would be pay back time.

  28. Ben said

    I don’t really like him , but I hate the rumours , why we need to curse a man ??

    • benjamin said

      first of all find out why he is being cursed.
      if the old fart put you in detention without trial for umpteen years, will you thank him ?
      if i know he did this to you, should i close both my eyes because you are nothing to me ?

  29. wall street said

    一脸的德高望重, 背地里是个阴险小人, 奸诈毒辣!!
    人在做 天在看,不是不报,可怜的是他的下一代,要承受他的‘因果报应’!!!!

  30. heart landers said

    I overheard some shop keepers talking amongst themselves and their sentimentd were quite different that those rcpressed in this report..

  31. Geoffrey said

    May MR LEE KUAN YEW enjoy longevity and great health for many more years ahead. Those maybe speculations, but Mr Lee wants us not to heaved a sign of relief, he will like us to uphold the Singapore spirit, the essence and values that etched in every true Singaporean, the same or even stronger passion, sense of national identity, and values of our forefathers, from our history text, the heritage of Singapore, our purpose and foresight and our direction which determine where we are right now, sound governance and policy don’t appear overnight and they are definitely not born out of irresponsible naysayers, we are enjoying the fruits of our forefather labor, Mr Lee contributed his whole life to Singapore, people we should reflect, what right do we deserve to call ourselves Singaporean when we speak such horrible words of our leaders, try getting those naysayers to sculpt policy and govern Singapore, they will pocket your money and not even a cent goes to country development. If I have a prayer, that will be may the lord bless Singapore Mr Lee Kuan Yew to be healthy forever, may there be a leader who is of Mr Lee Calibre and good values, most importantly, may singaporeans have intellectuals and not naysayers for its generation and political scene, regardless. Singapore need intellectuals and transparent governance to have what we have today not just for ourselves but our younger generations of kids, teens and adults and elderly, and we strive to provide not just for our own citizen, we welcome foreign citizens who contribute to the growth of Singapore, multiracial and harmony now comprise not just 4 race, our national identity is simply the intangible variety of 1 body, 1singapore spirit and 1 Singaporean heart and 1 Mr Lee kuan Yew quote , if Singapore is in trouble, I will rise up from the grave to fight for Singapore! I truly wish we as Singaporean, be proud and not arrogant, be self reliance but not self centred and ready to help, we need good government bodies but not guerilla phantom political members or party who can take solid evidence and accountability and not naysayers who is not open and speakup when challenged for evidence.

    • hard to swallow the truth said

      sure or not LKY will rise from the grave to fight for singapore ?
      before you believe this fairy tale, ask LKY himself why he did not fight for singapore but chose to serve the japs who invaded and occupied singapore.


    He is just a walking zombie.

    As long as he’s alive, his pinky son LHL & his minions can hang on to power. With the death of LKY aka THE WALKING ZOMBIE, the climate of fear will diminish & the process of

    change can start. It would also save S’poreans millions on unecessary salary, body guards, istana space, …… & free up medical resources that would be freed for someo with a

    better prognosis.

    • fright night said

      There is this possibility LKY rose from the grave and he could have done this a few times already. What do you think?

  33. Dee Parker said

    got rumour that the doctor say LKY can live and is fit for another 20 years..hip hip hooray!!

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