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Victory parade for China-born paddlers tomorrow

Posted by temasektimes on August 10, 2012

The Singapore Table-Tennis Association will be hosting a ‘Victory Parade’ for the China-born paddlers tomorrow to congratulate and honor them winning two Bronze medals at the London Olympic games which will cost Singapore taxpayers a total of $500,000.

Led by Captain Feng Tianwei and Gao Ning, the Team Singapore paddlers will cruise in an open-top bus to meet and greet fans as well as to receive congratulatory wishes from supporters.

The event will flag off at STTA at 9.30am and make pit stops at Blk 846, Yishun Ring Road and Jurong Point, before driving through Orchard Road and ending at Tampines West Community Club.

“Members of the public are also allowed an ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME chance to play a game of table-tennis with the Olympians at the 26 hours Table Tennis Extravaganza Table Tennis Tournament at Tampines West Community Club at 2.30pm. There will also be an autograph session for fans at the event,” a statement on the STTA website reads.

Despite the ‘victory’ and the constant stream of propaganda spewed out by the state media to glorify it, Singaporeans are more divided over the nationality of the paddlers rather than inspired by them.

A poll conducted by Yahoo News revealed that nearly 80 percent of Singaporeans will not feel proud of a medal won by a foreign-born player.


30 Responses to “Victory parade for China-born paddlers tomorrow”

  1. andy said

    even if they win the gold medal……..i also can’t be bother…

  2. Dogmeat said

    After collecting 250k, now STTA is sponsoring them to go around Singapore parading their foreign ass. Totally shameful.

  3. Styx said

    As a Singaporean, I’m deeply ashamed that my government should stoop so low as to obtain medals at all costs in such a manner. Period.

  4. LkySi said

    Lets all throw rotten eggs and tomatoes at the China born toxic wastes during their victory parade

  5. ken said


  6. I thought TT is #1 political website? why changed the description at the top said

    After they cannot play anymore, will they stay to coach the future gen ping pong players or go back and enjoy life? I believe the latter.

  7. What a fiasco in our sports promotion method compared to Malaysia said

    Singapore and Malaysia have chosen two widely divergent ways to develop national sports talents. Malaysia chose to promote sports excellence by providing all possible facilities to train up their own local talents without the need to pay obscene sums to attract foreign talents, whereas Singapore chose the short-cut of paying exorbitant sums of money to import foreign talents to substitute our own local players.
    The resulting consequence is now very clear. Malaysia now has a steady stream of locally bred world-class sportsmen who are good enough to win Olympic medals without the help of foreign talents.
    On the other hand, Singapore has become increasingly more and more dependent on the foreign talents to win any honour in international competitions. By discarding our own local talents in favour of imported talents, we have diverted all training resources to the foreigners. As a consequence, we have stifled any interest and encouragement of our own home-bred kids. Any sparkle of local talent that may have originally existed inherently in our own deprived boys and girls are rendered still-born without ever being given the opportunity to develop at all.
    Even local school-level competitions are now reduced to an all-foreigners affair with different imported talents representing different schools, while the local boys and girls are reduced to mere spectators watching the foreigners compete.
    Singapore’s ever increasing reliance on money to buy foreign talent has sadly reached addictive proportion now, in the same way that one cannot discard the misuse of opium once one is addicted to it.
    There is no short-cut or substitute to train our own sportsmen. We should send only our own talents to overseas competitions even if we have to lose, because at least our own boys and girls are given the encouragement to train hard, and to acquire necessary experience in a major competition.
    I fear we may have already reached such a sad irreversible state of over-reliance on foreigners that it may no longer be possible to weed out our present over-reliance on money to buy foreign talents.

    • Playfair said

      Well said, the locals have become second class citizens.
      At this stage what incentive and motivation do Local Singaporean’s have if they are treated this way.
      The foreign imports are treated better than the locals.
      Even if our local did not win any medals you can see how they were treated, just dumped aside.
      The imports were upgraded by Singapore Airlines from economy to business class. Poor Singaporeans were sitting at the back.
      They were greeted at the airport which was arranged and a Limo was at their disposal.
      Lee Bee Wah you are the one responsible for creating this divide and you have always favoured these imports.

  8. kk said

    It will b interesting if everyone get the china flag, wrap it up with hell money + our sh*t. Throw it onto these foreign trash faces. Let c how many Singaporeans they can sentence.

  9. NaBey said

    Hi TT, play with FTW at tampines CC? If I win how? She will gimme $250k?

    • kaypoh said

      lol good one !

      If u win I think they just let u carry the flag & throw flowers to your fans at the next Olympics 🙂

      • NaBey said

        If I win, they will think FTW pang chance. So I think better don’t go. Otherwise got lose face.

    • jack neo said

      If you can beat any China B player, you can pao anyone in the team.
      But if you lose, LeeBW will pao you for 1 night, provided you can last that long. LOL

  10. Not Impressed said

    “A poll conducted by Yahoo News revealed that nearly 80 percent of Singaporeans will not feel proud of a medal won by a foreign-born player.”
    This poll is true, but if they asked, 100% of true-blue Singaporeans will say they do not feel proud of any FT medals.

    If the govt wanted medals, surely it would have been cheaper to give the passport to a couple of the best Ethiopian long distance runners.

  11. mahbok tan said

    congratulation comrade for China success in the table tennis olympics.

    for Sgporean eat your heart out …. you all are poorer for all the money given to them….God Bless SGporean ….!!!!

  12. ;ABC said

    Correct me if I am wrong. The medal winners at the Olympics, especially those who win for their country the first time, will pick up their national flags and celebrate. Teng and her team mates did not do that. Apart from the question of gratitude they show no pride in being “Singaporeans”.

    • Naivety said

      Well said & I must admit that you are very observant indeed!

      But unfortunately, Feng TW & Co are not actual Singaporeans (born & bred in Sinkapore) to begin with as they are actually mercenaries imported from China to don our national colours for that sole purpose of winning an Olympic medal on our behalf therefore, why should they feel a sense of pride then & must embrace our National Flag???

      I don’t understand the logic & rationality here can Lee BW or the Pro-Alien Party kindly illuminate???

  13. Naivety said

    Hey TT!

    The total payout amount from Tax Payers’ funds should be S$ 625,000 instead of just only S$500,000 as stated by you.

    The amount payout for a Team Bronze Medal is S$375,000 as compared to S$250,000 for an individual Bronze Medal, please get your facts right!!!

  14. Neutral said

    It seems that Feng Tianwei is throwing the flowers to the left of the China supporters holding the flag and over their heads. What cannot be seen from the video is if the recipients are indeed China supporters or perhaps her friends/acquaintances. She did not throw directly to the group of people holding the flags.

    I’m not her fan and I’m all for local talent but I believe it is important to get the full picture before coming to any conclusion.

    So to the video uploader, can you post the after-footage of this video to see just who received the flowers.

  15. NaBey said


  16. Sangrawi said

    Huh? Singapore won table tennis gold meh?

    How come got victory parade?

    We must be the only nation in the world to give victory parade to citizens (hearts and minds) of other country (China B team)… Wonder if China A team got a victory parade …

  17. Wolfglare said

    PRC trash…we Singaporean can’t be bother with your medal…go home we don’t want you here

  18. iai said

    Like an astute forummer said: not once did any of the table tennis players thanked Singapore. Instead they talked about their achievements, shameless ingrats!

  19. kums said

    Well, they have agony aunt LBW to accompany them on their parade and I suppose some people are paid or given free gifts(as usual) to turn up and clap!

  20. gahman said

    President, Ministers, private sector staff are receiving pay cut. Why are these trash still receiving obscene reward at the expenses of Singaporeans? We draw only 90 dollars a month in NS. F d gayman,.

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