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Constant complaining about govt and foreigners will not do us any good

Posted by temasektimes on August 11, 2012

In recent years, there have been a number of forums (HWZ, Stomp), FB pages & websites moaning about the PAP government, its policy of bringing in the foreign talents, & how crap life is in Singapore. I think it’s okay to feel demoralized at times when we are feeling weighed down by the realities of life, but do we have to be so pessimistic that we have to let this feeling go viral on the internet & make the entire nation feel crap? There are friends & families, & little things springing up in various moments of our daily lives, & if we ignore the small things that can possibly delight us & make our day, then no wonder we always feel Singapore is a shit place.

Perhaps, by complaining about the government’s policies & blaming the foreign talents’ competition for our jobs, it is a way of expressing our feelings of “national victimization” & also a way of consoling ourselves for our own lack of competence & inability to compete.

We tend to look back at Singapore of the earlier generation, when the neighbourhoods were safe, families were larger, & kids were easier to raise. We think about those simpler times when public housing, healthcare & education were not as expensive. Now, social discord between locals & foreigners & income inequality has caused us to feel that Singapore is a much less friendly, secure place.

However, we should stop being pessimistic nor feel victimized by the situation we are in. No government is perfect, & it’s easy to blame the PAP for not doing enough. Despite the challenging times that we are living through, we should not “go against ourselves”. In Chinese, it’s called “别跟自己过意不去”. If we continue feeling victimized & depressed, & conveniently put the blame on the government & the circumstances, we will continue to lay stuck in the rut & be unable to move on in life. 做人就要积极面对困境,不要处于消极的状态. 否则,你就只是在跟自己过意不去罢了. In fact, we have plenty to be grateful for in terms of the advances in internet computing & social networking, etc. We now have the tools & gadgets that have brought us the conveniences that our forefathers could never have imagined. Hence, we should strive to transcend beyond our circumstances & keep moving forward. Perennially complaining against the government & foreigners may bring solace & comfort to you, but it won’t personally do you any good for your advancement in life. 所谓路不转,人转. 怨天怨地,就是跟自己过意不去.

I’d like to wish all Singaporeans, whether you’re an old or new citizen, HAPPY 47th BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!


*The above was first posted as a comment on PM Lee’s Facebook.


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  1. Happy National Day to my favourite city in the world

  2. Zep said

    i agree. the government is filled up of ordinary people who make up a large bulk of singaporeans. and contrary to public opinion, ordinary public servants, not ministers, play a huge role in affecting policies. to suggest and implement improvements are part and parcel of ordinary process by ordinary government staff – in fact one is encouraged to suggest improvements and get them implemented with higher staff appraisal as an incentive. So complaining about the government is like complaining about yourself, or complaining about your fellow singaporeans.
    and face it, if you are not in the govt, go join it lah! and change things from inside. too bad lots of people are lured by higher paying private sector jobs and the govt is finding it hard to recruit and retain talent (hence the scholarship program – even then, many scholars leave after their bond for greener pastures). don’t complain abt the govt, join the public sector, take a lower pay, but serve the public! you will get overworked and fighting against a system run by people who mean well but not perfect (no system is)..but to help improve things, that is what we singaporeans should do instead of complaining asking someone else to do the job. if everybody asks someone else to do the job, then who would do it?

    • Naivety said

      I do not agree with your dogmatic views & analysis & if that is the case, why are we having the highest paid salaries in the world govt officials for then??

      For not doing any constructive & creative work at all or for doing nothing when we are paying them Millions of Dollars in salaries in a year???

      Where is the logic & rationality in ur argument & points raised above???

      Could it be that the present govt which is from the same party that had governed, ruled & monopolized Parliament in Sinkapore for more than half a century already is so full of themselves that they have become incompetent, arrogant, incapable, complacent & unfeeling towards its own citizens for the sole sake of monetary gains & rewards???

      We must admit that the policies implemented by the present govt so far are indeed flawed & inadequate which clearly shows that they themselves have not given much thought to it before implementing them.

      This is all thanks to the 60.1% daft Singaporeans such as yourself during GE 2011 who had blindly voted the Pro-Alien Party into power. A trend of having a single party governing a country for more than 50 years still is not good for its citizen in the long run as it will lead to complacency and monopoly situation without any competition whatsoever.

      We need to vote in more opposition parties into Parliament to compete & spur them to work as opposition will serve as a check & balance on the ruling government as well as a motivation for the present government to perform its duties faithfully, creditably and properly!!!

      Mod’s note:

      The percentage is actually 76% if you include the supporters of the PAP’s ‘B’ team – the ‘Wayang Party’ which vows to keep the PAP in power forever.

  3. ngpy said

    If this Ruling Party and the Government is seriously and sincerely going for betterment on performance for improvement for all of us, we The Citizens Of Singapore will for sure lend SUPPORT to them. But if they do not show their Sincerely then it is a very sad case and very sorry for them.

    • funnylitteboy said

      it’s sincerity

    • no longer any sense of identity and belonging said

      my dear ngpy

      Wish you to know that I am a local born I loved my country and my country is Singapore,On every National Day since then joyously,I hung to flew our state flag with immense pride but not any more because I felt being betrayed because our state flag of red and white with the five stars and a half moon cresecent has now being mocked and been made a mockery of its true meaning of self being and recognition plundered and pillaged by the PAP government

      To hang and display the state flag of Singapore on National Day without the sense of identity and belonging is immensely of utter disgrace and a mere hypocrite

      In essence,all along,the PAP only brought an empty cart (Trojan Horse) with the belief of hope and a bright future and we the people of Singapore brought the horses to worked and pulled to where we are togather today

      That empty cart which the PAP designed,eventually was filled with its cohorts of Satan to fatten themselves by pillage and plunder of our constitutional integrity

      Its good to have high hope,but for certainty you can bet your bottom dollar the PAP and its cohorts of Satan wont admit their wrongdoings with failed governmental policies untowardly laid down to suppressed Singaporeans for fear of losing face

  4. THANK YOU said

    All the current policies are indeed flawed.

  5. Jack said

    Without us expressing our disappointment, do you think the GST is still at 10%? Foreigner not higher than 40%? Ministers salary not stay higher than now? And more differentiation between true blue Singaporeans and PR will happen? Sorry, I can’t agree with you on your headline at all, jack ng

  6. Singapore Cock said

    Carry balls PRC FT!

  7. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    Extremely, well said Mr.Ronnie Ng! Your posting should and must be taken seriously by all of us who love our birth place, Singapore. Thanks for the positive reminder!

  8. kaypoh said

    Yeah, so what are u gonna do bout it?

    Run for election in 2016? Kick the useless buggers out? Or just do nothing?

    Or are u enjoying life, living the “Swiss Standard” of living?

    Heck, maybe you’re one of them papayas!

  9. P Koh said

    Venting anger is one way of releasing tension and steam. Ronnie, you are right that if we stay depressed we are living in the past and it does nobody any good especially oneself. If we are worried and concerned all the time, we are living in the future which we do not know how it will turn up. If we live in peace and accept things as they are while grappling with change that can make our lives better, we are living in the present. No amount of cursing and swearing can change what had been done and hopefully, according to PM’s Lee National Day address the appointment of Education Minister Mr. Heng Wee Keat and a committee to look into these discords can bring some relief to those who are suffering from recent changes in social living conditions and attendant high cost of survival in our beloved country. There is HOPE and this is what the poorer Singaporeans are wishing for. Time will tell.

  10. hachoo said

    Yes, I agree with the author that constant complaining is not going to do us any good. One has to aspires. HOwever, there is a difference between whinning and complaining as someone else has contributed.

    Likewse, when some complain there seemed to be just a fraction in the community. But, when the complaining group grew larger than usual, its no longer just a minor group. Nobody is asking the GOV for handouts !
    The public is asking for the review and adjustment of misguided poilcies that are hurting the local citizens. The recent spate of incidents and scandals demonstrated that some policies are far from ideal.

    One needs to understand the mentality of the lower rung in the society versus those at the upper rung. Those simply want to have a decent living and get on with life and most would inspire to upgrade whenever the opportunity arises as in most countries. Those on top (or when they reached the top) will do whatever to keep their top position at the expenses of those below. you can blame it on human nature.

    HOwever, when you have the whole machinery (aka policies) working against the lower rung group until its almost overbearing, that’s where the pain starts to hurt and become unbearable, the complain sinks in to try and alert the GOV to review its policy setting. SO far, it seemed to fell on deaf ears as perceived. When that happened, the lower rung (which is also the majority group in most cases) will start to seek alternatives to have their problem resolved as quickly as possible.

    One also needs to understand the plight of the lower rung, its no longer easy to juggle between jobs, family with the rising cost of living with stagnant income and worst, no (sustainable) jobs ! Perhaps, The GOv may have been trying to spur on the locals then with new imported “talent” but the “opened flood gate” has backfired (in my opinion) and its almost irreversible.

    The people has spoken and the GOV has been reacting but not responding so far. The final outcome of this ongoing debate and perhaps even struggle is anybody guess and I do hope it will come to a sensible closure for most of them.

    Happy (or unhappy for some) Independence Day to all Singaporeans.

    • Julie Ong said

      Hachoo, I am with you all the way. I understand and know what it is like to be at the ‘bottom rung’. In fact I began my working life doing menial, dead end jobs. Do persevere though. Be proud of yourself.

      I will never begrudge others who are successful. The issue comes to a head when the leaders of the nation talks at the people not to the people. Totally out of touch with the real world. Not understanding the daily struggles of the average citizen. Put bluntly our ministers sometimes speak from their backsides and not from their mouths! Appalling! I’d say it again loud and clear: Bring out the rotan and give them a real caning at General Election 2016. Never be afraid of the government. They had better work conscientiously, more so now that they have rewarded themselves so obscenely. We need results. Par Excellence performance. Any lowering of the living standards of the struggling families and I for one will severely criticise you (the government) for being inept.

      To the PAP Government: Please get down to the business of running the country well. Your performance so far is unsatisfactory. You’ve got the money. Now, get on with the JOB!

  11. Wtf said

    Dear ronnie, thanks for yr post. I agree with your post, but the trouble is the govt claim they are the bestvtalents and thus have the best pay. They say u r the best and accept best pay, then they better deliver. Else say the r not the best and reduce salary and i am sure he noise level will drop

    “Do any good for your advancement?”. Er…… U living in hole? My quality of life has already dropped significantly. Wat u talking about?

    Tell u frankly this too….. I do not accept being a minority in my own country.

  12. Kokky said

    As WP puts it, PAP is Driver, WP is Co-driver. Driver not doing well Co-Driver slaps him. We are the backseat passenger, if both not doing well we slap them both, else they ganna into accident then get us killed…

    Mod’s note:

    The co-driver is in cahoots with the driver. It has been sleeping for a long time. A vote for WP = A vote for PAP! Please help spread the message.

    • U_SEE_ME_NO_UP_AH? said

      Dear Mod, if what you say that WP is in cahoots with PAP is true, then sorry to say, we are all doomed to accept our fate fully at the mercy of PAP rule. Unfortunately, at this point of time, all the opposition parties, be it SDP, NSP, SPP, RF, etc. all cannot make it on their own as well. Not unless they are able to put aside their differences in opinions, selfish agendas and/or motives and working in full cooperation together, will they be able to form one credible opposition. As the saying goes “too many cooks spoils the soup”.

    • Playfair said

      There he goes again, any opportunity to run the WP down.
      You are so anti WP why dont you come up with a list on what the WP should be doing.

      • Naivety said

        Our Dear Moderator hopes that by running down the WP & suppressing other opposition party/movement, his SDP & Dr. Chee Soon Juan could be elected & grow in strength & power!

        Too bad Chee Soon Juan as a bankrupt still is not eligible & qualified to stand for election even according to Singapore Law!!!

    • Invictus said

      Sadly, our friends at WP has not made any strong impression since GE2011. Maybe just like our friends at PAP, members of WP at Parliment are busy counting their fat salary at payday 🙂

      Mod’s note:

      They are not known as the ‘Wayang Party’ for nothing, probably still dreaming of jumping into the same bed with the PAP. ‘If the PAP fails to win a majority in the next GE, the Workers Party vows to form a coalition govt with it to keep it in power.’ – WP MP Pritam Singh, May 2011

      • Edmund said

        I think we shd not run WP down for not doing anything.What WP do is not reported in the MSM so how do the ppl know what they are doing? On the other hand what little things PAP do, it will be on page one of the shit times. Only ppl will know in 5 years time whether WP lives up to its name and reputation.

        Mod’s note:

        What has WP contributed in the past one year? It has truly lived up to its name and reputation as a ‘Wayang’ or ‘Whoring’ Party. LOL.

      • Naivety said

        @Mod, what’s so very wrong of having a coalition government or having multiple parties in Parliament?

        It is still much better than having a sole & single party like now presently who has monopoly of the entire Parliament without competition & ultimately leads to complacency & poor performance as well as unaccountability, right???

  13. Constance said

    Thank you and well said 🙂

  14. mahbok tan said

    An angry and hungry man will make no noise ????

    Are we daft n blinded by the materialistic culture here n should we be grateful to hitler , saddam hussien or pol pot as their intention are for the good of his own people…???? Not for himself !!!!!!!
    WTF / KNNBCCB….!

  15. hachoo said

    Just to add one more point . while it’s the upper rung (the minority) of the society that spearhead to seek investments for the country, its also the lower rung’s (the majority) tenacity and compassion that allows and provides the upper rung the space to do their job. Both sides have to work in tandem. One side cannot afford to forsake the other. Its perceived that this balance has been tilted lately and needs to be corrected.

    Sometimes, its not the substance of the message but rather its the manner the message that its been delivered and the concrete action that follows through. I can say some of the younger leaders of today simply lacks this aspect. Likewise, the younger generation of today also lacks patience. So who inculcates all these behaviours ? Everyone and everything contributed in some ways. At the end of the day, we need to ask ourselves what we want as a country and what we want to be going forward.

    Vibrancy and cosmopolitans are just words that attached to a country and its just as empty without the participations of her citizens.

    As for me, I want my country to be as soulful as we used to be. A human body without a meaningful soul, its just like a walking zombie. And I am not sure what you call a country without it .

    • P Koh said

      Well said and it depends whether the ruling party can deliver what they have promised so far. A better life and a Swiss
      Living Standard but so far too much have been concentrated on rewarding the Ministers instead. The Ministers actually got a lot of feedbacks and suggestions from grassroot leaders F.O.C. It is time that they should take a more proactive stance not just listening and wondering what should be done since there are so many social issues that have gone astray. They must tell the populace their action plans so that the people know and perhaps even step up to help the implementation of new directives for a better future for all.

  16. Naivety said

    Hey Ronnie!

    Don’t try to TCSS here please & it is probably much easier for you to say so as you are actually a crony & ass licker of the Pro-Alien Party with a well paying job with rights fully protected by them lah!!!

    We, native Singaporeans are finding extremely hard to make our ends meet & struggling daily to put 3 decent meals on the table when we have got no jobs & work all thanks to the Pro-Alien Party massive importation of FTs into Sinkapore to replace & displace us of decent jobs & snatch our ricebowls!!!

  17. Steve said

    MR Ronnie Ng

    Put yourself in other people perspective, before you put your thought online. People complain with a cause, if you had not been hit by the cause, shut the F up.

    • LumParParLan said

      Clearly, your objective of replying here is to create negative sentiments among the so-called victimized Singaporeans to raise up against the government…must let me ask you…Just who do you think you are to represent all of us? Whatever inflaming words you leave down here only represent your personal views…you should instead print out your letter and openly go around asking people to sign their name on your letter. Only then you can talk on behalf of those who had signed on your letter! Please don’t try and be smart and talk on behalf of everyone! I despise you!

  18. Tinseltown said

    Scoring to points here…..Definitely the biggest bootlicker of the PAP this year ! I wonder if he’s working in the civil service.

    • Heed said

      Then we also can say that u r the biggest bootlicker of the WP this yr lor..

      • herm said

        Ask yourself, what can you get in return for bootlicking WP ?
        No brainer right ?
        Bootlick and kiss PAP asses is the only way to get ahead in life, right ?
        How about who is better off, those in LKY’s Tanjong Pagar team or those in Aljunied GRC ? Just ask kee chiu Chan or Indranee.

  19. 1964 said

    this bugger dunno is he single, unwanted with no children?
    U go find job, U gotta Q behind the FT.
    U get married try getting a house, u gotta compete with FT.
    U wife go hospital give birth, U gotta fight for slot with the FT.
    U got child wanna enroll school, u gotta ballot with FT.
    U buy car oso need to bit COE with the FT.
    U go take MRT oso squeeze with the FT.
    U go mall to have a good meal, sorry hoh, open your forking eye & see the long long Q!
    U think U having a good life with the PAP? U wait long long!

    • seluj said

      Blame yourself for being less marketable, less talented, less attractive, less desirable, and royally a pain in the bottom with your complaints. Go join the civil service and enjoy the pie yourself

    • Ng said

      Are you exaggerating matters here? I’m born in sg, no prob in finding job, no problem in getting my cheap bto, no problem in finding childcare centre for my kid. I’m not rich for sure but I dun think I have a poor standard of living? I dun have prob getting a car too tho I agree that the Coe is damn high. Therefore, thank u ronnie for the post. I agree that whinning really doesn’t get us anywhere.

      • Naivety said

        Only you have no problems doesn’t mean others do not have!!!

        Suggest you shut the fark up, u crony & ass licker of the Pro-Alien Party as other native Singaporeans are finding it extremely hard to put 3 meals on the table daily!!!

        Hope you & ur children, grandchildren & future decesdents will lose ur jobs to FTs soonest!!!

    • b20 said

      In short, we’re fucked.

  20. Andrew Chen said

    Totally disagree!

    We absolutely MUST continue to complain and move public opinion against the PAP. They have full control of the mass media to execute on any brainwashing schemes, we musn’t for a minute let our guard down.

    • seluj said

      Not happy, get out of Singapore. Go be a citizen in Australia or new Zealand and deer if it is any better.

      • 1965 said

        you get out! you have less rights here. FO!

      • Julie Ong said

        Hi, Seluj.

        It isn’t easy to get into Ausrtalia or New Zealand. Unlike our traitor ‘sellout’ government the governments of Australia and New Zealand will ensure that you speak English and have the relevant skills or professional qualification before they accept you. Don’t believe me. Just apply and see for yourself.

        The other question is: Why leave Singapore? Singapura, The Lion City.
        Lion, King of the beasts! Ah, I get it. You’re being mauled by the rogue lions in the government. But, wait a minute ….. you’re smarter. Cage them in and send them back into the jungles! In the fullness of time (GE2016).

        Another thing. A winner never quits. Yes, rest and recover. Thereafter, fight on. You have no idea how much heat you’ll be putting on the government to change things if the peasants (us) keeps crying, complaining
        or attacking them. Look at it this way: If the baby doesn’t cry the mother will not give him/her milk. Not hungry, mah!

        I hope I have convinced you. We have the Power. Use it. Otherwise they (the government) will abuse it!

  21. GiveNTakeback said

    Hello if we don’t make noise all Papies will come in as MIW at NDP. Now they listen to us and came in red & white.

  22. NaBey said

    Singapore is a society that is moving backward. When is the last time you see people Queue to take Bus and MRT? Have you been to Taipei, Bangkok, HongKong, Shanghai lately? During peak hour, you see people Q for MRT, those priority seats were never taken. The last time I saw this happen in Singapore was 10 years ago…..
    We did not complaint that much before the last election. President Salary was $4M, do you know there was a $73K budget for “entertainment”? What the hack was that entertainment budget for?
    After the last election, realizing they were losing ground, salary was cut half. If that is sufficient, then for the past 8 years where did the extra money go?
    We complaint not because we like to complaint. We complaint because GOVT never listen to people voice!

    • seluj said

      Be an MP Yourself. Be the change you want to be. Desist from making noise like mosquitos, and do something constructive, for our sake, and yours.

  23. david wee said

    We have a minister who said that our 4 rooms flat are the same size as before…????? and a single income family earning S$1,000/- can buy a HDB apartment ???? n we r supposed to keep paying him n others like him millions $$$$.WTF

    • seluj said

      Simple solution if you are unhappy paying for talent: be the talent yourself. Quit grumbling, and start doing something constructive. Be an MP yourself. Then propose changes tothe social welfare policies.

      • mahbok tan said

        wah lau eh fliend…..don;t lait dat la…. u ask peasant like us to be MP arh…???

        den hor LHL must sit where arh…???? Ur reply arh sound sarcastic lei…..but its OK coz peasant like us get use to it liao…..just hope hor the table do not utrn against u hor….tq.

  24. Karma will prevail said

    Mr. Ronnie Ng

    You are not wrong entirely but again you are also like a frog in the well to see only the good sides and ignore the bad sides.

    As the saying goes ” if you have not pricked by a needle you wouldn’t feel the pain”. But you must always have the heart for those of your fellow country men who may not be as lucky as you and are suffering now (because of some of the critical policies). Karma will prevail .人在做天在看。

    • seluj said

      How shallow can you be? Everyone suffers in one way or other. Who gives you the right to determine which type of suffering should precede others? The karma will befall upon judgemental people like you, harbingers of gloom.

    • Ken Lee said

      ronnie, look forward to see your son and daughter suffer like us!

  25. ken said

    we need a revolution

  26. bb said

    The big problem is the gov running the country as if it is a pte enterprise-even public transport must make money(LKY concept)-no where in the world public transport make money- because certain routes are not viable commercially. It does affect certain countries eg Australia every family owns cars. Sg is completely different as majority are non car owners-so public transport can not compromise.

    To run a country is different from running a pte enterprise where it is maximising profits for shareholders(Minister Salary). It is the duty of the gov of the day to tax the rich and give it the poor- in short it is distribution of wealth. The current gov fails to understand the problems and the ppl of sg are not given a fair go. Everthing being equal there should not be any advantage given to the foreigners for eg scholarship. These foreigners realised it and that sg ppl are being discriminated by their own gov and therefore adopt a superior altitude to sg ppl. Whatever the overiding reasons (to encourage citizenship, increase chinese population or political reasons)-it should not be at the expense of sg ppl-very simple you can give scholarships to foreigner but it should give more scholarships to sg pplthan foreigners.

    Another point I like to bring out is that everytime the Minsters remind sg ppl that sg have no natural resources and ppl have to work hard. I put this question to them then why you are paid million dollar salaries. Even Australia have almost all the resources like iron ore, LNG, nickel, uranium, even diamonds Juliet Gillard and her minsters are not paid the kind of salary. So this is a source of discontent among sg ppl.

    If Sg is like WA, LHL will want more than his salay now.

    • Ng said

      Tax the rich and give to the poor? Lol. U think this is a communist country that emphasises equality? Then I rather be the poor man! No need to work so hard but the rich men’s taxes will be my income! Anyway it’s already happening in some ways…gst rebates or other govt handouts are given according to ur income, benefiting the poor isn’t it? To what extent do u think this shld be further carried out? It’s not easy to lead a country and ur overly simplistic views are not helping Singaporeans.

      • Hey Ng, It’s not about equal wealth my friend.
        It’s about “FAIR” wage for a fair amount of work.
        Do you think “bottom-Feeding” from your own employees in the name of restructuring to
        “Reward” only upper management on how well they save money for the company is right or fare?
        You my friend is in a position to be greedy and that’s the bottom line.

        On GST credits, why do you think the government is doing it?
        Because the rich will threaten to leave if the government don’t listen to them.
        Remember, GST is there so that the rich pay less taxes. Now everyone else pay taxes indirectly.
        We have the lowest tax rate for foreigner due to the GST.
        I will be glad to exchange places with you. Lets see how you handle $300 of GST credits for a year.
        That equate to $25 a month of GST credits. That’s the amount I put in or more on GST.
        So in actuality, they are giving me back my own money after taking it from me in the first place.

        You see my Greedy friend, GST Credits is only “Action” of doing good.
        Do you think it works for the rest of society?

        It’s when greedy people like you learn the value of “Social Responsibility”
        Is when we can live as a proud nation where not only the rich
        but everyone including the rich can live life “Fairly & Squarely.”

        And that my friend, is what LIFE is all about.

        Majulah Singapura

  27. Mich said

    Ppl love to kpkb coz too free. If sickness comes , see whether got the mood Anot. I ‘m not cursing anyone but just hope we can have a little optimism in life. Count our blessings and more good things will come our way.
    Look at other nations who are plagued by so many disasters… Euro debt , typhoon, floods , tsunami , high percentage of joblessness blah blah.
    Have a nice day ok. We r blessed to be living in Singapore .

  28. Many realise citizens second but foreigners fisrt, not too late to know this fact.

    • Ng said

      Many? How many? Where did u get the figures fr? Facebk? Here at TT?

      Foreigners at my workplace were not given special treatment at all and in fact bcos they dun speak gd English, they are not really the performers too.

  29. Mark Perkins said

    Onward Chinapore!

  30. Being pessimistic is not all bad. We get to see the negativities and acknowledge it. Rather than push it under the carpet like it’s not there.
    The problem is…. this government is not use to hearing a free media with alternate views. On this issue the government must adapt and accept it as the future norm.

    You quote “consoling ourselves for our own lack of competence & inability to compete.” I take this as an insult to our countrymen. I am appalled.
    From this statement I can tell that you are definitely from the management level or above.

    Let’s talk about “Competency & Competition”.
    If you compare our first world nations to other first world nations,
    you will find that we are the one and only so called “First World Nation with Third World Labor Laws.”
    Employees here are being “Exploited” from all angles.

    If you ask a foreigner from a “Developed” country,
    they will tell you with amazement that we Singaporeans are the hardest working people, for a “Developed” country.
    The only first world nation with an “Overtime” culture.
    Salaries are also suppressed by using “Third World Country” Citizens to compete with us. Where is the competition here?
    At the end, what we get is a “Win Win” situation for the “Employers” and “Foreigner” and what’s left is “Save Jobs” for Singaporeans.

    Ronnie, I can tell from your letter that all you care is for yourself and your family.
    With no social responsibility to the nation. All you care is for the economy, your profits & bonuses to go up for the rich.
    If we keep up with this present system….
    Soon the rich will have to employ guards and raise the parameter fence to keep the rest of society out.
    Why you may ask… the number one problem is this government and most of other developed world is…
    GREED!!!!! allowing it to manifest “IS” the present problem.

    Ronnie my countryman, did you ever taught about “Fairness?”
    Paying a “Fair” wage to your employees. Giving them jobs that is equivalent to salaries?
    Our Employers have been “Bottom Feeding” their own employees in the name of “Restructuring.”
    It is like cancer.

    The problem is very big. But “Change” is inevitable or else we will eventually kill ourselves.

    Change must come but slow. We must untie this huge knot that we have created.
    We must look long term. It’s a mind set change for the economy and the government.
    The government & Investors must have a sense of Social responsibility for the nation rather than for economy, profits or oneself.

    It’s all about “Living Life” in a Fair and Justified way. Money alone is not going to solve our problems.

    Majulah Singapura!!!!

    • mahbok tan said

      Fully agree ….LIKE …LIKE…LIKE…!!!
      Coz uncle mahbok tan cannot express as good as you …so have to like many..many …many and AGREE FULLY.

  31. Pepper said

    I think complaining is a form of social activism. Especially in Singapore.

  32. CB said

    Constant complaining about govt and foreigners will not do us any good ?

    U mean do YOU !! Govt any good ? we local where Chinese , Malay , India , even some old bird PRs , just showing our unhappy only !! You think we don”t know what you are doing ?? Before U sleep , better adjust your pillow propery and think ! I myself had not bring out the words !#!@$! !! to you yet !! …. i still respect
    U so far as a leader ! Let keep it this way !! , don”t force me to !@#!$@@$@ … you !!

    • mahbok tan said

      Bro CB ….. this people from the ivory tower got no ears no hear , got eyes no see …… got mouth for ????

      As if to complain is a criminal offence…!!! Wad da fug ….are we in North korea or China ….. where democracy is dead !!!

      To TSronnie , KNNBCCB !!!

  33. Bedok said

    I m not going to complain but already decide on who to vote in Bedok in 2016.

  34. joker said

    1. thanks for your well wishes
    2. you confirm you do what you preach?
    3. who do you vote lately?

  35. sure or not! said

    the only way to keep a check on politicians from running amok is to complain. if not they will be thinking all is okay, and do whatever they want.

  36. Lim said

    Watch total recall the movie.

    The colony inside the movie reflect all the true blood local born sporeans.

    The Britain government reflects current PAP guys

    Those robots army reflect those FT and new citizens

    Now we need one hero only

  37. Singaporean said

    If you want to be paid millions as the world highest pay cabinet, then please be prepare to be bombarded if you cannot perform!

  38. Don't complain but don't forget said

    Well, yes constant complaining is not very constructive and yea, we should also look at the small things in life and try to make the best out of it or be happy. But we must also not forget those flawed policies or those that we disagree. Don’t complain does not mean we agree with everything. While complaining or disagreeing with whatever it is, it does not mean the person stop moving, you can complain while still planned ahead. If you don’t voiced out, they will never know what is wrong. I disagree on the complain not bringing any good for advancement in life because that are two separate matters, it depends on individual whether to move forward or not.
    And complain and feedback are very thin line and it depends on how you want to look at it. To me, complain is also a form of feedback and if people are happy, they won’t complain or complain less.

  39. SBC said

    If there is an alternative political party which is strong enough to counter the Pappies, we would not have been complaining so much; we just vote for the Alternative.

    Unfortunately the Pappies has over the years weakened the Oppositions with GRCs, lawsuits, and the other tactics to limit them. We don’t have a viable alternative ( yet ). Sigh..

    Mod’s note:

    Instead of an alternative, we have a fake opposition party to ‘wayang’ in parliament. Sigh…

    • SBC said

      What kind of stupid moderator are you ? Outright biased against certain political party. If like that you can fill up all the comments yourself. Idiot.

      I will not come back.

  40. Ben said

    Can’t even sound out what we are not happy with? Govrt really know lot of sg suffer ? Can’t speak out our mind ? Am I in Singapore or in Russia or north Korea or in china ? Omg ……..

  41. Anthony Tang said

    Easy to say, because he is not effected. I really do not believe that the influx of foreigners have not effected the poster.

  42. Samuel said

    Ronnie Ng is wrong. It is important to continue to “complain about Government/PAP failures and incompetence since it is almost impossible to effect change through the ballot. The election system (with “opaque” GRC system) was setup to ensure PAP control Parliament. By continuing to “complain” more and more Singaporeans will realise that REGIME CHANGE is the only way forward for Singapore.

  43. Fahren said

    Some things may not quite measure up, but we should try to celebrate what is good in life – sharing of good times with our friends & family. If we care to appreciate, there are truly nice things around us in Singapore that will inspire & delight us, or just make us smile.

    Constructive feedback with offer for solution/remedy is fine, but there are quite a number of “self-victimized” people out there. “Self-Victimization” is the fabrication of victimhood for a number of reasons (i.e. not willing to confront the reality, not willing to accept ownership of one’s life) as a way to cope with his feelings without taking charge of his life positively. “Self-Victimzation” is the tendency to blame someone or something for causing that feeling. These are the people who post negative comments day-in day-out, conveniently blaming the government for their “helplessness”, when the place they should be looking at is FROM THE MIRROR.

  44. Fahren said

    Instead of looking at our own failures and assessing ourselves from within on the basis of what we can do to change our lives for the better, we assess damages on the basis of what the government & the foreigners did to us, blaming our “helplessness” on outside factors. “Chronic complainers” about the government” rant that if only the government’s policies would only change, it would make their lives more tolerable. This forms the basis of “self- victimization”: that is, when bad things happen because of lack of responsibility for one’s actions, the outside world is to blame. The “victim” thinks that the government & the foreigners got him into this “shit”, so they owe them him a living. This mentality derails him from personal responsibility for his own growth and direction. Unless you’re physically or mentally handicapped, you have the free will to empower yourself & confront reality for what is, instead of what you wish it were. You may not like what the government has designed for you, because the government’s design is never perfect. Some people will inevitably be left behind. That is part of a Darwinian truth : “Survival of the Fittest”. You are the own designer of your life, and taking ownership of your life, you get caught up in a cycle of “learned helplessness” whereby the government & corporations inevitably make the decisions for you, thereby guaranteeing no growth on your part, if you just choose to blame them. You yourself make the situation even worse when you continue to feel “victimized” and that you can’t take care of yourselves, and you blame the government for not taking care of you. If you keep on rationalizing your victimization and keep finding reasons to blame the government why you can’t succeed on your own, you are not doing yourself any good but just sabotaging your own life, that’s all. If you keep allowing yourself to feel victimized by the government’s “flawed policies”, your behavior becomes second nature and prevents you from ever rising above your limitations.
    The problem is that as we are now living in a global world of intense competition, you can no longer afford to feel “self-victimized” nor keep blaming the government for your situation. You have to confront & control of your own destiny, or else you won’t ever like whatever policies the PAP makes for you anyway.

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