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PM Lee urges Singaporeans to strengthen their ‘values’ and ‘spirit’ as citizens

Posted by temasektimes on August 11, 2012

As Singapore celebrates its 47th National Day, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has implored Singaporeans to strengthen their ‘heartware’ – the spirit and values that make citizens proud to be Singaporeans.

Speaking at the annual National Day Dinner for residents in his Ang Mo Kio constituency on Saturday, PM Lee reiterated that “everyone has a part to play in building a better home in Singapore.”

“Strengthening our heartware – traits such as mutual respect, care and compassion, meritocracy and integrity – is most important,” said PM Lee.

PM Lee added that building a better home goes beyond just economic growth and it is equally important to nurture a society that is caring:

“…..they are important for making Singapore better and we have to improve year by year to develop these attributes, not through laws or fines but by nurturing these values in everyone so that they are reflected in our lives, in our actions, in our concerns, in what we expect from one another and become part of what it means when we say ‘I am a Singaporean’.” 



13 Responses to “PM Lee urges Singaporeans to strengthen their ‘values’ and ‘spirit’ as citizens”

  1. Uniquely Singapore said

    How to strengthen our ‘values’ and ‘spirit’ as citizens when the PAP keeps on diluting it?

  2. Looks like a blur-fck China-man from a remote village.

  3. P Koh said

    PM Lee has the vision of the structure which makes a good country with proper attributes but the construction phase to develop these attributes need much planning beyond just words. There is already a very strong undercurrent that rattles the foundation of a cohesive society because of the introduction of a huge influx of new citizens who are not tuned to the local culture and it is here that we would like to see what the government is going to do to overcome this issue.

  4. Gardener said

    Nabeh. KNN.
    What ‘Values’ & ‘Spirit’ left CCB kia?
    Have he ever remembered his duties for those who voted him.
    Son of the Walking Dead.

  5. hachoo said

    I would tend to say that the hardware is melting together with the heartware at a rapid rate unless the current policies are being reviewed and modified to reverse the melting process.

    Its useless talking about one thing and do little or nothing to reverse or minimise what is causing the pain and suffering of the lower and middle rung of the society. The continued talks will only cause deeper resentments than consolations. A good leader needs to inspire and lead. So far, I dont think many on this side are inspired.

    The recent spate of scandals only reveal the tip of the icebergs and confirm the suspicions of most the locals perception all these while.

    The older (and perhaps some new) citizens are not ungrateful, they recognised what was done but they also recognised what went wrong especially for the last decade.

    Besides the relentless opening of the flood gate, accountability is another very sore point among the local citizens. Nobody seemed to get punished or reprimanded for the screw-ups that have had happened. Instead, most of them walked away rewarded in more ways than one. And the best of all, the innocent citizens continue to be asked to contribute further to clean up the mess left behind e.g. the MRT saga.

    Singapore is either run like a country or a corporation. it can’t be in a half pregnant stage. If run like a country, the citizen counts. If run like a corporation, the employees are internal customers and the higher management must act with the highest regards and accept/take success and failure alike. i.e. you either gets rewarded for good performances or you get the marching order if poor performances resulted.

    The comments, feedbacks and complains through the social media are red flags to alert the Gov and I do hope there are more listening ears on the other side. I believe there is still hope to address all these issues.

    I strongly urge the leaders to actively listen and take corrective actions before its just too little too late.

  6. Anon said

    No leadership!! Spouting nonsense out of both sides of the mouth!!

    When the people ask you to slow down immigration intake, you say we cannot because we need to grow GDP. Otherwise who will do the jobs no Singaporean want to do (at low pay), or take care of our old. You didn’t talk about “what it means to be Singaporean”.

    Now you suddenly turn around and say economic growth is not the be all and end all, and it is “equally important” to gel as a society. In other words, pls integrate with the foreigners.

  7. Sin, dark and gloomy said

    Many Singaporeans are so fond of sweet talking at National Day Celebration.

  8. Samuel said

    What Singaporeans need to “strengthen” is their resolve to get rid of the arrogant, autocratic, incompetent and pro-alien PAP.

  9. P Koh said

    Let us be gracious for a moment as it is clear that the ruling party has taken cognisance of what is happening and is trying to work something out. Just give them a chance rather than gunning down any suggestions or proposals and see if there are results and watch the speed with which actions if any are being carried out. If no actions or results, then there is good reason for the populace to make more noises and complaints.

  10. IronMan said

    “Strengthening our heartware – traits such as mutual respect, care and compassion, meritocracy and integrity – is most important,”

    Errr….He must have forgotten that he had once that, “We (the govt) are not a welfare/charitable govt.” This is said in the early stages of him being a PM.

  11. To be fair said

    I see some folks here talking about giving the government a chance? How many chances have we Singaporeans given them? They take us for a ride time and again when every round they said they will look into the issues. From wearing jackets, the people are left with underwears now. Yet the parliament is still operating like a billion dollar club. Simply put, they don’t share and they are growing Singapore all for themselves, and we get the by-products of inflation. Don’t be fooled by their handouts. No amount of handouts would be enough if structurally, they channel the economic pie only to those belonging to the circle. Their people need professional & semi pro FTs and they take in such FTs to screw us. Then they suggest we kiss (integrate) these people for screwing us. They mass import semi pro & technical FTs giving them jobs that Singaporeans supposed to do and reply with, “such are jobs that Singaporeans do not do” as if we can’t even differentiate between an accountant’s job & that of a bangladeshi worker. Aren’t they skillful as an illusionist when blurring the different types of FTs taken in?

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