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PRC new citizen put up advertisement to find a husband in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on August 11, 2012

A 44 year old PRC new citizen has put up an advertisement in the newspaper to find a husband in Singapore!

Wang Zhongdong came from Guangzhou to Singapore in 2004 and married a Singapore man, but divorced in 2010.

She is currently looking for a Singaporean aged between 37 and 55 earns more than S$2,500 monthly and owns a house.

Interested men can contact the SPH journalist above.


59 Responses to “PRC new citizen put up advertisement to find a husband in Singapore”

  1. Marie said

    Huh!!!is it possible that she could find her new half again by advertising “wanted husband!???” sounds funny!!!anyhow, goodluck to her search. . .-:)

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      She sure needs all the luck she can get!!!!

    • Julie Ong said

      Thanks, Marie. Good of you to wish Ms Wang Zhongdong well.

      At least Ms Wang is honest and explicit in her intent. Why not advertise?
      I would also try advertising myself if I’m seeking political office. Nothing wrong, is there? Being a realist I know full well it is nigh impossible to convince people that I’m for Singaporeans first then foreigners because this issue of FTs is really gotten to a rather intolerable stage. So, no politics for me. As for Ms Wang I hope that she will find love. True love even. A man who appreciates her forthrightness.

      Good luck, Ms Wang.

    • SINYoobi said

      Gold digger. PRCs are in Singapore to cheat MONEY

      • IronMan said

        You r right! Though not all are gold diggers, but this one is. Looking for a husband out of love or fortune?

        “She is currently looking for a Singaporean aged between 37 and 55 earns more than S$2,500 monthly and owns a house.”

        She thinks SG men are suckers! Why must she state “earns >$2,500/mth and owns a house”? What does she has to trade for these? Body? Looks? Fame or fortune?

        The same shit cycle repeats itself again here. Happened a couple of decades ago where SG men whom have received their cpf monies and marry Indonesian brides. Majority doom to failure, divorce and wallets bone dry. This caused our 100% cpf unclaimable at the age of 55.

  2. Ken Lee said

    so can earn $$$$$!! no again our laws.

  3. yes or no? said

    u cant find a men that is earning that much money that u are asking now. ALL companies want younger and cheaper workers, happy wasting money

  4. Kaching said

    so old

  5. Lim said

    Maybe she will find one pap member who really take good care of her

  6. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    The way this PRC woman, new citizen talks as if she is an “A” list Hollywood actress. Already divorced once, maybe twice, for reasons only she herself knows, now wants to “ayam” another man here. My only hope is for any and every single Singaporean male between the ages of 37 and 55 to look for younger, prettier and sexier lady than this advertised product. For those in the 55 age group, remember CPF is round the corner and you are most likely to be dumped by her when she gets her hands on your life savings. Such cheap actions by a grown PRC woman in Singapore is uncalled for. Beware guys. I am sure you Singapore man know all about good taste. Of course good taste does not apply here.

    • dr m said

      Surely she is good enough for PM Lee. What do you think?

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Certainly not, no she is not good enough for PM Lee. But on the flip side of the coin, yes, PM Lee is too good an offer to resist. She wii “die” to have him over any other suitor in Singapore.

      • jackneo said

        Dr M,
        the PRC is better looking than HC , heck man! any woman with a face langgar by pickup truck looks better. If this PRC is not appointed to create negative wealth like HC, then PM Lee should take her as mistress to start the ball rolling to encourage all Sporeans to have more sex. I actually hope our PM will import another million PRCs into Spore, of course only healthy young females. LOL

    • Tinseltown said

      Dr M,
      Well,at least I think she’s better looking than the manly Ho Ching.

  7. NaBey said

    Wah lau, CMI lah.
    If I earn $2500 per month, I save 4 months can marry vietnam virgin leh. I think u better lower your expectation to $900 per month.

  8. Singaporean said

    China lady married to Singaporean in 2004 and converted to Singaporean and there after divorce.
    How much many she pay to her husband in order to converted to SIngaporean?
    The most common and easy way to become SIngaporean!

  9. said

    old veg.. see already want puke.. let alone stand…

  10. mahbok tan said

    Wad da fug….LOL…44yrs old Wad Da Fug….!!!

    SGpore peasant are not getting any younger lei and this lady…..god bless U……!!!

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Hahahaha u bet man. God blessings are vital for her but God may run from this one too!

      • dr m said

        Don’t bet on it, becos God can make her the last woman on this planet and you will die with cock in hand just waiting for your turn…

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        You sound like a desperado mate! You hold your cock tight for her until she is the last woman standing. Wow you are made for her. Congrats!!!!

      • dr m said

        You bring God into your comments and yet don’t understand the power of God.
        Do you think God will run from her or anyone ?

      • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

        Wow Dr M you sure are Gods good man. I did not mean what I said to disrespect the good God. Chill bro!

  11. Singapore Cock said

    Does she have a mirror at home?….

  12. saysay said

    She did not state another 2 MUST requirement :-
    1. Must be Gong Gong seow seow with IMH record.
    2. Terminally ill,cancer stages the higher the better.
    If house is :-
    3 room flat = mon,tues n Wed
    4 room flat = mon,tues,wed n thurs
    5 room flat n above = every day also can bang !

  13. enough said

    a homewrecker who will squeezed your balls until dry and you will die pennyless and then she will disappear altogether

    guys, you have been warned, dont fall prey to these vultures

    it is not worth a screw, you will lose your saving, home, and your family

    she is just a hooker from prc

    shameless, even hookers are not that shameless,

    spineless parasite

    keep away

  14. kaypoh said

    Eh, just remembered LKY makes over $2500 & has a (rather BIG) house, now single again….also STRONG AS A BULL 🙂
    In the interest of “INTEGRATION” with FTs…. perhaps……???????? hehehe

  15. enough said

    maybe she should approach lky, he is lonely and got tons of money

    • FTs who dun like PAP said

      Hahahaha…! That’s a good one! If she can’t satisfy him(LKY – i believe he can no longer ‘stand’ even if he wanted to), then he can void her citizenship loh!

  16. Helena said

    Did I see wrongly? She asked for $2500? China girls are too materialistic to ask for so little. Reporter must have missed out another another zero at the end.

    • enough said

      she is old and ugly and she knows what her worth

      if she is 18 years , may be she will demand 5k

      to me, she is junk, trash, shit

      not even a cent

    • helen of troy said

      She is not asking $2,500 for herself but hoping the man earns at least $2.5K pm
      I think she knows roughly what is the min. sum to get by for 2 adults.
      Women ought to know bargaining is a universal habit, So this PRC is rather streetsmart by setting the $2.5K benchmark, am pretty sure she will accept a man who earns less. What do you think?

  17. How much does she earn and how many houses/flats does she have??

  18. watdouthink? said

    in her mind, every time she divorce she gets half the assets. married a few more time also never mind.

    • Me said

      Must be benefitting from ‘ marriage then divorce’ saga, think she can start a profitable ‘business’ . True Singaporeans, please wake up, the chinese women see you as a stupid atm machine … don’t shame your country by responding to this scam!

  19. Wolfglare said

    Please la who would want to married a smelly PRC trash like her….ask her go fuck herself

  20. patin said

    這些人把新加坡當成避難所..先在這里隨便找个男人结婚..等取得永久居民..就鬧离婚 , 分財產..現在又想找个凱子结婚…玩這種手段..也敢上報..不知廉恥…

  21. Ed is an Ass said

    Yuks! I wanna puke.

  22. What are we popular for sucker i think

  23. seah said

    why so horrible comment here,44 very old meh.,completely no time who dare to advertise for Husband here,

    • tuakee but money not enough said

      GongLi has no problem advertising for another Singapore cock.
      NgTF’s sons, KhooTP’s sons, PeterLim, even PM’s younger bro…….

  24. Why do people still want to get married?
    There is no freedom in marriage.

  25. Anthony Tang said

    2 reasons for her advert
    1. To retain her PR status and long stay in Singapore, so can earn money
    2. Bottom line, $$$$$ again. Love is not calculated by money alone.
    Old vegetable wants good husband when her CB has been ripped by so many man. Husband will wear green hat.

  26. iai said

    opportunistic! opportunistic! opportunistic!
    must give credit for these people who are shamelessly creative.

  27. FTs who dun like PAP said

    Singapore government should just void her citizenship since she already divorced with her singaporean husband! No point staying here

  28. Bao Ching Tian said

    Why is the mainstream press helping PRC nationals to advertise for a husband for free? Today’s New Paper advertised for a husband for FTW. With a population of 1.3 billion, there are about 650 million PRC men available to choose from. Why must he be Singaporean ? To maintain her PR status?

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