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ESM Goh asks Singaporeans to ‘contribute’ their views on what they want for Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on August 12, 2012

Singaporeans should contribute their views on what they want for Singapore as part of a ‘national effort’ to build ‘consensus’ on the country’s future, proclaimed Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.

Speaking at a National Day Dinner in his Marine Parade constituency on Saturday evening, ESM Goh said arriving at a consensus on the way forward is important in order to build a good home for Singaporeans, stressing that it should not be a ‘top-down’ exercise, which is the usual modus operandi adopted by the ruling party.

“It should be a two-way conversation. It should be a dialogue not a monologue. Singaporeans, whatever their age and views, have a stake in this conversation to forge a national consensus on our collective future.”

Despite the numerous ‘feedback’ portals made available to Singaporeans such as the REACH channel, the ruling PAP seldom take into consideration of the views of citizens due to their overwhelming majority in parliament.

The PAP holds 81 seats out of 87 seats in parliament while the remaining six are held by its subservient subsidiary party which does nothing to challenge its hegemony other than to offers a veneer of legitimacy to its autocratic rule.


22 Responses to “ESM Goh asks Singaporeans to ‘contribute’ their views on what they want for Singapore”

  1. Samuel said

    What I want for Singapore? Simple. I want arrogant, autocratic, incompetent and pro-alien PAP out of Parliament.

  2. Mediocre Hypocrite said

    What do i want? I want to be able to do a mediocre job, surround myself with sycophants, and then walk away with tens (if not hundredds) of millions in my bank account / bread richly buttered while proclaiming “mission accomplished”. I also want to completely ignore feedback that a university student gives me about the problems immigration is creating, and instead turn the debate into the same old “who is going to build our housing and schools” discussion because mentally i am not agile enough to really debate this issue. Complete and utter crap.

  3. Julie Ong said

    Finally, something worthwhile. Thanks, Mr Goh Chok Tong.

    Just a few issues for consideration and action:
    1. Minimum wage. In view of the high cost of living would the government please look into raising the basic wage to enable all Singaporeans to live reasonably. I would not harp on the Swiss Standard, but rather opt for something that is viable and fair. Neither will the argument that jobs will be lost as a consequence be accepted.
    2. Stop the foreigners coming in now! Sure, the real talents or highly qualified people are always welcome. Also, the necessary labour that cannot be sourced in Singapore should be allowed in.
    3. Set aside real money for Sports. If we can achieve world standard that’ll be great. If not so be it! Physical fitness/health is also the nation’s wealth!
    4. Do ensure that Singaporeans are not discriminated in their own country. In recent court cases Singaporeans seem to cop the rough end of justice whilst foreigners are sentenced leniently. I’d like to assume that the judges have discretion, but you, the government write the laws. In short equal justice for all.
    5. Look at encouraging young Singaporeans, say 20 to 30 years to have children.
    A range of incentives including cheaper housing and other inducements should be thrown in. Spend if you must. This is an investment for our future!

    The list is long. There’s indeed a mammoth task on our hands. Please do not ‘eat snake’, but conscientiously focus on the challenges ahead.

    I accept that this is not easy. However, you are paid millions. For that we expect top performance. Duds/underachievers must be weeded out.

    By the way do also show a little respect to us peasants. We’re smarter than you think.

    • Good reply Julie

    • compatriot said

      All I want to say is that Goh Chok Tong is bereft of sanity and found fishing on a dry pond.Trying to seek solace with the feelings and sentiments of Singaporeans for want of appeasements of his erroneous acts and wrong doings that was,and has untowardly laid and pressed down to Singaporeans when he was the PM

      The pap won’t and will not admit their wrong doings of their bad and forsaken decisions and selfish acts policies makings to fatten their bellies for fear of perilously losing their face

  4. Gardener said

    Lau Goh. You are a waste of time.
    Ask for contribution for what when we have have been posting even before the GE.
    Open your eyes & ears and perhaps you will see & hear.

  5. mahbok tan said

    Uwaaaah … uwaaaah…… are we being paid in millions of dollars….?????
    Pathethic… ass with millions asking for contributions from the peasant….????
    When credits is due u think the peasant will get it….!!!! NO….!!!!

    I just want my CPF out at age 55yrs old. in 5 years time and it will be a BIG BONUS if SGpore can have the SWISS STANDARD of living….!!!

    LISTEN and don;t act blur blob like sotong on the chopping board….. ! Coz we the citizen of SGpore are asking for the Wind of Change come 2016…..VOTE FOR A CHANGE,,,,,!!!

  6. Equality said

    It’s time to stop using the term FT – be it foreign talent, or foreign trash.
    Foreigners are neither inferior, nor superior to us. If we are going to continue to build this place based on equality, we have to see each person based on their true (not projected) ability.

  7. Azzeidine said

    but this is not PAP style. PAP style is to make the decision then ask for publics opinions. despite so, whatever decision has been made for us will continue regardless of our opinion.

  8. WOODPACKER said

    This piece of rotten wood might looks woody but knew how to talk nonsense to.

  9. Playfair said

    You mean you dont know what Singaporeans want. What has happened to your Grassroot Leaders and your PA Supporters with feedback.
    Have they screwed you up with wrong infor where you almost lost Marine Parade.
    Remember you and the others are paid MILLIONS for what.

  10. God said

    Ah Goh ah, you can talk, but in the end, you also no power to do anything liao. Even when you PM, who was controlling Singapore ? Even if you have good intentions, you make it seem like another wayang by PAP

  11. Subsidize IVF.
    Bring back the Cut Waste Panel.
    Minimum wage.
    Repeal suicide laws.
    Repeal homosexual laws.

    • Derrick Boh said

      Law against employer with intention not to employ Singaporeans above 40 years old,
      Law against Head Hunter for sourcing by Nationality,
      Law against Co FT HR for selecting staff only from his/hers own country
      Law for PR to sell their HDB flats after 1o years, if they decided to sell and leave, slap with 100% stamp duty
      Law for new citizen who decided to give up citizenship, the profit from the sale of their HDB flats, should freeze in SINGAPORE FOR 10 YEARS, WITH-OUT INTEREST.
      MOM must investigate all complains against Company

  12. Kimosabe said

    All I want is able to order my economic rice instead of getting shouted by PRC food server. I want my old Singapore back. I don’t need a very rich Singapore in order to pay people like you. Yet you want a peasant like me to tell you.

  13. A Singaporean Abroad said

    Does Mr Goh read Temasek Times? Will he read my post and take into account what I have to say?

    Yes, I agree with Kimosabe. Immediate stop (and I mean STOP!) to foreigners coming in to put the locals out of work due to the employers wanting workers who will accept lower wages. I only support bringing in foreigners with REAL talents i.e. people with such specialist skills that are lacking in Singapore. However, the best solution is to train our SIngaporeans up. We can bring in foreign trainers on a employment pass and if they really contribute to the society while they work in Singapore, they should be allowed to apply for citizenship and remain. Please do not cheapen the Singapore citizenship by giving it away to people who are not worthy of it.

    Educate the public so that people are not sterotyped into thinking that their children are only useful to society if they are doctors, lawyers or accountants. There are so many useful professions out there: hairdressers, mechanics, carpenters, chefs, drivers, nurses, customer service providers, electricians, plumbers, motor vehicle bodywork artist , etc. everyone needs these people for a healthy sustainable society. Set up courses in ITEs and polytechnics and publicise them widely! Consequently, I agree with Julie Ong: minimum wage because it ensures that everyone has a fair chance in life, especially the young Singaporeans.

    Change employment law so that it protects the rights of women who are pregnant or on maternity leave. When I was working in Singapore, I often see my female work colleges face the threat of dismissal if they are pregnant or about to give birth. Outlaw dismissal on grounds of pregnancy so that it gives peace of mind to the women to know that they will not lose their job just because they become pregnant or go on maternity leave. Put in place sanctions against dismissals on grounds of pregnancy so that the women can take their employers to an Employment Tribunal for unlawful dismissal and receive compensation. Only when this law is in place, then we can think about extending the period of maternity leave as what NTUC suggests.

    Provide subsidy to Singaporean women from a low income group (perhaps a family income of no more than S$1,500 take home pay) who have infants up to 6 months old, e.g. provide infant milk coupons, nappy coupons and some food coupons for the mother for a period of 6 months after she gives birth. Ensure that the coupons can be used at any shop. Also ensure that the coupon are issued with I/C numbers on them so that the mother cannot abuse it by giving or selling it to someone else.

    Do not impose GST on essentials e.g. children’s basic necessities like infant milk powder, infant clothes, nappies and books to educate children. This will greatly help the mothers and fathers of Singapore’s next generation. It will encourage those who can to have children. GST on luxury items like nintendo games, playstations and xBox, etc. should remain.

    Deport undesirable foreigners and their family who commit crimes in Singapore immediately and ban them from the country. Do not detain them in our prisons as they are a waste of space. Deport overstayers too. This is to prevent overcrowding on our little island.

    Provide affordable housing to married Singaporeans by allowing them to apply for rental of flats directly from HDB. HDB rules must change and not put too much restriction on age or previous property ownership. The HDB should increase the upper financial limit for the Singaporean couple to £2,500 a month and not limit this to S$1,500. This will especially help young Singapore families get housing and not have to wait to accumulate enough CPF or the initial 10% purchase price for an HDB flat. This service should also be available to people upon separation and during divorce proceedings when they have not received the decree absolute papers. This is because many who are separated from their spouse often have nowhere to go and/or they put undue burden on their families (parents/siblings) by having to stay with them while the divorce is progressing. This is not conducive for the mental health of the parents or siblings and there may be issues of overcrowding too.

    Flexibility for Singaporean boys who have not completed National Service to go abroad for studies without needing his parents to furnish a bond by way of a banker’s guarantee for S$75,000. These boys should be given equal opportunity as girls to study at a young age when their brains are still active. The current laws prejudice the boys from modest income families who are unable to provide the bond and they are disadvantaged because they break their education stint with 2.5 years of physical torture. They may not want to go back to studies when they have taken such a long break from education. This means that Singapore is potentially losing out on having higher educated or trained Singapore men.

    Provide financial and moral support for Singaporean old folks who live on their own. If they do not have any subtantial savings and do not receive financial support from their own children, the government should hand out help to be paid from the healthy government funds, e.g. giving out of food coupons, free medical treatment, free transport to and from hospitals, subsidised water, electricity and gas bills, allocate a social worker who will visit the old folks once a month or once a fortnight. By doing this, the government generate more employment because more social workers can be hired to carry out checks on these old folks. In return, the old folks are cared for which is the best thing that the Singapore government can do. After all, these Singaporean old folks were the ones who have been part of Singapore since the birth of the nation in 1965.

    I can think of more suggestions but these are the real basic issues which needs to be dealt with. My suggestion covers a broad spectrum that resolves the needs for Singaporeans ranging from babies to the old folks.

    A Singaporean Abroad

    • compatriot said

      As such,a Political Manifesto indeed you have put to shame the pap and their cronies

      The gang of the pap government embraced and practised to kowtow pro-capitalists,pro-employers,pro-prc,pro-alien, ,… this means of practises has agonized,aggrieved and alienated Singaporeans

      Especially the prc whom to this day more than ever,the pap gang periodically embraced and kowtow the prc for fear of losing their god forsaken assets in china which will turn to dust when the chinese prc took to the streets

      • A Singaporean Abroad said

        Thanks Compatriot for the compliment.

        I feel for my fellow Singaporeans although I am abroad and I sometimes wish I could return to serve Singapore. But I am only a woman and I doubt that I have the charisma to rally enough support from the public. Most of all, I don’t want to be persecuted and end up like the late JB Jeyaratnam.

    • Just because a person is undesirable, do you have to make his entire family pay?
      This is downright unreasonable, and a violation of individual freedom.
      Just imagine being forcefully evicted and exiled because of one errant family member.

      • A Singaporean Abroad said

        Please note that the undesireable that I am referring to are those who commit crimes in Singapore. I believe that if there is a real threat of deportation of not only the criminal but also his/her immediate family, this will serve as a deterrent for the crime. The fact remains that the hypothetical subject (the criminal) and his/her family are foreigners anyway and there can be no violation as suggested because they are merely returned to their country of origin and the deportation is not causing them to become stateless or homeless.

        This proposal may sound shocking but aren’t certain laws in Singapore which we are so used to (e.g. death penalty) a violation of individual freedom too?

  14. A Singaporean Abroad said

    I typed a very long reply here on Sunday but it seems that it did not get posted.

    I had a long list of ideas for Mr Goh to consider, ranging from assistance to Singaporeans with young infants, to changing of employment law, to changing HDB rules on direct rental from HBD, etc.

    I wonder sometimes if any suggestion will just fall on deaf ears anyway.

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