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Lee Bee Wah looking helping Feng Tianwei look for a prospective husband

Posted by temasektimes on August 12, 2012

PAP MP from Malaysia Lee Bee Wah is currently helping China-born paddler Feng Tianwei look for a prospective husband!

Feng, who hails from Heilongjiang province in northeast China, just won a bronze medal at the London Olympics which net her a cool $250,000.

According to the Chinese tabloids, she wants a man who can speak the same language and share the same mindset as her.

“She has a lot of potential and a bright future ahead. It is my duty to help her find a boyfriend, but she is so beautiful, there must be many suitors going after her. So long it does not affect her career, the relationship can be made public,” Lee said.


43 Responses to “Lee Bee Wah looking helping Feng Tianwei look for a prospective husband”

  1. Marie said

    Don’t worry Lee Bee Wah, your friend Feng Tianwei will soon find her destiny in the right time. .be patient! Lah!

    • jackneo said

      PM’s brother is a good catch for FTW. Negotiate to be no. 2 wife or no.1 mistress.
      If boleh jalan, FTW can relax and just play with human pingpong balls, after that she can hire LBW as her personal assistant.

  2. Ben said

    nothing worng with looking for a bf/husband. Dun be too despo can liao, if this is really with u want, good luck! “can speak the same language and share the same mindset as her.” = not too much to ask for i guess.

  3. Wolfglare said

    Our PAP government is really very good to our FT no husband also help them find…..if in the end still cannot maybe our MP Lee will fuck her so can help Singapore hv more baby

  4. Edwin said

    why she so free as an MP? nothing to do meh?

    • Me said

      Politician behave like that … So EMBARRASSING. Real saka, govt says promote marriage, this stupid MP must go the extreme. What is wrong with PAP ?????

  5. GT said

    She can find a man with LHL’s taste. Or a gay.

  6. Playfair said

    Now a days Ministers and MP’S very free can go to airport to become usher and control crowd.
    Not bad for a million dollars can multi-skill.

  7. Lim said

    Dear miss lee

    I also single and available.
    May u help me find a wife who share the same mindset as me and does not affect my career.

    Haha. Now we vote u into government for u to do matchmaking for FT.

  8. Wicked Brain said

    Ms Lee, you got son?
    Guess Feng is a good daughter-in-law.

  9. I wanna puke! said

    Wahahaha …. this is hilarious. Instead of concerning yourself with the people’s happiness, you play matchmake now! Awesome la, SG boleh!

  10. 龍的传人 said


  11. its_really_sucks said

    Lee bee wah..are u paid to be mp or wat?y not u say that u will sponsor her wedding too and buy house for her..take care of her personal need…wat type of mp la u…ohh, seem that u born in malaysia and since become mp u sided the prc is wonder la u so keen to help her..wah liaw i oso want to become mp for match making people frm prc..hw to apply lee bee wah?
    btw can u help me fing those i want rich talented woman..bcos im broke la

  12. cydonia said

    imagine kanna arrow by MP to be her boyfriend…..sound like 君要臣死,臣不得不死

  13. NaBey said

    If marry her then divorce later can share half of her 250k?

  14. kaypoh said

    Set a good example for National Integration !!! As Mao would say, “serve the people !!!”

  15. nocando said

    i wonder LBW was elected as an mp to serve residents or as a san ka po? just look at their manipulation of li jia wei with badminton player Ronald Susilo .lol. this country is all about manipulation.

  16. Tan Boon Huat said

    u think they so “good heart” meh, they (Pappies MPs and Mini-stirs) are merely trying to avoid another “PR disaster” BOMB exploding in front of their face like Li Jia Wei…who suddenly married PRC man and had a PRC baby and will go back to PRC once her professional career is over

  17. Bao Ching Tian said

    Ms Lee Bee Wah – you were voted into Parliament not to become official matchmaker for a PRC expatriate hired by the government to win medals. If you like to be a matchmaker or mamasan, open a matchmaking agency for PRC nationals. You are not paid an MP’s allowance for being a mamasan to FTW. Want a husband to be able to speak Mandarin and have the same mindset? Go to China – there are millions of eligible men there – not in Singapore. Singaporean Chinese men do NOT have the same mindset as PRC nationals.

    • 1 said

      It is obvious she is saying she will be heading home to marry a chinaman. LBW will hv to make trips to china to look for a humper for FTW. Perhaps she shd test-drive to ensure quality 😀

  18. Small mustard said

    Should we send in our cv?

  19. joe said

    Dont worry. she will find one in China and have her babies born there, just like Lee Jia Wei. Such remarks is just a prelude and excuse to find one in China.

  20. mahbok tan said

    wakakaka….Sgpore mp are being voted in to get more FT’s ….and help them fine hubby…..!!!!

    Oyyy…true blue Sgpore Buaya….wad arh u all waiting for ….!!! There’s free wedding bell ringing in the STTA…..!!!

    Go Go Go ….go for a quikie and make babies…lots of babies …. later show to LBW and LKY ( if he is still around la) that u all can produce babies like making instant noodles in 2 mins….fast to F%^K , fast to come out….LOL….!!!

    Like Boh Kang Cho lait dat…..!!!!!

  21. sweetbean said

    What is “looking helping”?

  22. IronMan said

    We paid the ministers millions of dollar to run the country for the betterment of the citizens, NOT matchmaking an individual. Policy making, YES!

  23. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Can win bronze medal but cannot find husband for herself meh?? Must ask the Ah Soh Lee Bee Wah who is so free with nothing better to do ah?

  24. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Lee Bee Wah should match-make Tianwei with Lee Hsien Loong’s son. She then be in line to replace Ho Ching and be the CEO of Temasek. Holdings. Ho Ching already so old and so worn out. About time for a change and family succession for the good (or bad) of Temasek. She can also have a chance to play his two ping pongs anytime.

  25. oldguard said

    stupid idiot MP, ask her to go Geylang, plenty of men waiting to look for partner so that can produce babies. FTW is all show only. Singapore, where to find our local born to speak same lingo.

  26. i say what i think only... said

    already say lee bee wah helping her find golden turtle liao. male or female? intro your own millionaire husband la since u like FTW so much, let her be your sister. she will serve u tea every morning

  27. Daft Peasant said

    wat about LHL? be the mistress of the number 2 man in chinapore,定可高枕无忧,安享晚年,光宗耀祖啊……..

  28. Steve said

    FTW please find a China Husband, he can join you in Singapore as New Citizen, if the ICA approved it, We Singaporean who married a foreign wife will be happy and have luck this time to apply for PR or Citizenship for their long married relationship.

    Please contribute to your new country.

  29. Annoymous said

    Find husband also need help,next time at bedroom ‘happy hour’ also need help?

  30. Dee Parker said

    MP Lee BH is a bloody Joke! Dont be too happy, in life, when there is up , there is down, my humble advise for the MP Lee, be contented, dont be over cloud nine and talk so much nonsense at a moment of happiness, you are nothing but a supporter and mentor to a China table tennis team. the public are observing.

  31. Lost All Respect For Feng said

    Feng has no self-respect, asking to be pimped by the pappy dogs.

  32. Helena said

    This Lee BW is really typical sampah kampung Malaysian ah soh!
    Anyways, I’d rather have Grace Fu than Feng Tianwei. Grace is much prettier and sexier.

  33. Noob said

    get her a GF lah , confirm will stay here , more accepted here than in mainland ….. 377A like never exist one ….

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